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Topics - Aile~♥

So I'm making yet another GS hack that I'll hopefully actually complete this time (seeing as the hack itself has been done up to the Sea of Time, excluding the current lack of alt classes).

And in lieu of actually putting normal, reasonable preview videos, I've been messing around with a combination of my hack and Teawater's jump patch, and gotten some pretty amusing sequence breaks.

And last but most certainly not at all least:

Actual changelist:

-- PP is changed to MP wherever I possibly can.

-- Summon list is redone in a weird sort of way. 1st-tier summons are the same, second tier summons are weird 'cause I dunno what to do with 'em, 3rd-tier summons are support abilities, such as a Mana Seal to all foes or a full-party counter-attack barrier. 4th-tier summons are Elemental Physical Attacks that summon the spirits of Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind.

-- Major stat edits to equipment. Agility versus Defence is the name of the game for armour, while weapons can have all kinds of cool effects depending on type. Axes are good for brute force, but turn you into a glass cannon by nuking your Defence, while rapiers and sabres increase Defence and Agility but have less attack power, for example.

-- Class system completely redone. Each character has only 4 classes (and for most, only 2 of them are complete as I've yet to come up with enough unique class ideas):

--- Felix so far has Smuggler (as in the "Han shot first" kind of smuggler) and Pirate. The Smuggler dabbles in explosives, HP/MP theft, and time theft (yes, really), and has relatively high Attack and Agility with good HP, but low-ish MP. Pirate specializes in stat debuffs while dealing damage, and can steal an enemy's HP or MP. Pirates have very high Attack and HP and above-average Agility, but falter in MP and Defence.

--- Jenna so far has Furie and Thief. The Furie specializes in high-power attacks with high MP costs, and is a quick and powerful damage-dealing class with glass cannon tendencies. Slightly above-average HP and very high Attack and Agility, but low PP, slightly below-average Defence, and low Luck. The Thief can steal HP and MP from enemies, can heal allies at the expense of her own HP, and uses explosives for area-of-effect attacks. The Thief has very high Agility and slightly above-average Attack and Luck, with all other stats being roughly average to slightly below-average.

--- Sheba so far has Time Mage and Magician. The Time Mage can use magic to slow foes down or freeze them in their tracks, speed allies up, and grant allies extra actions. Its Agility and Resistance buff spells also have slight healing properties. The Time Mage has high Agility with above-average HP and MP and average Attack, but terrible Defence. The Magician is an all-out offensive caster class, with powerful area-of-effect spells in all four elements. It has very, VERY high HP and MP and above-average Luck, but low Agility, very low Attack, and the worst Defence stat you've ever seen in a Golden Sun hack. Nonetheless, the Magician can soak spells like nobody's business and retaliate by striking the foe's weak point with its own high-power magic offence.

--- Piers so far has Duelist (as in the "children's card games for life or death" kind of Duelist) and Fencer. The Duelist has full-field attack spells in all four elements that can also inflict nasty status effects, but they are very expensive to cast. It also has a few support spells to assist allies for relatively low cost. The Duelist has high HP and above-average Defence and Agility, but terrible Attack and only average MP despite being a caster. The Fencer specializes in fighting a single target and can take advantage of any weakness with inexpensive EPAs in all four elements. It also has the ability to boost allies' Attack (with slight healing attached) and cure status ailments. The Fencer has high Defence and above-average Attack and Agility, but only average HP and below-average MP and Luck.

-- Base damage spells have been buffed to h*** and back in exchange for being much more expensive to cast overall.

-- Just about all support spells also provide minor healing. It's useful early on, but becomes obsolete later when you start dealing or taking more damage in a single hit than a single buff spell can heal.

-- HP Drain and MP Drain effects now have a flat 70% chance of activating, making the Thief class much more reliable as a healer.
Creative Works / Justicebattle
22, August, 2013, 08:47:02 AM
So, does anyone remember this track that Charon composed several years ago, back when she was around?

Well, I threw a high-quality soundfont at it, asked the universe "Will it blend?", and got this. I think it worked out alright, but it could be better...
Project List / Jamie Made Another Pointless Hack Thingy!
01, September, 2012, 12:24:46 AM
This one somewhat inspired by Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days, along with the Tales Series. As with 358/2 Days, inventory management is a big part of strategy.

Again, I haven't edited text much at all, yet.

I have videos of the duel against Briggs. And when I say "duel", I literally do mean duel. It's a one-on-one fight. Likely to throw the player for a loop if they're not used to single-character strategy.

Briggs VS. Jenna:

Briggs VS. Sheba:

In the video, Sheba has two Atk Plus slots equipped, each multiplying her attack by 1.2x, a Def Plus slot equipped for 1.2x Defence, and an HP Plus slot equipped for 1.2x max HP. Additionally, she has eight Critical Plus slots equipped, giving her a 40% unleash rate. This is why her regular attacks do so much damage, and why Briggs is totally failing to deal any significant amount of damage in return.

Briggs VS. Felix:

The hardest fight for me was Felix, as I'd had him set up as a mage with a focus on area attacks. I ended up relying on Overlimit: Defence quite a bit, and Helm Splitter was my main attacking move, even though it cannot cause flinching like regular attacks can.
This is a topic that someone requested. They wanted to know about the kinds of things you can do in the editor by putting ability effects to unintended uses.

Effect Damage: Let's start with the basics. To do this, just give an Effect Only ability a "Power" value higher than 0. This will cause the ability to deal damage whenever its effect triggers. Damage caused in this way is not affected by random damage variation, and counts as Base Damage as far as Elemental Power and Resistance are concerned.

Double Delusion: Double Delusion is when the game checks for the Delusion status effect twice against each target. This is achieved by giving an Effect Only ability the effect "May inflict Delusion on all enemies". Enemies directly targeted by the ability will be subject to two checks for delusion, the first of which has a very high rate of success. All other enemies will receive only the second check, which has a lower success rate. If you use Effect Damage, only succeeding with the first check will inflict damage.

Set Damage: A neat way to use Effect Damage with the effects "May do double the damage", "May do triple the damage", and "May multiply damage by 1, 2, or 3". Interestingly enough, these effects always count as having activated regardless of whether or not the multiplier triggers. This allows for abilities that always do the same amount of damage, barring the multiplier. Just give an Effect Only ability one of these effects and a Power value equal to the amount of damage you want it to do. Incidentally, I've just discovered that, when used by enemies, the "User Dies" effect is also always active in this fashion, allowing for exact-damage abilities.

Proportional PP Cost Healing: This is a method to make a healing spell always cost PP equal to 10% of the amount healed. Just give a Healing ability the effect "User may recover 10% of damage to PP". This will cause the user to restore negative PP amounts when they heal someone with the ability.

HP Cost Healing: This is a method to make a healing ability that costs HP when cast. Give a Healing ability the effect "User recovers 50% of damage to HP" to make the user lose HP equal to 50% of the HP recovered by the target. Actually, as far as the game is concerned, the user is recovering negative HP.

Healing Overflow: It turns out that Healing abilities actually use a signed 16-bit value for their base power. But the editor doesn't know this. So what you do is you set the ability's power to something just over 32767 (I used 33000), so that it will overflow to the most negative value possible, or at least close to it. This has an odd effect. At such extreme levels of negative healing, the game will not actually damage the target. Instead, the target's HP will be fully restored (though it still says "[character] recovered -31500 (or whatever) HP!") and, for whatever reason, so will their PP. If you were hoping to fully restore HP and PP as well as some other effect, this will free up the secondary effect slot for you!
This originated something like a parody of Final Fantasy. Then I started taking it seriously, and then I started adding *stuff* the way I do. Right now, it's been tested up to the bossfight of the Lemurian Ship, though many later bosses have already been edited. Hopefully I'll start editing the game text at a later date, though I've already been through removing some references to Psynergy.

Each character has two classes available to them, and most are based off of similar themes. To change classes, just open up the Editor and change the class values accordingly. It's lazy, I know. This was mostly created just for me to play around with anyway. Garet (aka 'Boomer') and Mia (aka 'Dew') don't have their second classes yet.

Be warned: The beginning-of-game fights are very tough, but with the right strategy they can be taken down. Here's a hint: The War Machines have limited MP, and use a suicide move when they run out. Also, if playing with Jenna (aka 'Chiki') as a Furie, her Wing Beat has a chance to blow the target out of battle.

Also, I have hidden a number of random references in the hack. Post here with any you find!
Project List / Random GS2 hack idea (another one)
31, January, 2012, 10:06:50 PM
Just an interesting hack idea that I thought up, which basically throws most of GS's usual rules out the window. Beware: wall of text ahead.

