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Author Topic: SuikoSun (working title)  (Read 1842 times)
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« on: 04, August, 2011, 01:06:06 PM »

So me and charon were talking earlier about making a Suikoden game using the GS engine.  Obviously it's gonna be quite quite an undertaking, and will probably push the editor to its limits, but I'm sure we could (probably) pull it off.  Apart from the obvious issues (108+ character portraits... can that many even fit?), we've gotten a few ideas of how to pull it off.  I'll post some of the ideas I've had, and I'm sure Charon will post her own.  (You know, it'd be nice to have that green bullet for things like this...)

My ideas...

  • Game takes place in an alternate world, similar to Tierkreis
  • The One King War DID take place here.  It is not, however, the same world as Tierkreis, but rather one of the many Parallel worlds affected by it
  • The world has its own set of True Runes apart from the original world.  Many runes, such as the Gate Rune, are essentially the same, however.
  • With the One King War over, the False Chronicles have gone innert.  However, weapon runes have been developed from the studies of the False Chronicles.  Equipping a False Chronicle Rune as a weapon rune gives a weapon an unleash.
  • There are 12 False Chronicles and 4 MCs - as each gives a character different unleashes, that's a grand total of 48 unleashes in the game.
  • There are only 12 False Chronicle runes in the game - one for each chronicle.  Players will have to choose which chronicle to give which character, if they give them a chronicle rune at all (there are elemental weapon runes, after all).  This means, however, that no two characters can share a chronicle rune.
  • The True Rune the story revolves around is split into five parts in the beginning.  Four Parts (representing Fire, Air, Water, and Earth) are embedded into the 4 MC's Right Hand Rune Slot.  The fifth (representing Lightning) goes to "the Jowy".  
  • The True Rune in question possibly exists in place of the Five Elemental True Runes.
  • THE Viki shows up, after having sneezed after the events of one of the canon Suikoden games (assumed to be whatever the lastest one is at the time, but the events themselves are never specifically referenced).  She often comments on the differences between this world and the canon world.  Jeanne does not, as there'd be no way to explain it.
  • Of the 108 stars of destiny, only the 4 MCs are playable.  Most of the others, however, have support abilities.
  • Any of the other characters can be "equipped" to a character to give them their support ability.  A chart of possible abilities is as follows (including name, rank, target, and effect)
Fire Boost2%4%8%16%SelfFire Element Damage Boost
Fire Force1%2%4%8%All AlliesFire Element Damage Boost
Fire Resist2%4%8%16%SelfFire Element Damage Reduction
Fire Ward1%2%4%8%All AlliesFire Element Damage Reduction
Fire Focus2%4%8%16%One EnemyChance to inflict "Inflamed" per turn
Fire Field1%2%4%8%All EnemiesChance to inflict "Inflamed" per turn
Fire Volley2%4%8%16%7 EnemiesChance for effect (fire damage)
Water Boost2%4%8%16%SelfWater Element Damage Boost
Water Force1%2%4%8%All AlliesWater Element Damage Boost
Water Resist2%4%8%16%SelfWater Element Damage Reduction
Water Ward1%2%4%8%All AlliesWater Element Damage Reduction
Water Focus2%4%8%16%One EnemyChance to inflict "Frost" per turn
Water Field1%2%4%8%All EnemiesChance to inflict "Frost" per turn
Water Volley2%4%8%16%3 EnemiesChance for effect (water damage)
Water Support2%4%6%8%All alliesHP Regen per turn
Wind Boost2%4%8%16%SelfWind Element Damage Boost
Wind Force1%2%4%8%All AlliesWind Element Damage Boost
Wind Resist2%4%8%16%SelfWind Element Damage Reduction
Wind Ward1%2%4%8%All AlliesWind Element Damage Reduction
Wind Focus2%4%8%16%One EnemyChance to inflict "Gust" per turn
Wind Field1%2%4%8%All EnemiesChance to inflict "Gust" per turn
Wind Volley2%4%8%16%3 EnemiesChance for effect (Wind damage)
