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Topics - Daddy Poi's Oily Gorillas

The Classic GS Editor / GS Editor - Poll #1: Tree(s)
29, January, 2014, 04:10:01 AM
There are two Java IDEs that do Option #2 with their function lists (Eclipse and NetBeans), however, when I saw Visual Studio Express 2012, their function lists did it via Option #1. So this made me think about posting this question. , I'm guessing I could probably do both eventually, but I was wondering which one would more people be interested in. In otherwords, the one with the highest votes won't necessarily be the one to go in the Editor, but it can help with Brainstorming, I guess.

At one point, I was thinking about doing Option #2, but now, I'm starting to wonder if Option #1 is best. (Especially if you are able to open multiple trees to view data in different ways and stuff, which Visual Studio seems to allow.)
Feedback / Why not SMF 2 Beta?
19, January, 2014, 06:36:01 PM
So, earlier, I was thinking how leaders cannot manually add their own members, and they have to get an administrator to do it for them.

This got me into thinking of Joinable Groups, a feature I remember ZetaBoards having.

However, when I looked Joinable Groups up for smf, it seemed to require SMF 2 Beta... (Or something like that.)‎

So what are the pros and cons to upgrading to smf 2? And should we upgrade? (I am not sure.) (I am not even sure if "upgrading" is possible, or do you only have that option when you first make the forum?)

To start off, here's a list:

Reasons we should upgrade:
Joinable Groups (For clans)

Reasons we shouldn't upgrade:
SMF 2 Beta may contain bugs? (Since Betas usually do before they reach Stable...)
Edit: 23 mods stop working.
Tech, Gaming and Entertainment / Virtual Class
15, January, 2014, 03:43:49 AM
Quote from: Thunder-squall on 15, January, 2014, 03:31:50 AM
I say you should make a thread and let people 'sign' up.  And if enough people sign up, then you'll know it's worth it for you to put in the effort.

Basically, I imagine you'd just give us small weekly assignments, and we'd then work together to get them done.  Sort of like an apprenticeship.  And you could basically groom us to help you with what you're doing.

If I were to do programming lessons, who would take them? If you are interested, post here with your license and ---. Er. There's not really a registration form present.  If possible, describe what you would like to get out of this in great detail.

(The Virtual Class idea is in pending stage, so I'm not absolutely 100% sure about it, which is one reason I ask for a description.)
Open Discussion / Microwave Incidents
07, January, 2014, 10:49:07 AM
Here is where you can post stories about your experiences with using microwaves.

For example, I have heard if you microwave an egg, it will explode.

It's also obvious to note that plastic melts...

Does anyone ever microwave paper towels? (Like say you wrap a burrito for 1:30 seconds...) ... ofcourse, paper towels can actually catch on fire if heated long enough, I think....? (Not sure how long it takes.) = Some answers say no.. but I've experienced sparks one time when I heated something for five minutes. (Ofcourse, I had to open the paper towel up, to see them... ) - I suppose liquid could have been the culprit.
Say that you were the owner of a website. If the NSA asked you for decryption keys to access all the data on your server to monitor for terrorists.  And in the process, gave you a gag order to never tell anyone, what would you do?

Would you give them the key, or go to court?

Would you seek advice from advisories, etc?

Would you only inform the administrators of your site, or not? Or only tell people about it if they ask?


If you didn't comply with their agreement, they could find a way to hack into your server. Or bring you to court.

And as far as their gag order on not letting anyone know they are spying, simply saying "Classified" to anyone who asks if the NSA is spying is a clear "Yes" answer...
Official site:

It might come in 2014, but for now, you can get your email on their mailing list.  If I read right, I think this is peer-to-peer email transfering... Without storing it on a centralized server. Even to the point where the company doesn't have any decryption keys to give to the Gov't. because each email is encrypted with a random encryption key. Or something like that.... I'm not fully sure how it all works, though.

The goal is to avoid snooping from hackers, government agencies, data mining companies, etc.

Related news articles!
The Classic GS Editor / Pricing and Donation ideas
03, December, 2013, 12:08:57 AM
I don't think this has ever been discussed before, so thought I'd bring this up.

This isn't about actually adding a price to an editor or anything. It's about what you think the editor would cost if it did have a price. (Or how much you would be willing to pay for it.) You can price Atrius's editor as a whole, and/or individual features (Including my Assembly Editor idea.)  Practically anything about pricing.

