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1  The Community / Open Discussion / Site is back up? (test) on: July 18, 2018, 05:39:55 PM
Looks like the site is up and working. (mostly)
I noticed a few glitches, and when you change any information or post anything, the site seems to glitch out but when you refresh, things seem to be working.

if this post ends up showing up, and you can login, reply to it. i know some people are having trouble logging in.

 Venus Djinni Set
2  Golden Sun Games / General Golden Sun / What happen's to the elemental stars: and are the lighthouses pointless? on: January 10, 2016, 11:27:59 PM
So I was doing some math trying to figure out one of the maps for my Minecraft golden sun project, and i noticed something odd about the Jupiter lighthouse.

Its hard to explain, but basically i noticed a clear path the elemental star travels when thrown into the lighthouse. and while the level of detail put into this map is amazing for it to align 'perfectly'... :( its where the Jupiter star ends up that got me wondering. take a look at this picture showing the path the star takes.

Spoiler for Hidden:

As you can see it ends up going into an endless pit of sorts in the basement floor of the lighthouse, and while that's interesting in its self and is worth discussing for lore and the like, the problem comes in when you realize... you pass this room before you even officially enter the lighthouse.

if the end goal is to chuck the elemental stars into the ground... why did we climb the lighthouses...
3  Golden Sun Games / Golden Sun: The Lost Age / Air's Rock Is Weird on: December 21, 2015, 04:54:30 AM
I'm sure you have noticed some weird stuff about how airs rock is shaped if you have ever played through that area. on one side there's ledges that stick out of it as you climb up.
However we normally think how it looks is based off of the over world sprite, which is in reference to the real life air's rock.

However I don't think it looks anything like the over world sprite. in fact Its more like a tower. (with spiky ledges on the sides.)

However my evidence isn't too solid. its mainly based on the fact that i always thought the big room in airs rock was located in the center of it.

This is a picture from my Rebuild golden sun in minecraft of the entire out side of Air's rock stitched together. While i haven't built the inside due to some issues, I marked the area where the center room would be.

Spoiler for Hidden:
if that room is the center, then airs rock would look vastly different then we all think.

What do you think? Am i just looking to hard at it? I'm merely interested since i suggested the idea of one day making the entire airs rock in minecraft and that includes that which we can't see, so i kinda gotta know the shape.
4  General Hacking / The Canvas / Golden Sun 1 Pre release maps? on: October 14, 2015, 07:47:48 PM
You may know that My minecraft golden sun rebuild project thingy requires a lot of staring at the editor map viewer for long, untold hours.

What you might not know is i have a GS 1&2 Guide that I reference if i forget how the rooms all connect. This guide has every map in both games (exception being the whole of crossbone isle).

I bring this up because I was looking through both the editor and my guide, sitting down getting ready to start my next project when I noticed something...
This guide's images don't exactly match up with the map in game. (only the GS1 maps that is)

The area i'm looking at is Lamakin Desert. For reference the specific map in the editor is number 89. In the editor this map in the top right corner has a large area blocked out by a sand texture. You never see this area because its too far off screen, and in the editor this area is blank, but this image i'm looking at in this guide has the area shown!

Now at first I thought this might be an editor error, however i then noticed many areas out side the blank area that are different on the walls. these are areas you can see in game, but they aren't the same in this guide's image.

Finally The GS2 part of this guide, while having all maps listed, there is a slight difference. in most of them, cut off parts of felix's sprite can be seen in several parts of each map image, meaning they got those maps by taking a lot of screen shots and stitching them together. this is backed up by the blocky outline of the maps while the GS1 maps are neat and even only show the exact map image, not the black background you get from actually viewing the map in game or through the editor.

What i'm getting at is, There are full pre-release images for every map in GS1 (not including crossbone isle) out there somewhere. But I haven't seen these images anywhere but in this guide.

