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1  Golden Sun Hacking Community / News & Announcements / GSHC Official Discord Server on: July 06, 2017, 11:01:19 PM
Yes, it's true.  We've officially got a Discord server up and running.  If you are interested in joining, click the link here.  We do run things a bit differently there so make sure you read the rules at the top of the server.
2  Golden Sun Hacking Community / News & Announcements / Regarding Good/Bad post usage on: February 20, 2016, 07:50:48 AM
Because I've gotten reports that, once again, the system is being abused because somebody got triggered by something, I've disabled the system until further notice.  For now, if you want to "Up" someones post, give them a coin.  If you don't like that persons post?  Ignore it and move on.  Until behavior improves or I find some other way to integrate the voting, I might just leave things as they are now.
3  Golden Sun Hacking Community / News & Announcements / DCrisis Deletion on: May 26, 2014, 08:14:02 PM
So you read this right.  I'm nuking that section in its entirety and putting in a General Hacking section for any projects people want to work on.  Since Dimensional Crisis is no longer a thing and better off buried, I'm giving you eight hours to get whatever information you want out of that area before I delete it all and replace it.
4  The Community / Tech, Gaming and Entertainment / Pokemon Gen 3 Remake on: May 07, 2014, 11:12:59 PM
So is anyone else hype?

Probably not the best source but it's a good one regardless.  I enjoyed Ruby in high school and I'm personally looking forward to an updated version.
5  The Community / Tech, Gaming and Entertainment / MOVED: Social Network Banking on: April 27, 2014, 06:10:11 PM
This topic has been moved to Open Discussion.
6  The Community / Tech, Gaming and Entertainment / MOVED: Credit Report/Score on: April 27, 2014, 06:07:47 PM
This topic has been moved to Open Discussion.
7  The Community / Tech, Gaming and Entertainment / E3 2012 on: May 16, 2012, 09:03:55 PM
It's right around the corner so I figured a topic on it would be appropriate.  What games are you looking forward to?  Any technology you're interested in and what are you expecting from the three main branches of gaming?  (IE:  Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft)

This year I'm mainly looking at handhelds.

Paper Mario 3DS
Persona 4 The Golden
Theatrerhytme Final Fantasy
Rune Factory 4

And I'm holding out for anything Fire Emblem or Fallout related.

As for tech...I'm not too interested.
8  The Community / Open Discussion / Happenings in Japan on: March 15, 2011, 08:44:12 AM
Wasn't sure what to do with this, but here you go.!5781566/this-is-the-scariest-first+person-video-of-the-japan-tsunami-yet

First person video of the tsunami in Japan.  I'm amazed at how it went from a small bit of water to a freaking river in less than a minute.


Before and after pics of the earthquake.

EDIT:  The link's acting up.  Just copy/paste it to your browser.
9  The Community / Creative Works / Storytime with Kain on: January 20, 2011, 09:57:58 AM
The following events are all true.  No stunt doubles were used, yes there were injuries and quite a few deaths along the way.  Caused by me, happened to me and most definitely was there laughter and crying.

Disco Raptor Kain
Game:  Turok
Settings:  Kain (Raptor) Vs Randy & Ashton (Humans/Aliens), Pistols, Shotguns, Bows and club only.

So there I was, running around like a fool, having the time of my life with the raptors increased speed and massive jumping abilities, my cousins looking for me.  So far they're having trouble killing me unless I intentionally do something foolish like attack them head on or go right out in front of them.  Well out of boredom, I climb onto the top of a crate and just sit up there.  Eventually I just start clicking both the movement stick and the camera stick back and forth in the same direction repeatedly, which I soon discover, much to my amusement for the next few minutes, it makes my raptor dance.

So there I was, on top of a pile of crates, dancing and singing.  "I'm just a love machine~.  And I won't work for nobody but me~.  YEAH BABY!"  So caught up in my show I didn't notice that they had found me and the end result was them getting a point for finally killing me.  Now I had a source of entertainment.  Every time I found a stack of crates, I would climb to the top, start dancing and singing.  It got to the point where the moment I began to sing, they would mumble "He's on a crate." and begin looking for me.

Well this worked well for my advantage.  They would be so focused on looking on top of crates for a dancing raptor that they wouldn't be paying much attention to the ground around them, not realizing that a certain disco raptor was doing the boogie behind them.

