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Golden Sun Decor (Minecraft 1.7 Mod)
Golden Sun Decor 1.7.2.rar
Filesize: 818.94kB  Views: (127)  Downloads (8)  Last Download: January 13, 2018, 05:44:19 PM 
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Golden Sun
The Minecraft Decor Mod (1.7)

(by clicking this link, you promise you'll make a backup of your world before loading up the mod)

To install, extract the contents of the .RAR file provided in the above link, and place the resulting folder into your 'mods' folder.
Forge is required to run this mod.

Creator's comments...
Version 1.0.0: "It's rudimentary - the lamp object doesn't quite yet let off any light, the rail object lacks a corner texture, the Mythril Bag is nowhere to be found; weapons-wise, only Swords and Light Blades have been implemented so far, but it's functional.
Adds over two hundred and fifty new blocks, items, food articles, plants, flower vases, ladders, and weapons into the game (so many new blocks that it's impossible to justifiably showcase them all together in two or three screenshots).
No major problems that I'm aware of.
I recommend using Forge Profile '' when running this mod."

Had this little mod going as a side project for awhile on a server myself and a few friends use.
The mod is mainly intended to be used for creative world-building, as it adds a good amount if not most textures from Golden Sun into Minecraft.
If sprucing up your world is what you're after, you'll get along with this mod famously.


Spoiler for Hidden:

Kalay House (Kalay tiles, Tolbi Brick)

Kalay House Interior (Blue Stripe Wallpaper, Cabin Wood, Counter Wood + Counter Mat, Suhalla Brick, Vault Wallpaper)

(Contigo Design Brick, Peach Block, Sky Blue Wallpaper)

Gerudo Shop (Cabin Wood, Gerudo Block, various weapons & items)

Sewer (Forest Temple Tiles, Thatched Grating)

Storage Area (Lon Lon Milk Crates, Golden Sun Crates, Storage Blocks, Barricade Crates)

The mod goes great with Custom NPC mods, such as Noppes' Custom NPCs, which allows custom user-created quests, in-game dialog, essentially everything anyone will ever need.


The vines and desert rock groove objects act as functional ladders.

Each block acts in the manner you'd imagine it would - sand acts the same as regular in-game sand, the wood materials (such as Tret's Tree Wood) have the hardness and step sound effects of regular in-game wood.

The Psynergy Blocks, seen in the center toward the upper region of the first image from the top of this page, act as pseudo redstone blocks, and emit redstone signals when placed.
They also emit a low amount of light, around the same level of light emitted by a redstone torch.
They can be mined using diamond equipment, and can be broken down into Psynergy Stones at a crafting table, which offer beneficial potion effects when consumed (which can also be reversed back into a Psynergy Block by placing a Psynergy Stone into a furnace).

Subtle block features are in place as well.
For example, objects such as the Skull Block are affected by gravity in the same way sand and gravel are in vanilla Minecraft.
Makes for quite a horrific effect; imagine yourself in a mining situation, only to find yourself covered in skulls falling from the ceiling.
It's the small things like these in my opinion that, when added up, give a mod much needed character and grace - that is what the Golden Sun Decor mod generally brings to the game.

You can see the Gaia Blade on display in the image below.
It's a monster, deals about +18 damage against any non-player character. For reference, the player's normal health level without armor is 20.
All weapons' special maneuvers can be used by right-clicking with the weapon equipped. Some maneuvers provide benefits in combat, such as the Storm Brand, which has a 50% chance of causing lightning to strike your target, while others are purely aesthetic.

Items such as Vials and Herbs act in the same way they do in the series, healing any damage accumulated by the player.

Important items, such as the Mars Star and the soon-to-be-implemented Mythril Bag, have the same in-game descriptions as the series' descriptions.


As the mod is mainly intended to be used for creative world building, most objects can only be accessed from the Golden Sun Decor mod's creative tab. However, some objects can also be created at a crafting bench, and even fewer objects can only be accessed through crafting.
For the sake of convenience, the few crafting recipes the mod adds to the game are kept simple, and are constructed in a fairly logical manner.
Here's a list of the crafting recipes:

Blood Water

Purple Water

Short Sword

Note that the water icon in the crafting recipes for the varied water color blocks doesn't reflect the water's actual color.


If you encounter any problems, post a crash report here so I can take a look at it.
Should be 99.8% stable, would be surprised if it caused any issues for anyone other than Item ID conflicts with other mods, which is easily fixed.

Finally, be cautious - find a clear area that you don't particularly care for (perhaps an opponent's base of operations) before using the Tisiphone Edge's special attack.


Green = Done
Various bug fixes; Maces; Staffs; more Items; the legendary Wheat Sword; transparent blocks such as glass, steel bars, and grates; sephia blocks; Djinn NPCs

Spoiler for Hidden:

Posted by: Majora September 24, 2017, 04:53:53 AM

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