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Author Topic: Forum Roleplay characters, 2014  (Read 58336 times)
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« on: February 26, 2014, 06:32:07 AM »

I want to be some guy living in squalor, in a place with lots of thunder.  Little is known about him other than that he speaks with booming voice of thunder (so to be heard over the sound of the storm that's often brewing in the background), and that he lives in wretched conditions.  Legends and rumors speak of him as "Thunder-squall," which is the same way people refer to the mountain-top ruins he inhabits (even though that does not make grammatical sense).  When people talk about "Thunder Squall," sometimes they're talking about the person, and sometimes they're talking about the place.  Neither is talked about often enough to warrant a distinction.

This adventurer braves the wilderness for the sake of knowledge.  His current endeavor: To figure out if Weyard is flat, or part of some sort of round, astral body (which is what's suggested of astral bodies by various ancient depictions that can be found here or there).  How?  He has yet exactly to figure all that out.  But living among the elements, as it were, he's attracted the attention, friendship, and trust of the elemental spirits known as djinn. And a few of them have been so inspired as to join his research.  These djinn are what enable him to survive the harsh environment, and also conduct his dangerous research; djinn can go places and survive data-collection methods which most mortals could not.

He also could not survive if he were not on friendly terms with the local monsters.  "Friendly" may not be the right term, so much as the monsters adopting him as a sort of pet, or endangered species which is worthy of conservation or protection.  Trolls or giants have occasionally left him hunks of raw meat, which he's accepted graciously.  Thunder-squall does not live as normal humans do.  He is aware that psi-energy events can influence the nature and behavior of natural creatures, and so he suspects that the unique behavior of the local monstrous races may be influenced by some psi energy phenomenon.  One of his goals is to go from being a strange curiosity to some monster peoples, to being someone they acknowledge as respectable but non-threatening force.  Why does he think he can do this?  Primarily through his ideal that everything in the world is interconnected.

Monsters, Djinn, and the geography of Weyard are his primary interests of study. But while Thunder-squall is aware that psi-energy is the key factor in these things, he has not been able to realize psi-energy powers within himself.  Some of his close djinn companions have insisted that they sense psi energy potential in him, and repeatedly try to "set" to him, but to no avail.  Even catch-phrases like "It's morphin' time!" or "cowabunga!" have not seemed to help.  That does not prevent them from trying, though.

Potential NPCs

(1) ThunderSquall once asked a jupiter djinn how long she's been alive, and she... didn't remember.  She had never really thought about her beginning or end.  She just sort of 'lived.'  And when Thunder squall asked her about the various civilizations she'd seen, she could describe some, but found herself not remembering key specifics.  Truth be told, she had never cared, and had no reason to care.  But now was different.  Now that someone was asking her these things, she's become curious, and now seeks to meticulously document everything.   Though that's clearly not possible, and the Jupiter djinn has yet to find a balance between noting things down, vs. just living in the moment.  With not distinct beginning or end to life, it's simply not practical to remember *everything.*

(2) Crazy man Thunder Squall can't be crazy alone.  I think he needs some animal friends.  Some kind of dog, and some kind of bird?

(3) Firey djinn companion who's all about action and adventure.  He can't seem to accept that Thunder Squall can't use psi-energy or have djinn-set to him, but sticks around as if he could anyway.  I imagine he kind of feels it's his duty to "make up" for the fact that Thunder Squall doesn't actually use psi-energy... Though really, it's just that this fire djinn doesn't want to accept how great his own internal sense of adventure is, and wants to externalize it onto others.  Really he's trying to push Thunder Squall to be as adventurous as he is, and to use the fire psi-energy that he (the djinn) wants to use.

Future Plan
To use hot air balloons, manned by djinn.  Of course things may go awry as one of his djinn friends gets blown away on some air-current, and the whole gang may have to set out on an adventure to get their djinn buddy back.
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