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Today at 08:38:45 AM
Fox: The other theory is it could be coming from Mt. Aleph somehow. Umm..?
Today at 08:36:28 AM
Fox: I not really sure... but if it is appearing right there like that... it almost seems like something targetted... but maybe it could be the presence of artifacts that are high in psynergy.... and maybe one of those was in Isaac's cabin.... (High concentrations of psynergy causes vortexes?)
Today at 08:28:53 AM
Fox: One of the vortexes in a town destroys the bridge... and it looks like the vortex at the end could have destroyed the house (OR maybe have some indirect connection/dunno.), and will probably destroy the bridge the PCs are on as well. :P Umm... 
Today at 08:24:53 AM
Fox: at least* Don't they* have*
Today at 08:24:03 AM
Fox: From what I read. (Or atl et least my interpretation/memory of what I read.) ... Don't think only really appear every 10 years...?  And hve some connection to the mourning moon (Probably what the vortex is at the end.)
Yesterday at 11:46:04 PM
Lord Squirtle: I'm not even sure how that could be advanced unless there is a good reason why they stop showing up.
Yesterday at 11:45:13 PM
Lord Squirtle: I think the vortex stuff basically ends maybe 1/4 into the game, at least until the post-credits scene.
Yesterday at 08:47:52 PM
Fox: (That's assuming we make a remake, and take out any contradictions or altar them a bit to fit in.) ... However, here's the thing... the Vortexes were corrupted, so the solution didn't quite work out. (And there might have been others trying to do the same thing.)
Yesterday at 08:43:49 PM
Fox: Anyway... I don't know much about Dark Dawn... but if I was to advanced the story on the Psynergy Vortexes, I would say that Felix was behind it. - It's like in GS1/GS2... How we were at first led to believe the lighting of lighthouses needed to be stopped... and that flips in GS2.... so I'm going to guess the vortexes is similar.
Yesterday at 08:36:22 PM
Fox: If you search "gstla" (even shorter) ... Rom sites are appearing on page 2. .... Hm...
Yesterday at 08:24:47 PM
Fox: And the main reason I thought that was semi-intersting... because it's basically advertising... "Hey you're looking up this game?" "Well, did you know you could emulate it?" ... to those very few (mostly children) who don't already know. 
Yesterday at 08:22:54 PM
Fox: @ratings spot = I mean of the same rom site.
Yesterday at 08:22:00 PM
Foxno ... I need advanced error checking on my English... it's not enough to have error checking in programming. :P
Yesterday at 08:19:35 PM
Fox: Who knew... that a simple search like "Golden Sun 2" (With [bno[/b] text for "rom" or "download"/etc.)  will have a link to a rom site on the first results page... not to mention having a ratings spot in the right side-bar.
May 24, 2017, 06:49:14 PM
Lord Squirtle: I guess I'll make a topic for the GBA concept room in Dark Dawn soon.
May 24, 2017, 04:27:21 PM
Fox: Yep ... There are many libraries for many languages... Python, etc... And then there are things like  the Google apis - e.g. you want to search for)
May 24, 2017, 07:46:43 AM
Luna_blade: I can see how XML/JSON are a thing these days.
May 23, 2017, 04:52:18 PM
Fox: Easier in the idea that I can reduce required external stuff where the source code isn't available/modifyable (Well, there is overrides in some cases, but still.) ; So it's possible the only "Events" I would require are those of the Form.... (Mouse Events, Keyboard Events, Paint Events, Etc. when needed.)
May 23, 2017, 04:42:14 PM
Fox: Anyway... I know I am using built-in controls in my current editor, but it is not out-of-the-question that I might just go and make my own custom controls... so that it is actually easier for me (But that'd take a lot of work.)  I'm thinking about one large bitmap object, and just drawing them on it. Problem is, I'm afraid it might not be efficient enough.  So I haven't decided about doing it.)
May 23, 2017, 04:33:28 PM
Fox: @XML = If I recall, I believe Visual Studio uses it for Settings Variables that remain even after you close the program. (e.g. There's one variable I have in my program that I call "LastRom" to make it easier to get back into the program.)

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