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Author Topic: Rp#2 Rules And Character List  (Read 10642 times)
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« on: May 31, 2009, 07:31:00 PM »

This is a thread with the gist of what you need to know for the second RP, which is done by someone whom KNOWS what she's doing.  After all, there's a DAMN GOOD REASON I call myself Role.  Also, any posts other than my own for this thread will be read, considered, then deleted, as I don't want to clutter the thread up with comments.  If you have a question, PM it to me please.  Thankyou.

The plot in the new game takes place 1,000 years after the events of Golden Sun.  The world has had time to heal, so it is once again a world of thriving civilizations.  However, this has also lead to the start of alchemy's abuse.  People are beginning to harness psynergy in a way that is destructive to Weyard, using it to subjugate peoples and lands.  You've met a traveling woman whom hails from one of these fallen lands, and find yourself thrust upon a quest to take down those whom are abusing alchemy...

As usual with my RPs, the main character and ALL THE VILLAINS are under direct control of the GM.  So stop thinking you're them right now.  The game will be set up so that other players can come and go as they show up or drop off the face of the earth.  That way, we aren't waiting on anyone whom is actually important to progress the storyline.

*clears throat*  Okay, there's gonna be some rules here...

Rule No. 1) NO GODMODDING!  Godmodding will result in a severe reprimand, and removal of the post in which it happens.  Upon second offense, the player will be banned.

Rule No. 2) You can be an original character of your own creation. No canon characters from any game, show, or anything else, NOR a character someone else made (unless given specific permission, which I WILL go to confirm).  They must be truly yours.  Violation of this rule is a permanently bannable offense.

Rule No. 3) Keep this place PG-13. Some language is allowed, as long as it isn't too bad or too often. Intimate relationships are allowed, but just don't post them. We can know that you did it - we don't need to know how.  Breaking this rule will will result in a severe reprimand and deletion of the post in question.  Upon second offense, the player will be banned.

Rule No. 4) Use grammar and spelling to the best of your ability.  Failure to do this will result in a warning.  Continued offenses CAN result in banning.

Rule No. 5)  Users must acknowledge the correct passage of time.  This has a few meanings.

A:  You MUST post in accordance to what time it is in the RP.  If it's morning, and you go on to say Konbanwa, and describe the lovely sunset, you will get a lot of weird looks and a warning from me.  I'm a little more lenient on this one.  You get three warnings for this before I boot ya.

B:  You MUST go to places in order.  That means you have to go from your dorm, to the the common room, to the halls, and THEN to the classroom.  You have to go from place to place, just as you would in real life.  It helps to keep people from acting too fast, as well as giving other people a chance to interact with you on the way.  You only get two warnings for this before I boot ya. Does not apply to single-thread RPs.

C:  You MUST act in an appropriate timely manner.  This means you can't do everything at once, you can't reply to everyone at the same time, and most of all, you can't act so fast that nobody gets a chance to reply to you.  This is treated as though it is godmoding, so be VERY CAREFUL with this.  You only get ONE warning.

Rule No. 6)  Player vs Player Fights must be pre-planned.  I'm personally tired of seeing half-assed fights where both players are trying to win, rather than actually doing a good job roleplaying.  This in course often leads to godmoding, which you can be banned for!  So instead, before you get into a fight, plan it out first over PMs.  Figure out who is going to win ahead of time, and figure out what happens in the battle.  Then go and post it in detail.  Basically, you have to figure out an outline of what happens in the battle, and then from that make it good in your posts.  I'll be watching for this, as the GM can monitor pretty much all PMs.  This rule is more for everyone's enjoyment and as a precaution against godmoding, so you'll only receive warnings for breaking this rule unless you break it on a regular basis, in which you will receive a temporary "Coma Ban", as you're character will be put in a coma in the last fight, and you'll be banned for the length of an event (basically you'll be restricted to the OOC).

Rule No. 7)  Posts MUST have meaning behind them.  This is the second most important rule, next to the No Godmoding rule.  The point behind this rule is that your posts must have substance.  You can't just say one line and try to pull that off as a post.  For example, if your character is asleep while activities are going on around them, simply posting stating that they sleep soundly is NOT allowed.  In such a case, your options would either to NOT post in the RP itself, but rather have conversations in the OOC, or to post something such as a dream sequence.  One liners are simply not allowed.  Breaking this rule will land you a severe reprimand, required editing or deletion of the post in question.  Second offenses will land you in an OOC restriction.  Third offenses will result in the banning of your character due to horrible roleplaying.