Me: I would probably pay $0. (As of current.  It would be higher, if I had a way of giving swagbucks instead, but you know...)
Apart from that, I would guess Atrius's editor might be worth maybe $8-ish.

So what does everyone else think?
Open Discussion / Festivity - The Power of Santa
30, November, 2013, 11:22:48 PM
So what is everyone doing this Christmas?  Anyone going to see Christmas lights or whatever? Also, who's putting up a tree?

Unfortunately, I don't have much to say on this myself, aside from RuneScape, their Festive Aura, and what not... soo....

(Sorry, but the background made me think to post this topic up. That, and I'm slowly trying to make my Power topics outnumber the rest of the topics in this sub-forum... It must be ironic that they are called "Power" topics, huh? But shh... Don't tell anyone about this.)

Also, Atrius, do you plan to eventually add backgrounds for any of the other months?
Open Discussion / Identified Lottery Winner?
24, September, 2013, 05:48:39 AM
Some states require that you are identified, while others don't. I guess many of them that require it also vary in just how far they go with identity. (Ex: News conference.)

Honestly, I feel this is like a violation of privacy, since when people know about that sort of stuff, they are more likely to expect you to give them some. (And in larger amounts.) And for people who have a hard time saying no, this could mean bankruptcy in like the next 5 years, for example. Not to mention how this breaks your security. Meaning that now, you may be more vulnerable to robberies and all that stuff.

Oh, and then there's the media, they might come find you.

Although, I assume one could guess that being identified is one of their ways on proving that they are not a lottery scam, and that they are truely giving out prizes. Pretty much in hopes to get more people playing the lottery. The power of suggestion, I guess. If you see a winner, you are tempted to think you are more likely to win, but you aren't. As for getting more people to play, I would think that being publicly identified would have the reverse effect. (Atleast for shy/private people.) Except for people who like to be in the spotlight.

P.S. = I decided to post this because of something I saw/heard on the news.

Also, feel free to post if you have ever won any lotteries. (Or just post anyway.)
Open Discussion / Read Readmes?
06, September, 2013, 06:33:19 PM
So we haven't had many Voting Polls lately, so I thought this would be perfect. So.... "Who reads the readme?"

Misc. GS Hacking / The Hacking Documentation
31, August, 2013, 06:05:15 AM
I know I should wait a whole 'nother 40 days and 40 nights to post this on the Editor's birthday, but I figure I can go ahead and do this now, since I've been working on this for a couple months already.

Please be aware that this documentation might not be for newbies/novices, so take caution. The majority of the stuff documents assembly functions, but there are some listings for data banks and RAM as well. (Honestly, how many banks does this game have, anyway? Somehow I feel like there's not as many as I would have wished there to be.. )

Also, the documentation is in ALPHA, so it is incomplete.

P.S. = The "Unused" labels in the Battle Mechanics section refer to not being able to find a direct function call, but they should be linked as a public function. So don't go thinking they are actually unused.
Non-GS Hacking / Terminology
19, August, 2013, 01:49:09 AM
This topic is here to list terms that may be used.

Hacking = To steal or damage data.  By modifying the game, you are "damaging" the original data. Therefore it isn't "original" anymore.
Modding = I assume this is tweaks that can be applied to personal hacks? (Like the Jump Patch or The Battle Camera Rotation patch?)
References = Pointers (Like Code or data pointers.)
Index =
Entry =
Bank/Database/Table =
Assembly/ASM/Arm/Thumb =

address/offset =
signed = Number may be negative, positive, or 0.
unsigned =  Number is positive or 0.

If anyone knows any terms that should go in this list, then don't forget to reply.
Misc. GS Hacking / Having more than 512 items idea.
27, June, 2013, 12:47:47 AM
So recently, I was thinking that if we took one of the bits from the item quantity to use as another bit to the item number (so that it is 10-bit) we would then be allowed to have over 1000 items... However, the quantity of any "unique" item per inventory slot would max at 15 instead of the normal 30.

But since this bit was not next to the item number bits, I came up with the idea that this bit would simply reference a secondary list of items. Further planning concluded that if we also got rid of the quantity bits, the equipped bit, and the other bit , we could potentially have 512 + 32768 = 33280 items. (Including the "Nothing" field.)

Note:  Not recommended, but if one did not want to decrease the item quantity for the first group, they could simply replace one of the other bits... (like a bit in the item number for instance.)

(And if I work on this, I might include some documentation in this post/topic on what data/code needs to be edited in order to achieve this.)
The Classic GS Editor / Assemble the Sun idea
17, June, 2013, 12:14:34 AM
This editor idea is only in the alpha stages, and it might be a terrible pain to code because I feel that the chances that future versions of the editor could be incompatible with edited ROMs.

Before I start, it is IMPORTANT to note that I CANNOT promise that this will be done, but I can say that an idea is better than nothing, so here goes:

I would like to recode the editor in Java, because it is multi-platform compatible. Unfortunately, I am not well versed in this language yet.

The plan is to have assembly editing features (hopefully?).
Because of assembly editing, this may result in the editor files being stored to the ROM. Or as an external file... in which case one could store the filepath/name in the ROM to help with saving space... This would probably have some downsides, though... Like if you are transporting data via internet or thumb drive and you forget to get the second file for editor purposes or you get the wrong file, etc...
The editor files I were thinking about were:
-language.ini , all the text the editor has.
-A gigantic table for control properties and a pointer list for every data table. (And possibly for every function in the game.) , may be useful for adding/editing/deleting data tables.
- Editor graphics , Like the font , background , icons that aren't grabbed from the game. If you change the appearance of your game or whatever, you could probably make the editor match it for the particular ROM for example... And if you use icons directly from the game, maybe even link directly to the game's icon.

There will most likely still be another file containing enough information for graphics/etc. for when a ROM is not opened. Unless I require that a ROM be opened before the editor displays...

As I come up with more ideas to add to this, I will likely edit this topic. I have not actually started work on this project yet, so once again, I must say that I cannot promise that this idea will come to life. Though, I do wish it would... Hm...
Open Discussion / Packrats - The Power of Trivia
15, May, 2013, 11:06:25 PM
Not a perfect title, but recently I came up with interesting questions.

What do you do with friends when it comes to friend lists/buddy lists?
-Do you just accept any friend request no matter who it is from, or do you only do family and close friends, etc.?
-If you have a friend in one of your lists would you be more likely to keep them there forever or unfriend them if they have been inactive for a couple months? What do you normally consider when you unfriend someone?

When you get an email, would you be more likely to leave it in your inbox for future reference, or would you delete it?
Open Discussion / Meetup - The Power of Meeting Up
17, April, 2013, 04:16:07 AM
So there is this site called where people can meet together and do stuff.  I haven't really used it, but one of the bigger reasons why I've decided to post about this was because I heard about it during some meeting somewhere. (On Monday the 8th, I think.) (A meeting that was not related to, obviously.)  Anyway, someone said that you can find meetups for just about anything, if I remember what I heard correctly during that meeting. So, since this can also apply to Nintendo/gaming/etc., I thought it would be interesting to hear everyone else's stories. (Either past or future.)

So, has anyone ever tried And if so, what was it like? Otherwise, would you be interested?
Thought maybe this would be: Mod v0.0.1

I shall have my first version be very simple. There should be many bug fixes here. (Some of which I'm not really sure are done correctly?)

Other than bug fixes, I have finally swapped the Class Editor's unknown(s) with Vulnerabilities. I have also placed the "Dropped in transfer" label, for GS2's item editor. (Don't worry, it still shows up as "???" if you use GS1.)

Well, I figure it is time for my release. Hmm... Ofcourse, you could test everything I put in the Changelog.txt, and make sure everything is correct... anyway...
Open Discussion / Water - The Power To Cleanse
20, January, 2013, 07:40:51 PM

This topic is to ask everyone what is their favorite drink? And/or what does everyone usually drink on most occasions?

Basically, what is everyone's favorite laxative? (So this can include foods that have a lot of water in them. But this is as long as it is not confused with Salanewt's other topic: Yummy Food!

Me, usually water. Not tap water, mind you. But bottled water. :/
Now, it is time for another one of my Power topics!

Quote from: Power topics so far...1. Growth - The Power of Life (Aka: How tall are things?)
2. Teeth - The Power of Wisdom (Aka: How many wisdom teeth?)
3. Community Service - The Power of Friendship

This time, we are discussing the following:

What was the most noble thing anyone has ever done for you?
And what was the most noble thing you've ever done for anyone?

My answers:
1.  I'm not sure, but I suspect the first answer would be your parents taking care of you, but since that is likely to be a common answer, I have decided that it doesn't count. (So be more specific if your answer is this!)

2. As for the second answer, I'm guessing probably building Yoshi Magic? Since at the time, it was Salanewt's goal. That, and helping with assembly.

PS: At first, I was going to name this topic Community Service - The Power of Love, but I figured Friendship might be better?  Hmm..
Open Discussion / Teeth - The Power of Wisdom
12, November, 2012, 03:43:25 PM
This topic is here to ask if anyone has gotten their wisdom teeth grown out yet? And how many have you had? I read that your wisdom teeth come at the ages of 16(?) to 25. And that you can either have 0, 1, 2, 3, or even four of them.

So far, I have had none grown out yet, but if I had to guess, I'll probably end up with two at the top of my mouth?
Open Discussion / Happy Halloween 2012!
31, October, 2012, 12:36:53 PM
So, it is Halloween. What is everyone going to do today, on this super fine day?

:VenusDjinni: I'll set out the pumpkins!
:MarsDjinni: I'll light them! I love jack-o-lanterns!
:JupiterDjinni: I'll send shivers down their spines! Surely they'll be spooked this year!
:MercuryDjinni:  I'll substitute the Teawater by the front door for murky water.

Teawater: Nooo!!!

I probably won't be doing anything special but eatting a cookie...
Open Discussion / Activity - The Power of Posters
18, October, 2012, 09:52:37 PM
This topic is for listing people who post each month.  It's sad that it appears we don't already have a topic like this here.  Kind of wish this type of information was in the statistics, but oh well.

Perhaps listing the number of posts they make in each month could be considered?

October 2012

Overlord Kain
Knight of Purgatory
Atrius (2+ forum posts)
Robert Joe
TretFan [deleted]

Cbox only:

November 2012:  Nov 4 to Nov 31

Knight of Purgatory
Overlord Kain
Robert Joe

Cbox only:

December 2012:  Dec 1 to Dec 6


Cbox only:
Robert Joe
Overlord Kain
Knight of Purgatory
This is a basic guide to the source of the TLA Editor!  When you open the editor in game maker, you will see a tree list on the left.

On run, the first thing that happens is the initialization code. Basically rm_initialize under Rooms, which calls init_game. This is how you get all those files in the program folder. Reading the commented code here should give you a general idea what it is all about. Look at the bottom of this script:
I know that the last two have to do with the color of the panels.

After that, it goes to the next room, rm_editor, the meat of the editor.

There is an object called obj_editor_sys in this room. It does many things like loading the editor's background. It also creates the next instance obj_MasterEditor. But before we get to that, most importantly, in USER DEFINED 1, there's a check for which ROM you are using, and a call to init_globals (The script that retrieves the addresses of the databases that are in the game of which the editor needs.)

The obj_MasterEditor is used for creating the menu bar. This is the bar where you select the sub editor you'd like to use. Edit this if you want to include another sub editor button (Don't forget to add another image in spr_icons under Sprites.), or even another button to the toolbar. (See Create event.)

The objects under the folder titlebar buttons should be mostly obvious. (File and help have the list of options displayed in the Create event, and what happens when you click on them in the next event.) (About and license are simple boxes that pop up. You can edit the size/location of panels and buttons in the create event. You may notice you can also edit the text here as well, however, you must go to the Draw event to edit the location this text.) – You may notice obj_stresstest here. This feature wasn't made visible in the original editor, but it was one of those features Atrius was using when he found program breaking bugs last year. (Before version 0.4 if I remember correctly.)


obj_ItemShop is for listing the sub-sections of the Item Editor. Items, Artifacts, Shops. You could edit the Create event if you wanted another sub-section. But for now, We'll just look at obj_Items. The first actual editor we'll be talking about.

Atrius uses an interesting format for how he creates his sub-editors, and I'll go over it with you.

First, I want you to get to know the way he writes his control variables. They usually are prefixed with a letter and underscore.

p_ = panel
b_ = button
f_ = field
l_ = list
and so on..

Now let's explain what is in each of the events for most of the sub-editors.

Create: The panels are created here.

Destroy: Simple disposing code. Wouldn't want a memory leak, would you?

End Step: The first script sets up all the editing controls and tooltips for them. At the bottom, You give the controls game data. The second script gives the control's data back to the variables. (Useful when you change the control's data.)

User Defined 1: This is where he loads the data from the game into the variables. The variables here are not prefixed with anything, however.

User Defined 2: This is where lists are created. Basically, it is for the resources of the sub-editor. It is usually to help you understand what you are editing. (It includes labels, etc.) And yes, reading the word "Felix" from the game to display it as a label under "Equippable By" would be a perfect example.

User Defined 15: Saves everything back to the ROM. (Not your ROM, mind you, the temporary ROM the editor made, so that when you go to hit save, it'll overwrite your ROM with the temporary one.)

Draw: Draws the labels and what not. (Panels and editing controls are done in the Create and End Step events respectively.)

Sometimes for both User Defined 1 and User Defined 2 there can be two scripts. This means that one of the scripts is for the 1st Golden Sun, and the other, for the 2nd Golden Sun.

0 = Golden Sun 1
1 = Golden Sun 2
10 = Mario Golf
11 = Mario Tennis

Here's a cut-down summary:
Edit init_globals to include database locations.
If you are creating another sub_editor: Create an object. Either edit MasterEditor object to use this object (And add a sprite to spr_icons), or edit an existing object which this sub_editor should fall under.
Edit the Create event to make a panel.
Edit the Draw event to display labels.
Edit User Defined 1 to load data into variables.
Edit User Defined 2 for any resources you might want.
Edit the End Step event to include editable controls. As well as loading data into your controls, and putting the data back into the variables.
Edit User Defined 15 to save the data back to temp ROM.

As for everything else, I'm still trying to figure it all out.
Misc. GS Hacking / Battle background editing!
03, July, 2012, 05:28:14 AM
Well, another one of my guides has just arrived. This is a simple one: Battle Background editing!


080EF984 = This is the database that assign battle backgrounds to maps! Yes? Did you hear that right? Maps!

Please hit the 32-bit mode.

The "8" flag you see at the left most bit basically sets the background number to this 32-bit value (But without the bit intacted.), any 32-bit following this that does not have an 8 flag are map numbers, and they will get this battle background number. Otherwise, it selects another background to start assigning to rooms.

The background numbers here are actually just indexes to the pointers in the file table, So you'll need to start with x27.

0802F004 = World Map Battle Background Editing! (This one is very limited, though.)

Edit: Grammar fail. - Not song number, background number.

Any questions, comments, etc?
Misc. GS Hacking / Treasure Guide
20, June, 2012, 08:38:24 AM
You know how there are treasure chests and items that can be found in Golden Sun as you adventure? Well, I have found the database that refers to them. Apparently, these are not displayed or editable in the GS Editor.

This database is located at: 080F2204 (In GS2.), and ends at 080F322C. (FFFF)

4005 = 4*** might be used to indicate this is a map number. ; 005 is Venus Lighthouse.
FFFF = Flag index (Flag must be unset to use treasure list under this header.)

Next starts this map's list of treasure.
0080 = The 8 means a treasure chest should appear. (Otherwise you'll just have your item in a jar or something.
[spoiler=List]This numbers tells which dialogue to display starting from line 3525 in the text editor.
0000 = Nothing.
0001 = "Felix checked the chest..."
0002 = "Felix checked the jar..."
0003 = "Felix checked the barrel..."
0004 = "Felix checked the wall..."
0005 = "Felix checked on the ground..."
0006 = "Felix examined the rock..."
0007 = "Felix peered into the hole..."
0008 = "Felix examined the grave..."
0009 = "Felix checked the tree..."
000A = "Felix searched the underbrush..."
000B = "Felix checked the door..."
000C = "Felix looked in the chimney..."
000D = "Felix checked the wooden box..."
000E = "Felix checked the bed..."
000F = "Felix searched the bookcase..."
0010 = "Felix inspected the stone coffin..."
0011 = "Felix checked the fireplace..."
There are more, but I don't feel like listing the rest of them right now.

0080 = Treasure chest
0081 = Mimic
0082 = Psynergy Stone
0083 = Visible Item
0084 = Summon Tablet
0085 = Item in pond[/spoiler]

0000 = Location index.
0F00 = For this to be avaible, this flag must be off in the flags. When the item is retrieved, the flag is set.  If 1F00, then the item is always available only when the flag is set. (The flag is never unset.) It doesn't seem like you can use 1*** when you have a flag value in the header.
00B4 = The actual item you'll get. 8*** for coins. (Or which mimic you fight,/ ignored of Psynergy stone/summon if tablet.)

4008 = More item entries could go here, but since we have 4***, this is for another map.