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Favourite Golden Sun: The Lost Age Character

Started by Charon, 13, July, 2009, 08:14:00 AM

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Favourite Golden Sun: The Lost Age Character

7 (36.8%)
8 (42.1%)
2 (10.5%)
2 (10.5%)

Total Members Voted: 14


I love me Ivan, but whoever that guy in the middle silhouette on the website's probably gonna be my main man when GS:DD comes out.

Out of the TLA characters though, I still prefer Felix. Dunno why, I just like how he feels sorta anti-heroish. Sorta.


Maybe it has something to do with the badass lines in the first GS, and the cool sideways cape?

On the subject of GS:DD, I suspect the werewolf girl's gonna be my main, though we'll see. It's really a big debate of whether Tyrel's cool axe-wielding battle stance and Fire psynergy is more awesome than the werewolf girl ripping things to shreds with her bare hands. Yeah, I suspect that last guy is our Mercury Spellsword, which we're now going to get. (After all, it seems Crown/Rief is a Pure Mage. I saw him wielding a mace in one of the trailers, and we already know he wields staves.)
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Felix is cool, though i kinda like Isaac more for some reason. A i dislike ivan and sheba ... not a fan of wind element.

Tyrell will be my favorite character in GS:DD for sure since i like all the fire psynergies ^_^

*now that editor v0.3 will be out i need to think of a hack (small one) to do ^^ *



Felix does some pretty badass stuff in the first game.

And then there's Sheba, who also does and says some pretty funny stuff.

But my favourite is still Jenna. She's awesome in combat, and she's just as funny as Sheba is.

That's all as opposed to Kraden, who is my most hated character. Yes, that's right, even more than Piers. Piers does have some moments of personality, it's just that he's not there for long enough for it to develop. He essentially suffers the same problem as Mia.

Kraden, he's just... wow. I mean, he talks too much, states the obvious, and is just annoying in general. I mean, I know he's an old man, and I know it'd be rude, but... a lot of the time, I just wanna slap him! Or slice his head off with Life Shear! Or impale him on the the end of Catastrophe's sword!

I mean, aside from Felix, he appears most often in cutscenes. Perhaps more than Jenna, Sheba, and Piers put together! I just hate the guy!

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On second thought, maybe not...

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Lloyd: Easy as pie.
Genis: Sweet!
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Zelos: Let's not start on this again...

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 :Jenna: JENNA!  :Jenna:

In my opinion, Jenna can do almost anything with her base class. Healing, Attacking with psynergy, attacking with weapon [she can equip tisiphone edge], and lowering enemy's stats. Well, the only she can't do are reviving and supporting. But she can revives and supports by using a djinn.
Beside of that, she has a good stat if compared with the others.

That's all