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Title: Harry Potter Golden Sun?
Post by: Daddy Poi's Oily Gorillas on 26, November, 2015, 08:22:49 PM
Discuss ideas for how a Harry Potter game would be in the format of Golden Sun.

My ideas:
-Assume that people are born with an element as a priority before they even join a House... so that the House they are in does not decide their element... So I'm currently thinking something like this:
Harry - Venus adept
Ron - Mars adept (Perhaps Garet replacement.)
Hermione - Jupiter adept?
??? - Mercury adept

@Hermione - Was thinking about Mars adept /Jenna replacement.... until I thought about her being the "smart one" in the group.... (She even had something so she could be in two places at one time.... so it does reference time... not to mention the Wind Guardian Leviosa event at the time they learned it.) so not 100% sure or anything...
And no, her hair is not usually that red, I don't think? - Even by its appearance alone, I feel like it's probably dyed or she's using a wig... (In both cases.)

For weapons, there would be a Wand that you can equip... (There might be different tiers of wands, but haven't decided.) - Actually, Harry Potter might be an example of a magic-based game... which means physical attack wouldn't be supported as much?

Title: Re: Harry Potter Golden Sun?
Post by: Luna_blade on 27, November, 2015, 06:53:38 AM
Quite the topic you've got there. (
This is alongside golden sun one of the first RPG's I've played.
That game did lack a physical combat system and if your MP became zero you could use the lowest tier of spell (because it cost zero).

Title: Re: Harry Potter Golden Sun?
Post by: Daddy Poi's Oily Gorillas on 27, November, 2015, 01:29:12 PM

And sounds cool. Magic for the quick "Attack" option is kind of what I was thinking...

I wonder who the Mercury adept would be? Perhaps it will get the Piers treatment and be someone new altogether? That doesn't sound too bad of an idea, anyway.(?)

And now to see if the Python language has built-in support for virtual listboxes... (Since I'm thinking about coding at least some of my C# stuff in Python as well... even if I don't choose Python, it's still fun to at least play with...  not entire sure, though. / Wouldn't be surprised if I looked into various languages someday.... with the goal of learning the languages more than re-coding the editor in them.)

Title: Re: Harry Potter Golden Sun?
Post by: Salanewt on 27, November, 2015, 09:30:24 PM
The main question I'd like to know is how elements fit into this. Are houses elements, or do elements get put into houses?

Also, Neville for Mercury. Because I can't remember anything that would hint otherwise.

Title: Re: Harry Potter Golden Sun?
Post by: Daddy Poi's Oily Gorillas on 28, November, 2015, 12:38:25 AM
I'm not sure that the Harry Potter hack would be based on the four houses? (Assuming that's only for Hogwarts-only, and that this hack idea wouldn't be about Hogwarts.)

While it's obvious Houses could resemble the elements, I thought that /probably/ shouldn't be done... (In this hack idea, anyway.)... but anyway...  even if you did do that... there'd probably be a number of contradictions to consider.

Neville... Maybe... I think I might like that idea.... maybe.... (Should there be a hair color change if this hack is about going into another GS world somehow?... I can imagine starting the story off with accidentally casting the wrong teleportation spell.) But anyway...
Some story could happen in this "new world"... that results in needing a Mercury adept... the main party members learn that people from the old world might would work... so they find a way to return somehow to find someone.... (How they find Neville would be unknown.) - The motive to continue in this "new world" after having the ability to return ... well, I'm not sure... perhaps something valuable was stolen from the player characters?
@In the event we don't come up with a Mercury person worthy of the fourth position:
One idea is that these three characters would be native to the world in which Hogwarts is... and that a fourth character not from Hogwarts would join in... (Probably from another magic school.) Only an idea, though... as I haven't decided. - The first three character would still be the main stars, though... since you get them near the beginning... while the fourth one could be half-way...
Although I feel doubtul about this idea,. we could maybe give the player a choice of several people for the Mercury adept.... (Who-ever you pick is who you get.) - However, I'm not sure of what differences there would be between the choices as far as stats and stuff goes. (Might would all be the same, and only cosmetically different.)

I could see Hermione leaving Ron and Harry for a short period at some point to go do some business.... (Similar to how Ivan didn't immediately join your party in GS1.) There could be many examples of this even in the movies themselves. (Like being in the bathroom during The Chamber of Secrets? I think it was?)

