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News: The last working version of the classic TLA Editor is Teawater's unofficial "mapeditor" draft.
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Golden Sun Save Game Editor (Version 2.0a)
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Description: 1. Changelog
[v2.0a - 2012/07/26]
- Added thumbnail to show what kind of savegame is loaded
- Fixed problem with item selection

[v2.0 - 2012/07/25]
- It is now possible to edit Golden Sun (Book One) savegames
- Added party editing (Note: For the sake of ease, the order of the party characters is reset when enabling/disabling party members)
- Vastly improved stability when loading savegames
- Various other improvements

[v1.2 - 2011/07/22]
- Added difficulty editing (Note: Easy mode is just like Normal mode with altered character stats, therefore it is not selectable)
- Added character editing (Name, Level, Exp, Base Stats. Note: you need to chage the characters classes for all changes to become apparent)
- More verbose error messages and countless changes under the hood

[v1.1b - 2011/03/15]
- Finally fixed optional boss editing

[v1.1a - 2011/01/20]
- Fixed Mercury and Jupiter Djinn acquisition bits

[v1.1 - 2010/12/21]
- Item icons added
- Items are sorted by name for more consistency
- Fixed a grave mistake concerning optional boss editing
- More verbose error messages
- Fixed save game not being loaded via file association

2. Features

As the name implies, the Golden Sun Save Game Editor is a graphical application to edit Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age savegame files. It lets you edit various aspects of a savegame, some of the currently editable aspects are listed below:

  • Items
  • Djinns
  • Chracter Stats
  • Summons
  • and more

More things may always be added. Please note that the item values were extracted from one of the guides. Some of the values showed to be incorrect. I have already made a few corrections but there still may be wrong values. If you get a different item in-game than you have edited, please let me know. Also, let me know of any errors, typos, suggestions or if you need help with the editor.

The editor does automatically calculate the checksum of each save file, so there is no need for the user to agonize over that. So far this mechanism has proved as highly reliable. Should a save slot become inaccessible after using it in conjunction with this application, send me the .sav file and I will try to sort out the problem. The editor can also 'repair' save slots that are inaccessible because of a manually edited .sav file. Simply load up the damaged save file in the editor and save to write back the repaired file.

3. Requirements

To run the editor, you need to have the Java Runtime Environment installed. You should really install it, because a few great apps need it and you also get a browser plugin needed to run Java applets on some websites. If you have not, get it here for your system: . Once installed, just double-click the downloaded Jar file to start the editor. If you have trouble to get it to run, don't hesitate to contact me.

4. How to use

IMPORTANT: Always make a backup of your save file BEFORE editing.

First, you have to load a Golden Sun save game. Make sure the file extension is .sav or .SAV as used by emulators and such. Once successfully loaded, you can use the mostly self-explaining editing components. First, you want to select the desired save slot from the top bar. Note that the slot order in the editor does NOT correspond to the one in game. It is not yet known how to get the order but you should be able to recognize your save slot by the info panel. After finishing editing savegame data, make sure to save your changes.

Finally, some interesting notes:
  • When you start a new file in TLA, the data and inventory are already created for ALL eight characters. Using the editor you can edit the data of characters who are not yet part of your party, notably Piers and the TBS party. When you meet up with them, they will sport all the changes made in the editor. You can use this to make data transfer obsolete.
  • You can use the editor to give characters items that are not legitimately obtainable in either game. For TBS savegames, you can give characters TLA items that are also programmed in TBS, such as the Sol Blade, Masamune and Mysterious Robe, though they do not have the same characteristics as their TLA counterparts (but they will when transfered over). For TLA savegames, you can choose to equip characters with hidden items, e.g. Ninja Sandals, Divine Carmisole.

5. Screenshots

Note: The graphical interface may look differently on your system.

6. Known Limitations
  • Characters have wrong stat values/classes than edited. This cannot be handled by the editor. Change classes of a character to update its stats and class.
  • Identical Djinn cannot be unleashed in the same turn. This is another game limitation.
  • The chracter data for Felix, Jenna and Sheba are present in every TBS savegame. They cannot be edited due to massive glitchiness.

For discussion and help request check out this thread:
Keywords: golden sun the lost age save editor 
Posted by: powered_by_tux 26, July, 2012, 08:59:28 AM
Games compatible with: Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Rating: ***** by 3 members.

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07, April, 2013, 03:22:12 PM
should add a hex edit for name

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