Wind Support8%16%32%64%One AllyChance for Ailment Recovery per turn
Earth Boost2%4%8%16%SelfEarth Element Damage Boost
Earth Force1%2%4%8%All AlliesEarth Element Damage Boost
Earth Resist2%4%8%16%SelfEarth Element Damage Reduction
Earth Ward1%2%4%8%All AlliesEarth Element Damage Reduction
Earth Focus2%4%8%16%One EnemyChance to inflict "Dust" per turn
Earth Field1%2%4%8%All EnemiesChance to inflict "Dust" per turn
Earth Volley2%4%8%16%3 EnemiesChance for effect (earth damage)
Earth Support2%4%8%16%All alliesChance to apply barrier (25%) per turn
Lightning Boost2%4%8%16%SelfLightning Element Damage Boost
Lightning Force1%2%4%8%All AlliesLightning Element Damage Boost
Lightning Resist2%4%8%16%SelfLightning Element Damage Reduction
Lightning Ward1%2%4%8%All AlliesLightning Element Damage Reduction
Lightning Focus2%4%8%16%One EnemyChance to inflict "Shock" per turn
Lightning Field1%2%4%8%All EnemiesChance to inflict "Shock" per turn
Lightning Volley2%4%8%16%One EnemyChance for effect (lightning damage)
Dark Boost2%4%8%16%SelfDark Element Damage Boost
Dark Force1%2%4%8%All AlliesDark Element Damage Boost
Dark Resist2%4%8%16%SelfDark Element Damage Reduction
Dark Ward1%2%4%8%All AlliesDark Element Damage Reduction
Dark Volley2%4%8%16%One EnemyChance for effect (darkness damage w/chance for death)
Light Boost2%4%8%16%SelfLight Element Damage Boost
Light Force1%2%4%8%All AlliesLight Element Damage Boost
Light Resist2%4%8%16%SelfLight Element Damage Reduction
Light Ward1%2%4%8%All AlliesLight Element Damage Reduction
Light Volley2%4%8%16%3 EnemiesChance for effect (light damage)
Light Support3%6%9%12%SelfHP Regen Per Turn
Sun Support3%6%12%24%All Allies/EnemiesChance for Dawn/Dusk Rune effects (50% for each)
Star Support3%6%12%24%All EnemiesChance for Star Rune effects
Strength Boost2%4%8%16%SelfPhysical Damage Boost
Strength Field1%2%4%8%All AlliesPhysical Damage Boost
Defense Boost2%4%8%16%SelfPhysical Damage Reduction
Defense Field1%2%4%8%All AlliesPhysical Damage Reduction
Magic Boost2%4%8%16%SelfSpell Damage Boost
Magic Field1%2%4%8%All AlliesSpell Damage Boost
Resist Boost2%4%8%16%SelfSpell Damage Reduction
Resist Field1%2%4%8%All AlliesSpell Damage Reduction
Turtle Boost481216SelfIn-battle Luck Boost
Turtle Field2468All AlliesIn-battle Luck Boost
Holy Dash2%4%8%16%SelfAgility Boost
Holy Field1%2%4%8%All AlliesAgility Boost
Killer Support2%4%6%8%SelfCritical Hit Rate Boost
Killer Field1%2%3%4%All AlliesCritical Hit Rate Boost
Surge Support2%4%6%8%SelfUnleash Rate Boost
Surge Field1%2%3%4%All AlliesUnleash Rate Boost
Repel Support2%4%6%8%SelfEvasion Rate Boost
Repel Field1%2%3%4%All AlliesEvasion Rate Boost
Training3%6%12%24%Effect OnlyXP Gain Boost
Find Potch3%6%12%24%Effect OnlyPotch Gain Boost
Item Hunt-----1-2Effect OnlyItem Rarity rank drop (Rank S is akin to Djinn Killing)
Treatment5%10%15%20%All AlliesHP Healing after battle
Trade In20%40%60%80%Field UseSell items outside of shop
Blink------SField UseTeleport to any town previously visited
Appraisal------SField UseAppraise ? Items anywhere
Rune Shop------SField UseEquip and change runes anywhere.
Forge10121416Field UseSharpen weapons on the spot. Rank based on hammer.
More to be added as they're thought up.  Not every possible ability will exist.  Most abilites start at rank C.  Abilities can be improved by paying a trainer potch to train the ally.  Only exception is the weaponsmith - his rank depends on the hammer you've given him.  Iron Hammer for C (Recruit), Stardust Hammer for B, Mythril Hammer for A, Orihalcon Hammer for S. Each ally has a Max Limit - not every ally can achieve S.  Sun Support has a chance for either the Dawn or Dusk rune being used in a turn.  Dawn has very minor healing and has the effect of the Salt Djinni (healing all ailments)  Dusk rune does very minor damage had has a chance for pretty much every ailment (at low rates, but ignoring a certain percentage of luck, perhaps 50%).  The Star rune is similar -  a chance to either inflict Sleep and Silence (mid rates) or to deal damage.  If the effect is activated, it's a 50% chance of either effect.

