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1  Golden Sun Resources / The Classic GS Editor / Re: Error message on: 14, August, 2017, 03:07:12 AM
Might be a necropost, but I'm having this issue upon every time I open it. I have never used it on this computer, (got it only recently), and it keeps throwing that error no matter what I do. Could it possibly be an issue with Windows 10? I'll futz around with permissions of usergroups, but I'm pretty sure the Editor and that entire folder has the rights all setup correctly. I'll repost here if I fix it with that. =O

EDIT 1: Just want to confirm that it does it on the Teawater version, too. Which makes sense, since I think it was made with the original Editor as a base.
2  Golden Sun Resources / Misc. GS Hacking / Re: Dark Dawn: GBA Concept Room on: 26, May, 2017, 12:50:14 PM
This honestly makes me a bit nostalgic for the GBA games. It's just a 3D version! It looks exactly what you'd expect the GBA games to look like before the graphics were squashed down into sprites. =D?
3  General Hacking / Non-GS Hacking / Re: Android/iOS/PC Porting...? on: 26, April, 2017, 03:51:24 PM
@GBATEK: That looks MUCH cleaner/better than the one that I had found before. And it's for GBA, specifically, too, unlike the other one. (The other one was generalized assembly code stuffs, which probably wouldn't have helped, anyway.) So thanks for that. I'll look through it when I get some time. The THUMB chart should be interesting, too, considering the "if you have troubles understanding GBATEK" part in the description. With both, I should have no problems at least getting into it. So thanks for that!

@pixel analysis: I agree. But it was the only way that I could think to do it sans the assembly or RAM stuffs needed to hardmod it into the game. If we can get it all implemented through the game, a full wrapper might not be needed: just the input overlay to handle (x,y) clicks and scrolling. That would be nice. I'm just not sure how it all would work. With a headstart on GBA assembly code, though, I can at least get a look at it from the perspective of the game and figure some stuffs out on my own. But if anyone still wants to dig around for those menu addresses, though... >_> lol?

Anyway, thanks again. Got the THUMB chart downloaded and the GBATEK page bookmarked. I'll follow up here if I figure out anything/have any questions. =D?
4  General Hacking / Non-GS Hacking / Android/iOS/PC Porting...? on: 25, April, 2017, 02:37:45 AM
Okay, question for all you nerds who know assembly code. (Because I'm lazy and have no idea how to learn that crap. lmao)

I am looking into porting various games to different OSes through what I call "wrapped emulation". Dunno what it's actually called, but it basically entails running an emulator with a frontend to allow parts of the emulated game to be changed/edited/etc on the fly, usually via RAM or hard-mods to the game's code. I want to see if it's possible to do something like this with multiple games, (like porting Final Fantasy games to Android, but making them less @#$%), but I will use Golden Sun as an example, since it's both the topic of this forum and a game I want to do this with.

In Golden Sun, there are many windows/menus. The Psynergy menu, the Djinn menu, the Start Menu... Et cetera. What I want to do is implement full point/click and hotkey support to it via the "wrapped emulation" concept that I mentioned above. Emulate the game, then live-edit the RAM from a frontend that contains the emulator. Would probably utilize screenspace pixel analysis to detect if a menu is open. Could maybe even do it on the scale of icons and whatnot: have the wrapper scan for certain pixel patterns that match up with an icon, then go from there. But that still presents an interesting problem: scrolling.

The way that GS handles menus is pretty standard for D-pad-controlled games: move the cursor, accept the choice that's highlighted, boom, new menu opens, action is queued/taken, etc. In my vision for this, it would jump directly to the option closest to where the screen was touched: tap on Status from the Overworld menu, and it instantly opens the Status menu, rather than having to hit Right or Left on a D-pad, then A. This is where you assembly code nerds come into play.

I was curious if anyone had dug around in GS's code for long enough to possibly know where to find the pointers for "open menu x" or "execute action y" or "select item z on list a". More than likely, such things could be found in the RAM, much like how the Debug commands can be added to the Start menu by changing just a single address via memory editing. And that is my preferred way of doing this: create a wrapper that intercepts the RAM and live-edits the addresses based on user input. "If address a is set to value b, then create button at (x,y) that changes address c to value d upon use." Something like that.

So, in simpler English: I need the RAM addresses for "is menu a open", "open menu b", and "select list item c" for every menu in the game. I also would need to know more about how Golden Sun handles lists and menu items: is it a simple array that includes the values of whatever is in that slot? ("Slot 0 = 180 x 5, Slot 1 = null, Slot 2...") Or is it more complex? If anyone knows this stuff and could dump a collection of it for me, I'd love them forever. (I already love all of you forever, so it's kind of a moot point. But still!)

