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Topics - Daddy Poi's Oily Gorillas

Feedback / Christmas Theme
13, May, 2020, 05:01:51 PM
Is it possible to have the Christmas Theme year-round?  Is there a setting/Can one be made?
So I'm reading that someone posted on Twitter back in January about a new Metroid and a new Paper Mario.

So I was thinking... this is a scenario idea I just thought of. (So I don't expect it to apply anyone here, certainly not me.)
Suppose you were living in your normal scenario, but you were unable to afford a computer of any kind (e.g. somehow they mysterious disappear from the stores/etc. And you are currently without a computer.).... However, you had a friend who would let you use theirs for a price. (And be allowed to do anything you wanted on it.)  ... What is the most you would be willing to pay them per hour of usage?  And why? (Assuming you actually needed to use it as often as you do right now.)


Next question:  Now back to your current situation (forget having to pay a friend for access), would you be willing to donate that much to charity? (Based on your usage in the pass week or month?)
Open Discussion / Air Force
28, December, 2019, 04:11:15 PM
I need to look into it more, but anyway... if I (or whoever) did some day join a U.S. military (not saying I will, but it has been a what if thought in the back of my head, at least...)  Is this one potentially the best one? And why? (E.g. To me, strict age/height/weight/etc. restrictions would be a red flag. (Even if you meet them.)... so anything with leniency would be good things. - And things like tattoo rules can be completely ignored since I don't participate in tattoos anyway. I mean, still noted, I guess... but I'd consider it a rather low weight to ranking them. (At least when not combined with everything else.))

So what expectations should be had, etc. ?  Hm. - E.g. Assuming if I were to do it, I would probably want to do something that wasn't life threatening/high-risk. (If that makes sense. Kind of seems silly to think about if you consider we all get old and die anyway, but still.....) Lower risk things I don't mind... like the risk of cutting yourself with a knife or burning yourself on the stove, etc. (Both which can be serious or hardly serious at all.)

Is the training mostly combative? Like.... including wrestling/boxing type stuff? Not really my thing. (Or who knows.) First thoughts is I'd rather be a doctor or clean-up guy first.... but anyway....

I guess this topic can also kind of bring some activity to this forum a little bit... but I get the feeling it is not relevant to most of the Community.

(Maybe when I do a bit of research I can put some of my findings here. -- I already expect it to be highly focused on aircraft.)

Tattoo rules for Air Force = No tattoos on head/neck or hands (except an optional single ring band tattoo)... tattoos are okay on the rest of the body (chest/back/arms/legs) as long as it is not disturbing. (Use to be a 25% tattoo limit, but I read that was lifted due to  recruit percentages on how many people had a lot of tattoos and were disqualified. I guess to simplify the process as well. :shrug: Although it wouldn't apply to me (for being tattoo-less), I'm glad they made that change. An all or nothing approach like that does make better sense to me.)
Open Discussion / Common Enligsh issues
05, January, 2018, 09:27:34 AM
(Misspelling in title was an accident at first, but then when I noticed, decided I wanted to keep it for lulz. :D)

Section 1: Correct vs. potentially "incorrect"
Isaac = Issac/issac
English = english
Psynergy = synergy
Djinni (singular) / Djinn (plural) =
Adept(s) = adept(s)
I = i

Where I have bolded a capital letter above, means that it should always be capitalized. (As far as I know. - Edit:  Mainly when it applies to Golden Sun.)

Section 2: Formal vs. Informal
his or her = they (singular)

Section 3: Grammar
cannot/can't vs. can not = I'd personally accept both. But it may be worth being aware the distinction some might make. The former is for when something can't happen and the latter is when you CAN choose to not do it. (Etc.)

Whether to do s' or s's, I might ignore... I think that might be a controversial subject, based on what some teachers have taught. Best case, both could be correct depending on which English you use, but who knows? I myself still like s's for singularity , and maybe s' for plurals, though. ... but you can't go wrong with "of (noun to be possessive)", can you?
Anyway, a quick google = = This shows you can do both.

This topic is here to document what people make common mistakes with in English. That it should preferably be limited to the forums, but could include other places too.
Mainly for entertainment purposes. But could also be informational.

So if you have any, do post them!
Feedback / Attachments and Quick Edit bugs.
23, September, 2017, 03:59:51 AM
I have decided to document these here in the feedback forum instead of letting them get lost in the chatbox. (Crosses fingers and hopes Atrius gets an email if he has this forum on Notify.)

