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Started by JupiterDjinn, 31, March, 2020, 11:43:09 AM

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I have a lot of questions I would like answered, so I made this.

My First question is, I downloaded some Hacks from here and I need to know how do I use .ips files?


Hey there, welcome!

For .ips files, you will need a program that can use them. I personally use Lunar IPS (LIPS) most of the time, but there are other tools like IPSelect that are good too.

Feel free to ask more questions as you have them! If we take too long to get back to you then you can try the Discord for faster assistance.
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Thank you!
I was also wondering if how to get the gstla editor for android.

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In the event you only need to patch a single ips file, you don't necessarily need an IPS patching program. Since VBA has Auto-patching (if enabeled), which means that if the ROM and the IPS are in the same folder with the same name, VBA will patch it. (Not on the file itself, but on the copy it loaded.)
. (e.g. gs2.gba and gs2.ips)

No idea. I only built it (gsmagic) with PC in mind.
But the program is open sourced, so if any changes are needed to make it work with Android, then by all means! :)
Just as clueless with Atrius's editor as well.
Maybe when I get another smart phone... or repair the one I messed up probably a year ago or so (probably won't bother? :Shrug:)...., I could probably consider looking into it.... or maybe I wouldn't need those. It's stuff I'd have to figure out.
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