10  The Community / Open Discussion / Touhou Project - 2010 Colletion on: October 28, 2010, 04:10:44 AM
Hello everybody.  I wasn't quite sure where to put this, so I made a new topic and am hoping for the best.  Anyways, to all you Touhou fans, I have recently stumbled across a massive Touhou collection.

The collection has Touhou project games, Seihou projects and a list of doujin.

I took the liberty of downloading all of these myself and making a torrent of them.  If you want the torrent, go here:

I will be seeding everyday.
11  The Community / Open Discussion / Random shopping excercise on: October 10, 2010, 06:58:44 AM
Inb4: Avoid shopping on Reccetear, I have.  But I'm buying that game as I type.  Okay, here's my list.


Magister Negi Magi Negima! vol 27.

Neo Negima vol 6

Higurashi When They Cry Time Killing Arc vol 2


At Hot Topic, I found these Red and Green Mario bros. mushroom shaped containers that had Cherry and Apple sour tarts.  Since it was a buy two, get a third free sale, I grabbed a Starman container.

At Spencers...I found this energy drink.  Mega Man E-Tank.

I got a new mouse for my computer.  I spilled some ramen on my last mouse and it would only somewhat work when used on my trunks legs or my CD case.


Now 35.

Gunslinger Girl entire season.

Vidja Games

Demons Souls - PS3

Shin Megami Tensai Persona 3

Atelier Rorona

Mega Man Zero Collection

Izuna the ninja girl


Fallout New Vegas - Paid in Full, waiting for pick up.

Fable 3 - Paid in Full, waiting for pick up.


Reccetear - Finalizing purchase now.
12  The Community / Tech, Gaming and Entertainment / Fire Emblem on: September 22, 2010, 07:32:15 PM
I got the go ahead to make this so I am.  Feel free to add anything I might miss or have not yet covered.  I'm going to list everything I know of Fire Emblem so fellow members can get a better grip on the games controls and understand it better.

I won't cover basic GBA controls obviously.  So here goes.  First I'll start with Movement.  Each character has a certain range they can move in a turn.  Terrain affects how far someone can travel, these also offer protection and Avoidance.

Before I go on, I should cover that.  Protection is like defense as it adds to your units defense and resistance.  Different parts of the terrain can affect your defense and increase it.  Avoidance is added to your characters Luck, which affects their dodging.  With more avoidance, the lower the enemies chance to hit you.  The terrain works like this.

If You are standing on PLAIN and Enemy is standing on FOREST, the enemy gets a boost whereas you get nothing and this carries into combat.  Most people ignore terrain, but it can make a huge difference in combat if you know how to properly exploit it.  This is a list of terrain.

Plain:  0 Defense, 0 Avoidance.

Forest: Offers 1 Defense, 20 Avoidance.  One bit of these will drop your movement down by usually one, however if you are in a greatly wooded area, you could be lowered down to so much as 2-3 steps only.  Mounted units suffer the most as even if there's only one tree, their movement can be cut down by 2.

Fort:  2 Defense, 20 Avoidance.  If you stand on these for a turn and when your turn comes around again, you regain a small bit of HP.  Usually it's 2 points.

House: 0 Defense, 10 Avoidance.  Go inside to talk to residents.  Sometimes you'll be given tips or items.

Mountain: 1 Defense, 30 Avoidance.  Mounted units cannot go over these at all.  Foot units can, but their movement is very limited because they're only allowed a movement of 1.

Peak:  2 Defense.  40 Avoidance.  Only Brigands and fliers can go over these things.

Pillar:  1 Defense, 20 avoidance.  No benefits at all.

Sea/Water:  0 Defense, 10 Avoidance.  Only Pirates and fliers can cross these.

Throne:  2 Defense, 20 Avoidance.  Usually bosses sit here.  This spot will restore a units HP by 3 or 5 so long as they are sitting here when your turn begins.

Village:  0 Defense, 20 Avoidance.  Go inside here and talk to townsfolk.  Inside these you usually get items, gold or weapons.  Sometimes you even recruit new characters.  Once you've visited the village, the front gate closes and you can no longer enter it.  However, if an enemy were to beat you to the village, it will turn into ruins and you cannot enter.

Village Ruins:  0 Defense.  0 Avoidance.

