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Author Topic: A story that goes Beyond (Beyond the Beyond LP)  (Read 485 times)
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« on: 11, March, 2021, 05:25:47 AM »

Long before Camelot made Golden Sun, they had dabbled with other games. Shining Force is well known and reasonably respected. This however.. isn't.

As far as I can tell from Internet sources, Beyond the Beyond was the first JRPG to be released on the PS1. On release, it largely met with a lukewarm reception before being buried under other, better games. So.. not a lot of background to go off of.

However, I can promise that this will be a unique and interesting experience, having played through it before. In some ways, it foreshadows the flaws prevalent in the Golden Sun series itself. But much like those games, this is a wacky adventure with some very memorable moments.

Enough talk though, let's begin!

Ah, Camelot's old logo. Must say, "Software Planning" is a weird choice of words. Planning is often associated with architecture or economy, not software development. I also miss the little castle graphic that would become so distinctive later.

The title screen seems promising. We have the title on an appropriate period-y background, and an appropriately heroic ditty to go with it.

The very next scene is a complete turnaround. For whatever reason, we are thrown into a weird kaleidoscopic area, with some lady insisting that something terrible is upon us. Despite that, we are treated to a relaxing tune.

Ah, of course. This is the save game selection screen!

We are prompted to name our rather doofy looking protagonist. We can't see much beyond his face, but he does look similar to some Camelot protagonists.. Felix

I name him the most appropriate and goofy name I could think of. And no, the x is not part of it.

Mysterious Lady: Steiner should be an adequate partner. He will certainly try his best for you.(Ma'am, you don't sound very confident in this Steiner, whoever he may be)
Mysterious Lady: Steiner! Take care of Artur!
Tiny Dragon: Artur! I'll take you to the village of Isla!(Ah, there you are, Steiner! And wait a minute, you can carry a teenage boy to a village? Sure, why not!)
Steiner: There, our adventure begins!

Cue moving to a new scene, where a man chops trees in an oddly barren field.

He is soon joined by a lady with a portrait even more ridiculous than the protagonist's.

Man: Mmm... I'm sure they're fine.
Man: They will probably be home soon.

Suddenly a young girl joins the conversation!

Young Girl: ...into the fields and instructs him in swordplay until he is completely exhausted!
Young Girl: How can you call that "fine"?!
Lady: Oh Annie... I understand your concern, but you shouldn't take your frustration out on your father.
Annie: But Sir Kevins is being too hard on him!
Annie: If Artur gets hurt again, I will never forgive him!
Lady: What was that all about?
Man: Huh? Ohhh. I think she just worries about Artur a lot.
Man: Unfortunately... It looks like her concern might be justified. Look.
Lady: Huh? What do you mean?
Lady: Sir Kevins! Oh... Artur...

Cue Kevins entering with Artur on his back.

Kevins: Hmmm... I didn't realize how quickly time flies.
Man: Well... I hope Artur is not hurt.
Kevins: Oh, he is quite all right. When he recovers consciousness, he won't feel a thing.
Lady: I don't want to be rude but...
Lady: Even though you're his father, don't you think you're being a bit harsh?
Lady: Artur is just a kid. Why are you training him like this? It's too cruel!
Lady: I know it's your job to defend the kingdom, and this may be hard for you to understand, but for women, we value children more than our own lives!(Yeah, you sure showed those stupid men who have never had kids!)

Lady carried Artur into the house, then Annie pops up in surprise!

Annie: Artur!!
Annie: How terrible... I must speak with you, Sir Kevins!

Annie barges out of the house, and confronts Kevins.

Annie: I have... always wanted to tell you...
Annie: I think your methods are extreme!! You allow Arthur, who is without a mother, to live with us, but when you visit once a month, you nearly torture him to death!
Annie: Is this your idea of being a good father?
Man: Annie, calm down.
Annie: If this happens again, I will... I will never forgive you!

Annie storms off into the house.

Man: Oh Annie... I must apologize, Sir Kevins. She has her mother's spirit.
Kevins: Or perhaps her father's?
Man: Ha ha ha ha ha.
Kevins: ha ha... HAHAHAHA!
Man & Kevins: WAHAHAHAHA!!

Annie bursts out of the house again.

Annie: Dad! If Artur gets hurt like that again, I'm holding you responsible as well!!

Annie slips back in

Kevins: Well...
Kevins: Sir Galahad, I think I will return to the castle.(Finally, we have a name for this man!)
Galahad: What? You mean you're leaving without saying goodbye to Artur?
Kevins: I care for him, but the longer I stay with him, the harder it is to leave him here.
Kevins: I'm also worried about things at the castle.
Galahad: You're worried about Bandore, right?
Kevins: Yes, we recently found several of their spies roaming around our kingdom.(Wow, that doesn't sound good)
Kevins: I wouldn't be surprised if they attack us while I am not there. Sir Galahad, please take care of Artur.

Kevins prepares to leave, but turns around at the last moment.

Kevins: Will you ever change your mind and return to Marion Castle?
Galahad: I'm sorry... but no.
Kevins: Ah... it must be the young prince that you don't like, huh?
Galahad: Marion will be fine with you and Samson there.
Galahad: An old soldier like me only wants to live the rest of his days happily.

Kevins leaves, and says something from offscreen

Kevins: Artur has grown strong. Much more than I expected.
Kevins: Hmm... I know! As a reward, why don't I show him around the castle? Please tell him to go there when he recovers.
Galahad: I will. But that's kind of boring. Why not give him a challenge?(What the hell, Galahad?)
Galahad: If he succeeds, then he can go to Marion.
Kevins: That's a good idea! Please do that. (No it isn't! What sense does that make?)

Galahad enters the house, scene ends.

A small ditty plays, followed by...

Steiner: Kyuruuuu!

Steiner starts tugging on Artur's head, until he gets irritated enough to get up.

Kyrrrrr... Good morning, Artur!

Artur looks at Steiner, Annie climbs into his room.

Annie: Hee hee!
Annie: Morning, sleepy guy.
Annie: Daddy has something important to tell you. He's been waiting a while, so please see him as soon as possible.
Annie: Your best friend, Steiner, took care of you all night. You should thank him.

Annie goes downstairs.

Steiner: Annie took care of you too. What is she talking about?
Steiner: Let's go, Artur! Sir Galahad is waiting.

Steiner then sticks behind Artur, where he will be for most of the game.

Phew, that was a lot of dialogue we had to go through! What did we learn?

1. Despite Steiner claiming he would carry Artur to Isla village, Artur has a human dad and a foster family who have been taking care of him for some time.
2. His dad doesn't really spend much time with him, only instructing him in swordfighting once a month.
3. Somehow Galahad thinks that his swordfighting classes aren't enough to deserve a castle tour and proposes a challenge to make him "worthy".
4. There's an empire spying on Marion, the kingdom Artur and co. live in presumably.
5. Annie and the lady(presumably Galahad's wife) take issue with Kevins' lackadaisical attitude towards Artur, understandably. Galahad doesn't seem to mind.
6. Camelot was very longwinded even back in the day.

Tune in next time for some actual gameplay! Hopefully!
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