Fighter mechanics

Physical attack moves are known as Flourishes. A Novice level Flourish costs 4 PP. This is the same amount of PP as a Fighter starts with. A Fighter's PP does not increase with level up, but only by equipping a Djinni. Each Djinni equipped gives a Fighter 4 more PP. Master level Flourishes cost 8 PP, and Arcane Flourishes cost 12 PP. A Fighter's Showstopper Flourish, available only with 8 Djinn equipped, costs 36 PP. Scoring a Critical Hit with a weapon attack will restore a Fighter's PP by 10% of the damage inflicted, and is the primary way to restore a Fighter's PP in combat.

Fighters start with no innate element, using only non-elemental Novice Flourishes. Equipping a Djinni gives them access to some Novice Flourishes of the element of the Djinni, as well as Master Flourishes of both non-elemental and elemental varieties.

Fighters are divided into two groups: Mercenaries have a focus on Flourishes with secondary effects, and will learn more power-focused Flourishes later.

Warriors have a focus on Flourishes with raw power behind them, and will learn their more technical Flourishes later.


Unlike Fighters, Mages have PP growth on level up, using roughly the same system as regular GS. Also unlike Fighters, Mages have an inherent element, and equipping Djinn instead changes their magic style. Mages naturally learn only the weakest spells of each style. (three weak damaging spells/one weak damaging spell series, one weak healing spell series, two weak stat-buff spells, one weak stat-debuff spell, two weak ailment-inflicting spells, one weak 'unique effect' spell.) Equipping Djinn gives their style more focus. Equipping a full 8 Djinn of the same style would give a character extreme focus in that one style, to the point where spells of that style are the only spells they learn. For instance, a full Bronze Mage would learn nothing but stat-boosting, stat-debuffing, and ailment spells. They would have no offensive options or healing spells.

The four styles are:

Crimson: A style obtained by equipping Mars Djinn, Crimson mages learn the strongest of damaging spells, capable of obliterating enemy ranks with a single casting. A combination skillset of Crimson and Violet is especially potent, learning high-power spells that have a chance to deal double their regular damage.

(spells: Epicentre, Beam Cannon, Titan Blade, Ocean Fist
Hellsgate, Thunderhead, Fissure, Tidal Wave.
Magma Storm, Tempest, Grand Gaia, Absolute.
Bronze: Supernova, Gale Force, Nettle, Deluge.
Violet: Flare Beam, Sonic Slash, Stalactite, Hailstorm.
Azure: Dragon Rise, Ether Drain, Wild Growth, Coldforge.)

Azure: A style obtained by equipping Mercury Djinn, Azure mages learn the most potent of healing spells, capable of curing the most potent inflictions and bringing allies back from the grave. They also learn a few inefficient PP restoring spells. A combination skillset of Azure and Bronze magic allows magic that increases allies' stats while healing them. Combining Azure and Crimson magic allows spells that deal damage and heal the user.

(spells: Ply series, Cure series, Boon series, Warm series.
Wish series, Heal series, Fresh Breeze series, Aura series.
Antidote, Restore, Recover.
Miracle, Revive, Resuscitate, Resurrect.)

Bronze: A style obtained by equipping Venus Djinn, Bronze mages learn a wide variety of stat buffing, stat debuffing, and ailment spells. Combining with Crimson magic allows stat-debuffing and ailment-inflicting spells that also deal damage. Bronze and Violet magic don't combine very well.

Violet: A style obtained by equipping Jupiter Djinn, Violet mages are the odd ones out, learning unique support skills with a variety of interesting effects. They can form barriers to protect allies from attacks, grant allies extra actions, and prevent enemies from taking their actions, among other abilities. A combination skillset of Violet and Azure magic allows spells that heal based on percentage of max HP, rather than flat value. It also grants a powerful recovery spell that heals an ally and gives them HP regen.
Non-GS Hacking / Tales of... the Golden Sun
16, November, 2011, 12:10:20 AM
You know what would be cool? If someone extracted the character models, animations, and battle effects from GS:DD and made a GS:DD based hack of ToS2.

Strike Artes become Unleashes, and you learn them from having weapons equipped for a long enough period of time, rather than from level-ups. Unison Attacks are replaced with Summons, and Skills with Djinn effects. I've got the combo system figured out too: attack x3 > Lvl 1 Unleash > Lvl 2 Unleash > Lvl 3 Unleash > Lvl 4 Unleash > Novice Psynergy > Summon

Some unleashes can be learned at multiple "levels", and you can set that Unleash's level to be anything you've learned it at. However, you cannot set an Unleash to be multiple levels at once. For instance, Phaeton's Blade has Centurion as a level  3 Unleash, meaning it can link into only level 4 Unleashes and Novice-level Psynergy. However, Levatine has it as a level 2 Unleash and Sol Blade has it as a level 1 unleash. These alter the Unleash's place in the combo, especially as a level 1 Unleash, where it can only be used as the first Unleash of a combo. Setting your Unleashes so that you have a variety to use for full combo potential – and to work with the Unleashes that are only learned at one level – is a vital part of strategy.

Equally important are Djinn, as these affect the benefits a character receives while in Overlimit. Normally, Overlimit would prevent a character from staggering when hit, allow them to chain Unleashes in any order, and allow them to chain Mid-level Psynergy to the end of a combo in place of Novice Psynergy. However, equipping Djinn skills adds other benefits. For instance, Forge's skill gives the character a 25% P. ATK increase when in Overlimit. Kite's skill allows use of each Unleash level twice per combo when in Overlimit. Bark's skill decreases incoming damage by 50% when in Overlimit.

Some Djinn effects activate even when Overlimit isn't active, but all relate to Overlimit in some way. For instance, Aurora's effect causes the Tension Gauge to fill more quickly, so you can activate Overlimit more often.

Now for Summons, which are activated by pressing the Overlimit button a second time while in Overlimit. Tales of Symphonia 2 has an Elemental Grid system, with six minor elements and one major element. In this theoretical hack, each element has the effect of a single Djinni in determining the Summon used. In addition, each character provides a single "hidden" element of their own affinity when summoning. If Karis were to summon, she'd add one Jupiter element to the current total being used for summoning. This means that if all the minor elements are empty, and the major element is Jupiter, she'd summon Atalanta rather than Jupiter. But there's more: Each Djinni skill a character has equipped gives them one "hidden" element in that Djinni's affinity, so for example, giving Karis the "Forge" skill causes her to provide a hidden Mars to the grid, as well as the normal hidden Jupiter, when summoning. Also, using a summon clears all minor elements from the grid.

Any thoughts from anyone else to add to my Wall of Text?
Open Discussion / MOVED: What Really Grinds My Gears
25, October, 2011, 07:40:28 PM
Due to Kingzane's request, this topic has been moved to Forum Games.
Project List / Yet another random pet project
11, September, 2011, 03:38:20 PM
...This time with all-new bosses (except Moapa, but he's been revamped too), renamed party members, some new enemies, many new skills, ninjas, pirates, thieves, card duelists, smugglers who shoot first (they actually get a skill called First Shot, which does massive damage if the user takes his action before the target), summoners, and time mages. (Yes, Time Mage is as awesome a support class as it sounds.)

Summon system has been redone. Level 2 summons are breath attacks. Level 3 are support-based. Level 4 are summon spirits: Gnome, Efreet, Sylph and Undine.

All party members have access to multiple classes, but I kinda expect you to use the editor to toggle which one you want to use. You're supposed to choose a class and stick with it for the whole game.

...It also contains Creepers. Yes, they're dangerous. No, they won't destroy your stuff, fortunately.
Misc. GS Hacking / The Custom Boss Thread
05, July, 2011, 04:09:28 PM
Post vids or download links (patches + savestates) of your custom bosses here!


Anti-Adept Moapa:

Aqua Hydra (Aqua Rock bonus boss)

I'll try to get vids of Sylph, Gnome, Undine, and Ghost Mind up later.

P.S. We need to get some photobucket video tags here, Charon!
Golden Sun: Dark Dawn / Theorycrafting [SPOILERS]
23, February, 2011, 10:52:10 PM
This is a topic for theorycrafting! You know, if you enjoy giving things too much thought. Or if you're just seriously bored.

I have a theory about the Third Eye and Insight Glass:

The Insight Glass is really the Second Eye, and there's also a Mars-based First Eye out there somewhere.

