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1  The Editor / Golden Sun Hacking / Re: [RELEASE] Golden Sun Reloaded on: May 05, 2017, 07:06:51 PM
The djinni you use shouldn't have an effect on getting a drop. However, either your elemental level or epow could (I forget which).
2  The Editor / Golden Sun Hacking / Re: [RELEASE] Golden Sun Reloaded on: May 03, 2017, 06:10:21 PM
The enemy group that appears is based on your timing from system on to when you load in. If your timing isn't frame perfect, you won't get the same group every time. What's more, enemy groups may have been edited in Cal's hack, so even if your timing *is* frame perfect, it's possible that the enemy group that used to be Magicore+Vile Dirge is now Magicore x2.

I think the former is a lot more likely, though. You're consistently using one timing, but it's not the same timing you used before.
3  The Community / Introductions / Re: Hello on: April 19, 2017, 04:04:44 PM
Remember the sprite limit exists. You can only have up to 6 small enemies on screen at once, and medium enemies count as two small enemies. This isn't a game balance limit, but rather a hardware limit.
4  The Community / Introductions / Re: Hello on: April 19, 2017, 12:07:24 AM
I suspect axe unleash rate would be fine if it was on par with the other weapons, and a 10% penalty on AOE unleashes sounds pretty light; it'll prob bounce around 20% most of the time. Other than that, it sounds like a good starting point to me. You'll probably run into some things that end up needing to be rebalanced when you realize something is too strong/too weak, but you've gotta start somewhere.

edit: Actually, for the added damage percentages, you may want to scale it up throughout the game. Axes might start at 20-25%, then scale up to 30 or 35% shortly before the multiplier switch. Maces/LBs might start at 30%, scaling up to 50% shortly before the multiplier switch. This more closely reflects how GS added damage unleashes usually scale, and keeps added damage from being too strong in the early game. In vanilla GS, base damage unleashes usually scale from 30-50% of the weapon's Atk over the course of the game.
5  The Community / Introductions / Re: Hello on: April 18, 2017, 05:01:28 AM
The reason I suggest keeping maces/LBs added damage for most of the game is because mage-type characters have innately lower Atk, so they don't get as much out of multipliers. So if you give these weapons multipliers on par with the other weapons, warriors will use them fine, but they'll actually be weaker in the hands of a mage. If you give them multipliers stronger than other weapons, then warriors will just say "thanks for the new weapon" and mages will only get to use them as hand-me-downs. However, if you give them added damage on par with the damage output of warrior multipliers, it ends up being a strong option for both warriors *and* mages.
6  The Community / Introductions / Re: Hello on: April 17, 2017, 11:46:33 PM
You could always mix and match - you could design a weapon to have a strong unleash in the hands of a capable fighter by giving it a multiplier, or you could design a weapon to bring parity even to weaker party members. I'd say that generally mace and LB unleashes should be added damage for most of the game, while weapon types that are dedicated to warrior-type characters could feature more multipliers (mostly long swords; axes would have to use weaker multipliers or just do added damage to be balanced). Alternatively, if you want a mace/LB to be ahead of the curve when you obtain it, you could give it a multiplier so that warrior classes can utilize it better, giving it to a mage as a hand-me-down later. You don't have to totally switch over to one or the other at any point, either; you can have items coexist in the same space, some with multipliers and some with added damage, sometimes with a new weapon having added damage despite the previous one using a multiplier.

Also, about dark dawn: DD still had a lot of added damage unleashes afaik, it's just that since every weapon got multiple unleashes, and unleashes were shared across the game, the chances of having a multiplier were much higher.
7  The Community / Introductions / Re: Hello on: April 17, 2017, 06:13:58 PM
Add mods are frequently stronger than multipliers early on. Recall that damage is calculated as:

(Atk - Def)/2 * MultMod + AddMod

Thus, an AddMod of 30 is equivalent to having +60 Atk. The worth of a MultMod is dependent both on the modifier and the difference between Atk and Def. Suffice it to say that even a 2x multiplier will be weaker than a +30 AddMod until the difference between Atk and Def exceeds 60.

