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Title: Any questions about the Japanese script?
Post by: 2dgirlfan on June 06, 2017, 06:59:57 PM
I played through the 2 games in Japanese semi-recently and compared the English script along the way. Any questions about specific lines or general translation bits?

General thoughts:
First game's translation is actually really bad in a good number of places (top of the Mercury Lighthouse is the worst single scene I can think of off-hand, with censorship and lines that were changed entirely, but there are a lot of issues all around). Most obvious note is NoA was largely responsible for the very wordy reputation the game has by taking single word replies and expanding them (sometimes to entire paragraphs). Characterization is a little stronger in the Japanese script, but that's mostly due to how the Japanese language works. Only Alex's "being very polite while simultaneously threatening you" is that visible in the English script. Mary/Mia's pharmacy line is just a generic "This cave has medicine in it?" (and total character breaking when she's normally very polite). Hammet is actually grateful for being rescued instead of scolding Ivan for rescuing him (why?).

Second game's is better but has decent number of problems. Most obvious and explainable problem is the translators were fond of having Sheba says "lord Babi" (Technically this problem is in the first game, but she only does it once). In the original script she, unlike Kraden who uses バビ様, calls him just バビ (Surprisingly, she's not fond of her kidnapper.). This is such an obvious issue and an easy thing to translate I have no idea why NoA did it that way.

(If someone has an English script dump for Dark Dawn, I'd like to do that one too sometime. I can find a Japanese dump of that game fine)

Title: Re: Any questions about the Japanese script?
Post by: Fox on June 06, 2017, 07:56:52 PM
Hm... I could maybe take a look into it. I have a hunch it would take a long time to dump everything.
-By program,  I could extract from RAM dumps, but if each room has its own text bank (not sure yet/didn't really look into it.), then faster alternatives could be looked into. Such as dumping straight from the ROM,

