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News: The last working version of the classic TLA Editor is Teawater's unofficial "mapeditor" draft.
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1  The Community / Creative Works / Dreams of Heathens, A GS:DD fanfiction. on: 29, July, 2011, 12:57:56 PM
Dreams of Heathens, A Golden Sun: Dark Dawn fanfiction

Part 1

The sound of thousands of gears grinding through millennia of unused reverberated through the chamber. Emergency lights flashed, staining the walls with their blood-red hue. The man looked right into my eyes; I could see both the calm, sky blue iris and the eye wrapped in shadow behind the mask. A slight smile danced on his lips and I knew exactly what he wanted to say to me.

“You look just like your father.”

   I opened my eyes, taking in the silence of the campsite, the cool night breeze flowing over the fields. The remnants of the dream, the memory, clung to my fingertips, wisps of smoke from the dying campfire. That man, Arcanus, Alex, had been wandering my dreams since I saw him last atop the Apollo lens. It must have some meaning. I remember my father’s numerous tales of prophesies in dreams, and of Ivan, who’s destiny had been set since the prophesy that occurred in his infancy. If these dreams hinted at the future, their secret eluded me, hiding behind the mask, behind the half smile.

   This line of thought was foolish. Dreams and visions were the tools of Jupiter, airheaded foolishness easily dispelled by one whose feet were planted firmly in the ground. To cement this idea in my head, I decided that the best way to commune with the earth would be walking upon it, so I carefully stepped over the inert forms of Tyrell and Karis and walked into the night. At first, I meant only to wander aimlessly and reassure myself, but the cool caress of grass on my feet filled me with a desire to watch something grow.

   Walking over to an oak bent with age, I placed a hand on its trunk and filled it with my mind. There was a creaking sigh of relief that permeated through the tree as the tendrils of my Psynergy rushed through it, reaching from root to leaf. With several sharp cracks, the old oak lifted from its defeated stoop and stood tall, unwavering in the wind. After inspecting my work carefully, I turned to leave, but was momentarily frozen by the sight of the figure behind me.

“You look just like your father,” said Arcanus “I’ve wanted to talk to you for some time, but I could never seem to get you on your own.”

My hand automatically danced to my waist, groping for the sword that lay beside my sleeping mat. I cursed my thoughtlessness and settled for launching a barrage of stone spires at him.

   “Now now,” Alex whispered “there’s no need for you to fight.”

How had he gotten behind me so quickly? Even after all of the battles I had fought, I was powerless, cornered in a single move. No, I wasn’t finished yet, I couldn’t let him scare me.
The grass at Arcanus’ feet erupted into a writhing sea of thorn-covered vines. They sprung up and waved their spiked limbs wildly, searching for a target that was no longer there. I spun on the spot, trying desperately to spot him before he could counter, but all was silent in the night.

“Damn.” I breathed, looking at the stillness all around me, starting to wonder if these dreams and fantasies had copulated and given birth to waking dreams. Could I be losing my grip on the ground and falling into the sea of stars above me? There had to be some proof. I stumbled about, looking in vain for a sign that my mind was not fleeing. There was no proof, not a bent blade of grass, nothing that suggested that anyone else had been here. Nothing but a dream.

The sky and the plains opened wide to the heavens, and I felt lost within them, within my head. I needed to think, to sleep, to escape, to run away, to fly away, to do something that would make this real. Sinking to my knees, I clutched my head, moaning ‘I need to get away’ again and again. This sudden bout of Agoraphobia was so great that I didn’t notice the hands that slid around my chest until I was pulled away from the ground and into the sea of stars above me.
2  The Community / Creative Works / Short stories/essays by Mastermind. Latest: Birth of Light on: 21, March, 2011, 06:42:50 AM
My writing has been much darker than usual as of late, but it's not always like this. Also, because I've been wrapped up in sports I haven't had much time to write anything that wasn't assigned for me to do. That's why these first two entries are essays/stories I wrote for school.

I was assigned to write about an obsession and/or compulsion I have. Here it is:

Every day I wake up, I don’t want to anymore, but I can’t bring myself not to. I’ve been doing it for too long, and although it’s less than pleasurable, it’s addicting.

I’m addicted to life, to thought. I know it’s brought me more pain than anything else in my life and I can end it at any time, but I can never bring enough effort to break the habit.

I stumble into the shower, water sears me to wakefulness. I hate wakefulness, but people out there need me, I just wish that were true.
Why do I lie to myself this way? I needlessly overestimate my importance day after day because this drug, this lie, is forcing me to. I ought to be truthful. The next time I ask: “Who would be lost if I never woke up? “ I should answer “No one.”

I skip breakfast, food would just add to the illusion of sustained peace. I scratch out a few barely legible homework problems on paper, then I’m at school and the teacher are shaking their heads in disappointment.