Flying units are not affected by the terrain.  However, weather can come into play.  Rain and snow affects your characters movements.  Mounted units are reduced to 1-2 movement spots at best and your foot soldiers can move for maybe 3 points while your flying is reduced to around 4 I believe.

Also, there's another weather factor called Fog.  Your characters can only see 3-4 spaces around them.  However, a thief can see up to 8 spaces away in the fog.  If you use an item called Torch, you get the same effect for that unit, however it fades on each turn.

That covers Terrain and weather.  Now I'll move onto Combat information.  Sub areas: Weapons triangle, stats and items.

First up is the weapons!  Swords, Axes, Lances and Bows.  We all know Sword beats axe.  Axe beats lance.  Lance beats sword and bow remains out of the triangle.  There are weapons that can reverse the circle however.  Lancereaver, Axereaver and Swordreaver are all weapons that are specifically made for countering a class that weapon is usually weak to.  Example is the Lancereaver...this sword is now weak to axes.

Now...I'm unsure if this is a glitch, but in my game I often got an axe called Swordreaper.  The description is "An axe great against Swordmasters" and it works just like the Swordreaver, however the stats are slightly different.  I'll have to look into it more.

Now that we've gone over Weapons and their reaver counterparts, I feel I should explain a bit more of the weapons.  Let's go with the basic Iron Sword.

Iron Sword:    Rank E   Range 1    Weight 5    Might 5  Hit 90  Critical 0   Uses 46   Price   460G

Rank:  Every character has a level of mastery over weapons with - Being non-usable, E minimal, D casual, C novice, B rookie, A adept and S master.  The higher your rank, the better weapons you can use.

Might:  How much damage the weapon can cause.  It's Weapon+Strength-Defense and that's how you get damage IIRC.

Hit:  How much of a chance this weapon will hit something.

Critical:  Chance of this weapon giving a critical hit.

Weight:  Your Speed - The weight - Enemy speed = How many times you can attack in one turn.  Two is the max.

Range:  How far away you can attack.  It's a sword so you have to be next to them.

Uses:  How many times this weapon can be used before it breaks and becomes useless.  Broken items are discarded automatically.

Price:  How much the weapon costs.

Each and every weapon in the game has a set of stats like this.

Slim Sword   E   1   2   3   100   5   30   480 G

-Skipping Iron-

Iron Blade:     D   1   12   8   70    0  35   980 G

Steel Sword:  D   1   10   8   70    0  30   600 G

Longsword:    D   1   11   6   85    0  18   1260 G  Effective Against Cavalry.  (Mounted units.)

Armorslayer:   D   1   11   8   80    0  18   1260 G  Effective against infantry.  (Knights)

Poison Sword: D   1    6   3   70    0  40    NA       Coated in Lethal Poison.  (Brigands carry these.  Unobtainable usually.)

Wo Dao:        D   1    5   8   75   35  20    NA       Improves Critical hit rate.  (Unobtainable usually.)

Wyrmslayer:   C   1    5   7   75    0   20    3000 G  Effective against wyverns.

Killing Edge:    C   1    7   9   75   30  20    1300 G  Improves Critical hit rate.

Lancereaver:  C   1   9    9    75   5   15     1800 G  Strong against spears.

Steel Blade:   C   1   14  11   65   0   25     NA

Light Brand:   C  1-2  9   9    70   0   25     NA        Suffused with light magic.

Brave Sword: B   1   12   9    75   0   30     NA        Can strike consecutively.  (Attack goes up to 4 if fast enough.)

Runesword:   A  1-2 11   12   65   0   15     NA        Imbued with Dark Magic.

Silver Sword: A    1   8   13   80   0   20     1500 G

Silver Blade:  A    1  13   14  60   0    15     1800 G

Rapier:       Prf    1   5    7   95   10   40     NA       Effective against Infantry.

=_=;  Ugh...that took forever.  I'll add other weapons another time.

Before I forget, Bows deal 3X damage to Flying units, so be careful.

Anyways, getting back on track.  Weapons aren't the only things around.

Tomes, Staves and magic all around.

The mage classes work with magic obviously.  Mages work with Anima magic.  Monks work with Light Magic.  Shamans work with Dark Magic.  Clerics work with Healing magic.

Anima is strong against Light, but weak to dark.  Dark is strong against Anima but weak to light.  Light is strong against Dark but weak to Anima.