Justification: A book in one of the houses in the village near the Warriors' Hill says: "Use the eye that pierces darkness to find the clothing of shadow. The last of these eyes lies in the Warriors' Hill." I bolded the relevant part, which seems to imply that there were other eyes. Also, we have the three orbs used to access Apollo Sanctum: The yellow one is used in the ruins below Yamata to represent the Third Eye, with the red and blue ones representing the right and left eyes, respectively. Now, you'll note that yellow tends to be used to represent Venus. Is it a coincidence, then, that we also have a Mercury-elemental (typically represented by blue) Psynergy that also affects how one perceives the world? That would seem to imply that there's also a Mars-based (typically represented by red) Psynergy that also affects one's visual perception of the world.
Golden Sun: Dark Dawn / Favourite Quotes [SPOILERS]
06, February, 2011, 08:32:39 PM
Discuss your favourite lines from the game here.

When you talk to people in Passaj with the Sol Mask in your inventory:

Female NPC: "I won't bother masking my opinion... It's beautiful!"

Matthew gets angry at Ryu Kou, and Karis comments:

"Wow... graphic!"

In the Luna Tower, when the Alchemy Dynamo is activated:

Arcanus: "Just how many times do I have to demonstrate that you can't beat me in combat?"

Hou Zan: "At least once more, apparently!" *attacks him*
Misc. GS Hacking / Golden Sun: TLA Hackery
26, November, 2010, 03:14:20 AM
I've been working on a different hack for TLA. This one swaps Sheba and Felix's roles as Adepts, so Felix is now a Wind Adept Warrior and Sheba is now a Venus Adept Mage.

Felix has a new EPA series, the item classes are no more, and I've been editing some bosses and items. I've got some pictures of the new Lemurian weapons' unleashes: the Lemurian Blade, Lemurian Axe, and Lemurian Staff.

Also shown below is an ability you get after defeating the three Sylphs aboard the Lemurian Ship. The Aqua Hydra is now an optional boss in Aqua Rock. For your sake, DO NOT TRY TO FIGHT IT ON YOUR FIRST TRIP THROUGH THE ROCK. YOU WILL BE SLAUGHTERED MERCILESSLY. It has 12000+ HP, 600+ Attack, and 500+ Defence, along with 2 turns and high-level Psynergy. You should be able to run away easily, however, as it is a low level and has low Agility.

I may upload vids soon. No promises. And I don't use Youtube, so you'll have to download them. :D

Pictures really don't do the Shield Shear and Swordbreaker unleashes justice. They look so much more epic in motion. Magic Bolt is kinda lame any which way.

And a patch will probably come soon as well. :D
Creative Works / Another flippin' fanfic!
30, July, 2010, 01:28:41 AM
I started another fanfic, because my other one is on my computer at home, so I can't easily work on it.

I don't have a good name for this one, but it's pretty much the Golden Sun series with more Djinn hilarity, as well as more Mia, Piers, and Ivan. Also, Isaac talks. Hopefully, he's not too out of character compared to his GS2 self.

Also, the addition of Djinn and extra random conversation adds to the hilarity.

Anyway, on with the fanfic:

Prologue: The Sanctum Erupts


A large earthquake rocked Sol Sanctum. Flint wondered what could be happening.

The seal is... broken? said Bane.

But, the seal hasn't been touched for over 500 years! commented Flint.

How do you know about that? You weren't even BORN before the Seal.

Hey, you're the one who told all of us about that, countered Granite. So why do you sound so surprised?

The sanctum exploded in a burst of fiery lava, launching the Djinn in all directions, generally at a rather unsafe velocity.
[spoiler=Chapter 1]
Chapter 1: Flint's Tutorial

When Flint came to, the first thing he noticed was that he had been forced into material form. The second thing he noticed was that he wasn't in the sanctum anymore.

"Hey, what's thi-- WHOA! I can talk!" the Venus Djinni said, actually managing to cut himself off. "Where am I, anyway?"

Such a question didn't really need to be asked, especially since there was no one to talk to. He looked behind him and saw Mount Aleph in the distance.

"Scorch would be proud of such an explosion." noted the Djinni. "So, where to ne--" he cut off, noticing two humans, little more than kids, walking out of the main gate of a village at the base of Mount Aleph. One was evidently a Venus Adept, with light brown hair in such a hairdo that suggested he hadn't combed his hair in at least 3 years. He walked slowly, almost as if lost in thought. The other one was a Mars Adept complete with fiery red hair and red eyes. His hair looked like he'd recently been struck by a lightning bolt, and his trudging walk suggested impatience. He had a somewhat bulky build that made it obvious that it would hurt for a while if he punched you.

"Hey, Isaac, can you hurry up?" the Mars Adept asked, in an impatient tone that made Flint wonder why the other guy was putting up with him.
"What?... Oh, yeah, sure," the Venus Adept, apparently named Isaac, replied. He sped up, and then ran straight into Flint.

"Hey, watch where you're going!" Isaac and the other guy looked shocked.

"Garet, do you know what that thing is?" asked Isaac.

"Maybe it's one of the Djinn the Wise One mentioned," suggested Garet. Flint noted the shocked expression on Isaac's face and wondered if maybe it was unusual for Garet to know anything.

"Yeah, I'm a Djinni, my name is Flint. But you know about me?... Wait, you know the Wise One?"

"Yes," answered Isaac, in a plain and serious tone of voice.

"Interesting. Anyway, I need to find my friends, the other Djinn. We were separated in the eruption. If you let me join you, I'll prove very beneficial to you guys. Your Psynergy will grow stronger, and your physical capabilities will improve as well. Additionally, we have special powers that you can unleash in combat. What do you think, will you take me with you?"

"Man, this thing sure talks a lot." Garet commented.

"So says the guy who hasn't shut up since we left the village twenty minutes ago." retorted Isaac.

"I'll have you know I'm not a 'thing'!" Flint cried, at the same time as Isaac made his comment. "Anyway, as I was saying, are you willing to take me with you?"

"Fine, fine," replied Isaac.

Flint vanished into the ground, transforming into a multitude of streaks of brownish light which flew straight up into the air before converging down into Isaac's head.

Isaac felt like his brain had just exploded, as a burst of energy filled his being. What is this? he thought, I suddenly feel stronger.

Ah, so you noticed! said another voice in Isaac's head.

Wait, what? Isaac thought, confused.

When we're set to an Adept, we can hear their thoughts. We can also speak to them through thoughts. I would have expected you to notice that someone else was in your mind.

Great, so you're gonna keep pestering us forever? In that case, I'm sorry I decided to let you join us.

Not like you really had a choice anyway. I would've joined you whether you wanted me to or not. Anyway, I would assume that you are unfamiliar with how to use Djinn in combat. Am I correct?

How would I know anything? You were sealed in Sol Sanctum until Mount Aleph blew. Isaac was getting rather annoyed by this point, but he managed to maintain enough of a poker face that Garet didn't suspect anything.

Right then. Anyway, on with the tutorial. When a Djinni is Set to an Adept, the Djinni's power increases the Adept's physical capabilities slightly. This doesn't do much on its own, but the cumulative effects of many Djinn can be quite powerful. Additionally, you can call on a Djinni's power in combat for an attack unique to that Djinni. Unleashing a Djinni is accomplished in much the same way as casting Psynergy. It's really not that difficult. In fact, when I'm talking to you, it's pretty easy to find me. Just trace my thought signature to my location within your mind.

Any way you could, like, give me an example, or something? Isaac inquired.

Perhaps. Ah, great timing!

Isaac was drawn back to reality by a lone zombie ambling up towards him.

This should do fine. Now, go on, try it! thought Flint.

"Hey, uh, Isaac?" asked Garet, "Are you paying attention to that zombie over there?"

"Just hold tight, Garet." Isaac said, "I'll take care of this guy myself. Flint!"

Flint transformed Isaac's short sword into a heavy stone cleaver, then possessed his body and neatly cleaved one-third of the zombie's head off. Unsurprisingly, the head was entirely hollow. Also unsurprisingly, the zombie didn't particularly notice having its head cleaved in two. It proceeded to take a slow swipe at Isaac, who dodged it easily. These things may be slow, but they're most certainly tough!

Yeah, well, it's a zombie, what did you expect? retorted Flint.

Isaac then noticed, much to his dismay, that he suddenly felt weaker after unleashing the Djinni. Hey, what's up with this? The strength boost you gave me is gone!

Yeah, us Djinn have to be Set in order to boost your power. But after being unleashed, we go into Standby, where we can be used to summon even greater powers into battle! However, the process for summoning is... rather complicated.

How so? inquired Isaac.

Each summon has their own, unique incantation. Needless to say, it gets to be a pain to memorize them all. However, right now, you only need to worry about the incantation for the summon Venus.

Yeah, well what is it? asked Isaac impatiently.

Well, it goes like this: 'Incarnation of Earth's might, I summon thee. Come, Venus!'