I never brought it up before because while the full maps look good, i just figured there were other ways to get the maps, like through the editor and such. but recently learning that some maps in the editor are corrupt and now that there are maps out there that aren't even in the final game, i figured I should share this as I'm sure a few of you are interested in maps...

Here is all related info i have on the guide.
"Prima's Official Strategy Guide: covers 2 Games!: Golden sun: Golden sun the lost age"
Closest thing to a code of some kind to find the guide is this stuff.
"ISBN: 0-7615-4180-2"
"Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 2003100185"

then there's another number code at the bottom.
"03 04 05 GG 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2"

Let me know what you think. if this still isn't enough information the book even has contact information for the people who made it, though more then 10 years later, not sure those people would even be a help...
5  The Community / Creative Works / Zman's Remake Golden sun in minecraft project on: September 20, 2015, 10:30:59 AM
I've wanted to do something like this for a long, long time.
I've made a few attempt's at it in the past but either gave up or never got around to it.
The reason why I'm doing this again now is as some of you may know I deal with a lot of issues, depression being the main one. I don't have a lot that really interests me and with every thing that's happened i'm basically at home jobless doing nothing but sleeping and surfing the net.

While it may not seem like much I'm going to be working on this project daily to keep me doing something routinely, recreating all areas of golden sun block by block (in creative mind you). it will not be perfect as you will see in the images i post, it is just me Looking at the maps in the the map viewer in the editor and recreating them at a 1-1 scale.

It takes a lot more thought then i was thinking it would, while the tiles in golden sun are the same size as minecraft's blocks, not everything will fit perfectly and i have to make some tough choices to make it work. for now i'm only building what you see from the perspective of the game, later i will fill in the roofs and other things that you can't see, along with making working traps and puzzles. all dungeons will be self contained allowing you to walk through them in minecraft. I may at some point make a texture pack for it as I've quickly realized, matching what is there even color wise isn't easy (let alone texture) luckily even if i end up needing to change something, the basic building blocks are there so all I would need to do is use mc edit to change them.

Sol Sanctum, Days 1 - 3
Spoiler for Hidden:
Day 1 Sol Sanctum first floor
Spoiler for Hidden:
Here is my first Project, Sol sanctum first floor.

The basic process involved in starting it was looking through the entire dungeon, looking for door ways that have stairs, and counting wall tiles to find the lowest point. While I don't need to do that at this point as the Sol Sanctum is only a few floors, its good to keep it in mind as you might have to really be careful with it later when to comes to a full sized lighthouse.

During building I realized there was a bit of a difference between the flat 2d image and translating that into minecraft. because of the angle its not exactly clear where the wall ends and begins. and while you could count the top tiles of the walls, that can sometimes lead to problems down the road. as such I've had to give some rooms one extra block of space in one direction, while others i followed exactly how it looked. i also may give it a block of extra space if its a dead end room and it feels too small depending on what its used for.

Finally... the finishing part of the first floor... the stairs to the next floor...
One thing golden sun does really well is having dungeons that could actually be build in real life and in minecraft... except while you can build small compact stairs in real life... you can't exactly to it in minecraft... now while what the stair case actually looks like is never seen, based on later areas you can guess that they fit in either a 2 tile space or a 2 x 2 tile space, which isn't easy to do and end it where you need it too. May have to experiment this this in the future.

I'll admit i'm not super happy with the color and texture it has turned out with but when i was walking through it, for a moment i got flashes back to when i first played.

Day 2 Sol Sanctum second floor
Spoiler for Hidden:
Day 2 update.
Finished the second floor of the Sol sanctum with the exception of the Elemental Stars chamber (since that's technically on the second floor).

Sol Sanctum second floor

The process today while shorter, i ran into some trouble with the first room of the second floor.
Using the information from my first post on how to figure out where the floor starts and walls begin i ended up having to redo the second part of that first room twice because it didn't end up matching. However i figured out if i just focused on building the ground first for most of this floor it worked out better then my other method... however this isn't flawless from what i remember from an older project when i was doing a GS 2 area, so this is yet another thing i have to look into.