1. I tried to upload an attachment earlier... only to get an error that says

Cannot access attachments upload path!

Fortunately, I was able to upload the image offsite.


2. "Quick editing" posts messes up the edit line.

« : 12:39:35 AM Fox »

But if you refresh the page, it returns to normal.
Similar to Tret (, GS2 also has some stuff that'll replace the tile at the player's coordinates. When out of bounds, this could edit other things. (It might get complicated, though.)

I haven't yet found a successfully exploitation result yet... (My assumption is it might only be good for TAS if there is something?)

There's one big thing to note, though... if you get off the tile that gets edited, it gets changed back to what it was.

Tiles are stored/grabbed from here:
02019118 = Approximate section for tiles grabbed.
02019124 = The tile gets stored here so it can change to whatever's here when you get off the tile.

Event ids to look at:
0x50 = 0000019C, 000001A8
0x51 = 0000019C, 000001A? ; ???
0x52 = 0000019C, 000001A? ; ???
0x53 = 0000019C, 000001A? ; ???

0x5A is also another, but it wasn't listed in the Retreat Map's event list. (Map 85 was what I was looking at.)

Tiles that are edited:...
Look at the pointer at 020301A4.
[020301A4]+0x8000 for the first tile to be changed.
[020301A4]+0x8200 for the second tile to be changed.

If OOB to the north -=0x200
If OOB to the west -=0x4
Non-GS Hacking / Best Map Editor?
19, August, 2017, 09:13:14 PM
Reeeally not sure where to put this.

But I want some map editor examples.... so that I can figure out gsmagic, I guess.
Basically something that gives a goal to strive for...

Map Editors I know about (But it's been awhile/so should probably check them again?): (Probably not that good?)

DoubleHelix (Metroid)
Lunar Magic (SMW) (That's why Pg Up/Pg Down changes map)
Hyrule Magic
Lazy Shell (SMRPG)
EliteMap (Pokemon, but Pokemon isn't complex like GS, is it?)
EggVine/whatever (Yoshi's Island)

Hm....Most of those games just use flat maps.... :/
Golden Sun: The Lost Age / Sand glitching
18, August, 2017, 09:00:51 AM
This instance is not abusable as far as I'm aware... but I want to document it anyway.... in case anything similar could be researched elsewhere.


(Going to call these by layer 1-3, rather than 0-2 for right now.)

Tilemap EVENTS for layer 3: (Sand and impassible tiles) (As it is initially... as in... before the statue is moved... because if the statue is moved, at least one tile is changed. The one south of where the statue started.)

How it works:

As a PC, you usually start on layer 1. When you use Sand, a function in the Map Code may be called. (Listed in map's events list) that could switch you to layer 3.... Sand only works on tiles that are "Sand tiles" on layer 3, so if you leave the Sand tiles, you'll revert to layer 1.
In the picture, we are trying to go to the tile that is at ground level, and is not an impassable tile, but once we leave the sand tiles, we immediately go back to layer 1/exit Sand mode... Making it so the tile you would be on now would be an impassable tile. Event id 0xFF.... Which is especially unfortunate since not all collision relies on event id 0xFF... There are lots of places that just use the height table.

When you are in the center of an 0xFF tile, you can't really move in any direction... Unless you are close enough to the edge... (In which case you walk where you came from.) So this isn't exactly a game-breaking bug.

If it is what it looks like... going through warps on any layer... will result in being on layer 1 in the next room... Hmmm... No surprise if the npc data gets unloaded/reloaded between rooms?... But it is still an unfortunate to see this possibility of a glitch also go away.... when I think of out-of-bounds stuff... Because had it been possible, you could have also had a chance to go out-of-bounds in the next room, I'm thinking.... (Would have also been limited to Sand rooms that switch layers, in that case... or anything that might do the same.)
Creative Works / Big Brother Fangame Idea
17, July, 2017, 09:07:04 AM
- There may be some Phoenix Wright references if I can think of any good ones. Phoenix Wright is mostly a novel, and seeing as Big Brother is mostly done in the House, well, yeah. There are some similarities. Court vs. Nomination ceremonies and Evictions.... Except that court is a trial against one person, and Evictions is picking to Evict one or the other. (Or a third if there is a third nominee.)

