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Author Topic: Golden Sun: The Lost Age [Risen Star][Ver. 0.0478]  (Read 3078 times)
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« on: 16, August, 2012, 09:22:14 PM »

Risen Star is a mod designed in the same fashion as Fallen Star. The main purpose is to take what players learned while playing Fallen Star and put them through their paces. Risen Star features all the rebalances players of Fallen Star have come to love and expect while also adding in some new ones. Rebalanced enemies that match the player’s power and can easily force Game Overs if the player is not careful. Bosses Show no mercy players need to watch how they spend money as things are more expensive and they need to watch out for those djinni if they hope to survive. Players should be prepared to die; nothing here is “easy.”

- All characters start out at level 50
- All classes revamped to support the new starting level
- Difficulty of every boss and enemy up to Poseidon buffed
- Most bosses will have either 4 or 3 turns
- Massive Overhaul of Felix, and Sheba's Class tree
- Felix Gains Odyssey permanently however he loses Ragnarok. The inverse is true for Isaac.
- Felix now has more plant based Psynergy like Thorn and Growth Psynergy trees.
- Felix's Class Progression: Brawler > Gladiator > Baron > Lord > Slayer
- Sheba is now more offense oriented to offset Ivan who is more support based
- Sheba's Class Progession: Wind Seer > Astrologist > Soothsayer > Prophetess > Spellbinder
- Jenna loses the Flare series of Psynergy and gains the Zeal series of Psyergy which is the Mars version of Ply
- Buffed Aura series of Psynergy to match the Wish series of Psynergy
- Changed most of Jenna's First tier of each Psynergy to be single target but hit harder.
- Felix gains a new innate skill Grand Saber which he recovers 50% of the damage to his HP
- Jenna gains a new innate skill Heat Vein which does has a chance to drop Defense by 25%
- Sheba gains a new innate skill Psy Storm in which she gives up some of her PP to an ally
- Piers gains a new innate skill Prism Light which doubles AGI of one party member and is his only healing skill Functions like Ply on the overworld
- Piers loses the Frost series of Psynergy but gets the Douse series of Psynergy
~ Cool now acts like Frost Psynergy on the over world.
- Piers loses the Ply series of Psynergy but gains the Prism series of Psynergy
- Added in two new Class Changing Items White Stone and All Stone
~ White Stone changes the character's class to Priest; designed after the FFT White Mage
~ All Stone changes the characters's class to Universalist; designed to turn the character into a physical power house capable of hitting elemental weaknesses with their Psynergy
- King Scorpion gains 3 turns, Burst Edge, Quake Sphere, Twin Shear, Desert Gasp, Sand Breath, Paralytail, Poison Tail and Potent Cure
~ Drops Burst Ring, a ring that grants Felix Burst Edge; an attack that has a power of 150 (Summon), range of 3 and costs 30PP. May Inflict Death Curse
~ Desert Gasp changed from 45 base damage (diminishing) to 2.0 Multiplier
~ Poison Tail changed from 30 added damage to 80 added damage
~ Paralytail changed from 20 added damage to 80 added damage
~ Twin Shear changed from 1.8 multiplier to 1.5 multiplier; gained halve AGI
- Briggs gains Headbutt, Rapid Smash, Ni Mizu Hebi (Twin Water Snakes), Lethe Albion, Hurricane and Aqua Sock
~ Drops Mizu Ring, a ring that grants Piers Ni Mizu Hebi; an attack that has a power of 200 (Summon), range of 1 and costs 30PP. May Inflict Dead
- Sea Fighters gain Cutting Edge, Plume Edge, Dreamtide and Hurricane
- Aqua Jelly gains Deluge, Ply Well, Watery Grave,  Breeze Bite, Acid Bite and Froth Sphere; 100% Water of Aleph drop rate
~ Lost Douse and Attack; no longer drops Sleep Bombs
- Aqua Hydra gains Ocean Fist, Froth Sphere, Aqua Rift, Aqua Void and Watery Grave; 100% Tear Stone drop rate
~ Lost Slaver, Drench and Attack
- Raging Flood power changed from 110 base damage to 320 base damage
- Ocean Fist now hits 3 targets instead of 1
- Watery Grave power changed from 130 base damage to 230 base damage
- Serpent now has different colors to differentiate the different versions;
~ The Strongest version of the Serpent has only 2 turns but has highers stats while the weakest version has 4 turns and weaker stats
~ Serpent gained Potent Cure, Dragon Driver and Sand Breath
- Toxic Breath changed from Base Damage (diminishing) 60 to a Multiplier of 2.3
- Black Ice changed from Base Damage (diminishing) 80 to Added Damage of 80
- Sand Breath changed from Base Damage (diminishing) 23 to a Multiplier of 1.6
~ Gained the ability to cause the Stun (Paralyzation)
- Avimander gains Counter-rush, Pyroclasm and Noburu Taika
~ Drops Taika Ring, a ring that grants Jenna Noburu Taika; an attack that has a power of 150  (Summon), range of 3 and costs 30PP. Removes all buffs
~ Heat Stun changed from 1.3 multiplier to 1.2; gained a range of 3
~ Star Mine changed from 35 summon to 240 summon; instantly ends round of combat
~ Fire Breath changed from 130 base damage (diminishing) to 130 added damage
- Poseidon gains Diamondberg, Tundra, Ice Horn, Megacool, Black Ice, Gravity Well, Froth Sphere, Break, Freeze Prism, Pure Ply and Deluge; Lost attack
~ Drops Gravity Ring, a ring that grants Sheba Gravity Well; an attack that has a power of 200  (Summon), range of 1 and costs 30PP. Halves AGI
- The Optional Fight with the Bandit and Thieves has been buffed. They sport the same set of moves from Fallen Star
~ Bandit Drops a Water of Aleph
- Reflux now targets the whole party
- Spark now targets the whole party
- Haze now targets the whole party
- All monsters buff significantly to match the power of players as you start off at level 50
- All monsters including bosses drop 0 EXP so that players will not out level Isaac and CO
~ Bosses and monsters drop more coins
~ Monsters Drop stat buffing items like Apples, and Power Breads
- All Basic Items Price adjusted to cut out the cheat with tickets
- Many of the Forgeable items lack sufficient edits (Most if not all are still have their Vanilla Stats)
- The optional dungeon in Kibombo is unedited; in a future update it will be a optional end game area
- The optional dungeon in Izumo is unedited; in a future update it will be a optional end game area
- Everything after the fight with Poseidon is unedited

Feel Free to join to follow my Stream as I will be host more RS dev rooms.
It is a great way to give feedback and help Support this mod
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