Finally yet again I realized the stairs to the next floor are going to be an issue. I have even less room this time. though I think i'll be able to figure something out. though in the picture you might notice i didn't even start them this time cause i was frustrated enough having to redo a large area twice and i wasn't going to spend another half hour building and rebuilding the stairs again this late again.

If I keep up with my plans, tomorrow I'll be doing the third floor which i think is the smallest(?), along with the elemental stars chamber though i might not finish the chamber cause that's huge and i'm still not sure if i want to build it in the neither or not. (the alternative is just building it somewhere else not connected...)

Day 3 Sol Sanctum third floor and elemental stars chamber
Spoiler for Hidden:
Sol Sanctum third floor

Sol Sanctum Elemental star chamber (nether)

Sol Sanctum floors 1, 2, and 3 complete.

Building the main part of the floor was even easier then i thought. even more then being the smallest floor so far, the Sol and Luna rooms are directly above the ones from the second floor making it very easy to build.

The hardest part of the third floor was actually the gem room. Unlike literally every other dungeon in both games, this one room doesn't fit in the design. on the outside the room looks like its 3 or 4 blocks long, but inside its 7 or 8 blocks long, basically twice as big. Also on the out side the door is 3 blocks from the outside wall but inside its 4 blocks. In the end i fit it in based on the rooms inside size, because even then it doesn't get in the way of anything else since that area is a dead end. (seeing how every other dungeon in the game matches up perfectly, i half wonder if this out of place room was shoe horned in near the end of development)

Finally the Elemental stars chamber... This could have been finished in less then a half hour if you did it with worldedit or mc edit, but doing it by hand took forever. also being in the nether i can't place the water needed to i'm just going to say this is what it looks like after the stars have been removed. I may still build a version of it in the over world with the water, just for completion sake.
Colosso stage 1, 2, and 3,  Days 5 - 7
Spoiler for Hidden:
Colosso stage 1 map.
Spoiler for Hidden:

This map is fairly easy to build which is the reason I picked it for today since i was having issues. however what i didn't realize was it would still take as long as a normal map building session because there are a lot of blocks and its just time consuming.

Finally the hardest part was building the reverse part of the map that wasn't in the game.
While i said before building stuff you can't see isn't what i want to do... at least not yet, but i noticed on this map you can see part of the other area on the edge of the map and once i finished the first half it didn't look complete so i did the other half. it was tricky but luckily it took half the time of the first half.
Colosso Stage 2 map
Spoiler for Hidden:

When i started, i stated with the battle stage which is how i realized the battle stage in area 1 was messed up, however because of that i made another mistake and i built the bottom half of both sides before i realized i made this stage 2 blocks wider (one on each side of the stage) so i had to go back and shift everything on one side two blocks, though luckily that didn't take too long. the rest was fairly simple like before aside from messing up a few areas by building them backwards on the other side, but again those fixes took only a few minutes to fix each.
Colosso stage 3 map and complete
Spoiler for Hidden:

Despite being the biggest it didn't take any more time then the others, in fact i think it may have been the quickest, mainly because i'm getting use to building them. if i have the time down right, i generally spend 5 hours a day building these, (by hand) but while today did take 5 hours, i also spent an hour of that rebuilding half of colosso 1. I don't know if this means i'm also getting faster building golden sun maps in general or just the colosso maps.
Suhalla Desert area 1 and 2 complete, (area 3 incomplete) Day 8
Spoiler for Hidden:

I messed up a lot which made me take 8+ hours to build, the third area isn't complete cause it doesn't fit (again likely because it was a last minute thing/after thought since it connects to the offshoot area with the tornado that takes you to the island), and really i'm just done with sand for a while... lol. I might come back to fix things at a later date though it wouldn't match up completely so i'm not sure if i should or not...