Compulsively, I attend this train of condescension for 30 hours a week. Obsessively, I take each word to heart. Why can’t I just realize that these disparaging remarks would never have been formed if I had not woken up?

I skip lunch, food would remove the pain in my stomach and make me even more aware of the pain all around me. I scratch a few barely legible homework problems on paper, then I’m back in class and the teachers are telling me exactly how my life has been wasted on me.

They’re right, but my selfish obsession with this place keeps any word from my lips, I can only nod in silence. I have no salvation, I cannot believe in anything else.

School’s out, time for sports. 15 hours a week, I am told how much better I could be if I took the time to practice. I nod silently.

Sports are done, and I am forced to the dinner table. Everyone there is so happy. I know I am bringing them down.

Searing water, then homework jotted on paper.

“Time for bed!” the call resounds. I ignore it.

The clock strikes midnight, but I still have more I need to do.

Sleep comes before I am through.

I dream.

Everyone is there; they are putting me on a boat. I don’t want to get on the boat because I can see
the rocks.

They laugh and push the boat into the river. I call out to them, I call for help, but everyone just laughs.

“There’s nothing to cry about.” They all say “We’ve done it before, you can do it too.”

I cry because I want to get out of the boat, because I can see the waterfall, I can see the rocks.

“The only person you have to blame for this is yourself.” They laugh “We’ve all done this and we never cried.”

I scream that the waterfall is getting closer. It begins to rain.

Laughter continues to echo from all sides, but I can no longer see where it’s coming from. I scream and scream and scream and the waterfall is here and I scream and I fall and I hit the rocks and there’s rain and they laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and it’s all my fault because I cried and they all did this and they never cried.

I wake up. I don’t want to, but I have to.

Otherwise, how will I meet more people to put me on the boat?

It’s obsessive, it’s compulsive, it’s terrible and I hate it.

I wake up anyway.

Another essay, this one about what quote I would get tattooed on me:

If I was to get a quote tattooed on my body, I would sear the words ‘He who wishes to be obeyed must know how to command’ in reverse across my chest. That way, every morning when I look in the mirror, I will be reminded of the fact that I must still learn, every day of my life, the art of command.

Some people think they know what it means to be a leader, but all they really know is how to fake it.

There are no leaders in this world, only posers, but the jackpot goes to the best poser, so I must be reminded not to lose myself when the smell of burning plastic smiles becomes intoxicating. And when my own mask starts to melt it must be known that these are not tears in my eyes, it is just my so called ‘clever’ disguise.

What is real to the hollow man?

Pain. Pain and blood. When the blades of truth become too sharp and cut through the mask, there must be a reminder that there is something left behind.

Put it in. It’s sharp. We bleed. Blood frames the pseudo human runes in crimson on the stark white canvas of my chest. Then the canvas is lost beneath the gushing torrent of life flowing from me, from the hollow man.

Too much blood, I’m drowning, the pain is dulled by blood loss, I am losing the truth.

How can I bring back the pain, the truth of pain?

Feeling, burning coals of anger, the burning iron of suppressed rage. From the ashes of life, this bright flame still tears a scream from lips sewn shut by lies, eyes open, possibly for the first time. Screams echo through the white sanitized room. Color is fading, crimson fades to black. Dark shapes assure me that the ambulance is on its way, that I’ll get somewhere I can get help.

Now, every morning when I look in the mirror, I am reminded that I must still learn, every day, the art of command.

Because the words were said by someone who understood. Machiavelli knew, there are no leaders, we are all children, pretend princes laughing in the yard.
3  The Community / Introductions / It's been awhile, I hope I can stay longer this time. on: 27, December, 2010, 09:49:18 PM
I'm sorry I dropped off the radar, I just was juggling too many things at once, one of them had to drop. It was this.

Luckily, I've found some time that I can use to hopefully reintegrate myself enough with the place so I won't leave anytime soon. I hope I can help, and I'll try in any way that I can.
4  The Community / Creative Works / Mastermind's drawings: Now in Color! on: 15, July, 2010, 07:02:02 PM
i wanted to share some of my sketches that i was finally able to scan.

Probably my best
Spoiler for Hidden:

An early concept sketch of an Rp character form Gsr:
Spoiler for Hidden:

A later drawing  of him with casual cloths:
Spoiler for Hidden:

A random sketch i did in a weird mood:
Spoiler for Hidden:

First attempt at an action shot:
Spoiler for Hidden:
5  Golden Sun Games / General Golden Sun / General Golden Sun Glitch List (Still updating) on: 13, July, 2010, 06:59:24 PM
This list is composed of glitches from any and all of the golden sun games. If you find any more glitches, or find something wrong on the list, post that here and I can easily add/change them. Please provide clear instructions for achieving the glitch and Test it first! If you can't test it, tell us that it's untested and I'll test it if I can. If not, I'll just put an untested label by it until a kind someone does test it and either confirms or denies it (and posts their results here). If you would like to re-write any of the explanations for glitches here, you may do so, and I'll use the better explanation.
Additionally, I have made the titles of 'useful' glitches Red. Titles of glitches that could get you stuck in a glitch (if you don't follow the instructions or if the instructions tell you that you'll be stuck)are colored Blue. Titles of glitches that are both (potentially) are colored Purple. Untested glitches are colored green, and any testers are advised to regard any untested glitches as potentially dangerous and be sure to back up any save files accordingly. 


