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1  The Editor / Golden Sun Hacking / Class Type settings on: May 05, 2017, 07:04:22 PM
Hey everyone I have a question
for my Golden Moon Project (to which i was surprised not to have a single remark of curiosity XD (not that it matters so dont feel guilt or anything))
I decided to add a few more classes
most I have made by overwriting the original ones, so type and djinn settings were easy enough to work with, even splitting the symbiotic dual classes like Brute into separate cases (gravedigger for Michael (garret) and Demon for Damian (Venus Adept)), all worked out fine

But the 4 new lines are giving me trouble
as we all know, taking examples from the base game
Ninja require's 3 symbiotic and 3 jupiter
while Samurai require 4 symbiotic and 3 jupiter

side note: I made it so that both path's can be used with the bare minimum (1 symbiotic, 1 jupiter / 2 symbiotic, 1 jupiter)

but while test playing it to find oversights and such I became a little bugged that it only worked with the jupiter side
so I made 2 class lines with mercury
using 2 symbiotic djinn and 1 mercury for the lowest stage
looked up on the types in the games data for the types best fitting

but when i tried it out in the game, it did not work as it should
for the mars venus pair, it did not show at all
and for the jupiter mercury pair, it seemed to have traded places with the normal style (example:
sorcerer costs 2 symbiotic and 2 mercury
while i wanted spirit seer to cost 2 symbiotic and 1 mercury
but those two have traded djinn costs)

and with the 2e pair of new classes
i wanted to make 2 quatro class, one for the jupiter char and 1 for the mercury char
i set the djinn set up as 5 for the characters natural element and the rest got 1
also here i guessed on the required type and during the test
they did both got access to the class for them, but the djinn requirement was all messed
they seemed to require 2 djinn from one of the other elements, forgot which was through, but yeah instead of 1 symbiotic and 1 of each of the non symbiotic types it became 1 symbiotic, 1 non symbiotic and 2 of the other non symbiotic

these djinn counts did not add up one bit, so i figured I messed up with the type
changed it to my second guess, and now non of the new classes show up
as that I had completely forgotten which ones partly worked to top it of...

I figured to take a brand new look on how it works with classes of how it works with the original and came to the conclusion it may have to do with the way the game priorities the elements for classes

I know Atryu (did I type it correctly) had researched this quite a bit, but I for the life of me cant find that entire topic no matter how I search for it

I dont know if anyone knows anything about this, either how to fix this or the topic that had listed this situation (though I dont remember any remarks about tri elements, I think his research only counted for dual types?)


knowing my talent in explaining things clearly is bad
recap in short:

looking for the class type setting for the following:
-Venus/ Mars Adept : 2 symbiotic djinn plus 1 mercury
-Jupiter/ Mercury Adept : 2 symbiotic djinn plus 1 Mars
(in order to compliment the already existing 2 symbiotic + 1 Jupiter for mars/Venus
and 2 symbiotic + 1 venus for mercury/ mars)

-Jupiter adept : 1 mars + 1 Venus + 1 Mercury
-Mercury adept : 1 Mars + 1 Venus + 1 Jupiter
2  The Editor / Golden Sun Hacking / Golden Moon on: April 23, 2017, 11:47:00 AM
hey everyone,
good new's

currently I am playing the game to explore oversights and such, had to make a few fixes already (removed 2 weapon powerups, one resulted in always unlease (which was odd with a total of 45 rate (2 items granted 5 critical) so i removed the one i had on the weapon itself), the other was xPP recovery, which did not worked the way i hoped it would
plus oversights on psynergy levels and class stat growth)

but during my tests I noticed something off
I made the rat drop an item for a item set
as such I figured to use the RNG trick (ending on 31RN)
but no matter what I try, it does not seem to work

I am trying to play on my phone using the app Johnemulators My Boy
does anyone know why I cant seem to get the RNG to work, or otherwise know of a cheat to enforce drops?

once I tested it all, incl drops, then I will make/ finish the change log and share it
afterwards I will start on the lost age version as follow up (already took notice of data transfer for items ^^)

for those curious, I can list a few undetailed changes I made ;)