Day 9 Mass Update
Spoiler for Hidden:
Tret's dungeon Inside complete (day 9)
Spoiler for Hidden:

Its only the inside because the outside doesn't fit

Great Gabomba Dungeon complete (day 9)
Spoiler for Hidden:

It actually looks like the outside dungeon, and the entrances and exits are in their relative respective places despite the dungeon being much bigger on the inside. I was impressed by this one more then any others so far

Crossbone Isle complete (day 9)
Spoiler for Hidden:

This one is so bit it goes from bedrock to above the clouds, and it has everything except for the boat at the end... I will go back and build it once i figure out how too, though I won't have a picture for that update but i will let you know when it happens.

Tundaria Tower First floor incomplete/work in progress (day 9)
Spoiler for Hidden:

The dungeon has an issue on the first and second floor where it doesn't align perfectly unlike every other room so far, but a few people I've been talking to have said i should build it anyway just altered sightly to make it work. I won't go into detail, but if you look at the first floor layout you should see the issue.

Mercury lighthouse Complete, day 10
Spoiler for Hidden:

Ran into a few issues, mainly dealing with the stair cases to the next floors being to small to actually build a staircase so i just put ladders for now. I also didn't build the very top as you technically teleport there and i'm not sure where to put it... though i may just add it in at a later time.

Lunpa Fortress Complete, day 11
Spoiler for Hidden:

Aside from having to rebuild it (resulting in me taking a long break), the construction went rather quickly...
I'll admit there may be a few issues, ones that if i hadn't just finished rebuilding it, i'd go back, destroy it and rebuild it AGAIN. Aside from one room on the second floor that doesn't perfectly align (by one block), though you wouldn't notice it easily, while typing this i realized that i may have off set the entire second floor (by one block) which, in this case may be the cause of the error. So hey... thats... um... a thing.

Aside from that nonsense, I noticed some interesting things while building the fortress, and while i won't get into them here, its construction and layout is oddly detailed. something I've noticed in other structures. something i need to look into

Lamakin Desert Unfinished, days 11 & 13
Spoiler for Hidden:
Lamakin Desert Unfinished day 11 drama~
Spoiler for Hidden:

Before the break This was going to be the next update. the larger area was complicated to get right and had to rebuild it a few times. it was frustrating, but once i got to the unfinished third area, i realized I couldn't finish it yet. In the editor, which is mainly what i use as a building guide, since the map view is detailed and even has a grid for the tiles, however the map for the third area is corrupt in the editor. not only that but the guide I have for reference, so i can tell how more complicated dungeons fit together, has a very small map for that third area. Meaning if i want to finish this map I'll need to play through the game up to this point just to get the map. I have no issues playing through the game normally since I've done so like 40 times. however it won't be much fun since i'll be rushing to this point just for the map. either way, this map should be done by the end of the year.
Lamakin Desert Finished day 13
Spoiler for Hidden:

Took an... ungodly amount of time to finish the last part of this map. between using the in game screen, the editor, and my game guide, all in combination to get a tile accurate version of the map...
Let me just say I've never been more thankful for the editors map viewer then now...
to put it in perspective. all i had left to do on this map was less then a third of it. the first part i had done a while ago took around 6 hours... for less then half of this last part, it took that same amount of time... total time for this map is around 15 hours of non stop building. the most time I've spent on any map so far by at least 5 hours. (Edit: should mention there is an area again in the desert that doesn't fit, its the area between the two half's of the final area of the desert, i just have a make shift path there. Note that there's a chance that i may be able to fit it in and i'm just mistaken but it will take some experimenting)

Air's Rock Unfinished, days 12 - ??
Spoiler for Hidden:
Air's Rock Exterior Finished
Spoiler for Hidden:

So this was planned to be a 3 day project but it ended up being a 2 day project. its only the outside so its not the whole thing completed yet. The inside is so complicated (mainly because there's an area that won't match up perfectly right at the entrance which judging by how it looks was one of those last minute end of development changes) in short it will take a while for me to even get started on it due to experimenting so don't hold your breath, it might be a while before i finish this one.