General glitch assistance:

Return to last sanctum trick: This is useful if you get stuck in an area where you cannot cast retreat (such as in SW Atteka Islet where you can get stuck in a box). At the menu screen hold L+R+START as you press 'A' on your file and you should return to the last sanctum you visited. [GS1 and TLA only]

Shift Glitch* (the ctrl key of the golden sun games): Get either Felix or Issac to under 6 pp and set the L or R button to Retreat and go to a dungeon, try to use retreat with the L or R button and after it doesn't work, go through a door, you may trigger some glitches.  This can also mess up the game in weird ways if you try it in different places. Another way to mess stuff up is to use the glitch, but don't go anywhere in a dungeon, save, and reload the game. You may end up in the outside of a map. Places this works (in GS: TLA) are such places as the lighthouses, towers, shaman village, madra catacombs, gondowen cliff cave, Great Gamboa statue, Yampi desert cave, Anaemos inner sanctum, ect. [unfortunately it doesn't work in Dark Dawn]

Helpful shiftglitch videos from lelouiscama:


Golden Sun I (aka 'The Broken Seal'):
Spoiler for Space Constraints:
Tornado Transparency Glitch: When you are at Crossbone Isle's overworld portion while the Tempest Lizard's pink tornado is present on the northwest beach, the tornado is ordinarily transparent, and remains so when you go into the Psynergy menu and then come back out. However, if you go to the Djinn, Item, or Status menus, it will lose its transparency to become fully "solid". It returns to its typical opaqueness once you enter Crossbone Isle and come back out to the world map area. Also, it apparently vanishes if you press the L or R button while Isaac is caught by it.

Glowing People Glitch: Once you obtain the Halt Gem, assign Halt to the L or R button and go to Xian and cast halt on any of the people training in the dojo (or to the guy with the weights in Imil). Then, save and restart the game, the person should still be glowing.

Migrating Across the Sea: If you stand at the tiny point of land farthest into the Karagol sea by Kelay Docks, you can encounter the enemies from the other side of the sea.

Play With Only Three Characters Glitch: use the shift glitch in the room where Mia joins your team, before she does join, then exit down the stairs. You end up in the lighthouse top where you can fight Saturos and go on with only three characters. (note: this will allow you to get more then 7 djinni per person)...thanks go to lelouis for finding this glitch and posting videos of it on his youtube channel

Lamakan Desert Reveal Glitch: Go to the area where you fight the Maticore (the sand waterfall where you use reveal to find the large passage out of the desert) and use reveal, then the shift glitch before walking out of the reveal space. The entrance should still be there. Thank you MegaDarkNero for finding this glitch.


Golden Sun: The Lost Age :
Spoiler for Space Constraints:
Get Back to GS1 Land: Go to the beach directly southwest of Loho (the mining town) and go to the southernmost point on it (in your ship) and face the edge of the mountain. Get out of your ship and you should be in GS1 lands, although everything has been removed.

Walk Through the Desert: in the first desert you go to (the one where you get Scoop) go to the very edge  of the desert on the world map and cast Sand. then move into the desert and 'un-sand' yourself. You should be able to walk on the desert.

Garoh Night to Day + Possible Pillar Glitch: Go to Garoh when it is still night there and go into the village, then go back to the path to it. On the first pillar you need to move, move it and then go EXACTLY half way between the pillar and the place where you slide down. then move the pillar back into place. you should be able to go down the mountain farther and then go back to the top...instead of changing from day to night as you go up, it should go back to day. At the final pillar before Garoh, the one you push down, push the back arrow as you are pushing it off and there should be a pillar glitch...I'm not sure.

Cow Glitch: In N Osenia Islet, after giving the Red Handkerchief to the cow, but before leaving the map, save where the cow was standing, and when you start again Felix will be stuck inside the cow, unable to move. You have to use the 'Return to last sanctum' trick to get out of this.

SW Box Glitch: At SW Atteka Islet, after pressing the box into the water where it would stay put because of an earth pillar in the water below it preventing it from getting carried away down by the water, saving right near the treasure chest, turning the game off, turning it back on, and reloading the save will cause the box to disappear, and you will be stuck until you reload the game while doing the Sanctum Trick. If you saved while on the box itself and reloaded the file, you will be standing on the water, and can now walk on water in a small area enclosed by invisible barriers. Use the 'Return to last sanctum' trick to get out of this.