Let's see how it goes! thought Isaac cheerfully.

"Incarnation of Earth's might, I summon thee. Come, Venus!" Isaac intoned. A ghostly image of a Venus Djinni appeared and circled in the air above the zombie, causing bursts of Earth power to erupt out of the ground into it, and it was lifted up off its feet from the sheer volume of projectiles. It was dead before it hit the ground. The zombie then decayed into grey dust, which dissipated instantly.

And... there's one... last thing...

You seem tired. What is it? inquired Isaac.

Once Djinn... have been used... to summon... they must... spend time... in recovery... before... Setting... themselves... again....

You better rest for a while. And we've got to get going! commented Isaac.

"And now that that's over with, let's go Garet!" Isaac said.

"Finally! I was wondering when you'd get to that!" replied Garet.
[spoiler=Chapter 2]
Chapter 2: The Journey Begins

As Isaac and Garet finally set out, Flint noted with exasperation that Garet was whining again. "How long until we get there?"

"Well, Mercury Lighthouse can't be more than thirty days off, can it?" Isaac grinned, and Garet sulked.

"Thirty days?!" Garet repeated, "I'm not walking around in the wilderness for thirty days!"

Is he always like this? Flint asked Isaac.

No, this is just a bad day the Venus Adept replied.

What's he like on good days, then? the Djinni inquired.

Hilarious, Isaac replied.

"Hey, Isaac, you're not saying much." Garet's comment drew Isaac back to reality.

"Huh? It's just... um..." Isaac trailed off.

"You look almost like you're having a debate with yourself," Garet noted. "And enjoying it, too."

"I've been chatting with Flint."

"About what?"

"Um... nothing."

"Obviously, it's something I'd disapprove of, otherwise you wouldn't be so secretive about it." Garet replied. "So what is it?"

"Actually, the topic of discussion was you." Flint reverted to material form, and perched himself on Isaac's head.

"Flint, shut up," Isaac said, in a tone of voice that indicated he was kidding.

"I won't stand for being ordered around. I'll have you know I'm about 500 years older than you," Flint countered in an equally joking tone.

"So you're a whiny old geezer. I get it," Garet commented, obviously intending it to be an insult.

"I'm not old. Not for my species, anyway. Many of the other Djinn are 1000 years old. Some older," the Djinni replied. He then vanished back into Isaac.

Man, what a jerk!

I'd rather you didn't talk about my friends that way.

"Um, Isaac, get out of your head and pay attention to the zombies in front of us!!!" Garet screamed. He did have a rather good cause for screaming: he and his Venus Adept friend were beset by three zombies. One was enough to be concerned about. Three was overdoing it.

"It's inconvenient not having a single attack Psynergy," commented Isaac. "Ah, well. Flint!" Flint summoned his stone cleaver, and Isaac smashed the middle zombie's head in half with it. Just as Isaac expected, it didn't so much as flinch.

"Flare!" cried Garet, and a small wall of flame struck the three zombies. The middle one turned to dust and disintigrated, the other two looked somewhat charred, but didn't even seem to notice.

The remaining zombies ganged up on Isaac. He managed to avoid the swipe of one of them, but his dodge took him into the path of the other zombie, who struck out with a surprisingly painful clawed hand. Isaac looked at his bleeding left shoulder and muttered a short string of curses.

Such language. You should be ashamed of yourself, reprimanded Flint.

Will you shut up?!? I'm trying to concentrate! snapped Isaac.

"Incarnation of Earth's might, I summon thee. Come, Venus!" Isaac chanted. The two zombies promptly had several holes smashed through them by Venus' energy bursts. Still, they kept advancing. Isaac muttered another, longer, stream of curses.

Garet attempted to skewer of the zombies with his short sword, but it managed an unusually nimble jump backwards and dodged the attack. "Why won't these stupid things die?!" Garet shouted.

The two zombies managed to get Isaac's other shoulder with their claws. At this point, he was on the verge of collapse.

"Cure," he rasped, and both of his shoulder wounds sealed.

"Flare!" shouted Garet, as he summoned another fire wall to crispify the zombies. Both of them finally gave up and died.

Should a re-animated human really be so tough? Flint asked in Isaac's mind.

If I had my way, it wouldn't be! Isaac raged. You can cut the stupid things' heads in half and they don't even notice!

Isaac and Garet resumed heading towards Vault. As they crossed the bridge, they were assaulted an army of five bats. They got the first strike, and proceeded to launch a siege's worth of audio artillery at Garet. Needless to say, he did not enjoy it, although "not enjoy" may be the understatement of the day, as the Mars Adept looked rather like his brain was about to explode.

"Cure!" Isaac called, focusing the healing Psynergy on Garet's rather severe migraine. Instantly he was back in action, singeing three of the bats with a Flare spell.

They then came in for the attack, buffeting, or attempting to buffet, Isaac with heads and wings. At the end of the assault, the Venus Adept looked a little worse for wear, but he was mostly fine.

A sudden idea occurred to Isaac. "Take this! Quake!" The ground beneath the bats roiled, and they were sent flying skyward. However, they caught air and flew upwards, instead of smashing to the bridge's splintery surface like gravity dictated they should. "Well, that was less than effective," Isaac commented, his enthusiasm deflating at an incredibly rapid pace, something like what happens when you pop a balloon by throwing it into the Sun.

"Flare!" called Garet, and he blasted the same three bats that he hit the first time. Their wings caught fire, burning away and leaving nothing but the skeleton and a bit of thoroughly cooked skin, and they smashed to the now-charred wooden floor, unable to move and bleeding profusely, but surprisingly not yet dead.

Two of the downed bats struggled feebly, while one of them assaulted its attacker with its usual auditory barrage. However, though it definitely hurt, one single bat wasn't nearly as effective as five, and the two that could still fly were attempting to pummel Isaac.

Isaac finished one of the still-mobile bats off by cleaving it in two with Flint's unleash, at which point it turned to dust and dissipated. Garet impaled the one immobile bat that had attacked him on his short sword, and it too disintegrated. The remaining wingless bats managed to get onto their hind legs, and got the bright idea to run away from the two, particularly scary, Adepts. The remaining one that had been battering Isaac turned its attention to Garet, and just barely missed his head with a flying tackle. Isaac just took his short sword and slashed at it, feeling that more extreme methods were un-necessary. It vanished into dust like the others that had been defeated.

Alright, Flint. Get back on Set. Now let's get going. Isaac ordered.

Aren't you polite, Flint deadpanned. Sure thing, Isaac.

"That took rather longer than it ought to have," commented Garet. "And now I'm hungry."

"Then lets get going!" Isaac exclaimed cheerfully.

As they reached Vault, the pair of Adepts were confronted with a rather peculiar scene.

"We can't stay another minute in a dangerous place like this," a voice said. Isaac saw a large merchant caravan leaving Vault to the south. A man in a rather fancy-looking red outfit had just exited the caravan, along with another man who was quite muscular but still managed to be rather nondescript. "We return to Kalay immediately!" The guy in red announced.

"Master Hammet! This is terrible! The bridge has been destroyed!" the other guy cried. "We cannot continue southward!"

"What...? The bridge? This is awful... How are we going to get to Kalay now?"

"...Master Hammet, I'm worried about leaving Ivan behind."

"As fond as I am of Ivan, it's his fault that my Rod was stolen..." Hammet said "rod" with a capital R, as if this "rod" was of particular significance or importance. "And his strange powers will aid him in search of the rod."

"Ivan has strange powers?" interjected the man.

A massive blue jewel falling from the sky interrupted the plot dump before it could start. "We must leave this treacherous place immediately!"

"But to where? Where can we go?"

"We have no choice. We're heading north."

"We'll wind up in Lumpa if we go north!" he sounded panicked.

"Well, it's better than being smashed by falling rocks here, isn't it?" They got back in the caravan and headed north.

Well, given the part where his choices are being smashed by rocks here or smashed by rocks up north, he might as well have stayed here. reasoned Flint.

I suppose you've got a point. agreed Isaac, as he and Garet headed into Vault from the north entrance. The town wasn't particularly impressive. It was smaller than Vale, and not nearly so bright and cheery.

This Ivan guy seems like he's gotten himself into some trouble. Perhaps we ought to learn more on the subject?

Why should we concern ourselves with the troubles of others? Isaac retorted.

Well, they did mention that Ivan has strange powers, so he's probably an Adept. We could stand to have a few more able-bodied Adepts with us, right? Flint responded.

So we could. Let's go find Ivan, then.

"Hey, Garet, we should go find this Ivan guy. He could be an Adept," Isaac called to his friend.