EDIT: almost forgot, after testing I likely will do one final round of editing, text to fit the changes and perhaps even character build up XD
(on that note, does anyone know how i can make it so that even the player character can speak?)
3  The Editor / Golden Sun: The Lost Age Editor / Change a djinn to fight it on: April 20, 2017, 08:35:51 AM
I have a question
Is there a way with the editor to change it so that i can make Bane (golden sun 1) into a djinn you have ti fight?
I want to make use of the unused venus djinn battle data

If not by editor, is there an other way? (if by hex, please give me a atep by step cause laat time i tried to hex rdit, i ended up not getting the game to play when i had to pick a name, and that was witj a graphic change that had nothing to do with that scene so....)
4  The Editor / Golden Sun: The Lost Age Editor / Error message on: April 15, 2017, 05:59:34 AM
Hello all, long time no see

a few weeks ago I started up on my old project, starting from scratch after having learned from past mistakes that corrupted the file beyond fixing (which was one of the reasons I stopped, having to take a break, not feeling like redoing it al again, but my own life also got in the way as time passed)

anyway, I have been working on my wife's old laptop at first, windows 10, outdated laptop in general
it worked perfectly, finally got all the classes to work as they should
but we both got a new laptop as mine old one pretty much died (it works but each time i shut down a program it loses files, data and such (broken harddrive)) and her old one was on its last straws (the editor being one of the few things it could still handle)

But here comes the problem
On my new laptop, also windows 10
Yesterday during editing I kept having an error message each time I wanted to change one of the images for items and psynergy's
but with the press of ignore it continued working, it just had issues with loading random images (being select-able and functional but just showing the image)
knowing the images by heart I could work with this, no problem

BUT, today it took a turn for the worst, No matter what I do, what compatibility mode I try and so on
I keep getting the same error, and this one does not allow the editor to work by pressing ignore....
all I can do is press abort

the error is

action number 1
of Trigger Event: Trigger0
for object obj_stresstest:

Error defining an external function.

does anyone here know what to do and what is causing this in the first place?
I doubt its a compatibility issue seeing my wife's old laptop, where it worked fine, and my current laptop are both windows 10
but at any rate, I am already getting sick of my new laptop like this and feel like I am forced to abort the project again all over (and seeing the list of projects I started but never got to finish due to being to large (mostly is with written projects) or technical issues like this, I really want to finish this one as its just getting longer and I am more and more getting annoyed at my bad luck with computers)
5  The Community / Creative Works / Crystal tier's on: May 08, 2013, 01:02:42 PM
read that there are no crystal basic tier's yet, i have one character on my work's here that is a crystal user, so i figure if there are non yet, then please allow me:

Crystal → Crystallize → Crystalizer (range, basic)
Crystal → Crystallize → Crystaltower (Power)
Crystal → Crystallize → Crystalwave (Effect)
Crystal has 2 field uses, depending on the location where it can be used (if in game), the small spot's will create a small crystal spire (or gem, depending on the puzzle) to indeed reflect light, the bigger spot's can create a crystal pillar that can be walked on (both giving way to a lot of puzzles ^^).

in battle: crystal creates a small crystal rock under the enemy, target 1, power (something like quake?)
             crystallize same but range 3 and more power, around quake sphere (yes the second version will be learned around lvl 18)
             crystalizer the animation will even cover the enemy and shatter, range 5, power..? (learn at lvl 42)
             crystal tower will launch the enemy high in the air, stand there until the enemy fall's back and shatter hurting the enemy double on impact ^^, range 1, power (double that of the other 2)
             crystalwave animation (and in RP) will change the battlefield into a crystal cave with spikes, dealing small damage (around same as a lvl 10 ability, but on all enemy's as that it will deal damage afther each enemy attack (like sandstorm or hail if you played Pokemon)

beside these i have a few other crystal psynergy's, but this is the basic tier i thought off
any comments?
6  The Community / Creative Works / my GS character bio's on: May 05, 2013, 11:30:25 AM
the first was made mostly for the RP, but using self made classes and such i was working on for a while, my fav is the one i used for the RP
going to place all those classes with fixed characters for each class here ^^