Other then that the weird shape of it has got me thinking, though that's not important for this topic, yet.

Kibombo Mountains Complete, day 14
Spoiler for Hidden:

This was made more complicated mainly be my own mistakes. it was a little confusing with it having so many different levels and those levels moving from area to area. in the end the thing that finally let me finish it without much more issue was actually taking a bunch of screen shots of the editors map view and stitching them together so i could see in one image of the connection. This is a first and it was way more helpful then i thought, i'd even say it was totally worth the hassle to stitch them together given how much trouble i had before i did it. Something to keep in mind for the future.

Piers Ship Complete (maybe), day 15
Spoiler for Hidden:

Honestly there are several issues with this map, but i think i'll get into them at another time. for now i think i'll focus on the good things about the map. it looks amazing, it actually looks a lot like a ship, in fact i'm pretty sure i can build it into a ship... which i may do very soon. other then that, nothing i really learned from this that's different from other maps other then the fact base wood texture looks like crap

Current world download
Minecraft version: 1.8.9
Last Completed project: Kibombo Mountains

>>>>>>>>World Of Golden Sun In Minecraft<<<<<<<<<


I'll post more pictures when i make more progress, and I'll post the world download every time i finish a dungeon. (unless i don't)
6  The Editor / Golden Sun: The Lost Age Editor / Question about Messed up map data. on: September 20, 2015, 04:14:12 AM
I'm currently working on something that i need the maps from golden sun for.
I decided to download the editor again for the first time in forever so i could view the maps from there.
Before i say anything else I should make it clear I'm using a fresh GS rom and the 0.4 version of the editor.

I think this may have been a problem in the past but i'm not sure. I noticed that while most maps are fine, very few are glitched or corrupted. for an example, maps number 2, 3, 4, 10, 16, and 28 in GS1 are messed up. (number 2 being the world map and not displaying at all)

My question isn't so much how to fix this problem as i'm wondering what is causing this.
I both got a new rom file and tried a few different ones from different sites, and while i know i'm not using the newest version of the editor, i don't need anything else then to just view the maps (preferably with the grid overlay).

Is my issue caused by the editor, since it is an outdated one, or is my rom messed up? I'm pretty sure i've had issues like this in the past but it didn't happen every time, and either reloading it or getting a new rom fixed it.

I think something is different from the last time i used the 0.4 editor. I checked out a GS2 rom file and i'm having the same problem with the maps, including the over-world map, but i know for a fact the last time i used this editor that the over-world displayed correctly...
7  The Community / Tech, Gaming and Entertainment / Why I'm back and give me help plz on: April 27, 2015, 05:59:30 AM
So you may be wondering why i'm back so sudden, or maybe why i left suddenly after i came back after leaving. Well...There's no reason why i left... i just didn't login. (this goes for basically every time i vanish)
As for why i'm back, aside from being linked to the site by Sala, I'm planning on doing a Run of golden sun.
I haven't played in about a year and a half which is the longest I've gone with out playing. The reason I'm bringing this up here is because I want to do a quick perfect 100% play through. I don't want to go full speed run yet but I want to beat GS1 quickly, 100% and at as low a level as possible in a normal game with out any hacks.

My previously best run i finished in a few hours, 100% at level 19, with 0 character deaths (that mean no dieting or reviving even in battle)
I intend on doing better this time.
What I need help on is more or less advice. I want to know how you guys go through the game the fastest.
Tips i need include:
#1: efficient battling (psynergy usage)
#2: avoiding encounters (how many to avoid and which ones to avoid)
#3: equipment suggestions (for each stage of the game)
#4: low level boss fighting.
#5: stuff i can't think of atm...

