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News: The last working version of the classic TLA Editor is Teawater's unofficial "mapeditor" draft.
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[OR] Slash Expansion Pack
Slash Expansion Pack.ips
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Description: Hey everyone!

EDIT (04/04/21): So, both of the patches I shared on the forum here accidentally bugged "Crazy Voice with a sound effect" and "Blizzard with a casting animation." I have updated this post with a new patch fixing them. I also made it fully compatible with gsmagic in the process; check the IPSelect spoiler below for specific details on what data has changed if you are unsure.

Remember when I made the Animation Overhaul patch a few years back? The one that first released in 2015?

Yeah, so here's an expansion pack for that finally. This patch overhauls the entire function used by Slash, Shuriken, Blaze Rush, Sleet, and all other related animations, giving users the ability to assign alternate palette IDs to any existing Slash variant.

A bigger note, however, is that it also adds seven (7) new variants for you to play with. Read the notes below for more details on these, but the big thing I will state up front is that there is no tradeoff to using these. Unlike the Wave and Wisp patches, where you have to choose between Wave/Dreamtide and Star Mine (Wisp) being either purple or red, you can use these plus all of the game's original and [mostly]* unmodified animations.

*There's an extremely tiny tweak on Heat Wave and Blaze Rush you won't notice without asking me first.

Spoiler for Force:

Spoiler for Boomerang:

Spoiler for Leaf:

Spoiler for Petal:

Spoiler for Fall:

Spoiler for Snow:

Spoiler for Star:

So, yeah! Please enjoy this patch!

Big notes:
1. The Animation Overhaul is required for the changes previously made to the animation table as well as for some of the space freed from that.

2. Verify that you are NOT using a version of TLA with a modified bootloader. Don't worry too much if you are, as there are multiple means of "de-bootlegging" your ROM (there's even a patch for it on the forum). Remove the modified boot first before proceeding with this hack.

3. The following spoiler shows which code/data sections are modified by the patch:
Spoiler for IPSelect:

4. Make a backup of your ROM/hack before you patch this.

Tiny note:
*Slash (animation 19) is unchanged; it keeps its old table ID. All other IDs have been changed, although Cutting Edge (cast) still uses ID 85 from the base Animation Overhaul.

General notes:
1. Every child ID (identified by name below) has a different palette swap for each argument, though certain IDs have identical swaps.

The table is located at #08155FD0. There are three swaps each (args 0, 1, 2); argument 3 is not set up, although it would only take basic coding knowledge and more space to set arg 3 swaps up. Entries are 16-bit.

Example: Slash and its arguments are at the stated address. Shuriken starts at #08155FD6, Crazy Voice at #08155FDC, and so forth. To calculate a fast address, do:

(Child ID x 6), in hex mode, and then add it to the first address given.

2. Every child ID has a default djinni graphic and particle effect/sequence associated with it. You have to use the right ability type (i.e. djinni type (x06) or comparable) to access these. TLA Editor 0.5a mapeditor edition lets you change this easily.

These tables are located at:
a) #08156850 (particle/sequence); 8-bit
b) #08156408 (djinni graphic ID); 8-bit

Additionally, there are 6 slots for djinni MFT graphics to be assigned, although only four are set up by default. They are located at #081563FC, with each ID being 16-bit.

3. There are a handful of other data tables.
The properties addresses are:
a) For IDs x00-x12: #08198478
b) For IDs x13-x19: #08156505

The data (5 bytes/8-bi values) is as follows:
0 - GFX count
1 - Speed (lower = faster)
2 - GFX spacing/delay
3 - Target spacing/delay
4 - Particle count (not used by Leaf, Snow, or any of the Needle/Sting IDs)

There are others but I find it unlikely that anyone will need to know them. Ask me, or check the code, if you do.