"I thought we were supposed to be heading for the Lighthouses, not helping minor people with minor troubles," the Mars Adept retorted.

"Let's face it: We're never going to beat Saturos and Menardi with our current strength. We're going to need more allies if we want to take them down, and prevent them from lighting the Lighthouses," Isaac reasoned.

Garet gave in. "Fine. I suppose you're right."

"Let's stop by the mayor's house. He might know something."

"Sure thing."

They turned to the nearest local, an old guy, and asked him. "Where might I find the Mayor's house?" asked Isaac.

"It's on the hill over there," he pointed to the west. There was a building slightly larger than most of the other houses, though otherwise pretty similar, complete with the usual straw roof and everything. Isaac pushed the door open and went inside, without so much as knocking. Garet followed him.

That wasn't particularly kind of you, scolded Flint.

Oops, thought Isaac.

[spoiler=Chapter 3]
Chapter 3: Unlocking the Vault

Surprisingly, the Mayor didn't seem to notice that they hadn't knocked. Somehow, I get the impression that he gets that all the time. thought Isaac.

Probably from rude kids like you. replied Flint.

I'm not a kid! exclaimed Isaac indignantly. He then turned his attention back to the real world. The interior of the mayor's house was designed in an odd L-shape. Off to the right stood the Mayor himself. In the upper-left corner stood a kid who was unmistakeably a Jupiter Adept. Isaac wasn't entirely sure how he knew, but his blond hair and piercing violet eyes had something to do with it. As did his green, purple, and gold outfit, which complimented his eyes and hair perfectly.

"Y'know, Isaac, something tells me the kid standing over there is Ivan," Garet suggested.

"And something tells me that the kid is a Jupiter Adept," replied Isaac.

"How can you tell?" asked Garet.

"Because I was paying attention to Kraden's classes about Adepts," Isaac lied. He had been paying attention, of course, and Kraden had at one point partially explained how to tell if someone was an Adept, but mostly he was going off of intuition. "Something about that purple and blond seriously says "Adept" to me. And besides, most normal people don't have the impeccable fashion sense to pull off a dashing appearance quite like that." Seeing as he had now managed to leave Garet entirely speechless, quite a feat in and of itself, Isaac decided the conversation was over, and walked up to Ivan.

On approaching Ivan, Isaac felt a strange sensation, one he could not recall having felt before. He couldn't quite place it, but it was definitely unnerving. However, this feeling was immediately offset by the fact that Ivan almost seemed to have a slight... glow... around him. Definitely an Adept. Well, Hammet did say that Ivan had strange powers.

"Yes. I... I do possess strange powers," Ivan said, as if he'd read Isaac's mind. "You have them too don't you?" Isaac got that strange feeling again.

Yes, that's definitely Psynergy. thought Isaac, noting that the... glow, for lack of a better term, around Ivan increased whenever he got that strange sensation.

"What? My power, it's called Psynergy? I had no idea." By this point, Isaac was starting to get quite annoyed by Ivan's constant mind reading. At this time, Garet rejoined Isaac. "We have so much in common, I think I can trust you with this," Ivan stated. "I am quite troubled. Master Hammet's Rod was stolen."

"So I've heard," replied Isaac.

"Would you please help me get my master's Rod back?"

"Um... sure," Isaac answered flatly.

"Thank you. With your help, I believe we can recover the Rod."

"Your names are..." Ivan started reading Isaac's mind again. Isaac had gotten the feeling enough times now to identify it. It was like a psynergetic hand was probing through his mind. "Isaac and Garet."

"Will you STOP READING MY MIND?!?" Isaac finally snapped (and took a step backward to get out of range) but Ivan had been talking at the same time and didn't hear him.

"I am Ivan, pleased to meet you." Ivan then noticed that Isaac had stepped away. "My ability to read minds frightens you, doesn't it?" At this, Garet sulked. "Am I really... is my Mind Read really so frightening?" asked Ivan.

"YES!!!" shouted Garet indignantly.
"Not really, just... unnerving," Isaac answered simultaneously.

Ivan then grabbed Isaac by the arm, prompting Isaac to give him a look that very clearly read "What the heck is wrong with you? Get off!" Ivan took no notice and then proceeded to use his Mind Read on Garet.

My mind! Stop reading my mind, Ivan! Garet panicked. Isaac then just barely managed to hold back a fit of giggles, instead breaking into a wide grin.

"So, Isaac... could you read Garet's mind too?" Ivan asked, as if it weren't already entirely obvious by the ridiculous expression on the Venus Adept's face. Isaac just nodded, because if he'd tried to talk, it would have just come out as sputtering laughter. "Just as I thought," stated Ivan, still appearing to not notice Isaac's barely restrained laughter.

"What? You read my mind too, Isaac?" Garet asked in disbelief. Isaac nodded again.

"I guessed that I could help you read minds if we shared our Psynergy," Ivan commented.

"Hey, that's not fair!" exclaimed Garet, apparently having no sense of indoor voice.

"You're right, it's not fair to read one way," agreed Ivan, as he linked hands with Garet. Isaac underwent a sudden mood change from On the Verge of Giggling Like a Maniac to downright nervous, and it showed.

Man, I hate this whole Mind Reading business, complained Flint. Anything we can do about it?

Wait, you hate Mind Reading? But you do it yourself all the time! Isaac countered.

But that's when I'm doing it, not when someone's doing it to me! Flint whined hypocritically. At that, Ivan seemed to smile slightly. Garet was too busy being excited about reading Isaac's mind to actually pay attention to what Isaac was thinking.

"Whoa! I did it! I read your mind, Isaac!" Garet exclaimed. Although Flint wondered if that was really the case, as Garet didn't seem as though he'd been paying attention at all.

"Let's use Mind Read to find the thieves!" Ivan exclaimed cheerfully.

"Hold up. Won't people notice when we're using Mind Read?" asked Isaac.

"Oh, I see... You two can tell when I am using Psynergy?" Ivan asked, sounding strangely surprised, as if it weren't painfully obvious when Garet was complaining in his thoughts about being mind-read, or when Flint was whining about it. "Isaac, both you and Garet are Adepts. Maybe that's why you can tell when I'm reading your minds. Ordinary people can't see anything. There's nothing to worry about," he paused a bit before adding, "Don't worry, I will not read your minds again." Isaac and Garet both nodded thanks. "Let me read the minds of the townsfolk to find the rod," Ivan suggested, though it was phrased more like an order.

With that, Ivan joined the group and they set about looking through town for anyone suspicious. One person in particular, a man with slightly purple-tinged skin and purple hair, stood out. He was skulking at the west side of town, and when Isaac tried pressing him for information, he started saying things like "you shouldn't accuse strangers for no reason". Mind Reading him confirmed the group's suspicions.

This looks like the one, huh, Isaac? Flint stated.

I really didn't need you to tell me that, replied Isaac.

Well, sorry! the Venus Djinni said sarcastically.

The group then headed off to the Inn, as that was the one place they hadn't looked yet. On the second floor, they spotted another strangely purple guy, along with a more normal-looking guy wearing orange. When Ivan approached, they started complaining.

"Oh no! That freaky kid is with them!" the guy in purple complained.

"I can't stand him! Don't let him anywhere near me!" exclaimed the guy in orange.

As the group tried to get close enough for Mind Read, they kept running away.

Well, that's one way to draw attention, Flint snarked.

"Do any of you guys think that that's a really bad strategy if they don't want to draw attention?" asked Ivan.

"Well, duh!"

"Uh, yeah," Garet and Isaac spoke simultaneously.

"But you can't use Mind Read if they keep running away, can you?" asked Garet.

"No. You have to get up close," responded Isaac. He knew this from experience, having once managed to back out of Ivan's range when they first met him.

"Isn't there any way we can catch them?" asked Garet.

"Maybe the three of us can surround one of them," Ivan exclaimed. Seeing the doubting looks on his friends' faces, he added: "Don't worry! This is going to work!"

"Garet, you block the entryway. Ivan and I will surround one of them," suggested Isaac. Or at least, the tone of voice made it sound like a suggestion, but the wording was that of an order. On command, Garet went and blocked the entryway. Isaac almost smiled. Garet could be quite the roadblock when he felt like it.

"Hey, they're back!" exclaimed the orange-garbed man.

"Uh-oh, they're a-comin' for us one-on-one!" cried the purple-garbed man.

"Do whatever it takes! Just keep away from them!"

Surprisingly, Isaac and Ivan managed to corner both of them, to the north of one of the two tables in the room.

"They've cornered us!" exclaimed the orange-garbed man, winning a prize for the sheer obviousness of his comment.