Name: Drake Baku
Age: unknown (thinks he is about 21)
Gender: male
Home: unknown
Description:  About average in height and build, has dark brown hair with a red streak and yellow eyes, with a big  scar next to his right eye.
Demeanor: Trustworthy, calm, willing to self sacrifice but might seem a bit detached
Personality: having lost his memory's, he See's everyone that is even a bit close to him, or just generally around him as more important then his live, he only breaks a promise if he has a good reason, trough training and harsh experience's he has lost the general sensation of fear, making him take high risks, however he is smart enough to calculate the risks before taking them.

Build: Warrior
Element:  Jupiter
Class: Aura Charge --> Aura Battery --> Aura generator --> Aura Turbine--> Aura Storm
Psy Groups: Bolt, Ray, Plasma, Thunderclap, Aura claw, Aura sword, aura gauntlet, aura shield, aura sense
Stat Layout:

HP: Low
PP: High
Attack: Average
Defense: Average
Power: Average
Resistance: Average
Agility: High
Luck: Average

Unique Psys:

Aura Sense - Same as Mind Read, but able to sense emotions as well.
Aura Claw - Jupiter Psynergy Claw's on both hands to attack with, single target. Power is Ragnarok.
Aura Sword - Jupiter Psynergy Sword extension on current weapon or user's arm. can cut bushes like whirlwind can in the game, single target. Power is blue bolt.
Aura Gauntlet - Jupiter Psynergy Gauntlet on right arm for very heavy fist attack with small chance of stun. can also be used as the force psynergy in the game, single target, added damage . Power is like destruct ray
Grave Arm - transformed version of the 'Aura gauntlet' covering his complete arm. transforms at 'aura turbine'. power is: ATK, SPD en DEF + 45. remains active until user deactivates it or uses Volt Release.
Aura Shield - Jupiter Psynergy shields on both arms, blocking most strait foreward attacks and able to protect Ally's that are close. user target, range 3. power is block all damage from frontal attacks (except defence breaking/ piercing, frontal attacks only)
Volt Release - transformed version of Aura claw WHEN Grave arm is active. Uncontrollable yet extreme powerfull Lightning attack hitting all in the area (including Ally's), however after use it drain's users pp by 50% of max, makes grave arm unusable for half a day. (as that he will never use it when Ally's are near). power is 1000 (like meteor summon on a enemy that is weak to it) (boss killing move)
Black Bolt - higher version of flash bolt, more power but more pp cost. power is 20 - 25 more then blue bolt.

Equipped with:

Weapon: Hunter sword [+28 Attack]
Arm Protection: Leather Gloves [+10 Defense]
Chest Protection: Leather Armor [+12 Defense]
Head Protection: Leather cap [+3 Defense]
Leg Protection: N/A


Hunter Sword (equipped)
Leather gloves (equipped)
Leather Armor (equipped)
leather cap (equipped)
Herb x2
Antidote x1
family relic

waking up in the burning ruin's of a small town in the middle of the road surrounded by body's, he remember's nothing about what happend or who he is, he looked around for something, anything, not knowing what, finding a dairy he took the name in it as his own, when clearing the dust, ash and blood of a rather big wound on his head, from his face at a small lake he noticed that there was something hidden in his clothes, still unknown what it is, he thinks it is some sort of family relic as he seem to have protected with his own body.
after traveling a while he was found by an old man that took care of him for a little while by teaching him about alchemy and being an adapt by some real harsh training, now, after the man's natural death he is roaming around.
7  The Community / Introductions / Drake's intro on: May 02, 2013, 12:53:52 PM
hello everyone, i only today noticed this topic (feel kinda stupid, been a member of more then one forum so not thinking about an intro area is kinda dumb for me XD)

well, still working on an mod, but not very active with it ATM

am more intreset ed in the RP section ATM, but have not heard from rolina about of my character is good or not yet...., so yeah XD

any questions BTW?