What's more, AddMods are beneficial in that they flatten out the damage curve between different characters; even relatively low Atk stats can make use of AddMods effectively. This is why Cannon is such a good djinni early on, and why even Sheba can do insane damage with it. Multipliers are inherently best on whoever has the highest raw Atk stat, while AddMods can be effective on anyone.
8  The Community / Introductions / Re: Self introduction, new project in mind(Halp please) on: April 16, 2017, 06:09:53 PM
I have had a thought process through this: I will try to implement both patches; intellect and PP multipling formula. Where I nerf the stat growth of intellect by a 20% and I tweak the multiplier by 1*(max PP/1536) so that the multiplier also gets a nerf and it does not progress quadratically as Rolina and Leaf stated.


You don't hit anywhere close to 1500 PP by endgame. That formula is going to result in substantially lower damage dealt throughout the game. Did you perhaps mean to type 1 + (maxPP/1536)?
9  The Community / Introductions / Re: Hello on: April 16, 2017, 09:09:39 AM
I see you went with nerfing the other items down and bumping up the damage on clothos so you don't have to give it such a ridiculous amount of PP. Seems like a good approach. The damage distributions look pretty reasonable, but HP still feels undertuned. PP is probably fine.

HP values could probably be set via a formula like... HP = 1.4 * Int, and break formula at endgame. Also, the rusty staff weapons seem to have extremely low Atk for some reason, and are pretty much wholly outclassed by ankhs as they are; a small bump to their Atk would remedy this.

Early eastern sea
Grevious Mace: 84 Atk, 24 -> 28 HP, 20 Int

Thanatos Mace: 108 Atk, 31 -> 39 HP, 28 Int
Dracomace: 91 -> 99 Atk, 77 Int, 12 Power
Fireman's Pole: 110 Atk, 64 Int, 32 PP [unchanged - just here for reference]

Wicked Mace: 133 Atk, 43 -> 50 HP, 36 Int
Goblin's Rod: 108 -> 117 Atk, 90 Int, 15 Power
Meditation Rod: 127 Atk, 80 Int, 40 PP [unchanged - just here for reference]

Vajra Mace: 161 Atk, 48 -> 60 HP, 40 Int [breaks formula, uses 1.5*Int]
Lachesis Rule: 147 Int, 118 Int, 25 Power [unchanged - just here for reference]
Clotho's Distaff: 156 Atk, 96 Int, 48 PP [unchanged - just here for reference]

I consider this pretty much the minimum you can set the HP values to and expect them to feel good. However, I actually think you could push it a lot further. Something more like... HP = 1.8*Int. With this setting, it might look like Maces outclass other mage weapons at first glance, but that's because Maces are hybrid weapons that shift a mage toward being a warrior; the drastically lower Int means they're not really suitable for what a mage wants to accomplish. As such, it's more appropriate to compare them with other warrior weapons, and see if the health is balanced with those.

Early eastern sea
Grevious Mace: 84 Atk, 24 -> 36 HP, 20 Int
Robber's Blade: 106 Atk [unchanged - listed for comparison]

Thanatos Mace: 108 Atk, 31 -> 50 HP, 28 Int
Hestia Blade: 127 Atk [unchanged - listed for comparison]

Wicked Mace: 133 Atk, 43 -> 64 HP, 36 Int
[Gaia Blade is too far behind the curve to be a suitable comparison point]

Vajra Mace: 161 Atk, 48 -> 80 HP, 40 Int [breaks formula, uses 2*Int]
Sol Blade: 180 Atk, Earth [unchanged - listed for comparison]

With the way you have the rest of the items set up, I don't think I'd go all the way to 108 like I did before, but it can still give a pretty good chunk of health. The reason I'm so willing to risk overtuning HP amounts is because of the prevalence of healing. A character's effective HP during a boss fight is many times higher than their actual HP bar, and the same holds true of even just standard wandering, as well. Since HP is not multiplicative with itself, it actually does relatively little to a character's overall durability, and is mainly useful to prevent being one-rounded. If you can't look at an HP increase and say "yeah, that looks pretty meaty," it's probably not enough.
10  The Community / Introductions / Re: Hello on: April 15, 2017, 10:59:12 PM
I'd probably place the HP bonus for maces somewhere in the low 70s at JLH, and just under 50 at poseidon. The first mace in the game should prob give about 10. That should give you some decent points to scale from. Endgame GS1 would prob be about 50 as well. That may sound like it's scaling too much at endgame, but remember that endgame items tend to have a massive power spike in TLA, and that GS1 endgame power tends to be about equal to the end of the eastern sea in TLA.