"There's nowhere to run!" the purple-garbed man cried, not managing to out-do his friend in terms of obviousness, but evidently trying very hard.

"Now, Ivan!" ordered Garet, as if he thought Ivan really needed to be told that.

"A-alright!" stuttered Ivan, before Mind Reading the two guys. A short while and one annoyed Garet later, he stopped.

"Are you done?" asked Garet. Ivan nodded. "Well?" Garet shouted impatiently.

"It's them, all right. I think they took a lot of other things, too. It looks like they're hiding it all somewhere in this inn." Ivan shook his head. "But they won't let me near them again."

"Then I guess we have no other choice ­-- we have to search the inn..." Garet sounded depressed about it for some reason. Flint was about to start questioning Isaac about his odd mood, but was interrupted as conversation resumed.

"What, you don't like the idea?" asked Isaac. Recieving no response from Garet, he shook his head. "Well, let's get going, then."

Much walking around the Inn ensued. They searched room after room, box after box, and couldn't find anything. It was nearly dinner time now, and Garet was starting to get grumpy. "Man, where could they have hidden it all? We've searched the whole Inn! The whole, entire, stupid building! From wall to wall and floor to cieling!" Flint could see the coming rant, and was not going to enjoy it.[/spoiler]

So, yeah, what do you guys think? Am I on the right track? Comments are appreciated. (Also, I think I need to replay the first GS, to jog my memory as to which Djinn you get when.)

Chapter 3 is up! And yeah, I know, too much pre-scripted cutscene stuff. I hate this part of the game, to be honest. The only thing that keeps me occasionally working on it is the knowledge that later, I'll have more characters and cutscene-less time to work with. Forge and Gust join the party soon, so that should be good.
Open Discussion / Epic Quotes Thread
02, July, 2010, 06:07:52 AM
In this thread you post hilarious or generally epic quotes from whatever. NO I do not want to see any "Luke, I am your father!" or other well-known Star Wars lines. If you've got any, make it the less-noticed ones.

Here, I'll take my favourite ones:

"Negotiations will be short."


"You were right about one thing, Master: the negotiations were short."

And now for Tales of Symphonia quotes! YAY!:

Zelos: "Don't fall for me honey."
Sheena: "Never."
Marta: "As if!"
Emil: "If you want, I'll introduce you to some of the female monsters."
Zelos: "God, this is just depressing."

Raine: "That wasn't much of a threat."
Genis: "Good going, she-devil!"
R. Emil: "I guess all of that violence helped."
Raine: "Oh look, two more monsters."
R. Emil: "I'm not a monster!"
Genis: "I told you she's a devil!"

Raine: "If you know the enemy, and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles."
Marta: "That's so true!"
R. Emil: "Yeah."
Raine: "Then let's begin our lesson on monsters."
R. Emil/Marta: "Wut?!"

Lloyd: "How'd you like THAT?"
Kratos: "Overconfidence breeds carelessness."
Raine: "You need to focus!"
Lloyd: "Ugh... I'm sorry."

And now, more Zelos time, because he's hilarious:

Zelos: "Hey, you're pretty good in that fight."
Sheena: "You think so?"
Zelos: "Good thing you got something other than your chest going for you."
Sheena: "YOU READY TO DIE?!?"

Kratos: "We must protect..."
Presea: "...this world..."
Sheena: "...with our own hands."
Zelos: "And speaking of hands, I think I'll put mine..."
Sheena: "Ugh, idiot!"

Zelos: "We rocked! You want some lessons on the L-word from the master?"
Marta: "You mean 'loser'?"
Zelos: "Kids these days are some mean."

Zelos: "Bow down to the top dog!"
Colette: "Zelos, you're a dog?"
Zelos: "No, that's not what I--"
R. Emil: "You better be house trained."
Zelos: "HEY!"

Zelos: "That was totally gnarly."
Emil: "People still use 'gnarly'?"
Zelos: "You don't pull any punches do you?"

Zelos: "No one stands a chance against the great Zelos!"
Marta: "'Great'?"
Emil: (sarcastically) "Yes, you're amazing."
Zelos: "That's it?"

Zelos: "No one stands a chance against the great Zelos!"
Lloyd: "You mean no one can stand YOU, right?"
Zelos: "That's what I was waiting for, bud!"
Genis: "He's just starving for attention."

Zelos: "I... I can't... take this anymore!"
Lloyd: "What's wrong, Zelos?"
Zelos: "Too much testosterone... can't breathe!"
Regal: "Emil, don't grow up to be like him."
Emil: "I won't!"
Zelos: "Hey, where's the love?"

Zelos: "You see that? Lord Zelos' super attack is invincible!"
Lloyd: "So, who should we fight next?"
Genis: "How about that red-haired Chosen guy?"
Zelos: "Whoa, whoa! you're just kidding right?"

Lloyd: "Did everyone see me?"
Genis: "Uh, yeah!"
Kratos: "Uh-huh."
Zelos: "I don't get excited watching guys."
Lloyd: "Yuck! All guys!"
(Apparently even Lloyd suffers Zelos Syndrome.)

And now I'm all out of Zelos, so you'll have to make do with Lloyd's antics:

Lloyd: "Did everyone see me?"
Genis: "You were great, Lloyd!"
Kratos: "We're counting on you."
Lloyd: "Eeewww."

Lloyd: "Lookit Mr. President, struttin' his stuff!"
Regal: "Erm..."
Lloyd: "Heha! You're turning re~ed!"

Huge wall of text is huge.
Tech, Gaming and Entertainment / The Tales series
08, June, 2010, 11:28:35 PM

Favourite characters, equipment setups, brokenness, boss strategies (beware of spoilers), etc.

My favourite characters: Genis Sage, Marta Lualdi, Lloyd Irving.
Misc. GS Hacking / Defend command is hardcoded?
08, June, 2010, 06:36:35 PM
I can edit the Defend skill itself, but I can't seem to change its effect when it is used by player characters, even though modifying it changes the effect it has when used by enemies.

Perhaps player characters are really using the "Stand Ready" skill?

Anyway, please post your findings on the subject, it would really help.
Tech, Gaming and Entertainment / Magical Starsign
22, May, 2010, 02:07:49 AM
Discuss the awesome spellflinging DS RPG known as Magical Starsign here!

Post boss strategies (be careful of spoilers), party configurations, and such stuffs.

That is... if anyone even plays that game.

If you don't have it already, go get a copy! XD
Project List / Golden Sun: The Lost Emblem
19, May, 2010, 09:58:50 PM
YES I went there.

Things carried over from FE:

Level cap (40), stats, Weapon Durability, Skills.

Player Character stats:

Jenna's base stats:

HP: 14
SP (skill points, used to unleash Skills, since I've no way of giving them a trigger rate): 5
Str: 4
Mag: 3 (I add it in to the spells themselves)
Def: 1
Spd: 8
Luck: 3

Jenna's stat growths:

HP: 80%
SP: 45%
Str: 35%
Mag: 55%
Def: 25%
Spd: 65%
Luck: 35%

Jenna has fairly balanced stats. Her Speed is something to be feared, but her Magic is lower than Sheba's, meaning her Flare spells aren't quite so scary. Her Fume spell, however, IS worth fearing, since it's roughly the equivalent of a Rapier. Try to save it for when you really need it, as most enemies will go down easily from her more basic spells. Really, her use is the fact that unlike Sheba, Jenna can almost take hits.
She can get a Blaze Rush tome ("Burning Sword") later on as her strongest weapon.

Felix's base stats:

HP: 17
SP: 3
Str: 6
Mag: N/A
Def: 2
Spd: 7
Luck: 2

Felix's stat growths:

HP: 95%
SP: 15%
Str: 50%
Mag: N/A
Def: 35%
Spd: 45%
Luck: 15%

Felix has great HP growths along with some decent Strength. He will end up with some SP problems, as he learns Cure naturally. He and Isaac are among the few characters to naturally learn something other than their Master Skill. He's really quite similar to Isaac, but he's got higher HP growths and less Strength, along with higher Defence, but less Luck and Speed. He has a higher Base SP than Isaac, but less SP Growth.

Sheba's base stats:

HP: 12
SP: 7
Str: 2
Mag: 4
Def: 0
Spd: 10
Luck: 4

Sheba's stat growths:

HP: 15%
SP: 140%
Str: 20%
Mag: 65%
Def: 15%
Spd: 75%
Luck: 40%

Take a look at that massive HP growth! A whole 15%! /sarcasm

...Yeah, Sheba's gonna be deadly once she reaches level 21 and learns Void Beam, her and Ivan's Master Skill, what with her incredibly high SP. Until then, not so much. Her high Magic makes her Whirlwind spells something to be feared early on, but she really can't take a hit, so be careful of that.