On top of this, your character must be approved by the GM.  ME, in otherwords.  We will use the following RTJ, or Request To Join.  PM THIS TO ME.  Failure to comply will result in a whole lot of nothing happening.  And me not caring.  Anywho, here's the RTJ:

Name:  Your character's name
Age:  Your character's age
Gender:  Male or Female
Home:  Where your character comes from
Description:  Quick description of what your character looks like
Demeanor:  Short generalized description of their personality
Personality:  In depth description of their personality

Build:  Fighter, Warrior, Spellfighter, Spellsword, or Mage*
Element:  Venus, Mars, Jupiter, or Mercury
Class:  Your character's unique base class**
Psy Groups:  What psynergy groups are available to your class.
Stat Layout:  Generalized layout of your character's stats. ***

HP: Very Low, Low, Average, High, or Very High
PP: Very Low, Low, Average, High, or Very High
Attack: Very Low, Low, Average, High, or Very High
Defense: Very Low, Low, Average, High, or Very High
Power: Very Low, Low, Average, High, or Very High
Resistance: Very Low, Low, Average, High, or Very High
Agility: Very Low, Low, Average, High, or Very High
Luck: Very Low, Low, Average, High, or Very High

Unique Psys:  Description of original psynergy groups

Equipped with:  What your character has equipped.  When applying, it's their initial equipment.  Values will be given in the RP when new areas are reached dictating the strength of items in the area.  You cannot have an item

Weapon: What weapon your character has equipped (if any)
Arm Protection: What arm protection your character has
Chest Protection: What chest armor your character is wearing
Head Protection: What the head protection for your character is.
Leg Protection: N/A for applications.  In game - Leg protection.

Inventory: Additional items your character holds.  Max of 15 types, same rules apply here as they do in the Golden Sun games.

Bio: About a paragraph of their history leading up to when they joined the RP.

Copy Paste script.  Fill it out and PM it to me.

[b]Psy Groups[/b]:
[b]Stat Layout[/b]:


[b]Unique Psys[/b]:

[b]Equipped with[/b]:

[i]Arm Protection[/i]:
[i]Chest Protection[/i]:
[i]Head Protection[/i]:
[i]Leg Protection[/i]:




Fighters can equip Axes, Long Swords, Light Blades, Maces, Armor, and Clothing
Warriors can equip Pole Arms, Long Swords, Light Blades, Scythes, Armor, and Clothing
Spellfighters can equip Light Blades, Scythes, Maces, Clothing, and Robes
Spellswords can equip Light Blades, Staves, Ankhs, Clothing, and Robes
Mages can equip Maces, Staves, Ankhs, Clothing, and Robes.

**Classes:  You cannot use any class paths from GS1 or GS2, nor can you use a base class already made by another character.  Provide all 5 stages of that class set.

***Stats:  These are generalizations used for reference.  They are going to be STRICTLY REGULATED.  If you apply with an overpowered character, you will be denied.

Equipment types:

Axes:  High-risk attack type weapon.  Highest attack, but leaves you open (lowers Defense) [140% ATK value, -40% Def value]
Pole Arms:  Charged attack type weapon.  High attack, but requires skill to use (lowers Agility) [120% ATK value, -20% AGL value]
Long Swords:  Strong attacking weapon.  Has good attack. [100% ATK value]
Light Blades:  Quick attacking weapon.  Decent attack, quick (improves Agility) [80% ATK value, +20% AGL value]
Scythes:  Unorthodox weapon.  Good with parrying (raises Defense).  [60% ATK value, +40% DEF value]
Maces:  Decent weapon.  Helps with psynergy (raises PP) [60% ATK value, 40% Max PP value]
Ankhs:  Low attack, but resists the elements (raises Resistance).  [40% ATK value, 60% RES value]
Staves:  Low attack, but empowers the elements (raises Power).  [40% ATK value, 60% PWR value]

Armor:  Shields, Armor, Helmets.  High defense, low resistance.  [75% DEF value, 25% RES value]
Clothes:  Gloves, Clothing, Hats.  Moderate defense and resistance.  [50% DEF value, 50% RES value]
Robes:  Bracelets, Robes, Circlets.  Low defense, high resistance. [25% DEF value, 75% RES value]

For an example, if you have a weapon with a base value of 60...