I've always had trouble with games and picking up tactics. it took me 3 years to beat golden sun 1, and i didn't get good at the game until only a few years ago. I only use the basic classes though I've gotten past just spamming psynergy or summons. i'm also slow when deciding what to do so getting second opinions on things will help me figure things out.

Keep in mind the goals are:
100% (all djinn, all bosses, all field psynergy items(so no skipping the orb of force) and all optional events which cause events in GS2)
no deaths
low level as possible while keeping no deaths
And as fast as possible.
8  The Community / Tech, Gaming and Entertainment / Mabinogi on: May 10, 2014, 12:08:36 AM
Mabinogi is an mmo me and a few others on the site play.
I figured i'd make a topic where you can post your in game name and server so you can meet up, and also talk about mabinogi.

I have 3 characters, names are zman9000, Maskz, and Zeeny. server is tarlach

Spoiler for list of mabinogi players.
Spoiler for Hidden:
GSHC name : in game name(s) : server(s)
zman9000 : zman9000, Maskz, Zeeny : Tarlach
9  The Community / Tech, Gaming and Entertainment / StarMade on: August 01, 2013, 10:19:58 PM
StarMade is a game which started based off Minecraft. and while it is made the same way it is very different a many areas.
Its a space builder and ship simulator. with planets, space stations, stars, and enemy ships.

its only in Apha but it looks good and is very playable. and don't be turned off because you think its a Minecraft copy, because then you will miss out on an awesome free mass multiplayer space battle game that's no more intensive then Minecraft.

If anyone knows of any small servers or can host a server post here with the information.

if you want to know anything else about it let me know.
10  The Community / Introductions / Where you been? on: April 28, 2013, 08:50:59 AM
since theres no activity i figured i'd make a topic about it where you explain what you've been up too thus adding activity back to the site.

I my self as some of you know am currently further depressed having had to quit college early due to depression. been mostly watching videos online and playing a few games with a few of you guys from the site, but other then that my life kinda sucks right now.

As for why i haven't been active, well its not like i don't have a ton of extra time on my hands that i don't know what to do with. but i just everytime i login i don't see any interesting topics, and most times no new ones at all. and its not like every post has to be about golden sun you know, but there's nothing new to talk about that's not depressing. (north korea, EA sucks balls, games flop, random plagues, terrorist attacks...)

So even if this seems depressing, you don't have to make it so... I'd love for everyone who sees this topic to post at least once. Just to get a feel of what people think, why they haven't been active, what they've been doing, and all that kinda stuff. (you don't have to say anything you don't want to, you can even just say "i've been busy with stuffz" i don't care) You could even mention some games you've been playing and see if anyone else here plays them. just anything really.

This is a forum not just the GS editor discussion table. got something on your mind, why not post?
11  The Editor / Golden Sun Hacking / Salanewt's late Christmas present. on: January 12, 2013, 12:56:11 AM
Sala had done some GS hacking and I wanted everyone to have access to them so we could maybe get some activity on the site.

Its finally up for you to download here along with more information (;sa=view;down=47)

The file has 3 different stat type hacks that will make certain things easier to do and a text file for details on it.

If you have any questions once you've had a look at it, post here and I'll get the answers from Salanewt.
12  The Community / Open Discussion / Perception on: December 06, 2012, 11:45:34 PM
I noticed something really weird while falling asleep listening to a song. just as I started to fall asleep the sound suddenly sped up really fast where I was startled, woke up, and the song when back to normal.

I remembered that you can have a day long dream in a few hours and thinking about this I realized something. perception is a thing that generally doesn't change but...
Can you be sure everyone has the same perception of time? And not with just time but what about color, and sound, and taste?
There are people who have their senses messed up and can taste sound, and hear a color, and feel a taste.
since this much is possible, it is also possible to the person that things aren't the same from person to person.

think of it like this.
there's two guys
one sees red as red, blue as blue, and green as green.
the other sees red as red, blue as green, and green as blue.

when the first guy sees red then blue then green he says "red then blue then green"
when the other guy sees red then blue then green he says "red then blue then green"

even though the color isn't the same for the two people they have been taught what is blue and what is not, meaning each person may see the same colors differently.
you could say that you see light thus it has to be that color, but you forget that the light hits sensors in your eyes and takes that information to the brain where it is interpreted and used as sight. So if people can get their senses crossed doesn't that mean single senses could be flipped?