Event: The Broken Bone (Foot?)
If certain events take place (such as two people being in the game up to a certain point), then one of them could have their foot broken/sent to hospital for surgery. There, they could cast their vote through a phone call. One thing to spice this up a bit, is that the phone call wasn't completely hanged up, and so the voter could here the quantity of votes against each nominated houseguest before it continued with the rest of the votes. (Difference is, the phone voter doesn't get the see the voter order.)

Event: The Talk Show (Or whatever, but this can be an example.)
If a particular houseguest makes it to a certain point, s/he'll start doing talk shows by gathering the people around to interview the nominees.

Event: Storytime
If a particular houseguest makes it to a certain point, there will be a story time routine. Could be an old guy like Kraden.

Event: There could be a series of events that could lead to a house guest self-evicting.  (Probably female, since it often feels like they are twice as emotional than guys.) Self-eviction(s) should occur pretty early in the game, though. Likewise, other forms of evictions like rule-breaking could be considered.

Twist: A voice may talk in the main character's(?) head instructing them what to do for a week. (Stanley Parable reference.) Whether these to-dos are good or bad, who knows?


One of my ideas for this game idea (Not saying whether a game will be in the works.) , is that there could be an Achievements system. In a perfect world where you could get a perfect score, it could be to have had a final two with all houseguests, never been voted against, and get all the Jury votes. (And if you can pick a character, to do the same with each.) But realistically, I'm sure that would take an extremely long time to accomplish... Oh, and did I mention this is currently just an idea for now?

Implementation idea:
There could be a Trust table with 16x16 numbers = Whatever numbers are set here, the lesser could be voted out by voter. - It may be more complicated, though. (Such things like flip votes, and trying to fool people abut your vote and such.) But in that case, other data could overwrite who's voted out. (e.g. Like what item classes are to GS's class system.) For example... the most trusted of a person could sway one's vote. And the HOH could sway it if one of the top 2-3 trusted of a person... (Only a theory to give an example scenario.)
Edit: Due to certain pieces of Research... I have decided that this is Mission Failed for now. (It's possible I could still be missing something, though.)

After Retreat Glitching, Saving, and loading the room... the objects loaded are the ones in the Retreat Room (The number of objects, and their sprites.) ... however, the idle script and position is from the room you retreat-glitched in.

(In GS1, you should get just those objects in the room you retreated to, so thus one reason for this being in TLA forum.)

I am not sure if there are any "good" ways of doing something useful, but the picture will at least show SOMETHING. :P Maybe some people can look into it and see if anything useful can come out of it. (Would be quite complex that I am just simply not sure/kind of doubting it in a way.)

08024DDC = Data Script 11,31-35 - End Script (17), End (49)
08024DEC = Data Script 12 - [npc+0x57]=read_flag([0])
08024E10 = Data Script 13 - [npc+0x57]=read_flag([0]) , and sets the flag.
08024E3C = Data Script 14 - [npc+0x57]=read_flag([0]) , and clears the flag.
08024E68 = Data Script 15 - [npc+0x57]=read_flag([0]) , and toggles the flag.

Areas to look at: (Areas containing more than one map code file... with the ability to Retreat.)
Lemuria Ship
Gondowan Cliffs
Gabomba Statue
0200A53C / 10 object slots (Map 120:3 / Map Code 0x672) - Mouth entrance (Map code file small enough for Gold Password, but are there any objects in the area with scripts pointing to that section?)
0200EFC8 / 5 object slots (Map 123:1 / Map Code 0x671) - Underground entrance

Map Code Idle Scripts:
Map 116 (Map Code 0x671)
0200DFC8 (6th slot) - Lash peg that moves in circles on a gear.

Can a Jump to address script be used to forward it to Gold Password section? (Can use any map in which you can save to do that... Doesn't need to be in the same Area.)

Edit again: Quick testing makes me wonder how the script is even executed.... o.O So still not sure if this glitch idea would even work or not. It sounds like the Retreat Room may have coding that tells whether the script should execute or whatever... I dunno yet? - Or maybe I'm wrong and that's what happens when you execute something in the wrong way...? Hmmm...

Jupiter Lighthouse - 2 object slots
Mars Lighthouse - 2 object slots
Anemos Inner Sanctum

Not sure if invalid commands increment or not... but was an assumption since I remember each command's code incrementing it. (Rather then being in the base function.)