Crack in the Air: In Mars Lighthouse, after you beat the fire dragons, use the fireball launcher in the room you fought them with the 'blaze' psynergy and a crack will appear in midair.

Magma Rock Glitch: In the interior of magma rock, go to the room where you can fill/drain magma and get into where the magma usually is, go over to the area beneath the statue and cast Burst towards the statue. The pool fills with lava and you can walk around in it. The glitch using burst on statues above you can be done anywhere on magma rock.

Make Prox brighter: when in Prox, cast reveal and then walk out of reveal's range. The town will be a little bit brighter.

Taopo wall Glitch: Where you find the djinn 'Flower' in the Taopo swamp caves, there are three slopes you can slide down on. If you slide down while holding B+down+right you should be outside of the wall.

Ankohl Ruins entrance Glitch: In the Ankhol Ruins, when you slide down to the last part of the stone head and exit the room, the entrance to the next room will be as if you fell into in instead of going through the door.

Jumping over rocks in Shaman Village Cave: In Shaman Village Cave, the largest chamber contains several rock that can be jumped over if you are in a position to jump over them with the 'down' button.

Ship Hovering Glitch: if you have the wings for your ship and you cast 'Hover' while sailing, the animation for the ship flying will occur, but you cannot fly over anything but will not encounter monsters.

Mind reading in Mikasalla: If you have transferred data from GS in which Issac won Colosso, go to Mikasalla and there is a gladiator there. Mind read him before talking to him and his speech bubble should be a 'mind read' bubble instead of the normal speech bubble.

Anemos Sanctum Glitches: (1) Go to the room with the bolder that you can lift, push the pillar under the bolder and where you are supposed to put it (at the far left side). Then, walk into it from the left and you should be inside of it for a moment before coming out on top of it. (and becoming stuck)

(2) In the small room joining the top door and door to the right of the larger room (with the lift puzzle, the one with the bolder). Walk to the top left point on the wall (around there) and you can walk upwards through it.

Shaman Village Trial Road Item Glitch: When first doing the trial road challenge (before you beat Moapa) drop items from your inventory using the 'drop' option in the menu and then go to the squares that allow you to forfeit the competition. You will get now have the items, but also they will be available in stores. (doesn't work with rusty equipment or stat boosters ((Apples, Mints, etc)) )

Shaman Village Trial Road Hover Glitch: After beating Moapa and obtaining the hover jade, go back to the top of trial road to the Hover area and go towards the wall, you will get stuck.

Air's Rock climb on the wall: This actually works in several places throughout the game, I just noticed it in Air's Rock. While climbing horizontally before a vertical climb directly next to an edge, continue moving as far as possible horizontally before climbing vertically. If there is a ledge beside you you should appear to be on top of only works on some places though...

Play as only Felix for a short time: Start a new game and go to Idejima. Use the Return to last Sanctum trick. You'll appear in Dalia's Sanctum with no party members with you.  after using this glitch, you can only leave Daila the way you came (back towards Idejima) The moment after leaving Daila, the Echo  djinni would join your party, at which point Jenna and Sheba would appear in the party.

Walk and Talk Glitch: Go to the dead serpent. Go to the left side of him. Walk as far to the left as possible. Walk right and once you collide with him, press 'A'. Your character should be in the walking animation. This also works on the right side of the serpent.

Vanishing Shadow Glitch: Go to any room with the statues that shoot fire in Mars lighthouse. (The closest one is the door second from the left than into the larger door.) If the statue is able to shoot you off the ledge, your shadow will disappear when you hit the ground. This works at all the statues in that mentioned room, except for the one on the very far right.

Push Glitch in Treasure Isle Cave: Below the room In Treasure Isle cave with the Lift/rope puzzle there is the big room. At the top there is a pillar that blocks your way but you can face it and move it towards you, but you can't push it back, you have to use move on it. (found by The Abominator  and tested by Syve)

Aqua Rock Glitch: When sliding down the waterfall coming directly down out of the lake you use to get inside aqua rock, run diagonally upwards and towards the right side until you fall, then immediately let go of the directional buttons. You will fall off of the screen, but if you try to go left or right, you'll exit the area.

Northern Reaches Glitch: On the world map between the Northern reaches and Prox, go just north of the entrance to the reaches and keep facing the small sliver of land beside the river and pressing A. You should eventually get out of the boat and can travel into the northern reaches (where you should only be with your ship) and can walk on the water and the ice. (found by Power Plus 5)

Lemuria Scoop Glitch: Stand on the right side of the topmost right statue before the lucky metal spring and face right. Cast scoop on the patch of flowers with the butterfly and the animation is the one that suggests that you found something, but nothing is there.

Battle room barrel Glitch: In the lobby for the 'battle' option at the main menu, go the the far left, below the barrel just below the Arabic-looking guy and press down to walk against the wall, then go up and the barrel will be 'over' you.