As for the character stats, don't forget that class bonuses are a thing. The bulk of character differentiation comes from classes and equipment. Even if two characters have very similar base stats, having a 160% modifier for a stat on one but only 130% on the other is going to create a huge disparity between their observed stats.

edit: I think +12 agility for the end tier LB is prob fine on that scale, maybe drop it down to +10. I was thinking about agility values post-class bonus when I mentioned the average being 80-100.
11  The Community / Introductions / Re: Hello on: April 15, 2017, 09:11:14 PM
Sol Blade: 180 Atk, Pure Earth
Herculean Axe: 193 Atk, -10 Def

These are effectively the same weapon. Neither the damage nor the defense will make an especially big difference on the axe, such that the player will barely notice it. If the player is using an unleash setup, it's purely about whichever has the bigger unleash. Otherwise, if the player is predominately casting Call Dullahan (or similar), they're the same weapon.

Lachesis Rule: 147 Atk, 118 Int, 25 Power

This is the default choice for any caster. No other item you listed comes even close to competing with it. Highest Int *and* the highest EPow rating makes it a no-brainer, regardless of whether your role is damage or healing. For a caster item, it also delivers pretty respectable Atk.

Tisiphone Edge: 163 Atk, 48 Int, 8 Def, 4 Agi
Vajra Mace: 171 Atk, 20 HP, 26 Int, 15 Power, 10 Resist

Most of the extra stats on these items are irrelevant. The Vajra Mace is able to compete with Sol Blade or Herculean Axe, since it's a minimal loss of Atk but gives EPow. Tisiphone Edge is only relevant to Ivan (if you want to spec him as a physical attacker, since he can't equip anything better here); it could be relevant to more characters if the Agi is relevant, but I don't know how you're planning to scale Agility in this hack, so I'm not sure if 4 is a lot or a little.

Clotho's Distaff: 139 Atk, 97 Int, 12 PP, 25 Resist

This item doesn't exist. It's completely outclassed by every other weapon listed. Unless you're going the disgaea route and making healing based on res, this item offers nothing to anyone.


Functionally, you only have two weapons here, possibly three: A caster item in Lachesis' Rule, a melee weapon in Sol Blade/Herculean Axe/Vajra Mace, and possibly an agility-boosting weapon in the Tisiphone Edge. That's *if* the agility is a meaningful amount, otherwise it's just another melee weapon that you only pick because it's all you have left.

Based on your rationale for the items, this is how I'd fix it:

Sol Blade: 180 -> 190 Atk, Pure Earth
-- This will act as our baseline. Since I didn't like the way the ratios were working out with some of the other items (especially the axe), I opted to raise its Atk slightly.
Herculean Axe: 193 -> 230 Atk, -10 -> -40 Def
-- This is by far the greatest physical damage weapon, but you should feel that defense drop. Axes should cause you to lose almost a full piece of armor, but grant that same amount as additional Atk over a Long Sword.
Lachesis' Rule: 147 Atk, 118 Int, 25 Power
-- Untouched, since other items got more powerful around it. This remains the go-to item for a pure caster. Note that the EPow on this weapon boosts its damage further, while also improving healing.
Tisiphone Edge: 163 -> 173 Atk, 48 Int, 8 -> 0 Def, 4 -> 12 Agi*
-- Cutting out the pointless defense, and raising its Atk to make it a better contender as a physical option for mages. More agility to make the stat meaningful.
Clotho's Distaff: 139 Atk, 97 -> 92 Int, 12 -> 120 PP, 25 Resist
-- Yes, you read that right. That says 12 to *120* PP. With the incredibly low offensive stats on this item, it needs to provide hella fuel.
Vajra Mace: 171 Atk, 20 -> 108 HP, 26 -> 40 Int, 15 -> 0 Power, 10 -> 0 Resist
-- Cutting the pow/res since it didn't do much to create an identity for the item. Provides slightly weaker offense than a light blade and doesn't give agility, but makes up for it with some hefty bulk. I picked 108 for thematic reasons, but it comes out to be about right for an endgame weapon like this.

* (The agility on Tisiphone Edge assumes an average party agility of around 80-100 at endgame. If you're using a higher or lower average agility for characters, it should be set proportionately.)