An Axe would have  84 Attack, -24 Defense
A Pole Arm would have 72 Attack, -12 Agility
A Long Sword would have 60 Attack
A Light Blade would have 48 Attack, +12 Agility
A Scythe would have 36 Attack, +24 Defense
A Mace would have 36 Attack, +24 Max PP
An Ankh would have 24 Attack, +36 Resistance
A Staff would have 24 Attack, +36 Power

Power and Resistance are now 'level up' stats for the purposes of the RP.

As for armor, if you say Head Protection is given a value of 32...

A Helmet will give you 24 Defense and 8 Resistance
A Hat will give you 16 Defense and 16 Resistance
A Circlet will give you 8 Defense and 24 Resistance

Other types of armors will work in similar fashion.

Leg armor:  Leg armor will have a flat value, split in a custom way between all stats.  So long as the value is not exceeded, it should be fine.

All Venus Adepts have Retreat learned, and it is exclusive to them.
All Mars Adepts have Move learned, and it is exclusive to them.
All Jupiter Adepts have Mind Read learned, and it is exclusive to them.
All Mercury Adepts have Avoid learned, and it is exclusive to them.

All Fighter or Warrior types have a Physical Psynergy, such as Ragnarok or Diamond Dust.  Other builds cannot use these unless using a non-base class.

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« Reply #1 on: May 31, 2009, 07:56:00 PM »

Name: Kari
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Home: Melbis
Description:  About average in height and build, has light purple hair and hazel/green eyes.
Demeanor: Calm, Collected
Personality: Generally calm and level headed.  She doesn't go out and seek fights, but she cannot stand to watch an injustice.  She usually has a lot of patience, pushes the right buttons, she will become enraged.

Build: Warrior
Element: Jupiter
Class: Officer --> Lieutenant --> Major --> Colonel --> General
Psy Groups: Mind Read, Slash, Whirlwind, Gust, Squall/Vortex, Calm, Sleep, Bind
Stat Layout:

HP: Average
PP: Low
Attack: High
Defense: Average
Power: Average
Resistance: Average
Agility: High
Luck: Average

Unique Psys:

Calm - Jupiter single target healing. Power is 60.
Calm Well - Upgraded Calm. Power is 120.
Pleasant Calm - Upgraded Calm Well. Power is 240
Gust - New single target Jupiter psynergy. Power is 40.
Gale - Upgraded Gust, three-target psynergy. Power is 80.
Grand Gale - Upgraded Gale, three target psynergy. Power is 160.
Vortex - Physical Psynergy. Visually, sends a horizontal cyclone towards target. Think Storm Eagle's weapon from Rockman X, and you're close. Power is ATK+34
Squall - Upgraded Vortex. Cyclone is now more impressive, and the caster goes in ofr several strikes. Power is ATK*125%

Equipped with:

Weapon: Long Sword [+14 Attack]
Arm Protection: Wooden Shield [+4 Defense, +2 Resistance]
Chest Protection: Leather Armor [+8 Defense, +4 Resistance]
Head Protection: Open Helm [+7 Defense, +3 Resistance]
Leg Protection: N/A


Long Sword (equipped)
Wooden Shield (equipped)
Leather Armor (equipped)
Open Helm (equipped)
Herb x1
Antidote x1

Bio:  Kari grew up in the kingdom of Melbis.  From a very young age she was enrolled in the Melbis army, where she quickly learned and went up in rank, eventually becoming a general.  Though peace had lasted a long time, not too long after becoming general, Melbis came under attack.  Though she fought and led her troops valiantly, Melbis was taken with overwhelming force.  Having barely escaped, she now travels in hopes of finding out who this invading force was, how they were so powerful, and just what this force was that was beginning to overtake Weyard...  

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I am: wondering if we can get our clan position changed...
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« Reply #2 on: June 01, 2009, 02:14:00 AM »

Name: Taria
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Home: Madra
Description: Pretty average height, somewhat lacking in muscles, left-handed, red (somewhat messy) hair. Wears red light armour and cape to match.
Demeanor: Calm, yet somewhat self-conscious. Jokes a lot.
Personality: Makes a joke at almost every opportunity, even sometimes when he shouldn't. He is generally hard to really anger, but if you succeed in angering him, he explodes. Almost literally.