In case of Gold Password being used to code scripts:
Retreat Map needs to be not using up the space at 0200A74A-0200A84D. (0200A88A-0200A938 might be another alternative??? But likely more difficult to use.)
But this will mean the map where you use the Retreat Glitch may?? need to take up that space. (Otherwise how will an object's script point there?)
I went through the space manager code... and I get that it is mostly a simple thing with a lot of code... but a small portion of it confuses me.

For those who don't know, here are details of the space manager functions.
Quote#pragma once
#import "includes.h"

class spacemanager
    static int list_num;
    static int organizeList(int *list);
    static int mapSpace(int *list);
    static int findSpace(int *list, int size);
    static int confirmSpace(int *list, int index, int size);
    static int freeSpace(int *list, int pos, int size);
    static int claimSpace( int *list, int pos, int size);
list_num is the total number of entries in Atrius's free space table.
orgaizeList - pretty self-explanatory, but is where my question(s) are.
mapSpace will either load the free space table, or if there isn't one, scan for free space. (Based on MFT pointers that point before MFT address. And after those, will scan from end of ROM.) It scan backwards, though, so once there is a non-zero, the space for that section is known. (32-bit aligned size.)
findSpace is simple, looks for the first entry in the free space list that has enough size that is needed.
confirmSpace checks if the entire section has 00s or not. (Depending on a flag) (It may also check if the freeSpace being used is all in freeSpace, but that's probably pointless with the findSpace function.) - It is obvious that this helps reduce overwritting any hex editor related edits... but otherwise is not required to have.
freeSpace literally adds another entry of freeSpace. (Checks each of the freeSpace entries to see whether that space can be added to it, if not, it will be added as a separate entry.)
claimSpace is similar to freeSpace, except that it removes the freeSpace.

My question is with organizeList.
I get that it sorts the list from least to greatest size... but I don't get the next part:
Quoteif (pos!=i)
              if (val==list[i<<1])
              { list[i<<1]=val|0x40000000; }
              { list[i<<1]=val; }
         if (list[i<<1]==list[(i-1)<<1])
              for (ii=i; ii<list_num; ii++)
              list[list_num<<1]=0; list[(list_num<<1)+1]=0;
The bolded sections.... Do those ever happen? And if so how? Otherwise, is it free to remove without problems?
The top section is for switching entries (For the small to large sizes)
The bottom section looks like it removes an entry for when two addresses next to each other match.

And after this code is basically the stuff that frees the old free space table from the ROM and puts the updated free space table back into the ROM.

When doing this for the C# version, I think I'll try to make it a little simpler if I can... by removing confirmSpace, and also that the freeSpace table shouldn't "claim space" for itself. If table is going to be managed outside the ROM data. Maybe.)
So you know how you can never assign which PCs and which Items give you which class types?

Well, my initial thought a long time ago, was all about changing what the class type variable had in its contents....
However, recently, it has occurred to me there could be a better way.... (With a possible trade-off of pointing to free space.)
Do a separate table! (I mean, the Class Type Chart is used to calculate a class type, so why not do similar with PC/item?)
Imagine having a series of items that give you all the same classes, it would be a waste to make separate classes for each, wouldn't it?

And such a table may make it easier to expand on.... I imagine? (e.g. Like imagine having a certain class only on certain maps... like the Lighthouses and such, because of their elemental influence.... but that could require expanding on what's in the table in some way.)

Anyway, table formatting ideas: *Adds in some edits*

8-bit = Current class type
8-bit = New assigned class type
16-bit = PC (-1 for null)
16-bit = Equipped item (-1 or 0 for null.)
16-bit = Storybook Flag

Current class = new assigned class = 0 for end of list? BUT will need to see about direct class assignments... This could even end up being some type of byte code that says when to do the class type chart, even? With possible support to add a number (even different from +20) to the class type (aka: So it is not a trade off against Atrius's Class Separation Patch. Except where space is concerned.) A lot of that takes thinking, though...  so I'd like to keep it nice and simple and therefore might not go that far... and if added to the editor... and if it uses free space, it may be in the form of an Experimental feature/Use-at-your-own-risk feature. / As in no guarantee that your ROM will still work, especially depending on what happens in future editor versions.)

First entry that changes the class could also exit the list?  (Or something like that... I am not sure about everything, so ideas could be given from the Community... which is kind of the reasson why I am posting this right now instead of when the patch would be made... er.)

