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Title: My Golden Sun fan translation - Portuguese.
Post by: KyleRunner on 16, April, 2014, 12:06:03 AM
Just created this topic to discuss my fan translation of both Golden Sun games.

The first one is already finished, and the second is around 20%. Took me 3 years to get this far!

This topic is to post something I need to remember, some tips, tricks...

And to ask for help!!!

I attached some pictures of graphics I could not edit by myself. They are in Italian, if you didn't noticed.

Edit: I attached some graphics dumps I made using VBA emulator.

Title: Re: My Golden Sun fan translation - Portuguese.
Post by: Daddy Poi's Oily Gorillas on 23, April, 2014, 12:25:59 AM
Golden Sun 1 (Italian ROM)

Dice game sprites: (080F4000 = The mini-game's code file.)
0832010C (reference in the Master File Table)
083C8860 (uncompressed sprite palette data)
083C8A60 (compressed sprite data) (Decompressed to 02010000 and copied to 06010000)

080F42FA = Might be the function call that decompresses this data. (So this area will probably be patched after we make the sprite data uncompressed.)

Chances are, most of those sprites might be in the Master Fie Table, while some may be elsewhere... I find it's a rather time consuming process to find all this stuff, make edits, and test it out.

What you should do is edit the pixel data at 06010000 (In VBA's Memory viewer) until you get what you want, and Save a dump via the Save button at the bottom. (Instead of making PNGs and trying to convert them?)
The pixel data there is an indexed format. 8-bits a pixel. And uses the colors in the palette listed at 05000200. See the Tile Viewer for help with locating the proper sprite within that data.