If anyone is confused and has any questions, feel free to ask! I might not reply right away, (lots of IRL stuffs going on right now; this is just something that I've been thinking about lately), but I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Anyway, cheers for now! =D?

- 2br02b, 2017

EDIT 1: I also would like to figure out point/click movement, but that can come later; a virtual joystick or WASD will suffice for now. *shrug* lol

EDIT 2: It also occurred to me that I could probably learn assembly code, specifically for GS, if someone has a link or download for a comprehensive tutorial on the language. I've been looking around the web for anything of worth, but I can only find old machine code stuffs and one very old, pre-2000 tutorial site on GBA assembly code that is so shoddily formatted that I can't understand it, at all. So any information about reading materials that you guys have or have used in the past would be appreciated! =D?
5  The Community / Introductions / Re: The Leaving User Thread on: 25, April, 2012, 02:27:07 PM
I am back after my extended absence.  However, I'm currently working on dividing my free time between Minecraft, MapleStory, Final Fantasy XI, Terraria, and my YouTube channel, among other, less important activities.  Like work.  *derpface*

Anyway, I'm working on three different modifications for Golden Sun, (Final Mix, Flamestrike Mix, and Vulgar Mix), which will all be detailed in my thread.  You know, the one that's ever-changing...?

Whatever I end up working on, I'll make sure to post more around the site.


- 2br02b
6  The Community / Introductions / Re: The Leaving User Thread on: 03, March, 2012, 06:35:31 AM
I will be on a hiatus of an undetermined length due to me having too much stuff to do, (YouTube, Minecraft moderating, school, etc).  I'll be back whenever I can...


- 2br02b
7  Golden Sun Hacking Community / News & Announcements / Re: Golden Sun: The Lost Age Editor V0.4 Released on: 23, February, 2012, 06:24:41 PM
You know what?  Despite the anger and rage in Role's post, (however needed it is), I totally agree.  We did get promises and reassurances that there would be updates every couple of months.  And yes, Atrius, I understand that you're busy.  (I mean, I can't even set time aside to work on one of the "immature language" hacks of the game, let alone actually do something USEFUL with this tool!)  That's part of life.  But another part of life is knowing when you can't do something on your own and need help from your friends.  I may not actually know anyone here, nor do I claim to regularly interact with anyone outside the forum, but I like to think of this website as a place I can go to get ideas and criticism from people whom I can actually put up with.  Role and I may have had a bad start, but I know for a fact that even that has been left behind in light of all of us PULLING TOGETHER, even as an internet community.  I submitted some ideas for the community hack, and I've chatted with people through forum posts about random crap that I do with the game.  That kind of collaboration is fine, but it's limited.  Now, if I were to get even one other person to help with my extensive hack that I'm doing, then it would be easy peasy; it'd get done WAY faster than if I worked on it alone.

I guess the long and short of it is this: it's a bit childish and naive to keep the Editor's progress solely under your workload.  It doesn't make sense!  Like Role said, there's at least a couple people who would be more than willing and able to help with future updates.  If you're afraid that they'll just take over the project and start releasing the source code or some crap, then man up and assert yourself!  You are not only the creator of this tool, you are the administrator of its progress.  If you don't take steps to get on a regular release schedule, then people are going to leave the site and lose interest.  If getting on a regular, consistent release schedule means teaming up with other people who have the same passions for the game and coding, in general, then so be it.  Where is it etched in diamond that you, and ONLY you, can work on this?  Lighten your own load, man!

And, gods forbid, if you're keeping the Editor's work to yourself with the excuse, "It's MY project," then you shouldn't have made a community for it.  You're a smart guy, from what I gather.  Surely you knew that people would want to work on it at some point, whether with you or on their own.  It may be a tool with TONS of potential and already a good amount of applications, but it's just a program; what would you lose from letting other people work on it?

I've said my piece, and then some.  If you really want people to stay interested in the site and your Editor, Atrius, then figure out some way of giving them at LEAST screenshots of the progress that you're making.  For me, just knowing that there's SOMETHING going on, even behind the scenes, is enough.