Anyway, here is a small section of some stuff I just dumped: (With a program I coded to dump some text from a RAM dump.)
Special Attack: [F012]
Quick Select
Detailed Select
Use a Psynergy effect.
Unleash a Djinni or set it back on you.
Use standby Djinn to summon a spirit.
Use an item in your inventory.
Give up your turn and protect yourself.
Select actions for the party and fight.
Attempt to escape battle.
Switch in reserve party members.
Undo changes to party lineup.
Check the party's status.
Switch to one-touch mode.
Switch to center-touch mode.
Choose a party member to switch out.
Switch [F00F] with whom?
This is [F00F]'s Psynergy.
It is translating.
This is [F00F]'s item.
It is translating.
Djinn on standby.
It is translating.
No class change
[F017]7Status Confirmation
Confirm Status
Change Page
[F00F] learned [F012].[F002]
[F00F] appeared!
[F00F] appeared!
[F00D]'s party attacks first!
[F00D]'s party was caught by surprise!
[F00F] attacks!
[F00F] is defending!
[F00F] used [F175]!
[F00F] raises [F011]!
[F00F]'s [F011]
unleashes its [F012]!
[F00F]'s item has already been used!
Your [F011] is broken!
[F00F] recovers [F013] Hit Points!
[F00F] recovers [F013] Psynergy Points!
[F00F] returns to battle!
[F00F]'s Hit Points are fully restored!
[F00F]'s Psynergy Points are fully restored!
A critical hit!
A bitter blow!
You felled [F00F]!
[F00F] is down...
[F00F] takes [F013] damage!
[F00F] takes [F013] damage!
The Grim Reaper calls to [F00F]!
[F00F] loses [F013] Psynergy Points!
[F00F] loses [F013] Psynergy Points!
[F00F]'s strength is exhausted...
[F00F] takes [F013] damage.
[F00F] takes [F013] damage!
[F00F] takes [F013] damage!!!
[F00F] takes [F013] damage.
[F00F] takes [F013] damage!
[F00F] takes [F013] damage!!!
[F00F] nimbly dodges the blow!
[F00D]'s party has been defeated...
[F00F] is down!
[F00F]'s party is down!
You got [F013] experience points.
You got [F013] coin[F164].
You got [F175].
[F00D] is defeated...
[F00F] casts [F012]!
[F00F] summons [F012]!
[F00F] draws a [F012]!
[F00F] attacks an ally!
[F00F] is under self-attack!
Everyone is resting!
[F00F] unleashes [F012]!
[F00F] sets [F012]!
[F00F] summons [F012]!
[F00F] summons [F012][000A]but doesn't have enough Djinn on standby!
[F00F]'s [F012] is drained!
[F00F]'s [F012][000A]has been drained!
[F00F]'s Djinn are all drained!
[F00F]'s [F012][000A]is on standby!
[F00F] and friends run!
But they can't get away!
This is no time for cowardice!
[F00F] runs!
But there's no escape!
[F00F]'s strength is exhausted...
[F00F] takes [F013] damage!
[F00F] takes [F013] damage!
[F00F] is haunted! [F013] damage!
[F00F]'s spirit has been drained!
[F00F] casts aside the treasure!
[F00F] was slain.
[F00F] was downed!
[F00F] was suffocated!
[F00F] was blown far away!
[F00F] takes [F013][000A]poison damage!
[F00F] concentrates on defense!
[F00F] nimbly dodges the blow!
But [F00F] is unaffected!
...But doesn't have enough Psynergy Points!
But the Psynergy was blocked!
[F00F] is stunned and can't act!
[F00F] is asleep!
[F00F] is bound and can't move!
[F00F]'s attack missed the mark!
[F00F]'s [F012][000A]is still recovering!
But it had no effect!
[F00F] is protected by a force field!
[F00F] dissipated the Psynergy!
Lost [F013] more Hit Points!
Drained [F013] more Hit Points!
Drained [F013] more Psynergy Points!
[F013] more Psynergy Points were sucked away!
[F013] more Psynergy Points were lost!
[F013] more Psynergy Points were lost!
[F00F]'s Attack drops by [F013]!
[F00F]'s Attack rises by [F013]!
[F00F]'s Defense drops by [F013]!
[F00F]'s Defense rises by [F013]!
[F00F] was revived!
[F00F]'s Resistance drops by [F013]!
[F00F]'s Resistance rises by [F013]!
[F00F] is poisoned.
[F00F] is wrapped in delusion!
[F00F] is confused!
[F00F]'s heart has been stolen!
[F00F] has been stunned!
[F00F] falls asleep!
[F00F]'s Psynergy is blocked!
[F00F] is in the clutches of a curse!
[F00F] is still recovering Hit Points!
[F00F] feels the effect of Reflect!
[F00F]'s force field was breached!
[F00F] is gripped by an evil spirit!
[F00F] is haunted by death spirits!
[F00F] is infected with venom!
[F00F]! The Reaper calls! [F013]...
[F00F]'s Psynergy is sealed!
[F00F]'s Agility rises by [F013]!
[F00F]'s Agility drops by [F013]!
[F00F]'s Earth Power rises by [F013]!
[F00F]'s Water Power rises by [F013]!
[F00F]'s Fire Power rises by [F013]!
[F00F]'s Wind Power rises by [F013]!
[F00F] readies for action!
[F00F] rises to the challenge!
[F00F] suddenly can't move!
[F00F] is unable to move!
[F00F] glows with a shielding aura!