Piers' base stats:

HP: 20
SP: 2
Str: 8
Mag: N/A
Def: 5
Spd: 4
Luck: 0

Piers' stat growths:

HP: 140%
SP: 5%
Str: 30%
Mag: N/A
Def: 55%
Spd: 20%
Luck: 10%

Yeah, Piers can't use skills for the life of him, what with that 5% growth rate. Fortunately, he has better base SP than Garet. He's a tank, but slightly faster and more able to dodge than Garet.

Isaac's base stats:

HP: 18
SP: 2
Str: 5
Mag: N/A
Def: 2
Spd: 7
Luck: 1

Isaac's stat growths:

HP: 90%
SP: 20%
Str: 55%
Mag: N/A
Def: 30%
Spd: 50%
Luck: 25%

Isaac's kinda just your garden-variety Eliwood, but stronger. He does have some Skill problems, but that shouldn't get in your way too much.

Garet's base stats:

HP: 19
SP: 1
Str: 7
Mag: N/A
Def: 8
Spd: 4
Luck: 0

Garet's stat growths:

HP: 145%
SP: 5%
Str: 35%
Mag: N/A
Def: 60%
Spd: 10%
Luck: 5%

Yeah... Garet's a tank. He can't use skills for the life of him, he's incredibly slow, can't dodge for the life of him, and isn't really all that strong. But, good luck hurting him, what with that 145% HP growth and 60% defence growth.

Ivan's base stats:

HP: 15
SP: 4
Str: 5
Mag: 3
Def: 0
Spd: 9
Luck: 4

Ivan's stat growths:

HP: 85%
SP: 45%
Str: 35%
Mag: 50%
Def: 20%
Spd: 70%
Luck: 40%

Ivan has better HP growth than Jenna, despite having a lower base HP. His lower Magic and SP are offset by his great Speed and high Luck. His Strength is exactly the same as Jenna's, but he's got lower Defence. If you can get him a Kikuichimonji Tome, he'll be able to do some serious damage.

Mia's base stats:

HP: 13
SP: 8
Str: 1
Mag: 1
Def: 0
Spd: 3
Luck: 5

Mia's stat growths:

HP: 20%
SP: 130%
Str: 15%
Mag: 20%
Def: 5%
Spd: 15%
Luck: 110%

The first thing you'll notice about Mia is her low Magic. She's a healer, and wields almost exclusively healing staves. She's also got crazy-high SP, almost as high as Sheba, as well as the highest Luck anywhere. Despite her low Speed, she'll be able to dodge many enemy attacks. Which is good, because her Defence stat is nonexistent, as is her HP.

Now that the stats are over with, things you'll want to watch out for:

Random Durability: Weapons are just set to "breaks when used", and so may break after any number of uses. This is precisely why I gave Jenna three Fume tomes ("Wooden Sticks") in her inventory at the start, Sheba two Whirlwind tomes ("Maces"), as well as an item in Felix's inventory that is worth 9000 coins when sold. Sell it, it doesn't do anything else.

The Fume tome ("Shaman's Rod"): This is a tome that's basically just there to make the beginning of the game that much easier. You won't want to use it later on, as it WILL become outclassed by later spells that are available, simply because we don't have a real Magic stat, and so it's still Base Damage.

There's also a problem I'm having with weapons: I can't manage to find a way to make it so you have to equip the weapon in order to use it. As such, you can have things like Jenna casting Whirlwind and, especially gamebreaking, characters using high-level weapons without equipping them. Why is this gamebreaking, you ask? Because higher-level weapons are heavier, and thus I've made it so equipping them nerfs your Agility and Luck.

And yeah, massive post is massive.
Misc. GS Hacking / Serpent has a lower HP limit?
15, April, 2010, 09:02:27 PM
I just discovered that the Serpent's HP can't be set above four digits in the editor, the game automatically ignores one of them (presumably either the first or last digit). This effectively makes his HP limit 9999. Which is annoying, cause with that amount of HP, he can be killed in two hits in one of my hacks (my ToS styled one.) I supposed in that case I'll have to give him the ability to summon more of himself? Or give him an annoying crony who does nothing but cast Regen Dance on him. Either way, it's going to be a pain to deal with. I mean, it's not so hard to use Sheba's Psychic Burst followed by Felix's Gaia's Wrath. Or Piers' Tidal Fury and one of the other two. (Psychic Burst does 5000 damage to a single target, Gaia's Wrath does about 6500 to a single target, and Piers' Tidal Fury hits all enemies for about 3500 damage.)
Project List / My somewhat odd hack
26, January, 2010, 06:33:17 PM
Done mostly up to Lemuria. Let me know if any weapons up to this point are unedited, or if any enemies can't use a skill because I converted it into a Psynergy. Beware of a certain potentially overpowered weapon or two... I may need to nerf the Shaman's Rod and Corsair's Edge (Ruinous Edge)

Things edited:

Pilgrim (Wind) series has become a completely different class, with completely different Psynergy and a focus on more fighter-like skills.
The Dragoon's Ply series has been replaced with a Mars elemental Psynergy that costs 0 PP, but drains half the damage healed from the caster's HP!
Various bosses now have some friends to help them. Of notable mention are Briggs and the Avimander.
Serpent changes colours depending on how weakened he is.
Axes give 140% of their original attack values, but lower the wielder's Defence by 40% of their original attack value.
Staves give 60% of their original attack values, but give 40% of their original attack values to Elemental Power.
Ankhs give 60% of their original attack values, but give 40% of their original attack values to Elemental Resistance.
Maces give 70% of their original attack values, but give 30% of their original attack values to Max PP.
Light Blades give 80% of their original attack values, but give 20% of their original attack values to Agility.
Ending Blow! Various items are available that will bestow Psynergies that cost close to all of your PP to do an insane amount of damage with similarly insane secondary effects (500 power + possibility to do that damage to PP instead and drain damage dealt FTW. Ah well, at least its power level isn't OVER NINE THOUSAND! On second thought, I may have to make a version with over 9000 power, now that I've mentioned it. Of course, you can expect PP cost to be similarly stellar...)
Wind18! A new Psynergy with a temporary name, this move heals all party members by a maximum of 500 HP and costs only 5 PP... but it drains 10% of HP healed from the caster's PP! This Psynergy actually costs quite a lot, even when you use it for minimal healing.
There are various other things I haven't bothered to mention, you'll find them out for yourself.

UPDATE! Fixed exp and Coin rewards from some enemies that had no rewards, which is odd cause I swear I've fixed them before. I also fixed some problems with Maces.
Download link is below: v
Got ideas for a Brawl character? Post 'em here!

Why did I make this topic here instead of just going to Smashboards, you ask? Cause I actually don't really like Smashboards much, and many of the people here aren't at Smashboards. I also couldn't find a request thread at Smashboards.

If someone (leaf) would forward requests in this thread to Smashboards, it would be helpful.

I'll start us off:

You know the Fighter Kirby hack someone made? Well, how about Beam Kirby? No, I'm not talking about the lame single attack ability from most of the games, I'm talking about the version from Kirby Super Star Ultra.

All attacks with the exception of B button moves and Final Smash stay the same for this hack, in keeping with Kirby tradition. You could suggest A button moves and throws for your characters though.

B: Beam Whip: Kirby flails a beam that consists of several glowing red energy dot thingies. This attack has a wide hit area, but is slow and relatively weak. Deals "magic" damage. Holding B for a long time results in a move called "Wave Beam": Kirby fires a yellow blast of magic energy that resembles a double-ball bearing. This move has long range and does insane damage, but takes about 7 seconds of charge-up.

upB: Capture Beam: This works the opposite of the Capture Beam move in KSSU. Instead of grabbing enemies and holding them in the air with a beam, Kirby fires a bright yellow beam upwards. This pulls enemies straight down. If it hits, Kirby grabs the enemy automatically! This can be used in the air to grab ledges and spike enemies who are above you. The beam can hit a foe and grab a ledge afterwards, meaning if an enemy tries to edgehog, will be spiked and Kirby will grab the ledge.

sideB: Cycle Beam: Kirby fires four blue beams forward, striking a wide area. No matter where an opponent is in the attack, so long as one beam hits, they will take 1 hit from all four beams. All beams do a different element, 1 of aura, 1 of magic, 1 of electric, 1 of ice. However, depending on where the target is, they will be hit with the elements in a different order. Hitting them with the very center results in the aura hit being first, electric second, magic third, ice last. This move is relatively quick and deals good damage with high knockback on the last hit, ice being the most effective.

downB: Beam Blast: Kirby fires red magic-energy-dot thingies at a downwards angle, dealing about 30% damage over 10 hits, meaning that each hit does 3% damage. These shots have very little knockback. This move also has a hitbox on Kirby's feet, which are pointed up and behind him. The foot hitbox does 7% damage with good knockback. This move raises Kirby into the air some, but doesn't send him into fallspecial, because the amount of aerial momentum decreases on subsequent uses, and using it more than once cancels his forwards momentum.