- 2br02b
8  General Hacking / Project List / Re: Golden Sun: The Lost Age - Vulgar Edition! on: 23, February, 2012, 05:35:30 PM
Yeah, I'm kinda getting a bit tired of simple text-hacks, myself.  I remember that this thread was originally for a complete re-write of the game, with Saturos as a party member and all this kind of crap that would have taken forever to do in the Editor, even if it were possible.  I have a ton of ideas, (some seem good; most are utter bullcrap), that I'd love to toy around with, but, like you said, it's not possible right now.

Now, about hacks that make substantial changes to the game, I mentioned a while back that I was working on a re-working of the classes.  I am going to add a ton of new stuff to the game, take out some other stuff, and change the core mechanic of the class system.  I think I may have figured out a way to make any character get any class, regardless of elemental requirements, at the expense of specialization in any particular element.  It's working out fairly well right now.  All of my tests are coming up with desirable results.  However, this does add a lot of work to be done to the ability lists, as I now have to put in new abilities for every class that I make.  It also requires the Party Separation Patch that's built into the Editor...  So that's a LOT of classes that I have to work on.  But, when I finally finish it, it will be all the more rewarding...

Anyway, I'm gonna work on the Vulgar Edition for a while.  I have a ton of work on that one, too, so...


- 2br02b
9  General Hacking / Project List / Re: Golden Sun: The Lost Age - Vulgar Edition! on: 20, February, 2012, 01:55:23 PM
I'm actually thinking of re-doing the dialogue in this hack, as it seems that many people are not really digging the pointless vulgar.  I'll prolly change Sheba's character from the creepy little jailbait princess that she is into something a little more amusing.  Maybe a schizophrenic.  With voices that tell her to do stupid crap.  And a god-complex.  Yeah.

.  .  .

Wow, I just came up with that off the top of my head, and I like it already!

Anyway, I might take out the cussing, as I now know why I wanted to make this hack, in the first place.  I had gone through a very painful break up at the time that I came up with it, and my ex-girlfriend hates when people make video games pointlessly vulgar.  So, that's exactly what I did with this game.  So, that said, I'm going to change it so that it's more HUMOROUS vulgarity, mixed with random sarcasm and stupidity, rather than distasteful vulgarity and unpolished stupidity getting shoved down your throat.  You get the picture, right?

I'm going to work on the items and abilities first, then the actual dialogue.  I'll upload an update when I finish with the abilities.


- 2br02b

PS:  And Role, I totally get what you're saying about the audience that it appeals to.  Would it matter, at all, if I made the changes to the content?  Or would it still really just apply to that specific demographic?  I'd like to hear your thoughts on it.
10  General Hacking / Project List / Re: Golden Sun: The Lost Age - Vulgar Edition! on: 15, February, 2012, 12:39:19 PM
Oh, wow.  I didn't realize that there was this much interest in this hack...

I may actually continue this, now!  I wasn't too sure that I wanted to, but now I'm fully decided: Vulgar Edition is back on the menu!  I'm gonna start working on this now...

- 2br02b
11  The Community / Introductions / Re: The Leaving User Thread on: 19, January, 2012, 06:23:38 PM
I'm going to be gone for an undetermined amount of time as I fluctuate between going to school part-time, playing Minecraft, and making videos.  My schedule is too full to work on Flamestrike Mix, so that project is on hold.  Actually, part of the reason for me not working on my hack is that the classes are taking REALLY long to finish.  I wish that I could copy and paste values from one class to another...  But that would be complicated, I assume.  Maybe I can put something in the Feature Refining thread...?

Anyway, between my personal time and school, I'll not be able to check in on here regularly.  I'll pop in to see what's new every once in a while, but not very often, and I'll mainly lurk, when I do come on here.  So, for now, I'll catch you cats on the flipside!

.  .  .

Assuming that you'll be thrown around to the flipside when I get there.  *trollface*


- 2br02b
12  Golden Sun Hacking Community / Feedback / Re: Name Changes on: 30, December, 2011, 08:01:05 PM
Okay, now that I'm not being retarded, (I apologize if that insults anyone)...

Would someone be so kind as to change my name "Claros Flamestrike"?



- 2br02b
13  The Community / Introductions / Re: The Spirit of the Dawn has been consumed by the Flames... on: 30, December, 2011, 07:45:48 PM
Regarding name-changing:  I actually forgot that I could change my name.  Even though I actually had it done once already.  >_<;;;

Regarding theatrics:  I could go on to explain why I posted that the way I did, but, to be completely honest, (and a little presumptious, I wager), I think that it would be wasted.  My psychology and mental state are mysteries to myself, even.  So, how could I even begin to explain it?