Get to Dullahan quickly: Inside the room you get the Charon summon, use the shift glitch and leave either direction. You will end up right where Dullahan is.

Glitched Kraden and Witch doctor guy: Use the shift glitch in the Great Gamboa Statue, then, before leaving the area, save and reload your game. You should end up in Gamboa's mouth with Images of Kraden and the Witch Doctor somewhere in there. (Use escape, not shift glitch, to exit)

Magma Rock game freeze glitch: in Magma Rock, using Burst on the right small statue (the last ones in the inner Magma Rock) in a certain distance will make Burst "burst" the air. And then the game freezes for about 15~20 seconds.

Get through the 'Lash' trial cave easily: Go down the first staircase, then use the shift glitch and go up the staircase and you will be near the mercury djinn, then you can go through the available doorway after shifting again and you will be in the boss room. (originally found by lelouis), wait...psynergy stone Glitch: In the first desert, there is a treasure chest disguised as a rock(right by the exit near Alhafra). If you use the shift glitch before reveal, the treasure chest will be treated as a psy stone and when you pick it up, it will restore your pp, then vanish.

Hidden beach Glitch: When leaving the location where you get your ships wings, there is a new set of stones you must fly over to leave. Land on these and get out. You can walk over to the land on the right side, but not the left. (Found by me)

Why won't you let me leave Glitch: When in Alhafra between when Briggs escapes from jail and when he steals the ship the Alhafraens will be arranged so that you can't leave and must go to where Briggs is. Use the 'Return to last sanctum' trick and you will be outside the path to the docks, making it impossible for you to get there. Don't save like this, or you will be permanently stuck in this section of the storyline.

Shaman Village Djinni Glitch If you go to the Shaman village cave before you acquire Eddy, in the area you acquire it, and move so that it's on the left piece of land that it runs around and you're on the right. Then, if you go to the top of the gap and walk up and around, staying as close to the edge as possible, it won't run away. You can get right beside it and 'talk' to it to start the battle. When the battle's over, it should be in the bottom corner of the right hand piece of land and you'll be on the left hand one. (Thanks go to Durza for finding this one)


Golden Sun: Dark Dawn
Spoiler for Space Constraints:
Falling Down the Cliff Glitch: When you're outside Kaocho if you follow the cliff to your right in the second forest area (in the very top-right corner of the forest) you can fight enemies that give 900 exp instead of 80 exp each. They are tougher and presumably meant to only appear on the area above the cliff. Thanks to Teanji for finding this.

Crack in the Endless Wall Glitch: Save on the dividing line between the endless wall and the path to the Apollo Gate. Then, reload the game. You should fall through the wall and be able to move around under the map. There are many ways you can mess up your file by getting into situations you cannot get out of, so it is recommended that you do not save when using this glitch.( thanks to BluePhoenix for finding this)  Here is a helpful guide for using this glitch:
Spoiler for Hidden:

Red/Pink= easy 'out of the map' routes.

Green= Easy path to mercury lighthouse

Purple=  Easy path to Mt. Aleph

Blue= Easy path to Venus lighthouse.

Note: when attempting the pink route, make sure to move south a step or two before leaving the endless wall and moving north. If you do not, you may become stuck. Another note, do not enter Belinsk. You cannot leave or go anywhere in there and you will become stuck.

Sucky Gear Glitch: in warrior hill (floor B3- center left area in atlas), there is a giant gear that needs to be activated by using Crush on a boulder blocking the water flow. Once that is done, stand in front of the gear without moving. The gear will 'suck' you off of the platform and you will be walking on air. You can use this to walk onto the upward bound platforms. However, if you try to enter the river, you will drop to the riverbed and will need to use retreat to leave. (Found by Lemurian)


Post any I've forgotten or haven't found.