Healing does not attack at all.

Now even though the characters have their tomes, they aren't shown holding anything when fighting.  (Save for Clerics and Bishops who have their stave.)  When healing though, Druids and Sages are shown holding a stave.

I'll list tomes and staves later when I'm working on weapons.  ^^;


HP:  How much health a character has.  Humans only go up to 60.  Laguz have been known to go higher but I'm not sure what the cap is.  The Fire Dragon on Rekka no Ken has 120 HP.

Pow:  Your characters power/strength/magic.  The higher this stat, the more damage they do.

Skl:  Skill determines many things.  Your hit rate, your critical rate and the chance of activating special skills like the Assassins Silencer.

To calculate a critical...  Unit's Skill / 2 + weapon critical chance + support bonus (if any) + the class critical bonus or skills (if any) - the enemy's luck + 5%

Spd:  Speed is one of the statistics used in Fire Emblem games, which measures a character's swiftness in combat. A high Speed rating will affect a character's ability to evade enemy attacks, and their chances to double attack their opponents.

The higher the hit percentage for the enemy, the more likely they will hit you. On the contrary, if they have a low hit percentage, then the enemy will have less of a chance landing a hit on you. What your speed does is that it affects how high or how low that hit percentage is. For example, the hit percentage of a hero would be 80% when your speed is 10. Now, your speed is at 20 and you face that hero again. The hero's hit percentage would be lower, at about 60-65%.

Double attacking is when a character attacks the opponent more than once. This happens when your character's speed is greater than the opponents speed by at least 4 points. The type of weapon also matters. If the weight of a weapon is greater than your constitution, each point greater than your constitution will reduce your speed. So if your constitution is 10, your speed is at 20, and the weight of your weapon is 15, you will lose 5 speed points. Now when you have that same constitution and that same weight and speed and go against a myrmidon that has a speed of 19, you will only attack once while the enemy myrmidon will attack twice. This is because your character's new speed is 15 while the myrmidon's speed is 19.

Def:  Your characters defense determines how much damage you can resist.  To calculate damage, like I said before, I believe it is Power+Weapon-Defense=Damage

Res:  Resistance is like defense, but only for magic.  I believe it's calculated the same way.  Magic+Tome-Resistance=Damage.

Luc:  Luck.  It affects a few things, though the game is vague on that.  It affects dodge rate, hit rate, enemies critical, your chance to land a critical and I believe off combat, the chance an enemy will attack you compared to another unit in range.

Con: laymen terms...the characters weight.  If a character has a con lower than a weapons weight, they cannot equip it.  Also, if a unit has a con of 6, they cannot rescue a unit of a higher con.  However, they could easily rescue someone of a lower con.  Con also affects speed with a weapon.

Mov:  Movement.  How far a character can move.  Mounted units have a plus 2 to movement.

Aid:  Generally same thing as con.  Aid is how high someones con can be before you can't rescue them.  As con goes up, so does aid.


Vulnerary:  A medicinal solution used for healing minor wounds.  (Restores 10 hp).  Can be bought at all vendors for 300 G.  3 uses.

Elixer:  A powerful solution that restores all HP.  Can be found in secret shops and vendors in later parts of the game.  Costs 3000 G and has 3 uses.

Pure Water:  A draught that boosts Resistance. Grows weaker each turn.  Vendors in later parts sell them for 900 G.  Can be used 3 times.

Anti-toxin:  A medicinal solution that cures poison.  Can be bought later on for 450 G.  Has 3 uses.

Mine:  A trap that damages units that step on it.  Usually found in certain parts.  buy for 300 G and has 1 use.  (This item is also used to cheat on the game.  I'll explain here.

1.  Place a mine.
2.  Wait for enemy.
3.  When enemy steps on mine, right as the fire comes up, turn OFF your game.
4.  Turn your game back on and resume.  The flames will rise up and the unit will take damage.
5.  You now have control of the enemy team for the rest of their turn.

A very cheap shot, but useful if your units suck and need exp since you can make all units discard their weapons.)

Light Rune:  A device that blocks units from entering spaces.  Can be bought for 800 G and has 1 use.  Lasts for a few turns and works best in doorways.

Torch:  A staff with burning pitch. Grows dimmer each turn.  Costs 500 G and has 5 uses.  Use this in Fog to see.