As a short attempt, I'll just say that I sometimes suffer from slight delusions, hallucenations, and major depression.  And, before someone throws that in my face or something, (not saying that anyone will; I'm just being cautious), I have thought long and hard about whether my extreme spiritual evolution was a subject of my delusions, and have come to the conclusion that it was not.  I may be wrong, but I rarely am on these types of things.

In hindsight, I could have just asked for a name change, as many people have said, but I was in a strange mental state at the time of posting.  Think of it like being drunk or high: people do stupid things when they are intoxicated, which is exactly what I was.  Also in hindsight, I probably shouldn't have emotionally/spiritually vomited on the forum.  Again, that was a result of mental intoxication.

Now, I will actually follow the procedure of the forum rather than jumping on random fancies and urges.  An admin or mod may delete this thread, should they desire.  Then again...  It might be a nice bit of entertainment...  Is there a place for spammy-type stuff on here?  Maybe it should be moved there...

Regardless, I apologize for being a socially idiotic spaz-bot on here.  It won't happen again.


- 2br02b

PS: By the way, I will be uploading my hack soon.  I just have been having some computer-related problems that have been getting in the way.  You can see more info in the thread for the hack, itself.  Plus, I have to finish the classes.  Do you know how long it takes to re-do all of the classes in the game?  0_o;;;  It's not very easy, especially when your second monitor, (which has your reference materials on it), keeps spazzing out and smoking.  Needless to say, that monitor is no longer attached to my computer.  xD
14  General Hacking / Project List / Re: Golden Sun: Flamestrike Mix - Mass-Content Modification on: 30, December, 2011, 07:39:13 PM
Gah!  AGAIN, my computer has derped up, and I wasn't able to work on this for a few weeks.  Then, due to some happenstance situation, my friend ended up "borrowing" my computer.  It's more like his mother forced him to hold it hostage.  >_<;;;  I may be able to work on this, anyway, as there are some computers that I can use, (such as this one), but it's unclear as to if the Editor will work on them.  Regardless, I'll continually update the first post with...  Uh...  Updates...?  *derp*

Also, about the class system, I used your omni-class template, Role, (which was REALLY helpful, by the way), and did some playing around with different class-type index values.  I actually found out, (through my own experimenting), that each value is specific to the characters, themselves.  However, there are certain loop-holes that you can exploit after applying the Class Separation Patch included with the Editor.  For example:  I wanted to create a class system that made it so that all classes can be used by all characters, (so, you could have Sheba be a Venus Adept/Earth Touched).  However, with the original elemental affinities, you couldn't achieve that, (Sheba couldn't become purely earth-based).  So, I set all of the PC's levels to zero.  Then, I remade the entire class list with classes that had levels that accomodated this change in the system.  I actually found out, through even more experimentation, that you could have all of the classes be used by all of the characters.  You have to have the patch applied, first of all.  Then, you just have to make all of the required levels for each class be suitable for the character's levels.  For example, you can't have a class that has a required level of 13.  If each Djinni grants one elemental level, then the max level any character could achieve is 9.  So, the base classes, (the mono-elementals), have to be adjusted so that the last tier of the class has a level of 9, not 13.  That kind of thing.

Also, if you want to make a class that uses a required level of 0 in every element, (and is not an item class), you have to make the class-type index a value that can be used by all the characters.  There is only one that workds: 0.  However, the class-type index of 0 is obviously null, so you can't use that, (any class with a value of 0 automatically becomes the NPC class, I've learned).  So, you have to make two versions of that class, then use a value of 12 for Isaac & Co. and a value of 32 for Felix & Co.  The NPC class uses 12, so all you have to do is change the NPC class to 0.  That's how I did it.

I know that some of this is completely idiotic and non-sensical, so I apologize if it doesn't make sense.  If you really want to know what I did, I should think that looking at my work in the Editor would be more informitive than me rambling.  In retrospect, I could have just said that, in the first place.  Oh, well.  I'm too lazy to erase all of that.  xD

Anyway, cheers!

- 2br02b
15  The Community / Introductions / Re: The Leaving User Thread on: 19, December, 2011, 10:51:40 PM
I'm going to be leaving the forum for good.

.  .  .

At least as my current forum persona.  I made a thread explaining myself here:

It pretty much explains what happened, what's going to happen, and who I now am.

So, Adepts of GSHC...  Farewell.