By the way, a lot of photos for different glitches can be found here


Spoiler for Hidden:
2/9/10- added 'Play as only Felix glitch', 'Walk and talk glitch', 'vanishing shadow glitch'
2/23/10- edited magma rock burst glitch and added treasure isle push glitch' Thanks go to The Abominator and Syve for the Treasure Isle Cave glitch and to Power Plus 5 for the info on the magma rock burst glitch.
2/27/10- Found the aqua rock glitch. (found, on my own! Aren't you proud?)
3/3/10- added Northern reaches glitch. (thanks to Power Plus 5 for the info on that)
3/4/10- Found 'Battle Room Barrel glitch' and 'Lemuria scoop glitch' (found, on my own! Aren't you proud?)
4/2/10- Warp glitch tested by me.
4/26/10- Remembered that I posted a topic on the Migrating across the sea glitch, so I added it here.
4/29/10- warp glitch changed to shift glitch and play as three characters glitch added.
4/30/10- Get to Dullahan quickly and Glitched Kraden and witch doctor guy found by me (aren't you proud?)
5/17/10- Fixed many spelling and grammar errors in the list and added some images. (Thanks go to Ghost for originally posting the images)
7/4/10- Gave credit to lelouis for the play as only three characters glitch and posted  his youtube channel's url.
7/14/10- Added the magma rock game freeze glitch. (Thanks to Sajin for making me aware of it, nice work)
7/27/10- Added the 'get through 'Lash trial cave easily glitch (thanks to lelouis for having this video on his channel.)
8/14/10 - Added the 'Lamakan Desert reveal glitch' Thanks to MegaDarkNero for finding this.
8/20/10 Added the ', wait...psynergy stone glitch' (found by me, is that surprising?)
9/30/10- Added the Hidden beach glitch (Found by me)
11/7/10- fixed more spelling and grammar errors.
11/30/10- Added Dark Dawn Section.
12/6/10- Added Falling down the Cliff glitch (thanks to Teanji for finding it) and another, unfinshed one of my own. (instruction hopefully coming soon).
1/7/11- Added the 'Crack in the endless wall glitch(thanks to BluePhoenix for finding it), put each section in spoilers to make them easier to read, and posted a map to help with the crack in the endless wall glitch (made by me)
1/30/11- Sucky Gear Glitch added (thanks to Lemurian for finding it)
7/11/11- Made the List easier to use by improving formatting, fixing capitalization mistakes, and adding a color coded system.
11/19/11 - Added Shaman Village Cave Djinni Glitch (thanks to Durza for finding it) with an untested label.

*-note, the shift glitch can be used to make many other glitches, but I'm not going to post all of them here, just some important ones.  I'll be doing a lot of testing with the shift glitch, don't worry. I'm making a new TLA file to test all of the implications in the story events.
6  The Community / Creative Works / Improvised writing. on: 24, June, 2010, 04:39:12 PM
I just sat down in front of the computer last night to see what sort of thing I could come up with on the spot, so I started's what came out.

   In the middle of the great desert, there was a small town called Spades. Calling it a town may be an exaggeration, as it was little more than a trading post to everyone but a handful of people who called it home. As with every attempted settlement in the great desert, Spades was utterly dependant on the monthly supply train to provide it with the water, meat, and fresh greens it's inhabitants needed to extend their short lives that were the only times in which they could believe that they were somehow in control of their own destiny, although the years of living in the desert often robs one of this belief. After all, when one cannot feel the satisfaction that comes from being able to use what one has created, one might feel that the outer forces that bring in the necessities might be controlling their destiny, and there was no argument that every person in Spades would die if the supply train stopped coming.

    Lacking the soil and moisture to grow crops, the proper arms to hunt the savage desert beasts, or the location needed to attract business, Spades was a place with a single purpose: to mine the deposits of sagestone found only under the great desert. That was the only reason for a normal person to be within a hundred leagues of the great desert, aside from the human need to populate and conquer everything it lays eyes upon. It was dangerous work, although the mining was the least of it. The desert beasts were a constant source of worry, and anyone that came to the village at anytime other than when the supply train arrived was held under the deepest suspicion by the adults of the village, although they were objects of dark fascination for the children, who would always watch them from afar and their mannerisms would be similar to the stranger in question for months after the visit.

   The feeling towards the strangers is because the people that wandered the desert were very few and far between and if they always fell into at least one of four categories. There were the savage bandits that attacked the supply trains and were feared for the monstrous strength and cunning that allowed them to survive the harshness of the desert. Many of them fled into the lawlessness of the desert to escape prosecution or to try and leech off of the sizeable profit that came from the sagestone mines. The second type of desert wanderer were the Desert Mages were held as dark figures shrouded in mystery, and as with all things dark and mysterious, they were a source of terror in the villagers. If one actually took the time to talk to the mages, they would find that they were a varied people with some abnormally benevolent or malevolent individuals amongst a generally neutral base, much like the rest of humanity. They lived in the desert cliffs and sought the power of the wild wind elementals and the sandmen. The third order of person was the strangest, and no man could fathom the workings in the mind of the mad priests. These clergymen are those that have devoted their lives in an attempt to follow in the footsteps of the ancient Saint Gallen, who was lost in the desert when he ate the insanity-inducing desert fruit and returned to sanity outside of the desert before declaring himself a prophet and becoming the leader of the church's army who battled with such mysterious foresight that he changed the tide of one of the great wars and converted legions of foreigners with his skill. This success has never been repeated, but that hasn't stopped many a priest from entering the desert and destroying their mind with the fruit. These men are treated with respect and are always clothed and fed by villagers. No one knows how the priests survive in the desert, but the most popular theory is that no beast will touch an animal that has been tainted with the fruit of madness. Finally, there are the wandering warriors that are in the desert for reasons of their own and come seeking power or another ideal.