Door Key:  Opens doors.  Costs 50 G and has 1 use.

Chest Key:  Opens chests.  Costs 1500 G and has 5 uses.

Lockpick:  Opens doors and chests. Usable only by thieves and assassins.  Costs 1200 G and has 15 uses.

Red Gem:  An uncommon gemstone worth 2500 gold.  Cannot buy.

Blue Gem:  An uncommon gemstone worth 5000 gold.  Cannot buy.

White Gem:  An uncommon gemstone worth 10,000 gold.  Cannot buy.

Delphi Shield:  An amulet of the god Delphi. Protects fliers from arrows.  Cannot sell or buy.  (Found in a chest.)

Iron Rune:  A device that negates enemy critical attacks.  Cannot buy or sell.  (Dropped by a boss.)

Member Card:  Lets you shop in Secret Shops.

Silver Card:  Cuts cost of everything in half.

Afa's Drops:  Special Item.  Increases stat growth by 5%.  (Given by Athos.)

Whew...that's all for now.
13  The Community / Introductions / Hey. on: October 28, 2009, 05:49:00 PM
Hello there.  Role showed me the place and told me what it's all about so I'm gonna check things out here for a bit.  Ask me any questions you want to know and don't worry about what you ask me, I really don't mind.
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Yesterday at 09:32:43 PM
radzo73: is there a patch that skips dialogue? Interested in making a TAS...
May 12, 2019, 12:15:01 PM
raijinken: Hey there guys. Been a long time. But has anyone found out how to make a hard mode of Dark Dawn?
April 18, 2019, 01:18:08 AM
Fox: Thinking.... meme topics.....    Isaac: Stop calling me a sack! Also, don't call me sick either!
April 03, 2019, 08:24:45 PM
Fox: Really don't see the point in the Crystal or even the crown conversation, but whatever... (I mean, if you want to do it, then just do it. - Doesn't need to be at GSHC, because there are no longer clan leaders at GSHC.)
April 03, 2019, 03:59:33 AM
squizzy44: We all need to band together to take down Crystal.
April 02, 2019, 12:00:09 AM
Fox: Your clan?  You can't edit it manually, so you have to tell an admin so they can do it. There's actually a topic for when you pick a clan... but uhh... I've no idea if an admin will see it via that, though. (Kain will certainly see id you ping him on GSHC Discord.)
April 01, 2019, 05:28:42 PM
squizzy44: How do I change my position on my profile? I haven't used the site in nearly 10 years...
March 31, 2019, 10:10:15 PM
Fox: I still wonder if a Tret glitch for speedrunning exists... I don't think I looked into if the PC was on one of the other layers. (Which basically the second layer edits @-0x200 instead of @-0x100... in the event you are going up (y-axis) out of bounds.) Hm.
March 31, 2019, 06:18:43 PM
Fox: Not me.
March 31, 2019, 02:59:38 PM
Salanewt: I don't know of any, although if there were then we'd have to send it as a patch file. I think someone is working on it at least!
March 29, 2019, 07:51:48 PM
MaxiPower: no such thing exists
March 26, 2019, 03:38:42 AM
reeZ931: I would really appreciate it 
March 26, 2019, 02:39:38 AM
reeZ931: Anyone have a golden sun rom where you can play as saturos and menardi properly? 
March 25, 2019, 09:31:15 PM
Fox: It would explain why everyone leaves so quickly after taking our bananas.
March 24, 2019, 10:36:10 PM
Fox: Wouldn't bananas increase agility the more you have? Like... Diddy Kong Racing reference.
March 22, 2019, 11:19:11 PM
Average Wind Seer: Banana: Restores 50PP to user. Restores 40PP to Isaac if Jenna uses this item.
March 22, 2019, 09:57:53 PM
Salanewt: Lol. I mean, I am thinking of adding a banana item to GS so...
March 22, 2019, 09:48:42 PM
Fox: Ooh! Sala's back!  I think he wants a banana.  All this banana talk must have attracted him.
March 22, 2019, 08:56:52 PM
Fox: :O I just notice I have no Coins to buy bananas with! (You know, the coins feature this forum has.)
March 04, 2019, 08:45:44 PM
Fox: Aw.  I kind of want to suggest dressing up in a banana costume.  No wait, that's a bad idea.

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