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Something I found on YouTube

Started by Rolina, 28, October, 2008, 02:37:00 AM

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Knight of Purgatory

That was the crazy dude who sawed everything in half after the results of a divorce case right?


Don't do this often, but I've been listening to gam moosik.


Role might like this one (as will some of the others): High quality Touhou rip.

Last but not least, the game that will save us all from eternal damnation! Games based around colours can't be bland because colours. :)

Oh yeah baby, £ me harder.

Fusion is just a cheap tactic to make weak Adepts stronger.

Yoshi's Lighthouse is a hacking website in progress. Why not check it out if you like Yoshi or the Mario & Luigi games?


That Paper Mario game looks like another Sticker Star. F*** Sticker Star. I legit just want The Thousand Year Door: The Sequel with a new story, new partners, new bosses, and new special moves. Add some new badges and enemy types in the mix too, of course.

On another note, gaem moosik from a Pokémon fangame:

More stuff from that particular fangame can be found on Soundcloud:
[sprite=16, 6, 0]:P[/sprite]

Lloyd: Easy as pie.
Genis: Sweet!
Presea: ...Sweetie pie...
Zelos: Let's not start on this again...

[spoiler=epic mindscrew][/spoiler]


This song is pure @#$%&*! awesome.

Here's something from Wild ARMs (One of the best RPGs on the PS1, take a hike FF7)

And now for the best world map theme in a SNES RPG, IMO.


[sprite=16, 6, 0]:P[/sprite]

Lloyd: Easy as pie.
Genis: Sweet!
Presea: ...Sweetie pie...
Zelos: Let's not start on this again...

[spoiler=epic mindscrew][/spoiler]

Daddy Poi's Oily Gorillas

[Beware - One watch of this video, and you'll have a song stuck in your head.]

Good original for a 15yo, I suppose... but I am still hoping Lauren wins, though.... (We'll find out Tuesday night!)
(Right video contains the lyrics... since it is a new song.)

Trying to figure out my Preference order... difficult:
Lauren, Aliyah, Jesse, Chris

Edit: Chris Blue won.
1st: Chris
2nd: Lauren
3rd: Aliyah
4th: Jesse
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Sometimes I like to compare apples to oranges. (Figuratively) ... They are both fruits, but which one would you eat more? (If taken literally, I'd probably choose apples.)
Maybe it is over-analyzing, but it doesn't mean the information is useless.

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Can you believe how small the Golden Sun Community is?

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