oh and sorry if my spelling is off, i live in Holland and my schools did not really cared about English it seems
(found the spell Check option, never mind then XD)
8  The Editor / Golden Sun Hacking / class type list on: April 28, 2013, 06:24:58 PM
hey, i am new here, but started strait away with hacking XD

but i do have a question and cant find the answer with search

i am working on making my own characters and classes, trying to make the main character a jupiter adapt, but i have no idea how the type system works, which type is fitted to which character and how, i already noticed isaac and garret are 1 and 2, but the rest got me a bit dumb folded

so can somebody give me a full list of class types or something to help me pls?
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June 25, 2019, 02:51:42 PM
ryancaesar12345: jupiter revive animation any?
June 24, 2019, 08:05:17 AM
Fox: Such a patch would mean you need to be careful with item drops, coins, exp, etc. Because those things would then no longer be an infinite supply.  Whether or not one uses it depends on what they want to do with it.
June 24, 2019, 07:55:01 AM
Fox: (High enough being based on the area you are in.)
June 24, 2019, 07:54:02 AM
Fox: I had a thought today. What if I look into making a simple patch just for lulz.  One that works the same way as using Avoid, but it lasts from start to finish, and can't be disabled.  Avoid only works if your levels are high enough, though... so thought is to keep that as is.
June 24, 2019, 01:55:17 AM
ryancaesar12345: hi guys i have new update in Golden Sun 2 Lost Age Revise Mod.ips try this. :)
June 24, 2019, 01:54:16 AM
ryancaesar12345: where's that link?
June 24, 2019, 01:53:56 AM
ryancaesar12345: i have no account in discord.*
June 23, 2019, 08:44:52 PM
Salanewt: Although in the case of Wish, you could probably just use Breeze instead.
June 23, 2019, 08:44:36 PM
Salanewt: Yeah, it's a messaging program sort of like Skype. I find that it's much easy to walk people through some of the basics of assembly, since that's what you'll need for most animation hacks.
June 23, 2019, 09:39:10 AM
ryancaesar12345: discord? im not good in asm or assembly.
June 22, 2019, 09:37:26 AM
MaxiPower: gpnna update my thread on progress of my character art if anyones interested. :P
June 21, 2019, 07:51:44 PM
Salanewt: Hey there! Animation editing can be tricky, but I can share some notes with you if you pop in on our Discord. Are you good with assembly?
June 21, 2019, 02:59:40 PM
ryancaesar12345: and how to change a death curse turn in hex editor?
June 21, 2019, 02:50:00 PM
ryancaesar12345: and how to make animation but changing palette only like wish blue i want to change violet. for AOE healing and earth element.
June 21, 2019, 02:47:44 PM
ryancaesar12345: im done already thanks man i change the icon in that tutorial and all i need is animation most of elemental like healing like wish but wind element. how to import animation in TLA editor in *game crashes* index
June 21, 2019, 12:01:35 PM
Fox: Oh that. You are talking about Caledor's tutorial?
June 21, 2019, 11:49:55 AM
Fox: So in little endian... 08FA0000 (32-bit) is the same as 00 00 FA 08 (8-bits) (Since GBA is little endian) ;;; but if this were big-endian, it would have been 08 FA 00 00 (8-bits)     
June 21, 2019, 11:42:17 AM
Fox: "in the ROM file" = I mean when using any other hex editor to look in the file... ROM section in VBA is 08000000-09FFFFFF, but ROM files are different sizes, so GS1 stops a quarter the way (08800000 / 8MB), and GS2 stops half way. (09000000 / 16MB)
June 21, 2019, 11:39:55 AM
Fox: I am not sure I understand what you are trying to do? ... But all little endian is is just reverse byte. (of the bytes in a data type).... So like... 8-bit is the same regardless of big or little endian. 16-bit is like 0102=big endian 0201=little endian .... 32-bit is like 01020304=big endian ; 04030201=little endian.  (I use 01-04 numbers to represent how the bytes are ordered by address.) ; 00FA0000 in the ROM file is 08FA0000 in VBA's memory viewer/and that's how it works when the game reads
June 21, 2019, 05:20:47 AM
ryancaesar12345: i sa that in icon compressor 00FA0000 -> in 00FA0008 hmm?

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