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The Evolution of Werewolf Mythology

Started by Thorion, 10, November, 2011, 04:52:01 PM

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Yes, the werewolf. Being of Irish ancestry my grampa told stories of werewolves that were told by my great great grampa. Apparently werewolves took complete wolf form, I've looked this up and this is a true part of werewolf mythology, which begs the question of how the half-man half-wolf appearance came to be, and that the transformation was permanent and that they would seek out every member of a bloodline to make them werewolves. Again, some things that is not a part of modern werewolf mythology. Also silver did not affect them, Universal's "The Wolf Man", made in 1941 added that part.

Now that I've covered the basics, I think it is time we now discuss how the modern parts of the mythology came to be, overshadowing the original mythology.


So the dark light particles from the future changed people into wolfs that ate baby's?
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We will not be using that unscientific fiddle faddle.


OBJECTION! So you admit to trolling on my other topic?! TAKE HIM AWAY, AND FEED HIM TO THE UNSCIENTIFIC WEREWOLF'S!!!
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Zed Bear, is there a reason why you are spamming in this topic?

On a more related note, it is interesting to learn about the history behind the werewolf mythology. I knew that silver was an addition to give them a weakness, but I might be able to explain the more modern mythology. You see, when something is popularized in a movie, most people will think that the movie's version is better. This is especially true in instances where viewers might not have known enough of the original. The earlier memories are likely to be stronger than later memories, after all.
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Quote from: zman9000 on 10, November, 2011, 07:07:50 PM
OBJECTION! So you admit to trolling on my other topic?! TAKE HIM AWAY, AND FEED HIM TO THE UNSCIENTIFIC WEREWOLF'S!!!
It's Werewolves, not werewolf's. Werewolf's indicates that you are speaking about one werewolf in particular, not the race of mythological creatures as a whole. Werewolf's is a shortening of 'werewolf' and 'is', so you would use it like "That Werewolf's gonna attack!" and not like "those werewolf's are going to attack".


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you want to talk about the Mythology of a Werewolf realistically and how it has changed over time.
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sure... a Werewolf was created due to human fear of the unknown, and most likely by some one who was attacked by a wolf.
Dark lighting, fear, howls, and a wolf standing on two legs because it was either on something like a wall or tree, created the night mare that took fear to new heights throughout Europe. due to fear, like the witch hunt, human's and wolves thought to be Werewolves were killed and slaughterer for the sake of peace of mind.

The sad truth is Werewolves as one would think of them can't exist. Living beings can't undergo rapid transformation, because it would be almost 1000 times worse then being irradiated by a nuke blowing up next to you. The heat generated would make the being go through spontaneous combustion and die.

A half human half wolf wouldn't be as much a threat as you might think, it would have human like build meaning it would be stronger then a wolf and could climb, but its speed would taken down dramatically, it at that point may be stronger then a human, but would be as slow or slower.

And keep in mind that a single wolf verses a single human, would be a bloody battle but in the end the human would over power it, wolves work in packs and by them selfs are faster then a human, but a well build man could pick up a wolf and snap its neck. Speed helps you in chases... not one on one fights with a being with thumbs....

All in all there isn't really anything to Werewolves and are just some lame story that can't even hold up reality for a minute.
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This isn't about reality. This is about the mythology.


Half-human half-wolf probably came about because it was simply easier to film. They didn't have awesome cg effects like today back then. Hell, nevermind "film." It was easier to perform, period. Plays existed long before film, and a person playing a "wolf" would inevitably take on a half-human half-wolf appearance. Audiences saw the half-human wolf and came to associate it with what the werewolf was, and the werewolf mythos evolved into that.

This is purely conjecture, of course, so take it with a grain of salt.
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