What do you think about this, and even if it is true could we ever find out? because its based on perception can you really find the difference in the same things between the same people?
13  The Community / Open Discussion / portals/worm holes on: November 24, 2012, 12:26:25 AM
So I've been thinking about this forever and thinking if portals or wormholes exist how would they work and interact.
please note I have a lot of time on my hands.
And so after a while thinking about it I've realized a few shocking things that kinda screw with your mind.

we all know about the theory of relativity right? time is only relative to an object relative to all other objects.
and we know time slows down for an object the faster it goes.
So my thought is, if you were to get an active portal or wormhole and were to send one end of it on a trip until there is a difference of time of for it of an hour.
In a sense, if you were to go in the end that has an hour less of time passed, wouldn't it connect to the other end an hour in the past?

And say for some reason that it doesn't pass any faster because the universe treats the wormhole as a single point. well then in theory you could send a portal anywhere and travel there in a blink of an eye. but then you have the problem of if the portal remains in time connected at the same time would looking through the portal have time going faster or slower relatively from your perspective? And if so that brakes the rule that the speed of light is constant.

Either way you end up braking a rule. the first one's problem is not only does it bring in the possibility of time travel but having two different times in the same universe. That would inquire moving through time backwards while still having the same past connected to the same future. The second thing that could happen is also confusing as it would mean time would move different for anything going through the portal and that means neighboring space would have different time.

And there are even more things that don't make sense. portals would allow the ability to harness an unlimited amount of energy through kinetic force thanks to gravity Also think about a solid object moving through a portal, if one side of the portal was used on said object, and the other side was facing down on the ground, when you moved the object into the portal wouldn't that make the portal facing down float breaking the law of gravity.
And say you were to take a straight metal pole, and weld the two ends together. if you turned one of the portals would the portal detect the metal pole there and break it because aligned space is now different? (this last one assume the universe would understand that the matter within the space moved changing it.)

With all this said, the universe does allow for such things as portals and wormholes because of the bending of space and time because of gravity. however these same forces along with time dilation due movement make it as if it wouldn't work. well that's why I created this topic, because I've looked around and wasn't able to find anything on this. and if I have something wrong let me know.
14  The Community / Open Discussion / Deja vu on: November 04, 2012, 12:43:00 AM
We all get it, some people more then others, I my self get it multiple times a day. There is a scientifically explainable reason for this.

"young people do mostly because the brain is still developing neural pathways and you can have a "short circuit" which sends information to the long term memory instead of the short term memory when it occurs making you think you remember it...
also, older people get it too from time to time when they drink a lot or use drugs and kill brain cells which makes the brain change the way it works. also when your'e tired or dehydrated or stressed, the brain may not work 100% the way it's supposed to."

Now I figured this out on my own years ago and when I looked it up I was right. However there were several things i remember that were so detailed that it can't be the work on a brain miscalculation.

My best example would be I remember a time when I was 9 or younger, and I had invited some friends over but they couldn't make it. so I got on the computer and played a random game which I loved. skip forward 2 years or so to me being 11 and a new game just came out, I got a CD that that was the demo CD since the game wasn't out yet. When looking at the box I thought "O this must be the next game after that other game I played a few times in the past." while remembering the first level in detail. I then put the game in and realized it was the same. Though at the time I just thought that a beta demo was just a few levels from the game because I remembered playing more then the 3 levels the demo had. skip forward 6 more years to me in high school. I was home schooled and had no internet before this actual high school thing. and at some point I had downloaded a game and started playing it. I had a flashback of the game and remembering remembering playing it. and now with some knowledge of games, everything clicked and got scared. I realized I played a Command & Conquer game, once a year before it was even worked on, and then again when in beta. when I got home I hooked up the old computer and found the game was not on it and not only that but the demo was nowhere to be found nor did anyone in my family remember the game.

