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Prox news

Started by Lord Wolfram, 14, May, 2014, 04:46:52 AM

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Oh, :( hope its nothing Atrius.  That's terrible news. Hopefully you get the all clear soon to rest your mind.

Lord Wolfram

 :Saturos: Good evening Ladies and Gentleman!
It's Saturos here with you, and let's take a look at today's news topics!
Return of Lord Wolfram (For good or Bad?)
School's over? What that means?
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Weather news!!!

Return of Lord Wolfram (For good or Bad?)
:Saturos: And so let's start the interview with famous Lord Wolfram!
Lord Wolfram: Hello there!
  :Saturos: It's good to see you around, what brings you here?
Lord Wolfram: Well I just graduated the school and all went well, I hope my exams went well too, still have to wait for the results.
:Saturos: That's interesting indeed, what are you doing now on daily basis?
Lord Wolfram: Helping family and.... you'll get to report that in news.
:Saturos: Understood!

School's over? What that means?
:Saturos: I don't know?

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:Saturos: Alright for those who don't know Lord Wolfram wants to become a game developer, for that he's learning how to code. He's learning languages like C++ C# and tools like Visual studio, Code::Blocks and Unity. Let's support him so he can do well!!

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:Saturos: He's also teaching people how to make Fire Emblem games in a tool called FEXP, check out the youtube video, you'll learn a lot!
And he's in small trouble and he's a bit ashamed to ask but he needs support too.  :sad:

Weather news
:Menardi: Oh dear, apparently it's gonna be about 120 degrees of Celsius.... STAY INSIDE YOUR ROOM AND PLAY VIDEO GAMES... or study for your finals!

Daddy Poi's Oily Gorillas

Oh cool. Prox News is back! They went on a year long hiatus, it seems.

:Alex: Hey everybody! I have a puppet show going! Let me get words into peoples mouths before I start....
:Garet: Who goes on a year long hiatus?! That's creepy. Must have went on vacation. Right Isaac?
:Isaac: No! No one goes on a year long vacation without me!
:Ivan: A vacation? I happen to be on one right now. And the ironic part is, it's all thanks to Hamma for her not knowing how to spell her own name.
:Felix: Speaking of irony, I went back to elementary school.
:Jenna: The funny part is that I'm his teacher! I love my job.
:Mia: Jenna is one fine teacher to be teaching Felix! Teehee!
:Felix: Apparently, after that fall from Venus Lighthouse, I lost my vocabulary, so I had to relearn it! We're all good now, though!
:Sheba: He's a quick learner! And for that, I think we know why he was our leader.
:Piers: I didn't have to go to school to get my vocabulary.
:Kraden: Ventriloquism is so fun! Anyone else wanna try?

:Alex: Now, which of our puppets took the cookie? Anyone know?
:Piers: *Munch*munch*
":Alex: Shame Kraden, Don't give it away!
:Kraden: Oh, don't worry! I'm not! :P

:Alex: Oh... look. We've got guests! Give them some cookies!
:Saturos: Hey umm.. we're just dropping by to delivery the news.
:Menardi: Yes. She just passed away.
:Alex: Heheh... Another one down. She didn't see worthwhile anyway.
:Jenna: Who just passed away?!
:Saturos: Bye!

:Isaac: While I was sleeping last night, I dreamed that Saturos wanted to become a game developer... Or wait. Maybe that was someone else... uhhh.... What's his name? I think it was Lord Wolfram. Yes, Lord Wolfram!
:Garet: So how did that go?
:Isaac: Actually, I thought it was going to be bad, but it surprisingly turned out to be pretty good! I was scared to wake up it was that good!
:Garet: I always dreamed I could play Fire Emblem.
:Isaac: You had a dream too?
:Garet: Nah... Just wish I could. But I suck bad.

:Sheba: Boy, it sure is getting hot in here. Why did they pick South Africa for the tourist attraction.
:Ivan: I don't know, but we still need to find Hamma! No time for video games or anything! Hamma's waiting!

Do they find Hamma... Could she be the one who died? Yadda yadda yadda.... Find out next time... (or never :P) !
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