This should cover all the things GS1/GS2/GS3 do... except the wolf transformation. (e.g. Class: Wild Animal... unless there's an easy way to include those types as well. .. how your class is determined in that case, is based on the pc data... with the turn durations stuff. (Whether it is non-zero or not.)... and is not limited to just Sveta.)
Three notable tables have been included that were not editable in Atrius's editor.
(There are other tables, but they have been left out for now.)

To see those three editors, click on Editors in the tool bar. I chose to load it on the second one... The other two have comboboxes... they slow the loading process a little bit. (If they were "virtual"... like what I did with the Text Editor, it probably wouldn't have been a problem, but oh well... maybe some day.)

Also, if you take a look at the code, I have a table manager == Once the data is viewable, it is also editable. :P (Depending on if the table manager supports whatever is being coded in.)

Oh yeah, almost forgot... This only works for GS2. ... (U) version if not any of the others.

@??? in Forge Editor = Not sure if we knew what it was. But if we did, I forgot.... So yeah.
EDIT: It just dawned on me that it might determine what the dialogue displayed is! If that's the case, then it would be forgotten knowledge that has resurfaced.
Feedback / Fatal error on homepage
25, April, 2017, 02:04:50 PM
Might as well post this here since it has been there for some time. (And for documentation purposes, I guess. :P)

On the home page of this site, you see:

"Fatal error: Call to undefined function Downloads_GetStarsByPrecent() in /home/content/a/t/r/atriusv/html/forum/Sources/Downloads.php on line 5275"

at the bottom.

It just came to my attention that there is a typo.


If you call Downloads_GetStarsByPercent() instead, would it work?

(Do note that precent and percent are both valid words, but percent fits this context.)
Project List / Runescape Evolution (WIP hack idea)
14, April, 2017, 04:48:42 PM
Not going to spend too much time on this idea at the moment, but the basics I have thought about. Things could be too straight-forward and boring?

There are Melee (Attack), Ranged, and Magic... With the combat triangle (Melee is effective against Ranged, Ranged against Magic, Magic against Melee.) Bosses will not have a style-weakness (probably), and might sometimes do typeless damage(?)

I would think about separating it so each style has their own Level number, but I suppose using the same level number could work....

There are many tiers of weapons/equipment... in which you must be at that level or more to wear... 1, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 92.... etc.
The higher the tier, the harder it is to obtain (Hopefully)... so level 1 bronze equipment could be a common drop for low tier enemies and such... Where as a level 92 could be a very rare boss drop (from a repeatable boss) that you also have to manipulate in some (rather expensive?) ways to be able to use (Maybe something like the Forge in Yallam? And/or something similar to whatever RS does?), plus, they'd degrade.

--- Er... idea has been cut short for now, but could add more later. - As a small disclaimer, I never said that this was any more than an idea, so whether a hack would eventually be made is unknown, and not likely at /this/ current moment.
Open Discussion / Advent of Code
03, December, 2016, 10:36:40 AM
So thanks to Luna_blade, we know this started recently... anyone else interested.... ?

[spoiler=My answer (in Python code) to the first part of the Day 1 problem (So don't look until you solve. But the main point is to show that it's short.)]myInput = "R4, R3, L3, L2, L1, R1, L1, R2, R3, L5, L5, R4, L4, R2, R4, L3, R3, L3, R3, R4, R2, L1, R2, L3, L2, L1, R3, R5, L1, L4, R2, L4, R3, R1, R2, L5, R2, L189, R5, L5, R52, R3, L1, R4, R5, R1, R4, L1, L3, R2, L2, L3, R4, R3, L2, L5, R4, R5, L2, R2, L1, L3, R3, L4, R4, R5, L1, L1, R3, L5, L2, R76, R2, R2, L1, L3, R189, L3, L4, L1, L3, R5, R4, L1, R1, L1, L1, R2, L4, R2, L5, L5, L5, R2, L4, L5, R4, R4, R5, L5, R3, L1, L3, L1, L1, L3, L4, R5, L3, R5, R3, R3, L5, L5, R3, R4, L3, R3, R1, R3, R2, R2, L1, R1, L3, L3, L3, L1, R2, L1, R4, R4, L1, L1, R3, R3, R4, R1, L5, L2, R2, R3, R2, L3, R4, L5, R1, R4, R5, R4, L4, R1, L3, R1, R3, L2, L3, R1, L2, R3, L3, L1, L3, R4, L4, L5, R3, R5, R4, R1, L2, R3, R5, L5, L4, L1, L1"

c = [ 0,  0,  0,  0]
d = 0 #Direction facing
for b in myInput.split(", "):
    d += {"L": 1, "R": -1}[b[0]]
    c[d&3] += int(b[1:])

print c #c[0], c[1], c[2], c[3]
print c[0] - c[2] + c[1] - c[3] #Remove the sign.