The point of these modifications was to sharpen the identities of the items. Light Blade damage was brought up to be on par with Maces, since both weapon types serve the purpose of helping a caster spec into physical damage, but only Mia/Sheba can use maces, while only Jenna/Ivan can use light blades. Lachesis' Rule is untouched since the power of other items went up around it; if I had instead opted to leave Sol Blade alone and nerf the damage on Maces down to the level of Light Blades, it probably would've lost somewhere around 10-15 Atk. Despite the pretty massive stat buffs to Agility or HP on LBs/Maces, the Sol Blade should still be plenty attractive to primarily physical damage dealers, provided that Long Swords get generally stronger unleashes.

Don't be afraid to give items a unique niche. If you water down their stats too much, they just become more of the same, and you still just end up choosing whatever gives the best damage.

edit: Also, I think it's a mistake to add the "has innate attack attribute" to all weapons of a specific weapon type (e.g. making all Long Swords have an innate elemental attribute on attack, like you do here). That's predominately used to add flavor to certain weapons, and you miss out on the opportunity to do some really cool stuff with other weapon types. Of note, it barely even factors into the power of a weapon at endgame, since if you're using the Attack command, you're probably going for an unleash anyway; it can factor into the power of weapons earlier in the game (when you don't have a very high crit chance yet), but that can easily be accounted for by just knocking a couple points off Atk, if you even choose to do that much.
12  The Editor / Golden Sun Hacking / Re: [Solved] Making leveling not RNG dependant on: April 13, 2017, 01:51:05 AM
It's not, because it uses integer division.

As ints, 20/7 + 1/7 = 2 + 0 = 2
As floats, 20/7 + 1/7 = 21/7 = 3
13  The Editor / Golden Sun Hacking / Re: Making leveling not RNG dependent on: April 11, 2017, 07:45:39 PM
if (CurrLevel < 20): LevelsBetweenGoals = 19
else: LevelsBetweenGoals = 20

Stat gain = [(NewGoal - PrevGoal)*(CurrLevel - PrevGoalLevel)/LevelsBetweenGoals] - [(NewGoal - PrevGoal)*(CurrLevel - PrevGoalLevel - 1)/LevelsBetweenGoals]

It's kinda ugly, but this should bypass the problems of integer division. It basically calculates the projected total stat gain of the current level and the previous level, then subtracts them for the individual stat gain. As such, the total stat gain will *always* equal exactly the goal stat at goal levels.

Note: It should divide by 19 instead for the 0-19 range, otherwise you'll get slightly lower stats than expected.
14  The Community / Introductions / Re: Self introduction, new project in mind(Halp please) on: April 10, 2017, 04:06:47 PM
I forgot to mention, Ivan is the only person who will be able to equip it.

You didn't forget to mention it. I'm trying to tell you that it's not balanceable. The ring item I posted there pigeonholes a character into spamming djinn. They will do it *extremely* well, at the detriment of everything else - perhaps even to the point of being overpowered. But if you *don't* make them laser-focused on one task, the character becomes blatantly overpowered in *every* respect, rather than just the one.  The fact that even with the *massive* drawbacks it might still be too strong should tell you something here.

Limiting an item with that much power to a single character just serves to make that character mandatory in all parties, which defeats the original purpose of making all characters viable. Even if you *do* somehow manage to balance it, that character will be completely incapable of deviating from their expected build path, which limits options. Either way, player agency is taking a hit.

And summons WILL be nerfed. If not, removed.
Why bother hacking GS at all if you're just going to remove summons? Sure, they could use a nerf, but djinn and summons are core gameplay mechanics that define GS as a series. If you remove them, there's nothing left to make GS stand out from any other generic RPG.
15  The Community / Introductions / Re: Self introduction, new project in mind(Halp please) on: April 09, 2017, 08:09:39 AM
The proposal for Ivan still remains having an extra turn. I am thinking either give it to him via Jupiter based weapons or via a ring.
Ring is less intrusive, and lets him share weapons with other characters. On the other hand, this also means he doesn't have a ring slot, so if you were planning on doing more with that slot, it would still be pretty invasive.

Personally, I dislike the idea of extra turns as an inherent character mechanic, simply because of how abusive it tends to be. It basically makes *anything* the class does razor sharp, and you end up needing to water it down just to keep it remotely balanced.