With much love and affection,

Claros Flamestrike
- 2br02b
16  The Community / Introductions / The Spirit of the Dawn has been consumed by the Flames... on: 19, December, 2011, 10:50:38 PM
EDIT: OMFG. Get this out of my face. Holy crap. I was such a freak back then. xD lmao
17  General Hacking / Project List / Golden Sun: Flamestrike Mix - Mass-Content Modification on: 29, November, 2011, 02:12:16 AM
Hey all!  Spirit here with yet another hack idea.  This time, I'm working on reworking the entirety of both games to reflect a favorite original storyline that I came up with.  In this set of mods, there will be massive content changes and additions of a nature that has yet to be revealed in detail.  For now, you will have to do with that following...


- There is no such thing as "Psynergy" or "Adepts," or even "Alchemy," as it was formerly known to be.  Psynergy is now "Vim," and Adepts are now "Touched" or "Souls."  Alchemy is named the same, with minor differences to the story surrounding it.

- Each character, now with names with a maximum 8 letters, have equal elemental affinity.  This means that they do not specialize in any, singular element.  They must use equipment, Djinn, or newly added items, known as Tomes, to use Vim Spells.  There are various people who are better attuned to the Vim Lords, (the masters and bodily incarnations of each element), such as the main characters, and can use Vim Spells that are much more advanced than normal humans.

- Dialogue has been changed to reflect the changing of terms, (like "Vim" and "Touched").  There is also new dialogue for the main story, as well as the major side-quests.


- Tomes were added, which either grant Vim Spells, change a character's class, or can be used as a weapon.  (Think Zexion, from Kingdom Hearts.)

- The class system has been completely revamped to accommodate for the lack of elemental specialization.  This portion of the game is still in the VERY early testing stages.

- New abilities have been added, and others have been made available as cast-able spells, (like Guard Aura-type spells).

- Two new monsters were added, and are VERY end-game-boss-level random encounters.  One of them, you can't even hit unless you forge a weapon with Sunshine using a new forging material item.


I will release an extended version of the game that will feature changes to more content, as well as new added content...  Soon!

Expect the Pre-Alpha version of Golden Sun II: Flamestrike Mix tomorrow!


- 2br02b
18  Golden Sun Resources / The Classic GS Editor / Re: Error Reports on: 13, September, 2011, 06:43:46 PM
I got something that I'm pretty sure is new.  When I try doing anything in the text editor after the Vale Sanctum scene at the beginning of the game, it says, "Error replacing string!" and smashes all the text together on every single entry for the rest of the game.  0_o  So, everything that comes after that scene's text in the editor gets all smashed up and mixed together.  The formatting tags, (like "[3]" and "[17][1]"), are all in place and fine.  But plain text is all screwy.  I'll upload a screenshot of it when I get a chance, providing I can get a new mouse for my computer.  (I left my mouse at school yesterday, as the computers there are Macs and I wanted to play Minecraft.)  In the meanwhile, here's a line that I remember quite well, for some reason, though I can't recall the line number...

[17][1], wilou accre[3]
orthis land?[2]

...Or something like that.  xD

- 2br02b
19  Golden Sun Games / General Golden Sun / Re: Golden Sun Online? on: 08, September, 2011, 04:57:43 PM
I was thinking that, regarding the character customization, there would be a similar system to Vindictus: you would pick one of the mains, (from all three games), name them something unique, (so "Isaac," "Felix," and all that would be forbidden naming choices), and customize their outfits and hair.  There would be different outfits for a "Felix" character, (like his original clothes, maybe something Proxian, etc), than there are for an "Ivan" character, (like HIS original, or an Anemos-based outfit, etc).

And, when you equip certain armors/weapons, it shows on your character in battles.  That was one thing that I didn't like about the original Golden Sun games -- you always looked the same!  If you're wearing plate armor, you should be shown to be wearing plate armor.  I know that they didn't do that because of cartridge-size issues, (they wanted more space for other, more important things like more abilities and more enemies, etc), but in an online game, which I assume would be played on the computer, we would have so much space that we could easily do with craploads of extra sprite data.  I mean, Maplestory, when it first came out in America, had a total file-size of 600MB, and it had CRAPLOADS of data.  It's all about how you compress it, really.

Anyway, that's my two-cents worth.  Take it as you will.


- 2br02b
20  The Community / Introductions / Re: The Leaving User Thread on: 26, August, 2011, 12:19:28 AM
I am going to be moving in November, so I MIGHT be able to get internet at home again.  If so, I'll be making a return here, provided I have the time.  I'm currently going to school twice a week and I have a couple of other projects running right now, (a Minecraft video series and a couple fangames), so I'll prolly drop my conversion of TLA.  If I do, I'll let y'all know!