[F00F] glows with a shielding aura!
[F00F] vanished into thin air!
[F00F] waits to counterattack!
Djinn are recovering more quickly!
But no Djinn are recovering right now!
[F00F] wakes from slumber!
[F00F] is purged of the poison!
[F00F] is no longer affected by Mellow.
[F00F]'s Resistance is normal again!
[F00F]'s Attack is normal again!
[F00F]'s Defense is normal again!
[F00F]'s Agility is normal again!
[F00F] regains consciousness!
[F00F] sees clearly once again!
[F00F]'s Psynergy seal is broken!
[F00F] is no longer stunned!
[F00F] regains consciousness!
[F00F] is cleansed of evil spirits!
[F00F] returns to normal!
[F00F] stopped recovering Hit Points!
[F00F] is no longer affected by Reflect!
[F00F] regains consciousness!
[F00F] shakes off the Reaper!
[F00F] returns to normal!
[F00F]'s abilities return to normal.
[F012] is set to [F00F]!
[F00F] has reached level [F013]!
Mastered the [F010]'s[000A][F012]!
[F00F] mastered the[000A][F011]'s [F012]!
[F00F] mastered the[000A][F011].
Maximum Hit Points rise by [F013]!
Maximum Psynergy Points rise by [F013]!
Attack rises by [F013]!
Defense rises by [F013]!
Agility rises by [F013]!
Luck rises by [F013]!
You're strong!
No effect
Cure poison
Remove delusion
Remove stun
Wake from sleep
Break Psynergy seal
Dispel Grim Reaper
Dispel evil spirit
[F013] PP
All Party Members
All Enemies
Self Only
[F00F] uses [F012]!
[F00F] exhales [F012]!
[F00F] emits ultrasonic waves!
It split off into [F00F]!
It failed to divide!
[F00F] appears!
But no one came!
[F00F] glowers ferociously!
[F00F] can't stop trembling!
[F00F] looks around the area!
[F00F] ate some worms! Yuck!
[F00F] bellows a [F012]!
[F00F] glares... [F012]!
[F00F] smiles enticingly at you!
[F00F] erupts in a furious rage!
[F00F] exudes the smell of decay!
[F00F] attempts to divide!
[F00F] attempts to summon allies!
[F00F] calls for help!
[F00F] is up and ready to fight!
[F00F] can't move!
[F00F] hardens its defenses.
[F00F] launched a counterattack!
[F00F]'s seething rage boils over!
[F00F] is examining the situation.
[F00F] is out of order!
[F00F] is performing repairs!
[F00F] is scouting the area!
[F00F] gave an inspiring speech!
[F00F] strikes with pure hatred!
[F00F] healed itself!
[F00F]'s shriek shatters nerves!
It is translating.
We have [F013] Venus Djinn[000A]on standby! Summon [F012]!
We have [F013] Mars Djinn[000A]on standby! Summon [F012]!
Summon [F012]! Standby Djinn[000A]then soon return to set status,[000A]restoring stat and class benefits!
Djinn are on standby to summon,[000A]so their class and stat benefits[000A]are gone. So summon [F012]!
[F00F], try using a Djinni![000A][F012] can sometimes[000A]revive downed party members!
[F00F], try using a Djinni![000A][F012] roasts your foe, no[000A]matter his defenses!
[F00F], try using a Djinni![000A][F012] siphons your foe's[000A]Hit Points to heal you!
[F00F], try using a Djinni![000A][F012] strikes your target[000A]and blinds his allies!
[F00F], try using a Djinni![000A][F012] keeps your foe[000A]from making a move!
[F00F], try using a Djinni![000A][F012] raises your party's[000A]defense[2014]reducing damage!
[F00F] embraced the beast within.
[F00F] resumes human form.
[F00F] is protecting the party.
Cannot use in beast form.
[F00F]'s Djinni, [F012], was eaten!
[F00F]'s [F012] is being eaten!
[F00F]'s [F012] came back!
Inside [F00F].
[F00F] has been possessed!
[F00F] has been released!
You can't change right now.
This item can't be used on [F00F].
There aren't enough Djinn on standby.
Long ago, the ancients of Weyard[000A]discovered the secrets of Alchemy.
They found that all life in Weyard[000A]was based on the four elements:
earth, wind, fire, and water.
They used their knowledge of[000A]Alchemy to forge a dazzling[000A]civilization from the elements.[000A][000A]And the ancients made their[000A]wildest dreams come true.
And then began the
nightmare of Alchemy.
Abuses of Alchemy threatened to[000A]tear apart their entire civilization.
So the ancients did the unthinkable:
They sealed away the power of
Alchemy so no one could use it.
Civilization was saved, but[000A]the physical world itself[000A]began to die a slow death.
   [000A]For the ancients didn't[000A]realize that Alchemy was[000A]what held Weyard together.
Without the force of Alchemy,[000A]lands went barren, seas went dry,
and the planet began to crumble.[000A][000A]And civilization itself fell into
the darkest of ages that came
before its final, fatal extinction...
The ancients had sealed away[000A]Alchemy to save civilization.
But they had doomed Weyard.