print d #Difference between L and R turns.[/spoiler]

Edit: Replaced if block with dictionary check, and swapped regex with the more simplified.
Creative Works / The Himp Parable
10, November, 2016, 02:55:47 PM
Himp = Hillary + Trump - A play on The Stanley Parable, which this idea should be about. (No current plans to build the game yet, but we can at least call it a written creative work at the minimum.

When the game starts, the first question asked is probably what gender you are. (Possibly could be based on which bathroom you go through, if not wanting to be direct? But also because it might make it more interesting.)  If you pick male, you're Trump, if you pick female, you are Hillary.

Ending ideas:

If Trump:
1. Trump as President/Hillary not in jail. ...
2. Trump gets Hillary in jail, but then must compete against Bernie Sanders.
3. Trump becomes president, and then gets Hillary in jail...
4. Trump releases his tax returns, then loses to Hillary.. etc.

If Hillary:
(Should be some reference to the emails for one of these...)
1. Hillary apologizes for using wrong servers...
2. She doesn't apologize, and ends up in jail.
3. ...

Alternative routes? (Undecided about how you get these, but I reckon these would be a smaller part of the game than the above.)

If Bernie Sanders:
1. "I do not shake filthy dirty hands." because the black woman coughed on hers. This leads to losing a chance at the election. (A reference to Saturday Night Live.)

If Gary Johnson:

Could probably include the three debates, the questions asked there? ... and a number of response choices.
Not sure, but there could be be a points system that represents potential votes you have. (Therefore making the game a little more dynamic then just chosing between a small number of options.)

If anyone has any ideas of what to add, be my guest.
(Sort of a placeholder topic for now,... since I don't have my materials ready... but can list all the things this should be about anyway.)

To recap on old stuff, interesting flow of events go like this, I assume: (Not necessarily in timeline order, but I can try.)
1 = Atrius fan-game development project = About making a game, and not editing a ROM, but maybe still using materials for it. (I assume that project was cancelled because of #2.)
2 = Atrius GS editor = Edits data in the ROM itself.
3 = His editor became open-sourced, a few people may have modded it, but nothing much happened with it since... And then Atrius quit the editor / gave the forums to Kain.
4 = We have huge documentation on the data.. (Not sure when I started it, but listing it as 4 since the bulk of the work may have been done since then...)
5 = I had plans to make the editor in Java... While I did get Thumb code up, it was pretty much put on hiatus. ( I guess maybe I don't really like Java that much?? D: )
Two topics made in that time was:
- = "Tree" poll
- = "Un-packing" poll
6 = I eventually start doing the Editor in C# with Map Editor as main form. And that editor featured fast decompression/compression of text with char tables re-written (as is supposed to be.) for best compression.
7 = Someone started on Open Golden Sun project, but I can't remember where this falls in the timeline.
8 = I start thinking about "unpacking" the ROM again with the idea of leaving the original ROM alone entirely. (After the unpack.) With a more in-depth idea on how it could possibly work.... (Haven't started it yet, but it really has me thinking the managing a ROM directly has so many weak spots in it... Or um... unnecessarily complications for maximum usage.)

1. = "Unpacking" = Not sure if it should be separates apps, or one app. "Export app" / "Build app" which could be console apps... and separate UI apps that "find labels" in your source code to use the data as necessary... - I could maybe even make it all one app... and then create shortcuts that pass an argument to "immitate" like they're separate apps.??? (Assuming that's possible.)

Thoughts. (Early versions should have less features than this.(?))
Export from ROM stuff:
-Code from a GBA emulator dissembler could be grabbed and modified... One would have to have labels for all functions and branch locations, as well as any data pointers, etc.
-Possibility to one day have files that list what those labels could be is an option, but other-wise unnecessary for a first version. (Could be dummy names like func1, func2, label1, label2, etc.)
-Further conversion/option to export as a C-related code?