  • Support character are not equipment per se, but travel with the MCs as though they were in their party.  Not quite sure how to do this yet, though.  Will probably have to consult with Atrius to figure out how to get such a result.
  • Three new elements are going to be added.

Value 5 - Lightning - Average Power of caster vs Average Resist of target.  From Lightning and Thunder runes.
Value 6 - Light - Average of Caster's Earth and Water Power vs average of Target's Fire and Wind Resist
Value 7 - Dark - Average of Caster's Fire and Wind Power vs average of Target's Water and Earth Resist

(reasoning for Light and Dark's values:  In suikoden, Light is mainly healing and support, much like Earth and Water.  Darkness is mainly attack and maledictions - fire and lightning are the attack runes, and wind has the most ailments.  Since lightning itself requires fudging as well, fire and wind are looked at for dark)

  • Despite Sun and Star having their own elements in the original games, they are considered light and dark respectively in this one for sake of both simplicity and the fact that I am unsure if the game can support more than 8 elements.
  • This makes the elements values in the game as such:  0 - Physical, 1 - Earth, 2 - Water, 3 - Fire, 4 - Wind, 5 - Lightning, 6 - Light, and 7 Dark.
  • Due to the nature of having more than four elements, the strong/weak/neutral indication text at damage (., !, and !!!) are simply being grouped into a single indication(!).
  • Lightning, Light, and Dark elements cannot be accessed by changing class - only by equipping the appropriate rune and gaining a spell of that element can they be cast.  Lightning, Thunder, Shield, Ressurection, Darkness, and Condemnation runes are obtainable by the MCs.
  • Classes are changed by finding shards of the true rune to empower the characters.  Lightning shards do exist, but the player doesn't have access to them - only the "Jowy" does.  This causes Lightning to only be accessable via other rune slots.
  • As light and dark elements are governed by other runes, access to these elements is strictly via other runes.
  • Not all MCs have both a Left Hand and Head rune slot.  The two fighters only have a left hand slot, while the mages have both left hand and head slots.  All can use weapon runes.
  • Only one MC can use a shield.
  • Item sorting order will need to be changed to appear to be similar to GS's item sorting order.  However, because of the nature of the Weapon Runes, they need to have the "weapon" slot to allow for unleashes.  This means that a different slot must be used for their actual weapons.
  • Rune Shops can equip and remove runes.  As a crystal, they cannot be equipped - however, by giving it to a Rune Sage, you get the option to equip it as a Weapon, Left Hand, or Head Rune.  Not all runes can be equipped to every slot - it's dependant on the rune itself.  Runes cannot be unequipped except for at a rune shop.
  • Equipping Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Lightning, Darkness, and Ressurection runes to a weapon slot will cause physical damage to become that element, on top of an addional affect (Added damage for fire, HP regen for water, added speed for wind, added defense for earth, added luck for lightning, HP drain for darkness, energy drain for ressurection).
  • Equipping Rage, Flowing, Cyclone, Mother Earth, and Thunder runes in a rune slot has double the effect of their lesser versions.
  • Equipping Condemnation as a weapon rune gives a chance of death instead of HP drain and is dark element.  Shield gives HP AND Energy regen and is light element.
  • Equipping Sword of Magic runes as a weapon rune will cause them to have a chance of inflicting the appropriate elemental ailment on hit as opposed to the other support effects.  As there is no sword of magic rune for light and dark, it doesn't apply to them.
  • Unlike other runes, the True Rune the MCs are equipped with allows them to use a traditional MP system rather than a spells per day system.  As a tradeoff, though, the spells they get from other runes are limited.  Or something.  If you can come up with a better bullshit explanation as to why runes only grant one spell thanks to the GS system I'd love to hear it.  Or better yet, come up with a way to pull a Dark Dawn and grant a whole spell family...
  • The warehouse will use the inventory slots from the 4 unused characters, and the player can choose which box to put things in and order them.
  • The five elemental ailments are Inflamed, Frost, Gust, Dust, and Shock.  They all essentially do the same thing - 10% HP damage of that element after the character acts.  However, as it's elemental, it's also affected by elemental resistance, so those weak to the element take more damage from it, while those who resist it take less.

And that's what I've got so far.
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