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Golden Sun The Lost Age Editor Open Sourced (Dev alpha v0.5 download inside) « 1 2 3 4 5 » Atrius 69 34915 Last post April 27, 2015, 04:54:24 AM
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Important announcement regarding forum malware attack Atrius 1 602 Last post April 02, 2017, 02:20:28 PM
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Yesterday at 04:52:18 PM
Fox: Easier in the idea that I can reduce required external stuff where the source code isn't available/modifyable (Well, there is overrides in some cases, but still.) ; So it's possible the only "Events" I would require are those of the Form.... (Mouse Events, Keyboard Events, Paint Events, Etc. when needed.)
Yesterday at 04:42:14 PM
Fox: Anyway... I know I am using built-in controls in my current editor, but it is not out-of-the-question that I might just go and make my own custom controls... so that it is actually easier for me (But that'd take a lot of work.)  I'm thinking about one large bitmap object, and just drawing them on it. Problem is, I'm afraid it might not be efficient enough.  So I haven't decided about doing it.)
Yesterday at 04:33:28 PM
Fox: @XML = If I recall, I believe Visual Studio uses it for Settings Variables that remain even after you close the program. (e.g. There's one variable I have in my program that I call "LastRom" to make it easier to get back into the program.)
Yesterday at 04:17:59 PM
Fox: XML/JSON are simple = They are just a way to store data outside the application... ... The complexity is comparable to learning about data trees, I'd say... XML = Looks like HTML  ; JSON = Think Lists and Dictionaries, and nested ones.
Yesterday at 03:51:19 PM
Luna_blade: @the whole static thing: I recently came across the problem that if you use design patterns, objects of the same class might get duplicate info. Sometimes this is very little information, so it seems better to use something class-wide than making a file
Yesterday at 03:47:41 PM
Luna_blade: another thought I had is that I already made some code better...
Yesterday at 03:45:59 PM
Luna_blade: Sure I will open-source it on github once I rewrite it to be more maintainainable. Now that I think about it, I should put some other stuff there as well
Yesterday at 03:44:54 PM
Luna_blade: Yeah I made some code and screens for it in Java. The last thing I was busy working on was the grid for the values and the selection shape.
Yesterday at 03:41:22 PM
Luna_blade: I will learn a bit of JSON and XML soon. I guess those are pretty good replacements for what I meant with static
Yesterday at 03:40:42 PM
Luna_blade: It's an okay article. I prefer reading the java implementations on tutorialpoint
Yesterday at 12:07:19 PM
Fox: article*
Yesterday at 12:07:06 PM
Fox: Oh yes, there's a whole artice on design patterns at wikipedia?
Yesterday at 07:20:37 AM
Fox: Oh yes.... Just checked.... Program.cs has "Application.Run(new Form1());" ... AND.... Program.cs is a STATIC class, so my hunch is confirmed. (In a way.)
Yesterday at 07:12:43 AM
Fox: So... I'm assuming that it is like a tree, and your top level file should be the static class, with all the other object classes linked from it? (Like a tree?) - Wonder how the Dessigner treats Forms. (How are Form objects linked to a static class, if at all?)
Yesterday at 07:00:51 AM
Fox: (Since I can have incredibly bad wording sometimes :P)
Yesterday at 06:59:50 AM
Fox: (Well, started "?" was more implying whether you made any public releases yet....
Yesterday at 06:59:02 AM
Fox: Wait? You started a Hed Editor? Curious if you were going to open-source it....
Yesterday at 06:55:16 AM
Fox: Using xml or json has also come to mind as a method to replace language.ini file and to store table addresses.... but I haven't thought much about that, so....
Yesterday at 06:54:24 AM
Fox: @static object = Huh? Well, I do know that it's useful for global stuff... at least. But I'm curious about when to know if a function should be down globally or through another object....  For example, I could make me rom buffer be put in a global file, since we're likely to only have one opened at a time, for almost the duration of the app, but then when we consider possible advances in the application like having two opened at one time (Such as GS1 and GS2 to transfer pieces of data), then...?
Yesterday at 06:30:49 AM
Luna_blade: And then every strategy should have some 'static' object that tells how the specific strategy should generally look.

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