But while the oceans churned and
life on the continents slid slowly
toward oblivion over the eons...[000A][000A]A legend was kept alive that held
the key to Weyard's survival.
If four Elemental Lighthouses could be[000A]ignited, their energy would trigger[000A]the Golden Sun event over Weyard.[000A][000A]The Golden Sun would unleash the
force of Alchemy[2014]saving the world![000A][000A]Thirty years ago, a group of heroes did[000A]save the world with the Golden Sun.[000A]But now a shadowy threat is spreading...
It has been 30 years since the[000A]Golden Sun event over Weyard.
The world was saved[2014]and changed.[000A][000A]Eight heroes took part in the quest
to light the Elemental Lighthouses.
Four of these brave warriors[000A]were from the town of Vale.
 [000A]The Warriors of Vale, as they are
now known throughout Weyard, are[000A]praised[2014]and blamed[2014]for their efforts.
They had long lived at the foot of[000A]Mount Aleph, home to a people charged
with a sacred duty from the ancients.[000A][000A]That was to protect Sol Sanctum,
where the forbidden keys to the
Elemental Lighthouses were hidden.[000A][000A]It was also home to the godlike
Wise One who protected Weyard.
Vale kept the sanctum's secrets[000A]for generations, ever vigilant
against the return of Alchemy.[000A][000A]But the Warriors of Vale were[000A]among those who pursued the
forbidden return of its power.
Because of their courage,[000A]the world of Weyard was
saved 30 years ago...
But while Weyard was saved,[000A]the new dawn of Alchemy[000A]has been anything but bright.
For while Alchemy brings life,
it has also unleashed chaos.
When the Golden Sun event[000A]happened, raw power exploded
from the sky above Mount Aleph.
Mount Aleph was largely[000A]destroyed by the explosion.
And not a trace remains of
the peaceful village of Vale.
The planet itself is still caught[000A]in the violent throes of rebirth.
Natural disasters continue to
torment the people of Weyard.
But the survivors live on,
driven to new desperation.[000A][000A]And the good people of Vale,[000A]though forced to resettle,
continue their sacred vigil.
They persist in their duty to[000A]Sol Sanctum at Mount Aleph.
Or at least what remains of it.
Two survivors live near the
crater where Vale once was.[000A][000A]The area rocks with eruptions, but[000A]still they watch Mount Aleph from
the newly upheaved Goma Plateau.
They're Isaac and Garet, two
of the Warriors of Vale.[000A][000A]These men, praised and blamed
for the dawn of this new day,
study the aftereffects of[000A]the Golden Sun carefully.
And from their lookout cabin,[000A]Isaac and Garet also train their
children to be powerful warriors.[000A][000A]For this world will soon need[000A]a new generation to face the
darkness of this new dawn...
Slime Beast
Flutter Seed
Leaf Bat
Raptor Seed
Wild Wolf
Dire Wolf
White Wolf
Rat Soldier
Rat Fighter
Rat Warrior
Drone Bee
Fighter Bee
Warrior Bee
Armored Rat
Plated Rat
Killer Ape
Dirty Ape
Vampire Bat
Giant Bat
Dark Wight
Fell Dead
Shadow Spirit
Dark Spirit
Bone Fighter
Dark Soldier
Cursed Soldier
Kobold King
Ghost Mage
Shadow Curse
Dark Ghost
Cave Troll
Brutal Troll
Dark Devourer
Bone Gnawer
Foul Glutton
Man o' War
Lizard Man
Lizard Fighter
Lizard Brute
Lizard Savage
Aqua Hydra
Earth Lizard
Thunder Lizard
Curse Demon
Mad Demon
Fury Demon
Mad Mole
Mole Mage
Chimera Mage
Grand Chimera
Minos Warrior
Minos Knight
Weird Nymph
Red Wyvern
Sky Dragon
Winged Dragon
Wild Gryphon
Wise Gryphon
Dread Hound
Foul Dirge
Vile Dirge
Gillman Lord
Wolfkin Cub
Mean Bugman
Bulky Bugman
Titan Bugman
Dark Scuttler
Curse Scuttler
Death Scuttler
Gloom Skorpna
Shade Skorpna
Foul Skorpna
Dark Skull
Whisper Skull
Mad Plant
Mad Plant
Great Dragon
Venus Djinni
Venus Djinni
Venus Djinni
Venus Djinni
Venus Djinni
Venus Djinni
Venus Djinni
Mercury Djinni
Mercury Djinni
Mercury Djinni
Mercury Djinni
Mercury Djinni
Mercury Djinni
Mercury Djinni
Mercury Djinni
Mars Djinni
Mars Djinni
Mars Djinni
Mars Djinni
Mars Djinni
Mars Djinni
Jupiter Djinni
Jupiter Djinni
Jupiter Djinni
Jupiter Djinni
Jupiter Djinni
Jupiter Djinni
Jupiter Djinni
Jupiter Djinni
Jupiter Djinni
Tangle Bloom
Dim Dragon
Dim Dragon Plus
Stealthy Scout
Tua Warrior
Sand Prince
Ice Queen
Haunt Skull
Shield Skull
Curse Skull
Mountain Roc
Mountain Roc
Chaos Hound
Chaos Chimera
Chaos Chimera
Chaos Chimera
Ogre Titan
Ogre Titan
Ogre Titan
Ogre Titan
Ogre Titan
Ancient Devil
Star Magician
Refresh Ball
Thunder Ball
Anger Ball
Guardian Ball
Death Ball
Ghoul Ball
Rat Skulk
Flutter Seed
Dread Hound
Ogre Titan