I've talked about this before many times, I may have even made a topic to talk about it, or that could just be more deja vu.
I made this topic for people to post their strangest Deja vu moments like my deja vu inception moment here.
15  The Community / Debates / zman's very controversial look on america on: October 18, 2012, 12:01:00 PM
ugh, I've been watching some stuff on the election since I'm as of today a legal voter.

And I've come to the conclusion that I would be the best choice for president.
because most people running try to take the moral high road and please everyone while trying to do what needs to be done.
So I've decided to type up the road followed by our laws and what would help our nation most.

My ruthless look on things, enjoy. comments are so welcome you don't even know...

Me? I would do what the country's leader should do. Do what's in the best interest of our country regardless of how it effects other country's. All the money we have going to support country's that are failing and have people in need would receive not a dollar from the government. We would start drilling for oil in our oceans and reopen the pipe line in Alaska. As for wars helping other country's I would recall them all, not a single one will remain except those helping the U.N. Illegal immigrants will be kicked no exception, if they have kids in the country the kids can stay if they want but the illegal parents most go.
50% of Americans don't pay taxes? Well I say they should get their homes repossessed, and kicked out of the country if need be. We let so much slip past out laws lately its as if we don't even have them. enforce every law and law breakers will be dealt with strictly.
O those poor people over seas that are hungry... What about the thousands of poor people who go hungry on our own land? America is trying to take care of the world when it can't even take care of our self.
O wait if we take our military out won't people attack us? Its called anti air defense. If we have such little military out there we can give the massive funding that went there to defense. No one could touch us or would touch us. We rely on other country's so much that we can't fend for our self's and are at the mercy of literally every other nation. If there is a country warning us that they will attack us and our allies, they are enemy's, should they attack us or our allies, they should be taken up war with. Should they not stop attacks with in a certain amount of time they forfeit their right to live and deserve full invasion or destruction. Any one who directly attacks our nation causing the death of Americans no matter reason shall receive payback ten fold.
Our country shouldn't be a laughing stock, if they want to laugh let them, if they attack us, they die. I don't like putting up with all the bull @#$%. we have laws and regulations, if said country interferes with them they shall have ties revoked and if need be action will take place against them. allies will be treated the same as if they are part of our nation, if they are attacked we will respond, but we will not use our force to save and re-stabilize a dead or dying nation die to civil unrest, nor support a side in case of civil war, even if one side could benefit us more. And people who kill another person will receive life in prison and if killed more then one person will get death penalty. (death penalty is option for those who don't want life in prison since its basically the same thing.)

> Basically, attacks on us and our allies are war, however it will be a no nonsense deal, where if you attack us, you get bombed the @#$% out of you.
> Stop supporting other country's until we can take care of our self's. It may sound cruel but you can't save everyone in the world with just our country, especially when we can't even fix our own problems. so the hungry will have to go hungry with no money (other then private funds).
> Illegal Immigrants are In the country Illegally, meaning they are to be kicked out no matter what, their kids if born here can stay or leave, their choice.
> If you don't pay taxes which turns out is almost 50% of the people living here, strict measures will be taken such as repossession of homes, jail time, and deportation. those who don't pay taxes because they truly can't will have their budget reviewed and taxes adjusted.
> Death penalty can not be issued unless the killer has killed more then one person with out lawful cause, but will receive life in prison (or the death penalty as an alternative option.)

So yeah, I put this topic here because I'm sure I'll get told off by everyone for just about everything I said, but still I'd love to see what some less fed up people think of how things look and how to make things better. (and yes, watching one debate let to all this...)
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