4. Child IDs x15 (Leaf) and higher have GFX quantity, speed, and particle quantity modifiers based on argument and target count.
a) IDs x15, x16, and x17 have:

GFX Count = [GFX Count] + ((Argument x 4) - (Target Count / 2))

IDs x18 and x19 are the same, but with Argument x 2 instead.
Remember, no decimals (round down if you get any).

b) Speed = [Speed] - (Argument x 4)

c) Particle Count = [Part. Count] + (Argument x 4)

5. There's generally no graphical difference between arguments except for palette swaps. The one exception to this is Poison Sting, arg 1. I set up an alternate dissipating cloud graphic, so it has a mild skull theme. Ask me for assistance, or look through the code, if you want to change this.

6. Lastly, I added three new palettes that are attached to the new MFT graphic files I also added. The MFT files are at 2047 (leaves), 2046 (snowflakes), and 2045 (boomerang). Two of them lean greenish, while one is a multi-coloured gradient.

Spoiler for New Animation Table IDs:
(081560D1) 85 = Cutting Edge (cast)
(0815A0E9) 86 = Cutting Edge (attack)
(08155F9B) 87 = Slash x08 (cast-only)

(0815A093) 88 = Shuriken (cast-only)
(0815A0E3) 89 = Boomerang (attack-only)

(081560D7) 90 = Wing Flutter (cast)
(081560DD) 91 = Wing Beat (cast)
(081560E3) 92 = Wing Stroke (cast)
(0815A0D1) 93 = Wing Flutter (attack)
(0815A0D7) 94 = Wing Beat (attack)
(0815A0DD) 95 = Wing Stroke (attack)

(0815A0CB) 96 = Crazy Voice (cast-only)
(0815A0BD) 97 = Crazy Voice (cast-with-sound)

(081560E9) 175 = Heat Wave (cast)
(0815A087) 176 = Heat Wave (attack)

(081560EF) 177 = Sleet (cast-only)
(0815A081) 178 = Blizzard (cast)
(081525F3) 179 = Blizzard (attack)
(081560F5) 180 = Ice Breath (cast)
(081525ED) 181 = Ice Breath (attack)
(081560FB) 182 = Chill Breath (cast)
(081525E7) 183 = Chill Breath (attack)

(08156101) 184 = Blaze Rush (cast)
(081525D3) 185 = Blaze Rush (attack)
(08156107) 186 = Hydro Slash (cast)
(081525DB) 187 = Hydro Slash (attack)
(0815610D) 188 = Diamond Dust (cast)
(081525E1) 189 = Diamond Dust (attack)

(08156113) 190 = Snow (cast-only)

(08156119) 191 = Beast Needle (cast-only)
(0815611F) 192 = Poison Sting (cast-only)
(08156125) 193 = Stun Sting (cast-only)

(0815A0FD) 194 = Force (cast-only)
(0815A103) 195 = Star (cast-only)

(08156137) 196 = Leaf (cast-only)
(08156131) 197 = Fall (cast-only)
(0815612B) 198 = Petal (cast)
(0815A08D) 199 = Petal (attack)

Sidenote: "cast," "attack," and related tags in parentheses describe the animation that plays when you use it. The word "only" means that there is only one version of that variant set up, while the lack of this word means there are two variants.

Master "attack" function (BL to):
Arg = r1
Call this function if you want to add any "attack" animation versions. Move the Child ID (listed below) to r1 beforehand.

Spoiler for Child IDs:
x00 = Slash
x01 = Shuriken
x02 = Crazy Voice
x03 = Wing Beat
x04 = Wing Flutter
x05 = Cutting Edge
x06 = Heat Wave
x07 = Sleet
x08 = Fancy Slash
x09 = Blizzard
x0A = Ice Breath
x0B = Wing Stroke
x0C = Blaze Rush
x0D = Hydro Slash
x0E = Diamond Dust
x0F = Beast Needle
x10 = Poison Sting
x11 = Stun Sting
x12 = Chill Breath
x13 = Force
x14 = Boomerang
x15 = Leaf
x16 = Petal
x17 = Fall
x18 = Snow
x19 = Star

Posted by: Salanewt 04, April, 2021, 04:51:33 AM

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