Title: Re: Any questions about the Japanese script?
Post by: Salanewt on June 06, 2017, 08:00:48 PM
Oh wow, so it really is the translation that made the writing weird and wordy; this is very interesting! I always found it weird that Sheba seemed distressed as Babi's death, because she was the least appropriate character to express that kind of emotion. Then again, the English version of GS1 doesn't seem to have any problems with Isaac's party helping an obvious tyrant either...

Which parts of the first two games would you say are the most accurate in translation?

Title: Re: Any questions about the Japanese script?
Post by: Fox on June 06, 2017, 08:29:06 PM
Here's another one, from a Yamata dump. / Can't remember if I had the menu open or not. ; (The one in the previous post was from battle...)
Had to put it on pastebin because posts here are limited to 65500 characters.

And yeah, I suppose translation problems are to be expected.

Happens with M&L too, I think.. Well, I know at least for the jokes, since some only make sense in the language they are given in.

Title: Re: Any questions about the Japanese script?
Post by: Caledor on June 06, 2017, 08:33:23 PM

The scene at the top of Mercury lighthouse never made sense for me, i'd LOVE to fix that bit of dialogue, as well as other mistranslations you'll spot.

In TLA there's the whole Izumo setting copy pasted from the legend of Susanoo, but they randomly picked 3 terms (sword, boss, and sake) and translated them, while everything else was left untouched.

Title: Re: Any questions about the Japanese script?
Post by: 2dgirlfan on June 07, 2017, 12:16:21 AM
Most accurate is a bit hard because I didn't really focus on the lines that were right. One rephrasing I liked is Kraden after the Briggs fight. In the original script he specifically asks if they lack rice. Rice would make sense for Champa's location/real world counterpart, but it's weird he instantly knows that would be right. "Grains" is a good way to keep it vague while keeping the intent of the line. It would have been easy to miss the problem and just translate it literally.

The biggest changes I remember (but there are others) on top of the Mercury Lighthouse is 1: The "healers" bit (it actually says "priest". For some reason GS1 censors religion everywhere, making stuff about The Wise One a lot vaguer, but GS2 is much more lenient) 2: Mia's line about failing. If you look you'll notice she turns away and to the sky. That's because she's addressing her father (Explicitly mentioning he is dead. Can't think of an elegant way to say it in English. "Dad... If you can hear me... I'm sorry" is more ambiguous but functional) and apologizing to him for her failure.

Oh and speaking of The Wise One, the bit about being a philosopher's stone in Dark Dawn is less out of nowhere in Japanese, instead it's a really stupid pun. "The Wise One" in Japanese is ワイズマン (Phonetically "Wiseman") and "Philosopher's Stone" in Japanese is "賢者の石" (Literally: Wiseman's Stone).

Title: Re: Any questions about the Japanese script?
Post by: Caledor on June 07, 2017, 12:21:10 AM
Good stuff, thanks. Anything about Jenna and Menardi's exchange?