Build: Spellfighter
Element: Mars
Class: Wanderer -> Swordsman -> Myrmidon -> Assassin ->Swordsmaster
Psy Groups: Move, Blast (Mad), Slash, Beam, Aura, Edge, Hyper Cutter.
Stat Layout:

HP: Average
PP: High
Attack: Average
Defense: Low
Power: High
Resistance: Average
Agility: High
Luck: Very Low

Unique Psys: Edge: Increases Critical Chance of a single target. 16 Power. Available at/after Myrmidon class.
Hyper Edge: Enhanced version of Edge. Increases Critical Chance of entire party. 8 Power.
Slash: New Single Target Mars Psynergy. Visually, very similar to the Slash (Wind) series, but the blades come horizontally and are made of fire. Has a chance of doing double damage. 55 Power. Available at/after Swordsman class.
Power Slash: Enhanced version of Slash. Still single target. Power is now 110.
Hyper Slash: Enhanced version of Power Slash. Again, still single target. Power is now 220.
Hyper Cutter: New Single Target Mars Psynergy. A strange shadow of the user is cast out and hits the target with a powerful, precise slice to the neck. Chance of instant-deathing the target. Power is 255. Available at/after Assassin class.

Equipped with:

Weapon: Short Sword [+11 Attack, +3 Agility]
Arm Protection: Leather Gloves [+3 Defense, +3 Resistance]
Chest Protection: Travel Vest [+6 Defense, +6 Resistance]
Head Protection: N/A
Leg Protection: N/A

Short Sword (equipped)
Leather Gloves (equipped)
Travel Vest (equipped)
Herb x1

Bio: Discovered on the outskirts of Madra after a volcanic eruption that also caused another tidal wave (poor Madra, TWO tidal waves!), Taria knows very little about his past. He was sort of raised (he was very young) by all of Madra, mostly the mayor. He is generally branded as a wimp by most of his own people, as well as insulted for having a somewhat girly name.

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I am: wondering if we can get our clan position changed...
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« Reply #3 on: June 05, 2009, 03:45:00 AM »

Name: Matrim
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Home: Klavica
Description: A tall street magician that does simple magic tricks for coin. Loved by the townspeople, but not well liked by the guard.
Demeanor: Calm and cheery
Personality: Usually content and calm, slow to anger. Gives everything he has when battling.

Build: Mage
Element: Venus
Class: Street Magician --> Apprentice --> Solo Mage --> Magister --> Legendary Mage

Psy Groups: Retreat, Quake Series, Spire Series, Gaia Series, Dust Series, Mud Series, Bandage Series

Stat Layout:

HP: Average
PP: Very High
Attack: Very Low
Defense: Low
Power: Above Average
Resistance: Above Average
Agility: Average
Luck: Average

Unique Psys:
Bandage: Extremely weak healing spell. Restores 25 HP
Woolen Bandage: Upgraded form on bandage. Restores 50 HP
Mud: Lowers enemies agility if on earth. Power is 50.
Quicksand: Lowers enemies agility if on earth. Power is 100.
Dust Shot: Sends a shot of dust flying at the one enemy. Power is 35. 50% chance of causing delusion.
Dust Cyclone: Upgraded dust shot. Now created a cyclone of dust around the enemy. Power is 70, 65% chance of delusion.
Dust Storm: Upgraded dust cyclone. Cyclone larger and more violent. Power is 140. 90% delusion chance.

Equipped with:

Weapon: Iron Mace[+8 Attack +6 Max PP]
Arm Protection: Bracelet[+2 Defence, +4 resistance]
Chest Protection: Linen Shirt[+5 Defence, +8 resistance]
Head Protection: Linen Cloak[+3 Defence, +6 resistance]
Leg Protection: N/A

Iron Mace (equipped)
Bracelet (equipped)
Linen Shirt (equipped)
Linen Cloak(equipped)

Herb x2
Antidote x1

Bio: Abandoned in Klavica as a small child, Matrim was taken in by a street magician as an apprentice and learned how to do magic tricks. As he got older, he realized he had psynergy and used it to help him with his magic tricks. Disliked by the guards in town for the pranks he has been a part of. At 17, after saving enough coin, he bid the street magician goodbye and set off to travel the world using his magic tricks to earn coin along the way. He has traveled the world these last two years stopping seeing many placed and learning many things, as well a quite a few new tricks. Very good at slight of hand.

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Fox: Not me.
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Salanewt: I don't know of any, although if there were then we'd have to send it as a patch file. I think someone is working on it at least!
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MaxiPower: no such thing exists
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March 26, 2019, 02:39:38 AM
reeZ931: Anyone have a golden sun rom where you can play as saturos and menardi properly? 
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Fox: It would explain why everyone leaves so quickly after taking our bananas.
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Fox: Wouldn't bananas increase agility the more you have? Like... Diddy Kong Racing reference.
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Average Wind Seer: Banana: Restores 50PP to user. Restores 40PP to Isaac if Jenna uses this item.
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