I'll post a Final Smash later.

This topic could probably go as part of the Smash Bros. Series Fan Club topic, but whatever.
Golden Sun / Emote screw-ups?
20, October, 2009, 01:34:00 PM
Anyone notice that in the first GS they seem to use the exclamation emote when they ought to use the idea emote, and the idea emote when they ought to use the exclamation emote?

For example, in the scene with the Tolbi soldiers in Suhalla:

Faran: [idea]Water? You can stop the cyclones with water...

What it really should say:

Faran: [exclamation] Water? You can stop the cyclones with water... [idea]

Or it could say the same as before, but with the [idea] emote before the word "You" and after "Water?".
Creative Works / I actually started a Fanfic! ZOMG
11, October, 2009, 04:44:00 PM
Ok, so here's the start of a fanfic, which I haven't titled yet, and might never title. I don't entirely know where this is going, but I have some ideas. Please tell me if you think it's decent/good/horrible.

Chapter 1: A Psynergetic Mishap.

It was night-time in Vale (it had been rebuilt after their journey, in the exact same place it had been before), and Jenna was feeling restless, so she was sitting on the roof. Usually, at this time she would be experimenting with Psynergy, or doing practice with her staff (she was wielding Atropos' Rod). However, the full moon caused her to think how pretty it was, at which point she ended up in a long and random random train of thought, as a bored person's mind is prone to, involving Luna, the Anemos, and Sheba's birthplace. Could Sheba really be an Anemos? This wasn't something she usually concerned herself with, but she was bored.

Suddenly she got a strange feeling. It wasn't a feeling of extra strength, such as from Impact, or any other stat boost. It didn't feel like a stat reduction either. Maybe it was the feeling of someone watching her? That may have been part of it, but it certainly wasn't all of it.

Suddenly, she remembered: Psynergy! Someone was using Psynergy on her!
Seems like it's probably Mind Read, she thought to herself. However, that meant that she was also thinking to whoever was Mind Reading her. This wasn't a concept she particularly enjoyed.
Dang, it took me far too long to figure that out! she thought.

She then threw up a mental barrier, a sort of "firewall" if you will (for it does have a fiery effect on the person who's reading your mind.) Suddenly, she heard a scream of pain.
That sounded like Ivan! I wonder if he's OK, she thought.

She leaped down from the roof of her house to find Ivan lying on the ground quivering. His eyes were staring blankly into nothingness.
This is just great, she thought, now I've gone and knocked him unconscious! It looks like I got him good, too.

Chapter 2: Ivan's Revival.

Jenna quickly rushed the unconscious Ivan to the Sanctum.
"What happened to this boy?" asked the Great Healer.
"He was using Mind Read on me," answered Jenna.
"I essentially knocked him out with his own Psynergy."
"Clever move. Perhaps you should try not using it on your friends?"
Jenna glared angrily at the Great Healer. "How was I supposed to know it was him?"
"Perhaps you should look before you fry his brains out."
"Yeah, yeah, just revive him already."
"That will be 200 coins, please," said the Great Healer.
Jenna handed him the money.
"Then I call upon my healing powers..."
Just do it already, thought Jenna.

Ivan woke up slowly, wondering where he was. And why was he lying on the floor? He opened his eyes, but couldn't see anyway, for there weren't many torches in the room, and it was dark. All he could see were the silhouettes of people around him. He cast Reveal to get a better look, and saw Jenna and the Great Healer.

"Ah! Ivan, you're awake! I got you good there," said Jenna in a concerned voice.
"What did you hit me with anyway? I remember I was reading your mind, then a burning pain engulfed my consciousness, and all I could see was flames in front of my vision, and all of my other senses too."
"I guess you learned not to Mind Read a Mars Adept, huh?" Jenna sounded almost proud of herself. This annoyed Ivan greatly.
"I know Call Dullahan!" he threatened.
"You wouldn't really do that to me, would you?" asked Jenna, almost pleadingly.
"Give me a good reason not to!" he retorted.
"No fighting in the Sanctum!" cautioned the Great Healer.
"Yeah, let's take this outside," agreed Jenna.

Chapter 3: Friendly Fire.

Ivan and Jenna went outside the Santum so they could settle their score.

"Don't think I'll go easy on you!" cautioned Jenna.
"Why would I think that?" asked Ivan.

However, they did end up going easy on each other, to a small extent.
"Dire Inferno!" shouted Ivan, as a fiery portal appeared in the sky and dropped a huge fireball on Jenna.
In return, Jenna hit Ivan with Thunderhead, the Ninja class series' most powerful multi-target move.
"Why are you going easy on me?" asked Jenna.
"Why are you going easy on me?!?" retorted Ivan.
"Because I don't want to have to pay 200 coins to revive you again!" answered Jenna.

Suddenly, the Tisiphone Edge that Ivan was wielding roared out "Vengeance!".
A strange, ghostly archer appeared where Ivan had been standing and pounded Jenna with what felt like a million arrows.

"Ungh! Owch, that hurt, you!" shouted Jenna.

Isaac heard the shout from Jenna, along with the scream of Ivan's Tisiphone Edge.
He ran to the scene and shouted: "What in Sol's fury is going on here!?!"

Jenna blushed. Ivan stuttered:
"Umm, J–Jenna and I h... had gotten into a bit of a d–dispute."
"Would you like me to settle it for you?!" Isaac responded angrily. "I was asleep before you guys started blasting each other with Thunderheads and Searing Beams."

He didn't have his weapon out, and both thought he had the Sol Blade with him.
"Um, no thanks. I don't feel like getting hit with Megiddo," Ivan responded nervously.
"I... I'll just be going back to bed right now..." stuttered Jenna.
"I don't have the Sol Blade, so I was going to hit you with Grand Gaia instead," said Isaac.

Ivan and Jenna both ran for their lives back to their beds.

Chapter 4: Foreshadowing.

The next morning, Jenna went to see Ivan (he was staying at the Inn).

"Hello Jenna!" called Ivan.
"Good morning, Ivan!" said Jenna. "I've been meaning to ask you, why were you reading my mind last night?"
"Oh yeah, I had something to tell you. Agatio and Karst are back."
"WHAAAT!?! But we killed them!!!"
"Apparently the light of the Lighthouse saved them too. It doesn't make sense to me either."
"Are they after us?"
"Not yet. I heard them mention something about saving Saturos and Menardi, but I think that they're just insane."
"Saving Saturos and Menardi? That's not good. Maybe we should alert the others," said Jenna, and she and Ivan left the Inn.

Chapter 5: Of Gluttony and Fireballs.

Meanwhile, Garet was being a food addict as usual, when suddenly he was grabbed by the arm and yanked away. He turned to see his older sister Kay's face.
"Umm... Hello?" muttered Garet, looking quite terrified.
"Your point?"
"P–P–Please d... don't kill me!" stuttered Garet, looking into her demonic red eyes.
"DRAGON FUME!!!" she shrieked.
"Oh, for the love of..." Garet's voice trailed off amid the sound of roaring flames and burning wood, for the kitchen table had caught fire.
"Please don't! You'll burn our house down!" exclaimed the mayor.

Garet RAN FOR HIS LIFE out the door, and Kay's Dragon Fume ended up hitting the floor, setting the whole place ablaze. Fortunately, Garet happened to be equipped with the Douse Drop, and he put out the fire.

Garet then decided to go FAR AWAY from his house, where Kay was still in a berserk rage. He was walking through town somewhat aimlessly when he spotted his little brother Aaron practising Psynergy.

"Flare!" shouted Aaron, as a small fire appeared and burned a small section of shrubbery.
"Practising Psynergy, huh Aaron?"
"Yeah, but I don't know how you do that thing where you move large pillars around without your hands."
"You mean Move?" asked Garet.
"Yeah, that. I can create flames, but I can't figure out how to Move objects. It's a shame, too, cause I'd really like to crush my bossy sister's flowers."
"I wouldn't try that right now. She nearly burned the house down!"
"What'd you do this time, Garet?"
"She claims I ate all the food in the house!"
"You probably did, but it looks like you've had enough fire for today."

Suddenly, a dark shadow fell over Vale...
Temple of Kraden