   It is a man of the final type that this story opens around, and at this moment, he is drawing close to the small town that has been so briefly described. He is tall, almost abnormally so, yet when a limb protrudes from his heavy black traveling cloak, it is very thin, and if not for his wide brimmed hat, he might look almost insectile. This is when he is observed from a distance, for upon closer inspection only the most stubborn observer would retain the opinion that the wandering warrior looked like anything other than what he was. The hilt of a sword sits beside a holster containing a revolver and the gruff portion of face visible between the hat and the bandanna covering his mouth from flying sand is not lacking in scars. Despite the sandstorm that is raging around him, he moves in a way that combines a rough grace and arrogance in his step. The distance between him and Spades is steadily reduced to a few hundred meters.

   A young Spadian by the name of Dregger is applying a coat of a foul smelling goo to the side of his house because his mother believes it will stop the house from dissolving under the constant bombardment of sand. Dregger finds the idea ridiculous; he has seen solid steel walls crumble over time from the endless sand. From what he had seen, everything would eventually surrender itself to the sand.

It's not finished, and now that I have an idea I'll be eager to finish.
7  The Community / Creative Works / Scattered Skies on: 28, May, 2010, 08:22:14 PM
I already posted this in GSR, but I thought that it might be good for you all to have a sample of my writing, so here's the introduction to this story:

In the past, things were different. We fought only ourselves, but we had such terrible
power. The world was whole then, the clans unformed, the beasts not made., the wastelands
still filled with untainted life. But that changed when discovery was made. They called it
'mana', after stories of men with indescribable powers. Mana could make their weapons into
living machines, could give soldiers powers like the men in the stories. At first, they saw
only what mana could do for them, but slowly, the deadly cost began to show. The
battlefields where mana had been used now twisted all living things that entered into
monsters, they became the wastelands. The soldiers infused with mana found that their
children had similar, warlike powers. Perhaps the most terrible change came last, in the
tearing of the sky. Before, the change between the different lands had been wide, slowly
moving from one to another. After, the changes came without warning and the land was
patterned. Some deserts stood right by the jungle, and one step could bring a man from the
crowded wet trees to the dry open sands. The sky broke, and the land with it, and they
drifted through the world. The horror of these changes gave birth to the priests, who spoke
of the evils of not only mana, but of all the technology. The world turned to them for
guidance and flung the machines into the sea, but without the machines to protect them,
humanity was helpless against the beasts that had risen from the wastelands. Humanity shrank
and was on the verge of total annihilation when he appeared.
 One man, who called himself Jack. He stepped between the priests and the old world
leaders and proposed a middle path,between the heights of the corrupt past and the depth of
the 'pure' society. He proposed the clans. Each realm would have a clan that nourished the
others and were in turn nourished. The leaders and priests both agreed, for there was no
better way in sight.

First came the Sea Clan, charged with salvaging, distributing, and
maintaining technology necessary for other clans' survival and duty. Those of the sea clan
have always suffered predjustice from the other clans stemming from hate of technology the
priests had taught. Then came those of the mountains, formed from the remnants of the
priests, they preside over the sacred rituals performed throughout the clans. The criminals
condemned for death were instead sent to the wasteland where through regulated exposure to
the mana they became mindless guardians filled with immense mana, but absolutely devoted to
containing the fiercest beastsand the old weapons of war to the toxic lands. Once enough
technology had been salvaged, the two clans most accepting of the sea clan were formed, the
underground and the sky clans. The underground clan harnessed the heat of the large amount
of liquid rock that had begun to flow when the sky broke and powered the machines of other
clans, and the sky clan were eternally bound in the sky, watching the movement of the
scattered lands from their flying ships and sending their observations to those who needed
to travel. Those of the plains grew herbs and created medical compounds to help the injured
throughout the clans. Those of the winter forests train fighters to protect the more
vulnerable clans. The desert tribe gathers the sun's energy to add to the underground's
energy distribution. Those of the river and lake purify water and send it to those who would
be lacking. The jungle dwellers provide balanced nutrition from a variety of fruits and
vegetables to ensure that none of the clans are malnourished. The Artic clan uses the
environment where not many beasts travel to experiment on beasts caught in the other clans.
Finally, a nomadic clan of researchers explore and document the areas mana has affected in
unusual ways and attempt to undo mana's effect on the world. So far, they have been
unsuccessful. There were those that refused the system, the rich men that did not want to be
seen as equal with everyone. These people banded together and attempted to prevent Jack from
carrying out his plan. They could not stop the clans, but right before the end of the war,
Jack vanished and with him, the untold final step in his plan. The remnants of this group
became pirates that attacked an pillaged the clans.