- 2br02b
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15, November, 2020, 03:45:26 PM
Salanewt: We're more alive than the board implies; most discussion takes place over on the Discord server.
15, November, 2020, 03:45:06 PM
Salanewt: Haha, heya!
15, November, 2020, 02:07:50 PM
Frog: Nice to see this place is still alive...ish anyway xD
30, October, 2020, 11:10:23 PM
Salanewt: ... Actually, it's almost time for me to post an update on the forum. It's been coming along really nicely overall, and it was only a couple months or so ago that I added some new status effects to the game.
30, October, 2020, 11:08:41 PM
Salanewt: I need to get it done to start making progress on the parts of the AI Overhaul I want to start working on.
30, October, 2020, 11:08:14 PM
Salanewt: It's going well! I wanted to get more of my djinn reform done this week but I've been busy with other things sadly.
30, October, 2020, 09:58:14 PM
KyleRunner: Hi guys! How are you doing?
13, October, 2020, 11:19:21 AM
MaxiPower: first chapter of my golden sun inspired webtoon is now live. be cool if yas could check it out.
31, August, 2020, 08:40:32 AM
Daddy Poi's Oily Gorillas: Being able to convert IPS files to text files to also supporting commenting, and convert back to IPS after changes.... sounds like a fun strategy? 
27, August, 2020, 10:37:30 PM
Salanewt: Hey, thanks! 
25, August, 2020, 12:59:22 AM
Foreclosure: Yo! Looking forward for this AI OVerhaul patch when it's finished :) :) 
19, August, 2020, 07:00:17 PM
Salanewt: That's awesome! I'm pretty good; been working on an AI Overhaul project and have made some nice progress in the past couple weeks; the goal for tonight is to add Deadbeard to GS2 and then I can move onto something new.
19, August, 2020, 01:14:56 PM
Awec: Ye not bad, just checked back in for updates on GS Reloaded really. Although now I'm looking back through some of my old forum posts, which is fun :D how are you?
19, August, 2020, 01:43:07 AM
Salanewt: It sure is! How have you been?
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Awec: Yo nice to see this forum is still going
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Salanewt: Hey! How goes it?
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KyleRunner: Hello, people!
08, July, 2020, 08:57:11 PM
Salanewt: That awkward feeling when almost a quarter of a year goes by without anyone posting a message in this chatbox.
27, April, 2020, 07:54:10 PM
Daddy Poi's Oily Gorillas: I'm having a thought. So I know Atrius's editor is slow at saving sprites.... So I've been thinking.   I am considering another console program.  This time, for importing and exporting sprites/animations. Image files (for sprites), binary files (for animation data), and maybe binary or text files for Settings. Would certainly be cool if it works out. - Console programs are fun, when you can (at least temporarily) cheat out making a full interface editor for them. =P
25, April, 2020, 10:42:07 PM
Daddy Poi's Oily Gorillas: Tried to list those in order of importance, but anyway....
25, April, 2020, 10:37:59 PM
Daddy Poi's Oily Gorillas: GSHC, GS Speedrunning, /r/Golden Sun, GS United Nations, ToK.  Sixth one is border-line I'm not sure.
25, April, 2020, 08:00:21 PM
Daddy Poi's Oily Gorillas: (low as in <100)
25, April, 2020, 08:00:04 PM
Daddy Poi's Oily Gorillas: So while there are quite a few GS Communities out there. There are only up to maybe ~6 Discords worth even the consideration of joining, I think. Most of the rest of them have a fairly low member count. (Of which I can tell?)
14, April, 2020, 10:49:35 AM
Daddy Poi's Oily Gorillas: The Essential Age could be what it stands for?
13, April, 2020, 05:23:32 PM
Misery: Tea editor... that's a cute name for it
01, April, 2020, 02:42:48 AM
JupiterDjinn: Also my browser is sending two o f my messages srry.
01, April, 2020, 02:42:06 AM
JupiterDjinn: Just got the reply. Ok my question is: how can I get the tea editor on Android, because I already have an emulator. But no computer.
31, March, 2020, 07:18:29 PM
Salanewt: Sure thing!
31, March, 2020, 03:38:27 PM
JupiterDjinn: Can I have a question answered?
28, March, 2020, 12:50:13 AM
Salanewt: I want to shrink it down in size later, but yup!

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