Title: Re: Harry Potter Golden Sun?
Post by: JamietheFlameUser on 29, November, 2015, 04:26:32 AM
Elements = houses wouldn't really work because the entire main cast is Gryffindor.

Anywho, I played a Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban RPG on GBA once. And yeah, the game didn't have a physical combat system because the lowest-tier spell, Flipendo Uno, had 0 MP cost. Things with Flipendo vulnerability were pretty easy to kill as a result, while basic enemies with Flipendo resistance were annoying to deal with.

Title: Re: Harry Potter Golden Sun?
Post by: Daddy Poi's Oily Gorillas on 29, November, 2015, 01:15:31 PM
Elements = houses wouldn't really work because the entire main cast is Gryffindor.
While I agree with that and am going with it for this hack idea since having the main cast with different elements seemed like something I wanted to ...
But... I'm not sure if that one particular reason fully holds... (As you could still get away with a whole team with one element, you'd just need to do a lot of refining to make up for that...PC-based classes, and everything else. And you'd still be able to access the other three elements with "djinn" or whatever replacement if there was one... but anyway.) ... And then, I could still see switching between parties/storylines (Even in the same game.) Sort of like how a Might & Magic DS game has a few characters, and you play as them individually for their own mini-plot.
(@M&M: Could be spoiler-ish... but when a few of them get together in the last plot, even if you didn't max them, they were maxed when you played as them. - I think it was one battle each, and then you use a new level 1 character again. (Character max level was 10, but max level for their troops were 5.) - For those who haven't played that game, I'm just gonig to say I don't recommend getting it.)
Back to HP:GS: Since this is just teams of four, the last 4 of the 8 slots could be used to store some of this data of previous teams when switching teams and stuff.. (In the case that you come back to them.) But ultimately depends on how you want to do it... mostly, I think it is too much work than it is worth.
Or alternatively, just switch out the rest of the cast members... (Even switching out Harry Potter himself could be an option, in some circumstances....  doesn't mean that Harry Potter wouldn't be in the story, but anyway.... )

Title: Re: Harry Potter Golden Sun?
Post by: Rolina on 04, December, 2015, 01:09:25 AM
Yeah, GS' battle system isn't a great fit for HP, since it's elementally based and HP isn't.  I mean, maybe you could have it represent different schools of wizardry, but it doesn't behave like that in HP either...

I'd argue games like the Atelier series might be a bit of a better fit - I think of Mana Khemia in particular, since that's the one I have experience with.  They have a flat "magic damage" on top of the elemental damage types, so between Physical, Magical, and your usual power trio of Fire/Ice/Lightning, I figure you could have all the HP bases covered there.  Outside of battle would have to be drastically different, though, since HP isn't about alchemists or blacksmiths or anything...

Title: Re: Harry Potter Golden Sun?
Post by: Daddy Poi's Oily Gorillas on 04, December, 2015, 01:31:20 AM
Well, to me, it's not about whether it is a good fit or not... It is about making it work. (i.e. Dream land, alternate reality, digital world, a curse that makes your PC's elemental/Harry Potter and the Elemental Curses?, etc.)
It's not like anything has to be canon if there aren't any alternatives. ASM hacks are expected, so it's not like the battle system will be the exact same. (Depends on the story, though.)
As for alchemists/blacksmiths... No idea... since the hack idea was about not having it primarily at Hogwarts... who knows what happens outside of that school...(depending on where you are going.) It's for one to decide. (While it may be okay to copy HP games style... I'd probably want to spice it up a bit? - Depending on the ideas, it's perfectly possible that the team can learn entirely new spells not in the original Harry Potter story/stuff Hogwarts doesn't teach you.)

I suppose it is like a bridge between HP, GS, and general ideas.. It's like how you have a bunch of different styles of Mario games... some RPG with different battle systems (Does M&L Hand Powers sound like Mario?), and some adventure... etc...

I shall check out Atelier in a bit, since I don't think I've heard of it before.

P.S. = I'm labeling this as "hack idea" because it's not a priority or anything. - Therefore this topic can be used for any hack idea about Harry Potter/not limited to my hack idea.