Imagine an item like this, that could be equipped by anyone:

Thieves' Ring
- Turns +1
- 0.5x Atk
- 0.8x Max HP
- 0.8x Max PP

Now, what kind of character would you place this on? You don't get much by spamming the attack command due to the halved atk. You could become a strategic nuker with double AOE psys, but you can't spam cast since you'll run out of PP too quickly, and the second turn would probably come late in the turn order anyway (so it wouldn't be that good for random encounters). So what do you do? Aha, you spam djinn and buffs! It carves out a niche for a character that can only do one thing, but they do it extremely well.

Note, however, since this ring can be equipped by anyone and it has some pretty severe drawbacks, it remains opt-in for the player. There's no clear "oh I definitely need to put this item on *this* character." They might still choose to just not use the item - that's important. GS's classes and itemization is built on the player being able to make characters do *almost* anything, but they tend to excel at certain roles more than others. If you give Ivan an exclusive ring that gives him an extra turn, you *cannot* balance it without pigeonholing him into one build path.
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Today at 06:49:14 PM
Lord Squirtle: I guess I'll make a topic for the GBA concept room in Dark Dawn soon.
Today at 04:27:21 PM
Fox: Yep ... There are many libraries for many languages... Python, etc... And then there are things like  the Google apis - e.g. you want to search for)
Today at 07:46:43 AM
Luna_blade: I can see how XML/JSON are a thing these days.
Yesterday at 04:52:18 PM
Fox: Easier in the idea that I can reduce required external stuff where the source code isn't available/modifyable (Well, there is overrides in some cases, but still.) ; So it's possible the only "Events" I would require are those of the Form.... (Mouse Events, Keyboard Events, Paint Events, Etc. when needed.)
Yesterday at 04:42:14 PM
Fox: Anyway... I know I am using built-in controls in my current editor, but it is not out-of-the-question that I might just go and make my own custom controls... so that it is actually easier for me (But that'd take a lot of work.)  I'm thinking about one large bitmap object, and just drawing them on it. Problem is, I'm afraid it might not be efficient enough.  So I haven't decided about doing it.)
Yesterday at 04:33:28 PM
Fox: @XML = If I recall, I believe Visual Studio uses it for Settings Variables that remain even after you close the program. (e.g. There's one variable I have in my program that I call "LastRom" to make it easier to get back into the program.)
Yesterday at 04:17:59 PM
Fox: XML/JSON are simple = They are just a way to store data outside the application... ... The complexity is comparable to learning about data trees, I'd say... XML = Looks like HTML  ; JSON = Think Lists and Dictionaries, and nested ones.
Yesterday at 03:51:19 PM
Luna_blade: @the whole static thing: I recently came across the problem that if you use design patterns, objects of the same class might get duplicate info. Sometimes this is very little information, so it seems better to use something class-wide than making a file
Yesterday at 03:47:41 PM
Luna_blade: another thought I had is that I already made some code better...
Yesterday at 03:45:59 PM
Luna_blade: Sure I will open-source it on github once I rewrite it to be more maintainainable. Now that I think about it, I should put some other stuff there as well
Yesterday at 03:44:54 PM
Luna_blade: Yeah I made some code and screens for it in Java. The last thing I was busy working on was the grid for the values and the selection shape.
Yesterday at 03:41:22 PM
Luna_blade: I will learn a bit of JSON and XML soon. I guess those are pretty good replacements for what I meant with static
Yesterday at 03:40:42 PM
Luna_blade: It's an okay article. I prefer reading the java implementations on tutorialpoint
Yesterday at 12:07:19 PM
Fox: article*
Yesterday at 12:07:06 PM
Fox: Oh yes, there's a whole artice on design patterns at wikipedia?
Yesterday at 07:20:37 AM
Fox: Oh yes.... Just checked.... Program.cs has "Application.Run(new Form1());" ... AND.... Program.cs is a STATIC class, so my hunch is confirmed. (In a way.)
Yesterday at 07:12:43 AM
Fox: So... I'm assuming that it is like a tree, and your top level file should be the static class, with all the other object classes linked from it? (Like a tree?) - Wonder how the Dessigner treats Forms. (How are Form objects linked to a static class, if at all?)
Yesterday at 07:00:51 AM
Fox: (Since I can have incredibly bad wording sometimes :P)
Yesterday at 06:59:50 AM
Fox: (Well, started "?" was more implying whether you made any public releases yet....
Yesterday at 06:59:02 AM
Fox: Wait? You started a Hed Editor? Curious if you were going to open-source it....

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