   So, time has passed and the story of the clans' creation has become little more than
a legend, a tale that told of times before these scattered skies. But unknown forces are
moving the wheel of fate again and the effects may threaten the world. Already changes start
to show; A pirate leader sentenced to exile in the wastelands senses the part he is to play.
And in the dark shadows of the wasteland, a long dead machine has been revived. These two
agents of destruction may collide and form a force that shatters the order that has held us
together for so long. The requirement for Jack's unknown final step also begin to align as
four people from separate clans feel the cal and will unite to stand against the destructive
force and attempt do divert the wheel away from the path that leads to annihilation. The
pieces are starting to move, to either stitch or tear these scattered skies, this patterned
fate, nothing can be done, so let us watch these great forces carve the path for the future.
8  The Community / Introductions / I've decided to check things out here. on: 28, May, 2010, 04:38:30 PM
Hello, some of you may recognize me from Golden Sun Realms, as I found this site via GSR. My programming abilities are lacking, and most of my hacking is done with DOS, but I'm willing to learn more however I can. I'm not the best at graphic design, but I do take pride in my storytelling skills, so I'll try to use those to contribute as best I can.
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27, April, 2020, 07:54:10 PM
Daddy Poi: I'm having a thought. So I know Atrius's editor is slow at saving sprites.... So I've been thinking.   I am considering another console program.  This time, for importing and exporting sprites/animations. Image files (for sprites), binary files (for animation data), and maybe binary or text files for Settings. Would certainly be cool if it works out. - Console programs are fun, when you can (at least temporarily) cheat out making a full interface editor for them. =P
25, April, 2020, 10:42:07 PM
Daddy Poi: Tried to list those in order of importance, but anyway....
25, April, 2020, 10:37:59 PM
Daddy Poi: GSHC, GS Speedrunning, /r/Golden Sun, GS United Nations, ToK.  Sixth one is border-line I'm not sure.
25, April, 2020, 08:00:21 PM
Daddy Poi: (low as in <100)
25, April, 2020, 08:00:04 PM
Daddy Poi: So while there are quite a few GS Communities out there. There are only up to maybe ~6 Discords worth even the consideration of joining, I think. Most of the rest of them have a fairly low member count. (Of which I can tell?)
14, April, 2020, 10:49:35 AM
Daddy Poi: The Essential Age could be what it stands for?
13, April, 2020, 05:23:32 PM
Misery: Tea editor... that's a cute name for it
01, April, 2020, 02:42:50 AM
JupiterDjinn: Also my browser is sending two o f my messages srry.
01, April, 2020, 02:42:48 AM
JupiterDjinn: Also my browser is sending two o f my messages srry.
01, April, 2020, 02:42:09 AM
JupiterDjinn: Just got the reply. Ok my question is: how can I get the tea editor on Android, because I already have an emulator. But no computer.
01, April, 2020, 02:42:06 AM
JupiterDjinn: Just got the reply. Ok my question is: how can I get the tea editor on Android, because I already have an emulator. But no computer.
31, March, 2020, 07:18:29 PM
Salanewt: Sure thing!
31, March, 2020, 03:38:30 PM
JupiterDjinn: Can I have a question answered?
31, March, 2020, 03:38:27 PM
JupiterDjinn: Can I have a question answered?
28, March, 2020, 12:50:15 AM
Salanewt: I want to shrink it down in size later, but yup!
28, March, 2020, 12:50:13 AM
Salanewt: I want to shrink it down in size later, but yup!
26, March, 2020, 03:24:45 PM
Daddy Poi: The news box is back? :D
19, March, 2020, 05:59:16 PM
Salanewt: Nice work hiding the searchbots Atrius!
19, March, 2020, 04:23:34 PM
Salanewt: I was wondering when I said that stuff! May need to work it out with Kain.
19, March, 2020, 07:03:05 AM
Daddy Poi: (The simplest being to not accept char IDs pass 255, I think.)
19, March, 2020, 05:33:15 AM
Daddy Poi: Heheh.... I'm just testing. You pretty much gave it away. Hahah. It seems to look fairly convincing, but I'm sure there's an easy solution to preventing it.
19, March, 2020, 05:28:50 AM
Atrius: Whelp, there it goes... Just what I didn't want.  Have fun with that I guess...   
19, March, 2020, 05:20:25 AM
Daddy Poi: So like. Replace the "e" with another "e"? Alright. Gotcha.
19, March, 2020, 05:04:41 AM
Daddy Poi: Good work.
19, March, 2020, 04:44:10 AM
Atrius: Nah, any member could change their name to what I did, there's a trick to it.  I just fixed it so that now the Cbox will use your new name if you change it though, so... That part of the problem is fixed.
19, March, 2020, 04:41:53 AM
Daddy Poi: For which? It may be that normal users can't change their names to used names, but admins can?
19, March, 2020, 04:39:57 AM
Atrius: Sorry if the Cbox keeps breaking, I'm trying to make that be less of a thing.
19, March, 2020, 04:02:04 AM
Daddy Poi: Looks like ID Fraud. You're under arrest. :D  Oh wait.
19, March, 2020, 03:57:56 AM
Atrius: Yup, that's a thing.
19, March, 2020, 03:57:08 AM
Atrius: Just testing something, for science.

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