FYI: In my opinion, the way I would have it done... It would be unlikely for the program (when done) to take longer than 3 seconds to export everything in a format I'd find desirable. (Most likely a second or less.) - And that's even if 100% of everything is decompressed.

-Could take code from a compiler that can already compile ASM...
-Possibility to compile both arm/thumb and C-related code?

(More to come?)

But yeah, this topic should be for any discussion on anyone's attempt to at least make /some/ progress on such an idea to reinvent the editor any way they want, even if trivial. It will build a history, either way.
Open Discussion / Trump-bait / The Presidential Debate
19, October, 2016, 11:33:54 PM
Random debate on the U.S. Presidential Debate

-Who won this debate, and why?
-Who do you think will win the election?
-And who would you have voted for?

-I think Hillary probably won it. (If I had to guess the ratings.)
-I think Hillary will probably win it, and that it will probably be a close one. (Even given how dumb they make Trump look on television.
-Probably Nobody... Don't look at me... No no no... no no... But if I ABSOLUTELY had to vote, then my vote sways toward Trump. (Don't kill me.) (Can you really blame me, though, if there are no good options?)

(Keeping it brief so I don't have a huge wall of text.)
General Golden Sun / Character swapping in battle
06, June, 2016, 08:05:12 PM
Now time to discuss a mostly trivial feature that didn't really exist in GS unless you had 5+ PCs. (But you had to swap them with the back party to do so.)
Should it be possible to change the order of PCs in battle? (Even if you have four or less PCs.)
Should it use up a turn, or be freely available to change each round without cost?
Why or why not?
Anybody have any idea what it is?

List of notable things I found from sources go here:
-It will be released March 2017.
-It's not merely the successor to the handheld 3DS or stationary console Wii U.
-This will be hardware that's been made with a new way of thinking. (Basically a redundant line?)
-It will not be shown in this E3's conference.
-There will be a Zelda game released for the Wii U and NX... (I'm guessing the game might be shown at E3.)
Feedback / PM Capacity
19, January, 2016, 05:42:29 PM
So I notice that this is set to 100 on each user... and that there are no posting limits in the forum topics themself.... So I was wondering if  there was any good reason for a low capacity, and whether it'd be increased or removed altogether. (I prefer removed.)

So... In 7 more messages, my inbox will be full... When it is, I'm thinking about just leaving it that way, and directing people to something like Skype. - I thinking I'm too lazy to actually save/delete the messages each time I get new PMs (Or just simply don't want to.), so I have a feeling if that becomes the only method, it'll probably not work out?
Project List / Harry Potter Golden Sun?
26, November, 2015, 03:22:49 PM
Discuss ideas for how a Harry Potter game would be in the format of Golden Sun.

My ideas:
-Assume that people are born with an element as a priority before they even join a House... so that the House they are in does not decide their element... So I'm currently thinking something like this:
Harry - Venus adept
Ron - Mars adept (Perhaps Garet replacement.)
Hermione - Jupiter adept?
??? - Mercury adept

@Hermione - Was thinking about Mars adept /Jenna replacement.... until I thought about her being the "smart one" in the group.... (She even had something so she could be in two places at one time.... so it does reference time... not to mention the Wind Guardian Leviosa event at the time they learned it.) so not 100% sure or anything...

And no, her hair is not usually that red, I don't think? - Even by its appearance alone, I feel like it's probably dyed or she's using a wig... (In both cases.)

For weapons, there would be a Wand that you can equip... (There might be different tiers of wands, but haven't decided.) - Actually, Harry Potter might be an example of a magic-based game... which means physical attack wouldn't be supported as much?
Open Discussion / The New GS Editor Discussion!
01, April, 2015, 02:24:06 AM
You know how Apple has Siri, and Microsoft has Cortana? Well, this has given me an awesome idea! We need a personal assistant for the Editor!  I think Yoshi will do just fine!

^Concept idea, so Yoshi isn't fine-tuned enough. We're hoping to make him dance (Like right here, he's twirling his booty, preparing for an egg to pop out, ofcourse.), play his sound effects, and do all sorts of stuff.

Happy April Fools! [spoiler](I think I just gave the joke away. As if posting in the Open Discussion wasn't enough. :P)
Will probably put April Fools in topic title a bit later.[/spoiler]