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Title: Common Enligsh issues
Post by: Fox on January 05, 2018, 02:27:34 PM
(Misspelling in title was an accident at first, but then when I noticed, decided I wanted to keep it for lulz. :D)

Section 1: Correct vs. potentially "incorrect"
Isaac = Issac/issac
English = english
Psynergy = synergy
Djinni (singular) / Djinn (plural) =
I = i

Where I have bolded a capital letter above, means that it should always be capitalized. (As far as I know.)

Section 2: Formal vs. Informal
his or her = they (singular)

Whether to do s' or s's, I might ignore... I think that might be a controversial subject, based on what some teachers have taught. Best case, both could be correct depending on which English you use, but who knows? I myself still like s's for singularity , and maybe s' for plurals, though. ... but you can't go wrong with "of (noun to be possessive)", can you?
Anyway, a quick google = = This shows you can do both.

This topic is here to document what people make common mistakes with in English. That it should preferably be limited to the forums, but could include other places too.
Mainly for entertainment purposes. But could also be informational.

So if you have any, do post them!

Title: Re: Common Enligsh issues
Post by: Atrius on January 06, 2018, 12:29:23 AM
But djinn and djinni are common nouns since they refer to a type or class of thing instead of a specific individual thing.  If you were naming a specific djinni like Flint you would capitalize their name.

Title: Re: Common Enligsh issues
Post by: Fox on January 06, 2018, 12:33:36 AM
Oh yes, I had something mentioned in my post before, but then when I did some editing to clean things up... I must have removed it.

With Djinni/Djinn, I'm going by what I saw in-game. You will not find them lowercase ever... in the text data, correct? (Not even through actual sentences. And there are plenty of sentences.)


Do you put Djinn on[3]standby before a battle,[3]or do you set them?[1]

Title: Re: Common Enligsh issues
Post by: Rolina on January 06, 2018, 02:42:54 AM
I love the synergy typo example.  You can hear the writer mispronouncing the word as they type. XD

Title: Re: Common Enligsh issues
Post by: Fox on January 06, 2018, 03:44:50 AM
I know... That spelling screams SIN-nergy to me. ; S'pose to be PSY-nergy. XD

The energy of sin. Bad energy. No one should use it! It'll bring death to all.
Versus Psychic Energy. Very different.

Title: Re: Common Enligsh issues
Post by: Pkmn-Master on March 02, 2018, 09:55:34 AM
You know, I've always said "duh-jin" and "sinner-G" my whole life until Dark Dawn came out.

I knew it was wrong but it's how I first said it and the real way sounded wrong to me. (still prefer the energy of sin tbh)

Title: Re: Common Enligsh issues
Post by: Fox on March 04, 2018, 02:38:45 PM
Yeah,  think I use to call it sin-nergy way back when I first played.
But now, knowing the Psychic thing, it obviously feels incorrect to me now days.
I wonder if others would be interested in pronouncing Psychic as sick-chick. (Or similar.)

Can't remember how I pronounced Djinn (Could have been D-jen? D-john? No idea??), but now days, I treat the D as though it is silent. (So I pronounce Djinn as Jen, and Djinni as Jenny.)

I do know, I use to pronounce Herb as Harb, though. Hah! (In the beginning.)

Title: Re: Common Enligsh issues
Post by: Majora on March 05, 2018, 05:30:19 AM
In the spirit of admitting mispronunciations and spelling issues, I grew up reading Psynergy as "piss-n-err-gee", and it still registers that way in my inner voice when I read it! Forget "sin energy", this is the energy you definitely do not want used on you...  :Sol: