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1  The Community / Open Discussion / Re: Air Force on: January 13, 2020, 07:01:24 AM
The pay is a bit better than that after you've been in a while because you get BAS (Base allowance for sustenance, basically food money) and BAH (Base allowance for housing) which aren't taxed.  Base pay is, and those numbers are before taxes though.  Unfortunately you don't get BAS & BAH until you're allowed to move out of the dorms though, though there are some exceptions this probably won't be until you've been in about 2-3 years.
It's expensive to put someone through basic training then a technical school specific to their career field.  They want 4 years so they get their money's worth after training you.  As for it being a "stepping stone" the pension used to be pretty generous making it worth doing a full 20 year career, but it's been reduced a lot recently.  It used to be after you served for 20 years you would get paid 50% of your average base pay over the last 3 years of your service for the rest of your life, but now it's only 30%.  You would have a hard time finding anywhere in the civilian sector where you could retire with a pension at around 40 years old.
I mean, that's nice to know.... But I'm not really sure how much that is. (The other allowances.)
And the thing with the extra training in the beginning being expensive is one reason why I was considering that it could be two years over one....  However, it is kind of hard to put numbers on things, and usually I feel like if it doesn't work in two years, then maybe something else needs optimizing.... but again, I don't really have all the numbers. (e.g.  There's no way I could effectively improve something I don't know.)

Perhaps everything really is accounted for in the benefits. (But then I thought.. well, civilian jobs often have benefits too, so should I count it? When likely the pay is suppose to be one of the most important elements... I guess it shouldn't be ignored, at least.)
The pension does sound pretty good at 40 years. I kind of doubt that I would retire then, if I have a job at that age, but having it as an option does sound like a good thing.

I wouldn't worry as much about "requirements" on job listings.  When I got my new job, I didn't meet half of their listed "requirements" and I don't have a college degree.  I wrote targeted resumes for each position that I applied for to show that even though I didn't have the education or certifications that they "required" I had work/hobby related experience doing what they were looking for.  Yes, I absolutely included my hobbyist programming, hacking Golden Sun, and making the editor on my resumes.  I did previously say I used my connections while I was in to get my current job, but I also got interviews at other companies based on just my resume and actually turned down two other positions I was offered that I similarly didn't meet the "requirements for.  Not all of them do, but there are a lot of places that favor experience over education and certifications.  It doesn't hurt to apply even if you don't meet the "requirements" the worst they can do is say no.
While that is certainly true... It is nice to find applications that have some thought put into them as well. I guess it is more of a weed-out process.
Still, even if I do find jobs that I could get accepted to without meeting most requirements, I still should at least get to learn about those companies first, and that is also another complex part. Maybe a pick three potential choices, and choose one.

Either way, a lot of this is more/less research for right now, though... so off-chance I wait until I'm ready.

Rich = Well.. of great value (Not necessarily limited to money... but money can often times be a huge part of it, for some reason.) - I guess what I more or less meant is that you probably have life figured out. (And that was suppose to be meant as a compliment.) (I actually started second guessing myself on whether I should have deleted that and some other things not long after posting, especially since like... post was getting long and starting to look cluttered. Before you know it, I think I might have went overboard. xD)
(Although, if you ask me, true richness is not about money at all. xD  Starts pointing to the Bible. (Christianity.) This is true richness. :D)

Assuming I were to move out right now, I'm going to take a *guess* that I too could probably live a year unemployed and using my own money. (To start off with, a car might not even be in the equation.)
And if you can have a garden set up, even better for the latter 6 months. (Not that I do much gardening = Saying I don't have a whole lot of experience... but I do know when I was a kid, my grandparents had a whole garden plot near their home but not physically at their home... (Yes, they did a lot of gardening.) ...  those grandparents are deceased now, though..., and the plot is now just like any normal address. (It has a house on it.) And it, as well as their home, were sold. (There's actually a bit of a story about that... that in a way, is sad. But yeah, that's about when they'd be dying. The grandmother would live for a few more years in a nursing home... I remember she never wanted to end up in a nursing home.... but then her daughter (parent's sibbling) tricked her into giving the power of attorney and stuck her there. - Oh gosh, I could go on and on... - We weren't physically there in the court room to see how it was given, though. I remember my parents saying an attorney told them they (my parents) weren't supposed to be there or something. - I believe it was advertised to my grandmother that she'd be going some place temporarily (as if the doctor wanted it, I think.).... (She was diagnosed with Alzheimer's/dementia back then, by the way.).... but actually it wasn't temporary at all. It was not advertised as a nursing home, but that is what it was. - Sometimes we'd check on her at the nursing home and take her out places.)
Things I remember them planting? Strawberries, tomatos, butter beans, green beans, squash, watermelon... maybe other things. Would have bags full of butterbeans, and would pluck all the beans out... and also a line of tomatoes by a series of windows to rippen... and usually end up jarred. (Air-tight sealed.) - I remember the grandfather actually owned a business at some point too... that I think was kinda given to him by some guy (forget the story), and he kept his name in the business name (While also adding his own name.) ... The main thing is that my grandparents were definitely well off.   The grandfather also made cabinets by the way... so basically architectural stuff. (And he also was in the military at some point too, by the way. Probably(?) due to a draft, but I don't remember. And probably for Vietnam War (trying to guess off memory/don't remember exactly.))

There's also another sad part to the story = They weren't just victims... we were as well. Since the house we were living in was in the grandparent's names... (Since the idea was that we would be buying it for cheap from grandparents without the worry with interest rates/etc.) ... and well.. you can guess what happens after power of attorney.
We were suppose to be buying that house, but then parent's sibling was saying that it was rent.... - So what do we do? We go buy another house... anyway, that was about a decade ago.

All is not lost, though... because inheritance.... (which is actually slowly draining away.... my mother is jobless and has problems with her knees/legs if she stands on them for a few minutes or so... she did try getting a stem cell injection in both knees... which has helped over the year.... But on the bright side, my father does have a job that pays more than $20/h (thanks to them being there a long time.) .... (Sorry, I'm not going to give an exact figure, but I used $20/h as the number to compare to because that would be my goal.. I think my true value is worth much more than that... but... not like I care to have millions, but to just be well off... Hahah. You lose the money anyway. (B/c of death), but even if you didn't.... same difference to me.)

(There's so much to this story, I may have left some stuff out, and I'm probably not even half way through. =P Anyway, we can leave that for another time.)

It may not be immediately clear how valuable this advice is, but it mainly boils down to one rule: Live below your means, always spend less than you earn, and save the rest
I remember some saying (Was it on Steve Harvey? OR something else?) About the poor acting rich, so they remain poor... and the rich acting poor so they remain rich or something... (I think the quote was different, but that's what it amounted to.)

and there are ways to invest your savings so it will grow even more.
Yeah, I really need to get in on that. Just keeping it in the bank (Even if it is a "with interest" account. (At such small values, I might as well be getting nothing.)) ...  is basically like lighting a candle.... it just melts away from inflation.
e.g. I know about CDs (Certificate of Deposits), but don't feel like they're worth it in the end. :shrug: (Locking your money for a higher interest rate that is usually STILL below the inflation rate.)
A lot of these other things, I might know about, but don't really understand them... So I guess it is worth a thorough research.

I also remember something about calculating all your expenses... and double it... and make sure you have enough to pay that amount. (That allows you to account for unexpected expenses... such as a tire blowout for example.)  (Something from 12th grade.)

Anyway, I shall check that article out.
2  The Community / Open Discussion / Re: Air Force on: January 12, 2020, 08:25:12 AM
Let's see... the pay by ranks: (Surprised they actually list this.)  =  Yeah... those are looking a little low... (if you don't account for any of the benefits... like 30 days/year paid vacation.) - I'd say E1 pay should be obtainable in most fair-paying jobs without a degree.  **Not sure if that is before tax? Maybe.** And the next ranks don't seem to have that much of an increase either.... With the type of commitment they require from people, I feel like they need to raise these values a bit. Make it simple and have it start at like $2k for E1, for example. And then have each rank-up be at least 10% more.  (Possibly rounded.) (Also, I think this would be easier to see in per hour amounts... but maybe this is like this because they might do their pay checks by the month instead of by the week. = Didn't check. But if that's the case, they should raise it even more for that slight inconvenience.)
I guess if it is something you can't directly turn into profit as easily, it would make sense for it to be somewhat lower than it should be.
(Also, as a civilian, if you have a house, you can already save some money by having a garden in your backyard (depending on state laws, I think.), etc... hm. - And you don't necessarily *need* college/tuition when there is the internet... The idea being that pretty much everything you can do in a classroom, you can see on a video. [Eventually.] Some topics may require a bit of hands-on, though. (e.g. doctors, police, firemen, etc.) But even in those topics, you can still learn a lot about them without actually doing much.)
So with that, I say they are more a "stepping stone" than anything... (Like a lot of other basic civilian jobs.) I feel like for a stepping stone... Their contract should have only ever started as a 1 or 2 year one, with the possibility of continued renewal by the same increments. (1 or 2 years). I'd say that amount of time is generally enough to put on a resume at least. (If you should choose to.) - Maybe 1 year increments is a little easier to keep track of. More than two years at a time starts seeming like abuse territory. (Even if a person really believes they want to do it, I still think it'd be abusive to not take into account developments in one's head that could make a person want to end the contract sooner. And a period as short as two years.... shouldn't be *too* hard to wait through (shrug) if you want to keep your contract honest.)
And yeah, definitely not plan A....

That's cool. About double pay outside of military. (I bet you're probably rich by now. Hahah... (For someone who might not own a business. That being, I'm not talking about multi-millions. - At the very least, I do think owning a business would be an excellent end-goal... I mean, even if it were like a good charity that helps people out or something. That way, it could thrive fully on donations, that would be a dream.)  = Do you still do overtime? I assume you did in the military at least?)
If you're around like $30+/h, that's interesting... I have a hard time imagining getting anything over $20/h without some sort of progress to a degree or proof (proof = The stuff Charon was talking about on a resume.) But I also think location might be a big factor as well, though.... :D And job hunting is always a pain to do on the internet... there's always something that basically says "don't pick me" or "you're not in a position to pick me." (e.g. If I start to see a long list of "REQUIREMENTS" rather than just "recommendations"... I already start wondering if it is a red flag.)

Is it possible to "test out of college courses" to get a degree quicker and for cheaper? Hmmm.... (Chances are, I would probably much rather study course material on my own anyway. - MEans it'd be fully self-paced, and don't have to spend too much time on boring stuff.)
(I'm asking in recognition that (as Charon says) I know you don't need a degree, but figure it could make it easier in the long run if there was something I missed. = Mainly looking into the option, did not yet make the decision to actually do it.)
I need to know the full price of a Bachelor in Computer Science when going for the cheapest possible. (e.g. If it could be done with just a couple thousand dollars at most (altogether) = that would be nice. And something I could perhaps see doing.  --- Unfortunately = = FIVE DIGITS... per year.... (Extremely unreasonable price, it would never work for me.)  Am I buying myself a mansion here, or what? - When your degree is NOT based on what you know, but how much money you have. I forget how Financial Aid service works... I think I knew at one time... but ??? = Probably one major factor making it cost so much. No idea.) -- Even if the degree landed you a job, you'd probably be dead before you make all the money back... unless you got lucky. (On a level like winning the lottery.) And if later you find it doesn't work for you and you want to study something else???? Hmmm.... (Trying to find the logic in the pricing.)

1 year DIY/Test out degrees. :O

lets you graduate in one year instead of four, and costs roughly 1/20th the price of a regular degree…with the exact same legitimacy and earning power.
Yeah, I like that. Probably still expensive, but if 1/20th the price, I can start seeing a possibility. :D :D Further research required, though.

Worst case scenario, you get stuck with an illegal diploma mill that you don't know is one. :/ (At the very minimum, if you choose an online college, make sure it is a .edu.)

Probably will still want to check a degreeless option for Plan A. For several reasons. One being that it takes time to figure out how DIY works. And also that I believe an employer shouldn't be requiring something that's normally expensive, even if there is a cheaper route. (Unless of course, they tell you the cheap route to use.)

Somewhat unrelated:
My guess for the best way to not be hacked(?) (Which is often times not an option.) = Keep your systems off the internet, and have at least two offline back-up copies. (At least one method in which a magnetic bomb can not wipe it, and one stored off site in case of say... a fire... or whatever... (e.g. Do you trust your fire box?).)
And if offline security is important... consider watching LockPickingLawyer/Bosnianbill on youtube. One must recognize security is hard, and for most circumstances, the Bowley lock is probably good enough. :D (Which is highly pick-resistant/not pick-proof.)
At the same time, I'm not really qualified to give advice on security. Hahah. But I certainly do like the study. (Both when it comes to software, as well as actual devices like physical locks.)
3  The Community / Open Discussion / Re: Air Force on: January 09, 2020, 12:29:38 AM
Unpredictable.... yeah, that might be the word. What about experience at access to a bathroom and/or whether you could be up roaming during the middle of the night, etc?
How about access to the kitchen?


While I still think on one level it could still be worth a try....
It's pretty hard to not feel uneasy just thinking about what companies might actually think if they were to see the Editors... since it is kind of doing things we shouldn't really be doing. (e.g. We never asked Camelot if it was okay to 'hack' Golden Sun, and it might even come off as us probably being ROM pirates... Etc. (How am I going to tell them to get the game if they want to test my Editor?) And they may not even understand how Patching works.  And I feel, I probably wouldn't be in the interest of going through the motions of explaining those particular things.
But at the same time, I understand that you don't need everyone to accept you, you only need one person... and if anyone takes you, then that should be reason enough. I think usually, I'd like to know who I'm dealing with first, and if a gray area can be avoided (whatever it may be), then by all means, why not?

Also, something that came to mind that I remember hearing about from some years ago...
I think some places will even do things like run a script that looks for keywords in resumes, and if yours don't have certain keywords (most likely these keywords are in the job description), a person might not even look at your resume. Although, it has been a while, and I forget the details... there might have been laws requiring people to actually look, though. (possibly just those in Government, not sure which??)

(I think I should change the name of this topic to something along the lines of Careers or Living? So we can still talk about  this without actually going off-topic. Topics that are probably more interesting anyway. Hahahah!)
4  The Community / Open Discussion / Re: Air Force on: January 08, 2020, 02:01:46 PM
Fox, like I said before, I really think you should not be going into the military unless you want to get politically involved in what the military is doing right now, because the military is used as an international extension of the USA's reach. Everything the military does is political, which is why the military is highly controversial. The US military has done some truly despicable things in the last 50 years as well.
Oh, at this point, I'm just simply gathering information....  When I looked up that page, I did not intend to actually apply....  And that 8 year contract is... jaw-dropping to say the least. No, it's actually worse than that, I need to check if my jaw fell off its hinges. :/

I figured it was fear... The best thing you can do for yourself is find other people nearby, maybe even your own family, to live with. Communal living is going to become more common as rent rates continue to climb and debt is commonplace. Explain to your parents that the situation for people in our age is simply not the same as the one they had, where rent is too high and we can't afford anything. You sound genuinely nervous. Also, focus on those career advice tips that I gave you. It IS possible to get a job without a degree in computers (I have), its probably one of the best fields for this.
Well, right now, I have family... and will probably have them available for a long time... (assuming medical issues don't occur)...  So it isn't like an immediate need or anything...
But, I do certainly have an interest in the affairs of others who don't.... and maybe some day use that information to my advantage. (And maybe even pass that information along.)
Try not to read this as me being nervous...
I may be pretty sloppy, and my brain can be all over the place, though. xD ...

unless you want to blow up brown people in the middle east
And I don't.

(Pick one.)

Results: No one harmed. No war at this time. Possibly more sanctions, but who knows what that'd be.

Hm... So about this communal living... I am assuming it is where you rent a room from someone living in a house? ... So kinda like the Group Home type of thing... well... I mean... that is a thing for elderly housing and mental illness housing, at least. Etc.
Hmmm.... How safe is that? (Not just from a violence standpoint.)
Uh... I guess I should look into it more.

Perhaps a mansion (with more rooms) instead of a normal house, that could be interesting.... but much to think about.

I'm afraid to wonder if communal living becomes popular, whether that will make it even harder for the average person to some day own a house, and do something big with it (that you couldn't otherwise do).... since well, if people have money again because they figured out their living arrangement... then wouldn't that also affect the prices of everything else. Hmmm.... I guess it is nothing much to really worry about if the economy is basically an up and down machine, but... shrug.
Oh yeah. Forgot about tenements. (Are those still a thing?)
So I guess check the price of everything, and well...
5  The Community / Open Discussion / Re: Air Force on: January 08, 2020, 06:43:38 AM
The U.S. is "bad"... :( That is unfortunate... surely they have a lot of good things too, right? But the bad is just magnified... because it is there.

But being viewed as bad... is kinda why I point out that quantity matters. - Don't get into wars that aren't for you. Unless of course, you are paying someone back a favor. (e.g. Like in an alliance, so you can maintain the alliance.)
I'm guessing the U.S. likes to play Hero all the time... and maybe they don't know what it is to be a Hero.

Roughly speaking... although, it might not be that simple either. :shrug:

Out of curiosity, what put the thought back there? Because my take is that, knowing some of your skills and capabilities firsthand, you could easily put your skills to far greater use elsewhere.
That's an excellent question.  I still have to figure myself out. 
Probably curiosity.  - I'd like to also ask a simple, but complex question.
What does a person do to live on their own? (e.g.  When I looked, to buy a House for yourself without help is quite expensive. Even trailers run for five figures. =D I mean, you could take out a loan, but still.... If you found an even better option, you're sure to be kicking yourself. And pretty badly at high figures.)
I guess Charon already answered, though... but I mean like.... if you are less prepared than that.

And about skills/capabilities = I agree... especially since I'd guess that most entry-level jobs are too simple and repetitive for me? Hahah. I guess it would be cool to have a little bit of a challenge relating to something I'm interested in, but maybe not a huge challenge. (Need relaxation at some point, y'know.)
I always imagine there to be a way to slip between the seam if you have a goal, but drawing the line from point A to point B is difficult.... and that's assuming you can even SEE point B from point A.

  I do want to point out that not all jobs in the military are combat related though.
Yeah. That's one of the factors I was thinking about when I even considered it in the first place.
Air Force Reserve = Hm? That's a part-time thing? ... Huh.... What is the minimum contract? 2, 4, 6 years, you think?
e.g. = Best case scenario for me if I had did something in military, you think???
I'd like to understand more about this "getting called to Active Duty" if you're in Reserve. Is that like when the President signs a bill, or something less formal? :shrug:   What does the contract look like, anyway? Probably should look it up.
And if you do get called to active duty? What is the policy? Surely not a four year thing?

How many years will I have to serve? ▾
Your initial military service obligation (MSO) will be for six years of participation (one weekend a month and two weeks once a year), plus two years of inactive status (you are no longer expected to attend drills, but you could still be activated by the President). Subsequent enlistments can be from two to six years.
Ah. 6+ years is a bit much for a test run. :thinking:
How often does the Air Force Reserve deploy? ▾
Deployment depends on your AFSC (Air Force Specialty Code), the unit you're assigned to, and the needs of the Air Force at any given time.

Generally there is no set deployment schedule for the Air Force Reserve. It isn't unusual to not be deployed at all. If you get deployed once in six years, that would be typical, but it could be more than that.

Most likely your mission will be of a logistical or support nature. However, there are some specialties, such as Security Forces, that are more combat-oriented; and all Air Force Reserve members have to be willing to bear arms as circumstances require: for example, if you were assigned to an installation that came under attack.
logistical... I like that.

And cool @Atrius: ... But is that with a pay cut, since you no longer have to worry about dangers?

I see you updated your Bio, but you forgot to update the Occupation section of your profile. xD

For fun trivial... I wonder... Have numbers been posted for how many American soldiers been killed in battles for the last 10 years vs. how many different soldiers participated in those battles? (To get my hands on some percentages. Statistics is fun. =D )
6  The Community / Open Discussion / Re: Air Force on: January 08, 2020, 02:57:50 AM
That is true that Iran is a threat to us. Yes. Or we a threat to them. :shrug:
I mean like... credit doesn't really mean that much to me... (In my opinion, I'd say the only real credit that should matter is what God thinks of you.)  .... it was more a what-do-you-got-to-lose type of thinking... but I guess you make a point that it could never be that simple.
And it is definitely without much research on the goings.
"Considering" being "in the back of my head" as the first post says.... that is to say, more likely not going to... unless I find something that somehow.... fits me. For some weird reason. I wouldn't want to do it without months of studying, most likely. (And knowing me, I'm probably too lazy. Even if I did somehow manage to qualify and join it (and say if I wanted to fight in the Iran war. (nope)), I would not be surprised to be kicked out roughly a year after.... just for the fitness mess.  Not even sure if I'd make it that long.  It is probably easier to gain weight/be unfit when you are a bit older, too! - What my interest are, I shouldn't have any business trying to stay on top of fitness. Even though some of it may be a bit refreshing... to make it a daily routine seems like way too much, though.)
Both of you have swayed me even more to the "don't do it" zone, though.
= There are no "good guys" or "bad guys" here = Depends.... Even if there were good/bad guys... it's probably better to avoid any unnecessary wars, though... and solve those issues the proper way... - That being, the quantity of wars should be considered when judging how screwed up America is.... but that's only if you really don't want to spend the time looking into it.
My knowledge of war history is really down in the mud... I feel like WWII (>50 years ago), would be one example of a war I'd likely be in favor of...  Because really, those innocent Jews needed saving.   (Does not mean I'd want to be actively in that war.)
A question I have = Does any U.S. entry-level soldier really want war? Or do they usually do it for other reasons/ like Atrius's situation. Hmm... (Even if you had pursued the Infantry field.)

You don't need a programming job to show experience,
Yes, I know... but since it helps to have one (and can also give you easy references fitting the work), that is why I pointed that out.
I also know that having had a job *at all* can help some... (work references means you have experience working with people.)

Absolutely. The industry is growing in labor force. If you have coding skill and enjoy working in code I highly recommend trying this route.
Yeah. Programming would be my most favorable option above all else so far. (Before and after this topic.)
I'm hoping to figure out which companies.... because I like to see the bull's eye on the target board before I shoot the dart. (And maybe even before I pick up the dart. :shrug:) And then turn around, find out I got the wrong ammo (or maybe it is broken) for the target board, go back to the store to get the right one. xD

(And now I await Atrius's post on how he fit back into Civilian life... which is super-critical in one of my views of military *anyway*.)
7  The Community / Open Discussion / Re: Air Force on: January 07, 2020, 08:39:35 AM
Thank you for your responses!

Yeah, a lot of this is what-if thinking.... It's probably more likely I won't do it (I'm probably unqualified anyway?  I do know I can do 20 push-ups, and can't get to 50 without cheating, at least.), but anyway.... figured it's worth a least thinking about it. - You have to consider all options when looking for the right one, at least.

Hm. So let's say if I were actually in the military right now (I'm not), and I get sent to South Korea... Hmmm.... sounds painful... A part of me could still be interested just for the one-time learning experience... but ultimately, best if it could be avoided.  ... (I guess it also doesn't help with confidence when you have zero experience. -- I mean like... for starters... I probably never shot a gun before, but likely wouldn't mind doing so...) ....  Shrug.... If this were about attacking Israel, that would probably be the worst case scenario for me. (Due to Religious beliefs. Since in the Christianity religion, Israel was suppose to be God's chosen people or something.)

Exercising regularly...  so... even pass the entry level training stuff....?...  Is that even if you already still meet the standards? Ouch. (As in like... it is easy to fall off the standards in say... a week?)

Wouldn't be surprised if in the end, that if I had done it too, that I probably would have found it worth it too... but .... it's probably better I not do it. At least not at this time. - What is the minimum amount of time you can do, anyway? Or do you like... have no say? (Off the top of my head/without research... I would think, hope, that you should be allowed to set a retirement date way ahead of time (e.g. like 1 year in advance)... but not sure how any of that works.)

Are there even any career types/programs that mimic military training stuff without actually being so hard-core about it? (Without requiring you to be willingly put in harm's way.)  Something that allows a person (not necessarily me) to know if Military would fit them. (More just curious of the nation's flexibility than anything.) - Who knows, could be interesting to take a class like that just simply for educational purposes, even if you don't intend to dive that deep.

including to people with known medical conditions who were physically incapable of meeting expectations.
Were these people given an opportunity to resign? (Approval likely required.) Or is there like... no way to do so even with such conditions? (Therefore resulting in being "fired" instead of a resignation.)

And what types of punishments are we talking about? (50 push-ups? 50 laps? Clean some large equipment with a toothbrush?  Etc?  Is there even a thing called Isolation? (Which I believe is counter-productive))

(Questions to do with you and how things went/are going follow.)

You are out now? So what is it you are doing now that you are out?  (Basically asking if you found a job without much trouble after having gotten out, and what type of job? (e.g. Manufacturing, Store Clerk, etc.)) Going to guess it is not related to what you were doing in military?

Does this mean you are planning to continue on Forgotten Dreams? (Or do any other projects?)

And when you were in military, what is the biggest thing you got in trouble for? If anything?  Did you keep track of how many times you got "ticketed"? (Or whatever it is they do.)

Have you been gaining weight since you got out? (Sorry for embarrassing question.)

Perhaps you should also update your profile here on GSHC, since you are not "currently stationed at Eielson Air Force Base," right now.


Would I sacrifice the autonomy I gained by figuring out my own self discipline by having it given to me through someone who is using my life for causes that I don't really understand? This is much more of a concern because loss of life currently is a real possibility in very recent times.
While I agree...
On one hand.... Hard to say... loss of life is pretty much a guarantee/unavoidable...  (Unless say, something like a rapture happens... :D) - Who knows if this life really means anything afterwards. (On one perspective.)
So question becomes whether you want to die from natural causes/no reason... or die trying to help someone/whoever/whatever.... and be remembered for your great brave cause.
(I mean like... did you just notice how quickly these last 10 years went? Wow, man.)
I feel like the U.S. is more likely to go after the bad guys... even so, it is likely no one country is perfect.... it would be a real shame if the "bad guys" were really the true good guys... so in that case, yeah.
And on another hand... the ability to live a civilian life for a time, and do what you want... is hard to pass up. And also offers a lot of opportunities.

employer would love to see.
Hmm.... what employers would be likely candidates for me? Hmmm...... While I have worked a job before, it was not a programming one...
And while I'm confident in my ability to program in a reasonable amount of time for the average thing.... I don't really have much to show for it. And my main two projects are an embarrassment. Kinda. (Yoshi Magic and gsmagic)... They were a bit messy.... There were also a few other things... For example, I once got the Python For Everybody certificates from, but I really don't think those should count... they barely have you do much Python beyond the first two courses.
So it'll probably have to be entry level... but do we have any companies interested in hiring a bunch of entry level?

Huh, interesting... anyone heard of Space Force? Not sure if that is like... comparable to Waymo breaking away from Google.
8  The Community / Open Discussion / Air Force on: December 28, 2019, 09:11:15 PM
I need to look into it more, but anyway... if I (or whoever) did some day join a U.S. military (not saying I will, but it has been a what if thought in the back of my head, at least...)  Is this one potentially the best one? And why? (E.g. To me, strict age/height/weight/etc. restrictions would be a red flag. (Even if you meet them.)... so anything with leniency would be good things. - And things like tattoo rules can be completely ignored since I don't participate in tattoos anyway. I mean, still noted, I guess... but I'd consider it a rather low weight to ranking them. (At least when not combined with everything else.))

So what expectations should be had, etc. ?  Hm. - E.g. Assuming if I were to do it, I would probably want to do something that wasn't life threatening/high-risk. (If that makes sense. Kind of seems silly to think about if you consider we all get old and die anyway, but still.....) Lower risk things I don't mind... like the risk of cutting yourself with a knife or burning yourself on the stove, etc. (Both which can be serious or hardly serious at all.)

Is the training mostly combative? Like.... including wrestling/boxing type stuff? Not really my thing. (Or who knows.) First thoughts is I'd rather be a doctor or clean-up guy first.... but anyway....

I guess this topic can also kind of bring some activity to this forum a little bit... but I get the feeling it is not relevant to most of the Community.

(Maybe when I do a bit of research I can put some of my findings here. -- I already expect it to be highly focused on aircraft.)

Tattoo rules for Air Force = No tattoos on head/neck or hands (except an optional single ring band tattoo)... tattoos are okay on the rest of the body (chest/back/arms/legs) as long as it is not disturbing. (Use to be a 25% tattoo limit, but I read that was lifted due to  recruit percentages on how many people had a lot of tattoos and were disqualified. I guess to simplify the process as well. :shrug: Although it wouldn't apply to me (for being tattoo-less), I'm glad they made that change. An all or nothing approach like that does make better sense to me.)
9  General Hacking / Project List / Re: [RELEASE] Golden Sun Reloaded on: December 28, 2019, 01:29:06 AM
You can do it with a Save Game Editor....  (I should check to make sure, though.)
Or you can do it in VBA's memory viewer.
10  The Community / Open Discussion / Re: what is EPA? I don't get it. on: November 07, 2019, 04:32:11 AM
So PA and SA for short. I mean , we gotta have some abbreviation for lazy people :p

Okay, okay. I'll compromise:
Phy Atk & Std Atk
11  The Community / Open Discussion / Re: what is EPA? I don't get it. on: November 03, 2019, 03:35:02 AM
Well.  Do you have any better names for it?
12  The Community / Open Discussion / Re: what is EPA? I don't get it. on: November 02, 2019, 12:16:39 PM
Edit:  Note for future readers: Andy85 is a bot. (Salanewt edited out small link, and post is a copy of;topicseen#msg28429)

Now on to my post before I realized he was a bot:

Elemental Physical Attack (EPA)

An attack that takes both the Attack value (Atk - Def) and the Elemental value (Pow - Res)
I think.
13  The Community / Open Discussion / Re: Color palette hack on: September 24, 2019, 01:49:00 PM
AGB101 vs. old LCD

What math would you be using to convert the colors?
e.g. Divide every color intensity of each color by 2? As in...  R/2, G/2, B/2

I'll need to look at this. It may be that editing the palette files may be unnecessary, and just applying a simple equation to them is all that's needed.
14  The Community / Open Discussion / Re: Common Enligsh issues on: September 05, 2019, 12:28:42 PM
Unless you have a dirty fetish. xD
Hopefully you don't, though.

Meanwhile, I'm adding "Adept" to this list. (For capitalization.... really we should get rid of capitalization rules xD and punctuation ones too)

GS1 uses the word Adept in the story a bunch of times.
And GS2 too... However, I just noticed a version of my Editor has a bug - The Search feature for text doesn't work as expected. (Only showing some of the results) ... I wasn't testing with the latest version of my editor, so I'll have to see if it is still problematic in that one/check out what's going on.
Chances are that it is still in the latest, because I don't remember doing any text editor work for quite a long time.
15  Golden Sun Resources / Misc. GS Hacking / Re: Weird Glitch... on: July 26, 2019, 07:03:04 AM
Are we referring to Wind Slash's animation going up in the air? (I can't remember if that was normal, so worth an ask given how vague you put it.)
16  Golden Sun Resources / Misc. GS Hacking / Re: Little help please! on: July 16, 2019, 03:21:05 PM
Map edits? As in full playable maps?  Nothing to show right now. As the only map edits I've done with my editor were just for testing purposes so far.
I just mentioned that gsmagic featured a WIP map editor, and that I don't keep an updated version of it on GSHC. - Well, I do have a Drive folder for it now days, so..... Tempted to link it in my signature later on. xD Like what I did with my docs.
17  Golden Sun Resources / Misc. GS Hacking / Re: Little help please! on: July 14, 2019, 10:28:05 PM
1.)  Sure. With ASM editing.
I'm assuming you'd mean he'd appear in battle?
There are a few complications.  Such as whether you need more than 8 PC slots or not. (As in, stats and stuff take up ram space, you know.)

Complex enough that I probably won't be making any patches on it at this time (SInce I'm basically lazy, and haven't thought of any potentially easy, interesting, and useful solutions out.)... unless it is something rather simple you had in mind.

 Idea I suppose you could make the NPC slots be put where enemies are put. I don't imagine that would be a problem, but anything like stats/etc. won't get saved. - And you'll have to recalculate all his stats from scratch just like enemies. (Either make it so you can't level him, or set his level value somewhere special like story flags.)

2.) gsmagic can edit TLA maps, but it is still a WIP editor. = I end up posting my versions in Discord, and forget to put them here. xP Hah.
18  Golden Sun Resources / Misc. GS Hacking / Re: [SOLVED] Rearraging Djinn encounters on: July 01, 2019, 03:38:57 AM
You missed the Event Table.


Sprite/object table:
0x0200db84 Sprite
0x0200db86 Flag

Event Code:
0x02008064 Battle

Event Table (Flag checked before calling the Event's Code.)
Event table at 0200E3F4 for World Map.
@0200E430 entry > Change 0200E436 to whatever you put in 0200DB86. (And do the same for the others.)

Fizz'll probably be easy - just need to look at Mia joining event. (If that is where it is added.) - I may need to check.

Edit: Found it. Go to the map where Mia joins your party. (54)

See 0200CBD8 in VBA's Disassemble....

0200CBD8 = Element of Djinni (0=Venus, 1=Mercury, 2=Mars, 3=Jupiter)
0200CBDA = Djinni #
0200CBDC = PC added to. (In this case, 3 means Mia.)

0200CBE2/0200CBE4/0200CBE6 = Same thing as above, but used to set the Djinni.
19  Golden Sun Resources / Misc. GS Hacking / Re: [SOLVED] Rearraging Djinn encounters on: June 30, 2019, 08:26:43 AM
Most likely.
I know you do need to edit in more than one place per Djinni.

I think it was something like this. (Several places Flag IDs are located that may be relevant.)
-Event table data (See 0200E7C0 list) - Responsible for reading/checking the flag before allowing Event to be executed.
-The code calling the Djinni function with the NPC ID and Djinni ID arguments. (Event table has function pointers, so reading those helps.) - I think mostly responsible for setting the flag.
-The NPC data itself. (See 0200E338 list.)

You can always post a patch, or say the exact edits you made, and I could check it out. = Patch is best way so we can spot things like typos/etc. (Everyone makes them from time to time, including me.)
20  General Hacking / Project List / Re: GS: TLA Maheo's Path on: June 08, 2019, 12:34:07 PM
Then, I went to Squire class series and put the requirements for Mars instead of Venus (5 Mars for Squire, 7 for Knight, etc)
Did you also update the class type? (Mars isn't the same class type as Venus)

Class type is mostly just elemental priority... (Though, can include item classes that don't check for elemental priority.)
3-5=Venus&Mars but with secondary element
6-10 similar as above but with Jupiter/Mercury & secondary element.

Without going into too much detail (because I'm not sure how to explain), the game uses these values to determine how characters get classes.
When multiple elements have the same level, yes... but in this case, with three elements being a level 0, and one not... and we're only working with the base class-line (single element)... it's not really relevant right now. (To have a secondary element, its level must be above 0.  (If you have an element at "9" (0.9) (not "90"/(9.0)) in the party editor, but no Djinn of the same element, that is still level 0.)
He didn't say anything about class type, and to me, that makes the most sense right now for what the problem may be (If he deleted/changed the original Mars classline, which I suspect is the case?), but he'd need to show us what he has for it.

I may try this myself soon.   Not right now, though.  I'm feeling pretty confident, but I know it's always best to double check.   (I have studied the entire function for what assigns your class a long time ago... so I'm not expecting any problems.)
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December 24, 2019, 09:33:09 PM
Fox: Even just plain Editor work can make some difference. = At least these forums are indexed on the Search engine. I was also curious about whether to um... go through all the topics on these forums and take all the important stuff out/placed into a folder for a bit of organization. Would be a bonus since if something ever happened to this forum, or if we ever wanted to start afresh again, it wouldn't be that difficult to do so.
December 24, 2019, 09:23:03 PM
Fox: One thing is for sure. This place has become completely dead. (Mostly because of Discord.)  = I don't think much will happen with this forum unless I, Salanewt, or someone else does a thing.
December 24, 2019, 09:18:05 PM
Fox: Probably not?
December 24, 2019, 06:51:08 PM
Luna_blade: I suppose this is the last Christmas of this forum? 
December 24, 2019, 06:50:51 PM
Luna_blade: Yay thanks for the coins
December 19, 2019, 04:39:45 AM
Fox: Okay, another thought... "gsmagic" could be the code name/project name... and "Golden Sun Magic" could be the more formal official name... (As in using both names.)  -  I still need to look into these other games as well... so who knows if it could be better to call it Camelot Magic if those should ever be supported to a decent standard.  Would probably be a long time from now, though. As I can be pretty lazy.
December 18, 2019, 10:01:39 PM
Foreclosure: gsmagic is fine
December 17, 2019, 05:44:32 PM
Fox: Also. I call my program "gsmagic" and not "GSMagic" =P (Not asking for correction/I being silly)... Had to call it something, so picked something short.  Maybe I should rename it to Golden Sun Magic later. *shrug*
December 17, 2019, 05:35:04 PM
Fox: (And "Golden Sun" instead of "GS" to reduce confusion that would likely not be there anyway... when "Golden Sun" doesn't take up much space to start with. (Imagine being new and thinking GS meant GameShark, or some other oddity. Ew.)) - All just thoughts...I'm still going with most of this not mattering that much, though.
December 17, 2019, 05:12:55 PM
Fox: "Misc. GS Hacking" = That name looks odd, so I'd probably just go with "Golden Sun Hacking"
December 17, 2019, 05:08:05 PM
Fox: I tempted to also suggest the Editors can go in the first category. Since the Editor is the reason this place exists in the first place. (I think.)
December 17, 2019, 04:53:19 PM
Fox: (combined = Not meant to be taken literally... but rather.... to generalize things more, since it apparently looks like we don't need the extra space no one is using.)
December 17, 2019, 04:48:49 PM
Fox: Worse still... we've only used those for Golden Sun content.... and there's not much there.
December 17, 2019, 04:45:53 PM
Fox: E.g. Maybe everything in "Assets & Discussion" could be combined with "Creative Works".... I don't feel like sound and art apply to general hacking anyway... that only comes into play when you have tools to insert them.
December 17, 2019, 04:40:26 PM
Fox: categories and/or forums
December 17, 2019, 04:36:48 PM
Fox: Everything else seems to be about right, though. Perhaps some categories could be combined(?), but doesn't really matter that much.
December 17, 2019, 04:33:03 PM
Fox: (I still think The Community section fits best at the bottom. =P)
December 15, 2019, 05:10:04 PM
Salanewt: Heya! I'm planning to get the demo up today, but if you can't wait then it's already available on the Discord.
December 15, 2019, 04:12:27 AM
Fox: (Then sell the badges on the Trade Center for a very high price... and give a lot of active people coins to buy them with, so they can basically transfer the coins to me if they want something... Gosh I could be a naughty hoarder. =P)
December 15, 2019, 04:06:19 AM
Fox: I'd buy up all the stock for each item too... but man... I think I'm too lazy for that. =P
December 15, 2019, 04:01:24 AM
Fox: There we go. That should be all of them.
December 15, 2019, 03:25:32 AM
Fox: Duplicates will still show up as separate entries on the profile as well. Interestingly enough.
December 15, 2019, 03:18:25 AM
Fox: (Well, one of each badge, at least.)
December 15, 2019, 03:18:08 AM
Fox: Now I can buy up the whole shop. :3
December 14, 2019, 08:58:08 PM
Foreclosure: Guys, I really want to see the AI overhaul demo... please fast! :D hehehe
December 14, 2019, 08:57:33 PM
Foreclosure: I sent 2 thousand coins for ya bro
December 14, 2019, 01:31:38 AM
Fox: In my opinion, even with the old system where it was set up so you could only coin people once per hour... I think it would have been far more fair if we could have also coined ourselves hourly.... since people have favoritism for certain people.... I feel like that could mitigate it some. At least to get badges that people care about the most. - Unlimited coining sounds like a step further than that, which is interesting... :)
December 14, 2019, 01:12:00 AM
Fox: Do note, that people can't coin themselves... but I feel if you got someone who's willing to transfer the coins you give them back to you... it is as though you have that coin option on yourself anyway....
December 14, 2019, 01:07:29 AM
Fox: Go to any of my forum posts, look for where it says Coins... under that, you'll see [increase] , clicking that will give me coins. You won't lose anything for doing so. Click it as much as you like... Under that, you should see Send Money (a faster option if you got the coins). Use that link to transfer your coins to me of any amount you want. (e.g. Put in 2000, means I get 2000, you lose 2000... but if I've already given you 2000+, you don't really have to see it as actually losing anything.)
December 13, 2019, 03:42:39 PM
Foreclosure: How do I return favor, sir?

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